Dacoits and Innocent Son

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My mom is working as a senior professor of English literature in a famous college of Kolkata. Dad is working in middle-east as a Chief engineer.

Dad earns a lot and for which, we could purchase a mansion in a posh locality. There are separate rooms for parents and me, between the rooms there are large common area. That area is used mainly to arrange party or get together.

Mom would be turning forty-two soon; however, she still looks gorgeous. She does yoga regularly to keep her body in perfect shape. She is slightly turned plump, but it has given her a full-blown appearance; big round breasts, a large bottom. I had seen many heads turning, during her walk through shopping malls, public places. Once one of my friends commented on her big bouncy boobs and firm buttocks; I got angry with him. Later on in curiosity I checked her bra size. I found her size 36D. That day I felt bad too, bit ashamed for what I did.

My father generally comes back home once in three months. Mother didn’t complain against it. She used to manage everything of her own; she is having that much confidence or smartness. I am always proud of it being her only child.

Last Sunday night we were busy preparing for the next week. We went to bed early to start a fresh week next day. I need to go to my college and mom too her college.

We took our dinner together. I reached bed early to start by the crack of dawn. Mom was busy in household activities.

Our house is the farthest one in that locality.

At around 12 mid night I suddenly remembered the lab report I forgot to prepare for Monday. When I woke up, I found our storeroom light on. I knew that she was still arranging that room; I went down to assist her.

As I approached, I heard some male voice. Men in mom’s room, I got curious!

I tiptoed near her room and peeked through small opening of a window. I got stunned at what I saw. There were three of them and two were having guns in hand.

I understood they are dacoits; they came to rob us for cash or ornaments. I knew that we were no matches for them.

One guy was holding the gun and pointing towards her head. My decent mom was properly dressed, wearing a saree.

“Please get rid of your clothes.” One of them instructed, probably to ensure she couldn’t run out of the house. I knew I should go out and call our neighbors for help, but some morbid thing held me there, my eyes glued to the opening of the window.

Mom went rigid in her position; she was too frightened to speak. They warned, “Don’t try to act smart.”

Mother, an intelligent lady didn’t try anything stupid. She must have naturally thought first about our safety. After initial hesitation, mom slowly started removing her clothes. She unfastened her knot of saree from waist, she let her hand go and quickly it hit the ground. I must admit that I felt a mild movement between my thighs. The intruders were licking their dry lips, enjoying on the spectacle of lifetime. I was stunned, my heart started pounding. My Mom was about to strip naked there! She placed her both hands on shoulder and slowly removed her blouse. Mom’s semi nude body was opened to all. She took her hands to her back and unclasped her bra, allowing it to slowly sliding down to the floor. Her big boobs bounced back to life with their unexpected freedom. There were gently swaying side by side with gentle eroticism. Her brown nipples were already erect. “Bloody hell, what great tits!” All of them were posing tent in their pants. A thrill smudged through my belly as I watched mom’s breasts hung erotically from her chest. Her big nipples sent shivers of delight up my spine.

She then pulled the thread of her petticoat and it just dropped in slow motion at her feet. In an instant, mom was naked. She stood there in her all naked glory, exposed to all the hungry eyes, out of which two belonged to her own son. It was first time that I was seeing my mother completely naked, she was nothing but a bundle of curves and dimples. Her big pussy was exposed with thick patch of fur spread out in a sexy fanlike pattern from her cunt lips and plump ass with a deep valley between the buttocks. She had a lot of hair on that thing! She had no sex life because my dad is out of station for a long time. Her belly was round but not flabby. Her flesh seemed to speak clearly of sex. My cock started to totter inside my pajama.

I noticed that they were getting undressed too. I saw all three long, thick cocks together, fully erect and skinned back. The big balls were swinging there loaded with semen.

The dacoits could not resist the temptation seeing my naked mom. My mother kept her head down.

One of them came near mom, patted on her buttock and she saw at a time three erect cock around her and escort bayan naturally got frightened. She understood she would be fucked by them. She ran away from the room to save her modesty.

The naked goons too ran behind her. This incident reminded me of a cow chased by bulls in my college ground. “Catch her! Don’t let her escape!” I breathed to myself without realizing it.

What was I thinking? Whose side was I on? I got confused!

My eyes glued at her big bouncing and swaying boobs with erect nipples as she was running. Her plump ass gyrated nicely as she ran fast.

I could also see the formidable erections jerking a lot as they chased my naked lusty mom. Their cocks were just coconut trees during cyclone. I was waiting eagerly when my nude mom would be caught by them.

Ultimately they could catch her in front of the kitchen.

My mother was suddenly lifted by them. They brought her back to the room using all filthy words about her. Mother knew what was in store for her!

The gentle stirring between my thighs was slowly becoming rock hard. I felt ashamed of myself, but I was unable to divert my mind from the magnificent beauty of my naked mom. That too she was surrounded by those naked men with formidable erections. Right at that time one of the men could find me out.

He came towards me with gun; he pointed the gun at my head. I was frightened!

He asked me in a low voice, “You, her son?”

I only nodded my head in affirmation. He instructed me to come into the room. As I entered I found two dacoits to put blindfold tightly on mom’s eyes, she couldn’t even run then. She couldn’t see me too.

They found me having a tent in my pajama. Suddenly I realized that one man was now pointing towards me to remove my clothes. I didn’t offer any resistance, and one by one I removed my vests and pajama. They smiled wickedly seeing my rock hard dick pointing to the ceiling. I found my virgin dick quite thin and small compared to their organs. I felt cautious; mom should not feel I was there. It will kill her rest of her life. One man collected all our clothes and threw them in a corner. Now, mom and I stood completely naked in front of three naked intruders. She didn’t know about me while I could see her naked form.

Mother’s naked beauty was so enthralling that all of us simply forgot who are dacoits or her son! Our eyes were wide open with lust and excitement.

I kept my heads down; my eyes were constantly attempting to steal a good look of her. Mother would never know that her son too noticed her naked lusty body with those goons. She stood there without trying to cover her or hide her full exposures.

One man ordered, his eyes glued to my mother’s naked body. “Babe…you now take us where you have kept ornaments and cash!”

After little hesitation, mom slowly started moving towards her bedroom. She is so accustomed in that house for so many years; she could walk towards that room with even blindfold on! Two men were walking just beside her either side. The third man instructed me to follow and I started walking just behind my mom while he was beside me with gun in his hand.

What a sight! My voluptuous nude mom was walking there; her naked son was following her without her knowledge. Three naked goons too were walking with us!

I could see her swaying tits from both the sides and nice movement of her plump round ass. We all were posing erections. My cock was jerking up and down following the deep cleft of her ass cheeks keeping a safe distance. The man beside me was walking fast, I was about to push my hard dick into the cleft between her big buttocks! Somehow I could manage my walking speed and avoid the awkward situation! She is my respected mom; I have that decency in me!

Two men walking beside mom were petting her buttocks/ thighs, squeezing her breasts. I understood they were becoming extremely horny!

That was not their fault! Even I could not resist the temptation of viewing my beautiful mother’s gorgeous naked body. How they could!

Entering her bedroom, they lowered her to the carpet, placing her on her back, her thighs were wide open. The hands were roaming all over her naked body. They couldn’t wait further; one of them settled his naked body between her thighs. She understood she was going to get fucked. She felt his presence there, whimpered softly “Don’t! Please no…”

Ignoring her pleas, he positioned his cock head touching her slit and pushed hard. While other two were holding her arms and knees. I was desperately enjoying it as she was going to get fucked.

“Aaaahhh…” Mom whimpered as she felt the big cock sliding into her and she took him in one long gulp. His big balls rested on her ass cheeks. She was still altıparmak escort bayan trying to escape the penetration. As he picked his speed, I could see his massive balls thudding against her rear end. Her naked body was being rocked violently; her round cream colored thighs were jiggling firmly in rhythm. Rough red marks rose on her alabaster tits as he manhandled those luscious mounds.

Mom cried softly as other two were using dirty words about her, “Fuck her, bang her pussy hard. Breed her with another child”. Both of them were caressing her belly/ thighs, rolling her big tits here and there.

They were waiting for their turn; I knew it has to come!

My eyes were on stems, my cock jerked as I saw him cum into her sloppy cunt! He rammed fast and choked,”Uhh…ahhh…ohhh”. He was spitting in her and mom could feel it. Her thigh muscles were trembling, goose pimples crawling over her flesh. For the first time in her life a man other than my dad was squirting semen in her womb. My father stays in Saudi, her sex life is neglected. Mom never would admit even to herself, but she liked it.

As he withdrew his wilting cock, the other two men mounted her one by one ignoring her pleas. Both of them pounded her very fast as they were waiting for a long time.

Mom became silent; she knew she was going to get fucked. She waited for them to fuck themselves out. They penetrated her naked body one by one savagely, keeping her flesh jiggling and spitted into her divine depth.

That time the mom’s first fucker came to me. His limp cock was hanging between his thighs and the coating of love juices was already dried. He saw my swollen cock and I felt ashamed, but there was no way I could control my erection seeing the live sex show involving my mom.

He whispered in a wide grin. “You, enjoying it. Fuck her, no harm!”

“I couldn’t fuck my own mother.” I protested briskly.

“Why not? She would never know, in blindfold now.”

“No, I just couldn’t do it. She is my mom!”

“Then how you have got this nice erection?”

I thought logically, as long as I kept my mouth shut, she wouldn’t identify me. I was rock hard and need some relief too.

I agreed to his proposal, “I’ll do it, please don’t mention me as her son. That will kill her!”

He agreed to me, but I was shaking like a leaf.

All of them by that time knew that I was going to participate. They smiled and I went to kneel down between my naked blindfolded mom’s wide open thighs.

I turned to them, they were eager to witness an act of incest, to watch a man fuck his own mother. Everyone was masturbating.

As I crawled between Mom’s wide open legs; hesitated a couple of second before I aimed my rock hard dick at her helpless vagina. The mushroom head touched the parted slit and I pushed my cock gently. I suddenly went sliding deeply into her up to the hilt; her canal was sloppy as three of them used it already. My thin mat of pubic hair pressed her wide patch of thick, tangled fur at least twice as much as I have on mine. I prayed that three of them would keep quiet.

My cock was going in the same tunnel through which I came out nineteen years ago. Her pussy was hot and quiet tight, not being used for at least two months. I gripped her waist in two hands and like a sex starved man was taking the long strokes which are needed for that feminine cunt. Our bellies were smacking each other through the exited jabbering around her.

I lasted for at the most five minutes. Suddenly, I felt I am going to cum. I increased my tempo. Finally I grabbed the cheeks of her big ass and started ramming ferociously into her cunt at high pace. I felt the cum starting to boil in my nuts. All of a sudden, I tossed forward and buried my cock deep inside my mother’s pussy and got very still. I felt my ass cheeks were completely sucked. It felt like the head of my cock had just blown off. I was cumming inside my mother’s womb; my tottering cock was fully immersed into mother’s cunt. That hot jism sent my mom flying. It was my first sexual experience; even then I could feel her cunt muscles contracting in luscious spasm as she was about to cum. My mom’s body was wracked with strange tremors of lust. Naturally she was not showing her true feelings. I remained there for a while and was flooding her hungry cunt. My orgasm seemed to go for a minute. I felt sick, my head was reeling.

There was complete silence in the house. They unbelievably feasted the forbidden act on display before them; their eyes wide open with bewilderment and excitement.

I walked back unsteadily to my room and lay on my bed. I promised not to go back to that gang-bang room.

I felt pride for myself; I could give nilüfer eskort mom a tremendous orgasm! My virgin cock fought well with the ripe pussy of my voluptuous mom. It was awesome to lose virginity to my hot attractive mom.

After around ten minutes I noticed that I had a perfect erection. Mom’s bedroom was calling me once again and I went back there.

As I leaned close to the open window, I was stunned to see them playing with my mom together. She was still in her blindfold. Mom was positioned on her elbows and knees. Two goons offered their dick from either side. Mom was shaking one and sucking the other one. My mom was a fantastic cock sucker. The man closed his eyes as her hands toyed with his heavy balls. For both the cocks she gave equal attention. Is my mom a slut? I couldn’t believe what I saw! The third man was squeezing her tits from rear side and rubbing his rock hard dick on mom’s butter-like back. He knelt on the bed and crawled toward mom. He slipped his cock into Mom’s wet pussy and pumped hard. Mom whimpered,”Ahh…Ohh…”

I watched at his cock, glistening with sperm as he fucked Mom doggie just like a street dog. She was enjoying it too, but controlled her screaming so that I never get to know the incident from my room! Everybody wants to fuck, mothers no exception!

As I entered the room, the goons lowered me on the carpet on my back. Then two of them guided my blindfolded mom on my waiting hard dick. She lowered her torso down onto my lap. Every square inch of my cock was smothered in warm, soft flesh. She rode me unknowingly, her massive tits started to fly. One of the two men offered my mom to suck his rock hard dick and started to pinch her nipples. Another man delivered brisk slaps to her big ass as she was pumping my dick. The third man was silently watching the show shaking his hard dick. I could do longer this time, since I had just cum half an hour ago. I had my hands full of mom’s big tits, cupping them and feeling the hard nipples. I was handling it, all right. As she impaled me I occasionally gripped her huge ass. Mom threw her head from side to side as we fucked together. I couldn’t hold out any longer. The pleasure finally overcame me; I shot my load up into my mother’s womb. She fucked, sucked and stroked as fast as she could. Two of them were trying to feel her hanging tits. One cock in her mouth came first, spilling his jism all over mom’s nose, eyes and hair. The other dick momentarily slipped from her hand; and the shot of cum splashed onto her right tits, tummy and cheek. My mother gyrated and thrashed as much as she could. Ultimately she reached the climax moaning softly, “Uhh…huu…uff…Ohhhh..!”

I staggered back to my room and stretched out on the bed as others continued to play with my wanton mom. I noticed after around fifteen minutes mom’s moaning stopped. I again rushed near the window with my limp cock. The dacoits were getting dressed, each of them showing limp cock too. They were drained during episode with my horny mom! Mother sat up, her head down. My mom looked like a hot mess. She had her hair loose, cum glistening of her chest/ cheeks, sweat on her forehead, and looking quite sticky around her pussy area. They were proud of their deeds, appreciating tightness of her pussy. They left through the back door. My mom heaved a long sigh, rose to her feet. She moved to the bathroom attached to her bedroom, her both nipples were erect, her pubic hair mussed, her dimpled buttocks were having some slapping marks. Red splotches were visible all over her naked body. How she was banged and panted!

Mom had to pee, after fucking it’s obvious to happen. She took five minutes in the bathroom; she had to clean all the sticky love juices from her body. I went back to my room.

Through the window of my dark room I noticed her to come out fully dressed. She looked towards my room. She had no idea about my involvement. In the darkness of my room I could see mom’s big bare ass, swallowing pussy, and gushing semen!

In the morning I acted as though nothing had happened, I shall never tell her either. It is imbedded in my memory. My prudish mom was gang-fucked that night! To be more precise, she was gang-raped. She was not hurt at all. She was stripped naked and screwed cross eyed. She certainly loved that. It would kill her to know that I fucked her that night with three goons!

“You know, Jay Sunday night three dacoits intruded in our house. Don’t disclose it to anybody. The goons may come back and kill us.” she warned me carefully. I understood she didn’t suspect any involvement from my side; she tried to hide the total incidents naturally. She even had no idea that I watched her naked body or gangbang.

You just got your pretty ass fucked off, that’s all mom, I thought.

My mother slowly could recover within one week and acted to behave absolute normal. I will always treasure the night of lust with my horny mom! I have no need to repeat what I did. By fucking my mom I gained confidence in bed. I believe that would guide me in my married life later on.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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