Daddy’s Visit Ch. 2

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Jeff couldn’t believe his eyes when he woke up that next morning, although his beautiful daughter Maddie had given herself to him just the night before, he awoke to find her sucking his cock and she smiled as his eyes opened to see her there between his legs. Oh how great she looked as his cock slid in and out of her mouth and her hand cupped his balls, just seeing her doing that made his cock twitch and he knew it would not be long before he would cum in her beautiful mouth once again. Maddie realized this and increased her sucking as she picked her head up and drove it all the way down on her daddy’s cock and she felt him hit the back of her throat, two such thrusts was all it took and he emptied himself into her mouth, his hands grabbing handfuls of the sheets as he did.

As his cock stopped spurting, Maddie licked and cleaned him up; so glad that she had made her daddy cum so hard and loving the look on his face. She licked her lips as her daddy’s cock popped out and she rose up off the bed, knowing that he would follow her body with his eyes as she walked out of the room, “I’ll make you some breakfast Daddy,” she said as he watched her ass jiggle as she left and thought to himself what a lucky man he was. He got up from his daughter’s bed and walked out into the living room, seeing her working at the counter, wearing her short nightee, and he crept up behind her, planting a kiss on her neck as his hands slid around to cup her tits and she stopped and moaned.

“Oh Daddy, I’ll never get breakfast done at this rate,” and he squeezed her tits as he felt her nipples pop up between his fingers, “How about Daddy just eats you for breakfast Maddie,” and he dropped a hand to her bare crotch as he traced the folds of her pussy lips. Maddie’s head flopped back on her daddy’s shoulder as his hands worked her fiery flesh and she moaned softly, “Oh Daddy,” and he led her back to the bedroom and helped her take her nightee off as he motioned for her to lie on the bed on her back.

Have you ever experienced bondage Maddie?” he asked as she looked at him questioningly, “No Daddy, why?” and she saw the grin on his face, “Daddy would never hurt you Maddie. You know that don’t you?” and she nodded her head, “Then just trust me Maddie and do as I say,” and once again she nodded her head and he went to his bag and pulled out some straps and she watched as he took her wrist and tied it to the head board and then the other one. Her position on the bed caused her outstretched arms to cause her tits to stand straight up as she saw her daddy smile at her predicament, “You’ve got some nice tits Maddie, much better than your mother’s,” and he played with her nipples, making her moan.

“This can really turn two deneme bonusu veren siteler people on Maddie and I wanted to share it with you, my sweet daughter, since you have shared your body with me,” and he bent forward and sucked a nipple into his mouth as she jerked from the fire that was building within, she was liking this feeling of helplessness. Then her daddy tied her ankles to opposite sides of the bed and she felt like a spread eagle and she giggled to herself that this is where the term must have come from. “You’ve been a bad girl Maddie and Daddy needs to punish you,” he said as she watched him climb up on the bed at her side and begin to rub her pussy, “Oh Daddy, that feels so good,” she moaned as he rubbed her clit and it got so hard and then he spanked her pussy and she jumped at the suddenness of it, it didn’t hurt, just shocked her as the heat built in her loins and her clit vibrated. He spanked her pussy again and this time she watched it happen, so she was not taken off guard and he rubbed her clit after each spank, “Oh yes Daddy, spank my bad pussy, make it pay for being bad. I love you to spank me Daddy,” and she could feel herself getting wetter with each spank until after the last spank, he rubbed her clit and she screamed out as she came, struggling against her bindings. “Oh God Daddy, use me, use your little slut daughter, I’m yours,” and he continued rubbing her clit as she slowly calmed down, “That’s my girl,” he said as he smiled at her. “Now, Daddy will lick up all your juices baby,” and she watched as his head went to her pussy and she felt his tongue cleaning her out and she moaned and pulled at the ropes, wanting to hold his head against her hot pussy as he made her wild with need.

She liked being restrained, liked the feeling of helplessness and she knew her daddy wouldn’t hurt her, quite the contrary, as her hips bucked and she felt another orgasm building, “Oh yes Daddy, right there!!!! SUCK MY CLIT DADDY!!” and she exploded as he sucked her clit and slurped up her juices and then she watched as his cum soaked chin raised and she saw it. “Have you ever tasted your own cum Maddie?” he asked and she shook her head no and he planted his mouth on hers as he shared her orgasm with her and she drank it up, she loved it and especially sharing it with daddy.

As their kiss broke, he moved to her taut nipples as he teased them with his tongue and then sucked them one at a time and then sat back, “Did you like giving Daddy your ass last night Maddie?” and she sheepishly grinned and nodded her head, “Well, I’m going to have it again, the more you do it, the better you get at it,” he said as he untied her ankles and propped her knees up as he instructed onwin her to hold them up and then he got the jelly again. Her ass was still wet from her orgasm and he licked her cum from it before he dabbed the jelly on it and began to work it in and she sighed at the feelings. “I was going to fuck your ass doggy style Maddie, but I wanted to see your face,” he said as he pushed two fingers inside and she welcomed them.

“Oh Daddy, that feels so good, almost as good as your cock does,” and he worked the jelly around the rim before he moved between her legs and guided his cock to her entrance. He wasn’t taking any chances, he didn’t want to hurt his baby, so he fingered her clit and got her aroused before he pressed inside, it went in easier today, she was already getting used to it. He buried his cock in his daughter’s ass and then pulled his fingers off of her clit as he held still and grabbed her ankles one at a time and brought her calves to rest on his chest and then began to slowly move his cock out and then back in, watching the changing expressions on her face. He thought that today, she would enjoy it, yesterday it had all been new to her and he used her clit to let him inside, distracting her.

She began to moan as he fucked her tight ass, she was still very tight, but had learned to relax, and her ass swallowed his cock and she rocked her hips as he filled her and moaned ever so softly at first and then as he picked up the pace, she moaned even louder. “Oh yes Daddy, fuck my ass. Oh that feels so good, push my legs higher, make it go deeper, oh I love it Daddy, fuck me!!!!” and he had no problems complying with her request as his cock hammered her tight ass and she worked towards another orgasm.

They came at the same time, her orgasm signaling his as his hot cum shot deep into her ass and she lost her voice temporarily. He let her legs drop to his sides and collapsed on top of her, his cock still pulsing in her tight ass as he tried to catch his breath, “Oh Maddie, you have a wonderful ass baby, Daddy loves your ass too,” and he kissed her and reached up and freed her wrists as she closed her arms around him, “Oh Daddy,” she cooed as they hugged. His little girl would never be the same in his eyes ever again, now he wanted to enjoy her womanly charms at every opportunity as he kissed her and started to get up, “No Daddy, leave it in for awhile, I like how it feels,” and he felt her constricting around it as they lay there.

Finally, it deflated and popped out on its own and he rolled to her side as they cuddled together and drifted off into a nap. Maddie’s hand on his cock woke him as she stroked it, trying to make it hard, “I’m sorry Daddy, but I’ve wanted yatırımsız bonus this for so long,” and he smiled, “No need to be sorry darling, I’ve wanted it too,” and she smiled back as she bent over and took him into her mouth, she loved sucking on daddy’s cock. After filling her mouth with her daddy’s cock and then his cum, they showered and dressed, leaving the house after almost 24 hours to go out to dinner.

They found a nice Italian Restaurant and ordered their dinner and made small talk during dinner, evident that they couldn’t wait to get back to her house, “Maddie, do me a favor,” and she smiled, “Anything Daddy,” and he looked at her seriously, “Go to the ladies room and take off your panties and put them in your purse and then come back,” and he gauged her response as she never hesitated and left the table. He watched her tight ass as she walked away and could feel his cock stirring once again. It was late and the customers were spread out in the restaurant and he surveyed the surroundings as Maddie came back to the table smiling.

He dropped his napkin on the floor and looked around before he bent over to retrieve it and then disappeared under the table. Maddie could feel her legs being spread and her skirt pushed up as her daddy’s head moved between her legs and he prompted her to move to the end of her chair. She was nervous and she giggled a little, that is until his tongue hit her pussy, then she gripped the edge of the table with both hands as her daddy ate her and she grew all warm and fuzzy.

It was very hard to try to keep a straight face as he ate her and she moved towards an orgasm as he licked her pussy and then concentrated on her clit and she had to put her napkin in her mouth and bite down on it as she came, her thighs locking daddy’s head in place as she bucked against his face. He looked around and didn’t see anyone and he came up from under the table, his chin glistening as he took his napkin and wiped it dry, smiling the whole time.

“Thank you Daddy, but I was afraid we’d get caught, I guess that’s what made it so exciting,” and he smiled and nodded, he was teaching his daughter well. Jeff drove back to her house and as they entered the main highway, Maddie reached over and tilted the steering wheel up and then smiled as she opened his pants, “Your turn now Daddy,” and she fished his cock out and dropped her head onto it as her suction drew him into her mouth and he moaned, “Oh Maddie,” and she bobbed up and down on his stiff cock as he drove.

As the feelings grew, he pulled off on a side street, parking the car before she drove him nuts and he wrecked. He grabbed her head and pushed it down on himself, feeling a slight resistance as he shoved her head all the way down and then he heard her take a deep breath and he shoved her head down and held it as he shot off into her mouth and he could hear her trying to swallow it, “Yeah baby, eat Daddy’s cum, oh Maddie you are so good and so bad at the same time, oh how Daddy loves you baby.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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