Craving Cole

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“Hi honey, how was work?” Lacey hears Aunt Kim call down the hall. Kim’s in her room, so Uncle Don must be home. That means that her true torture is about to begin.

Lacey hated Texas. She hated how friendly everyone was and how there was never anything to do or anyplace to go. Yet every year her parents shipped her off for two weeks of “family time” with Uncle Don and Aunt Kim and their whole damn BROOD of children. The only one who was even bareable was Cole, Kim’s kid from a previous “marriage”. Lacy hated that too. The idea that anyone together more than three months was assumed to be getting married. She thought it was stupid. She didn’t understand why people couldn’t at least just have a quickie wedding if they loved each other that much and wanted the titles so bad. Whatever. She was eighteen now and when she moved out in the fall her parents could never force her to go through this again. More than anything, Lacey hated fishing. It was the one thing her impending freedom find’t make easier to handle.

Fishing was just…disgusting. And boring. And stupid. She just couldn’t. No matter how hard she tried to like it, she couldn’t, and she made that clear every year to her aunt and uncle. Yet every year, they loaded everyone up and headed off for three days, determined to convert her.

Two hours later, all seven kids loaded up with three tents and two coolers, Lacey isn’t feeling very “converted”. In fact, she’s feeling a little pissed that she has to sit in Cole’s damn lap. She’s not five and its not ok at her age to sit in her damn cousin’s lap. Why are his parents ok with this?? She considers saying something, and then decides she’d rather stay quiet than have to hold a snot nosed, loud-ass, little brat. At least Cole won’t get bodily fluids on her. That is the last thing she needs on this torture trip.

“When we get in, put your hands on the roof. I won’t be able to buckle us both in and I don’t want you to bash that pretty head in. Ground’s bumpy.” Lacey shivers at how close to her ear those words came. She had been so lost in her own thoughts that she never even heard him on the gravel.

Lacey nods her assent as she watches Cole climb all the way into the back of the short bus her aunt and uncle bought for these occassions. He settles down in between the coolers of food and bait and, even though she knows Don and Kim would send them back there anyway, she has to restrain herself from hitting him in the arm.

Cole’s arm slips around her waist and he spreads his legs a little as everyone else piles in. Lacey can’t hslp but notice how hard all his muscles are mobil porno against her back and thighs.

“Hand’s up, Lace” Cole’s voice, this time his slow drawl is so close to her ear, she can feel his breathas it comes out on each word.

Lscey’s hands go up as the bus starts, but she soon feels foolish and drops them. Surely she’ll see the ruts before they hit one?

Cole’s arm tightens around her waist just as they hit the first rut. His grip is tight enough so she doesn’t slam down on his crotch, but not tight enough to keep Lacey from hitting her head with a hollow THUNK.

Lacey inhales a sharp breath as Uncle Don calls back, “Ok back there? Can’t be breakin yourself yet, I still gotta send you back”

“Yeah, I’m fine,” Lacey call up, humiliated. They already think she’s a spoiled brat, she won’t give them any more ammunition to use against her.

“You’re lying,” Cole whispers into her ear, “How bad is it?”

“I’m fine!” she whispers as quietly as she can.

He tightens his grip on her waist and whispers, quieter still, “Liars get punished, Lace.”

She shivers. He’s never talked to her like that…and the way he said it! Or was that just how quiet he was? It had to be, he’s her cousin.

“Are you gonna listen now? Because if you don’t put your hands up now, you’re gonna bang your head again,” he says in a more normal whisper.

Still confused, Lacey’s hands go straight up to the roof. Almost immediately, they hit another rut and she instinctively pushes against the roof so that the bump causes her hips to roll in Cole’s lap. She hears his quiet groan and wonders once again what he could have possibly meant by his whispered comment. Was it a threat? Or something more? Surely not, not for his cousin? And why did that come out a question?

His whispered drawl cuts through her inner commentary, “Good girl.”

She can’t remember the last time someone said that to her. It should be offensive, patronizing. It’s not. She likes the endearment. It makes her feel soft inside, proud.

She finds herself thinking of Cole, really remembering the way he looks when he stands. How tall and well built he is, how his dark blond hair is just a little longer than she likes, less “professional”. She thinks of the way his muscles fill out his t-shirts without being too bulky. She realizes that she doesn’t know the color of his eyes. She realizes that she really wants to know the color of his eyes. She wants to see them looking down at her when he calls her a good girl.

She comes back with a start to the feel of one of Cole’s big hands alman porno on either of her hips. She hadn’t remembered how big his hands were. Or how strong. Her head falls back against his shoulder as she melts back into him.

“Keep your hands up and stay quiet.”

Lacey stays still as Cole slips her skirt up in the back. She shivers again as his fingertips brush the skin of her thighs as he bares her ass, the front of her still covered.

“Lean forward a little. Stay still. Keep your face still. If anyone looks back, they shouldn’t notice anything.” Lacey hurries to comply.

She hears the sound of his zipper, but only because everything, sound, scent, touch, taste, everything, is suddenly sharper. She feels more than hears him pull his hard cock out of his underwear. She presses against the hood of the bus as they hit a rut and half his length is suddenly inside her. She struggles not to make a sound.

“Can we listen to some music, Mom?” She could kiss her little cousin for asking. Silently she prays to a God she never believed in before this moment to please, please make her aunt turn some music on. Loud. She doesn’t even care what kind for once.

She nearly sobs when the music comes on and Cole sheathes himself completely inside her. She isn’t sure if its the angle, the excitement of almost certainly being caught, or if he really is that big but she feels so full and he’s in so deeply that it almost hurts and she has to fight, hard, not to cry out. Even a little.

She waits and waits, but Cole never moves. Finally, she decides to move on her own, only to discover that Cole’s hands have become like a vise, holding her down so she can’t move. Not even an inch.

“Please Cole!” Lacey whispers, desperate with the feeling of him pulsing inside her.

“I told you, liars get punished, Lace. You can get up when we get there.” At the sound of his deep voice so strained with lust, she feels wetness run down and dampen her thighs all around him. She whimpers softly,unable to control this one small show of disappointment.

Lacey slowly begins to relax on Cole, lulled by the vibrations of the moving bus. She’s soaked but boneless, unable to do anything but enjoy the feel of him embedded but unmoving. Lacey falls into a nearly trance-like state of need and pleasure. Cole’s hands move to rest lightly on either of Lacey’s hips again. His voice slips into her trance and reminds her to keep her hands up. Somewhere distantly she hears but the words don’t seem to make sense through her haze.

ThunkthunkthunkthunkthunkthunkTHUNK!The alexis texas porno bus hits a dirt track riddled with rain-made speedbumps. One after another they come and Lacey is shocked completely out of her haze as the movement of the bus causes Cole to slam rapidly in and out of her. She struggles to keep her hands up to avoid flying out of his lap and her mouth shut so nobody guesses that he’s fucking her harder than she’s ever been fucked in her life.

The combined sensations of trying not to get caught, tryig not to scream and all the sensation after the long, long wait has Lacey dancing on the edge of coming when the bus hits level ground again. Inside, Lacey sobs as Cole stills completely.

Cole rubs his hands up Lacey’s exposed sides. “How badly do you want me to move?”

Lacey is beyond pride, only the level of Cole’s whisper reminds her to stay quiet. “P-please Cole, so much! Please, I’m so close!” Lacey’s face turns a soft pink. She’s never had to ask a guy for an orgasm before. She’s never wanted it so badly, but she can still feel Cole pulse and she knows she’s never been that tight.

“How does it feel to be begging your cousin for an orgasm with half your family in the car?”

She blushes as his words connect in her mind and she remembers where she is. She also gets wetter and feels herself spasm around him. She needs this orgasm. She can barely breathe.

“It feels so good Cole, better than anything I’ve ever felt before,” here she lets out a second tiny sob as he rewards her with an almost imperceptable thrust. She continues, spurred on by the proof that he likes what he hears. “Please Cole, please make me come, I’m so close and you feel so good!”

His low groan rolls in her ears as he slowly rolls his hips, not enough to get her off, but all he can do without anyone noticing. It’s incredible. Lacey didn’t know she could get this close without coming. She knows it will be the best one she’s ever had and she knows she can’t let anyone else know. She schools her features as best she can. Cole begins to slip his hand from under her so that her skirt still covers her knees and it looks like his hand is on the seat…if nobody looks closely.

He reaches her clit just as the bus stops. “Ten seconds, Lace,” he whispers. She holds her breath and tries desperately to come before their turn to climb out. Tears fill her eyes as she realizes that, as close as she is, she won’t make it.

“Five, four, three, two, one. Get up Lacey.”

She does. As much as she wants to stay, she can’t and she knows it. She lifts up as the little kids get out so he can put his cock away without being seen. Then she stands and quickly adjusts her skirt as she gets out.

“The next time you lie to me, I’m gonna drag your ass out into the woods and turn it red where no one can hear you scream. You’ll walk funny for days.”

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