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I got married way too young to a really sweet man. I was happy sure, but bored out of my mind. I had kinky dirty thoughts and couldn’t share with my husband. He was so wholesome, he’d be mortified. For several months I read personals online and fantasized about the man who could make my fantasies come true. Only after my 12 year anniversary at 32 years old, did I get the nerve to put up an ad and find a master.

I considered my options carefully. I am attractive, average body, successful career woman. I’d need to find someone who seemed smarter than me, more powerful, able to take control. I found it hard to take a lot of the men seriously, especially if they sent replies full of slang or incorrect grammar. I also was sure I needed an older man.

I put an ad on Craigslist. It read, “Looking for one special dominant man who will help me explore all of my fantasies. Must be 45+, fit, married and able to host. Must want no long term friendship or romance. This is strictly for very kinky sex. It is about my fantasy, which is to be your slut.”

Immediately I started getting responses. Guys who were 18. Guys who cannot host or meet during the days. A few single men. It was so discouraging. I finally found 4 ads that seemed to match what I was looking for. I replied to Dirtydom first. Asked for a photo and sent him a naked body shot of myself. He wrote back what he was into, and ignored my request for a photo. He sounded very into pain, which is not my thing. I was looking for something else. Next I replied to CallMeSir, who was polite and sent me photos right away of his face and his body. I was a little annoyed because I asked about body and didn’t know yet if I wanted to ever see the face. I had not formulated my plan.

But I continued to talk to Sir. He was 54, 5’8″, fit, salt and pepper hair and handsome. He was open to anything I wanted and took over the conversations right away. It was natural for him to take control and me to be submissive. Even better was that he had a house in Ct with his wife and an apartment in the city. I was sold.

I told Sir through email that I wanted to push myself. My fantasies focus around humiliation, being a total slut. Doing things no one who knew me could ever imagine. He assured me that he could make me feel like nothing but a dirty, worthless cunt. If he accepted me that is. I was dripping wet and Pendik Ukraynalı Escort totally hooked.

Sir told me he would meet me and interview me IF I agreed to have no limits. I had to trust him to make every choice for me and let him control everything. If ever I wanted out, I could just say Out, but that he would never see me again if I choose to take the out. That seemed so easy to me. I do what I like and have an out anytime. I agreed quickly.

I met Sir at a fancy oyster bar in the bottom of his building. He was at a table, striking. I walked up to him smiling, feeling nervous but also sexy and excited. I had worn a black pencil skirt and a pink sweater. As I sat down, Sir did not smile. His first words to me were, “Did you not think I deserve you showing up here looking sexy?”

I was shocked and embarrassed, totally deflated. I mustered an apology. “Go to the bathroom so I can see your ass” he ordered me. I got up and walked self-consciously to the bathroom. Once there, I stared in the mirror and thought to myself that I needed to leave. Who was this asshole who thinks he can talk to me like some desperate slut? I felt angry. Humiliated. And so turned on.

I walked back to the table and calmly asked Sir if he was happy with what he sees. He replied that I look OK, usable and asked if I was ready for the audition. While my mind told me no, my mouth said, “yes sir.”

Sir finished his scotch, stood up and told me to follow him. I walked behind him to the elevator. We got inside and road to the 32 floor. I realized I didn’t even know his real name. What the hell was I doing!? He walked down the hall to apartment 32D and lead me in.

“On your knees slut with your sweater and bra off.” He said. I stood there in a daze, not responding. “I don’t repeat myself you stupid whore, do it now.” I snapped out of it, pulled my sweater and bra off freeing my 36 Cs and dropped to my knees. He bent down and slapped my tits hard enough to leave read hand prints, then squeezed my nipple tight. It stung and made me gasp. I saw his first smile ever as I gasped.

He stood and got close to me, crotch in my face and told me to take his pants off. I reached up and unbuttoned his pants, slid the zipper down and pulled them down. He slipped his shoes off and tossed his pants aside. He had boxer briefs on showing an outline Pendik Üniversiteli Escort of a long, hard cock.

“I see you drooling. Tell me what you want cunt.”

“I want your cock sir,” I said faintly. My heart was beating now and I was scared. I thought about saying out and going home to my sweet husband, but I didn’t do that. Instead, I sat there like a depraved slut dying to please this cock.

“More specific cunt, what do you fucking want?” He said loudly.

“I want to suck your cock sir.” I said. He looked at me, no reaction. “I want to suck your cock sir please.” “Dirtier slut,” “I want to suck your big cock sir. I want you to fuck my throat and use me like a whore. I want to choke on your cock and drink your cum.”

“Alright you stupid slut, get going.” With that I reached up and pulled his boxers down. His cock was long, about 8 inches and thicker than my husbands. I felt like such a slut as I grabbed it. Feeling my pussy juice running down my leg, I started licking his cock like a lollipop, then put my lips around it and sucked it down. I went as deep as I could, taking 5 inches or so, stroking him while I did it, flicking his juicy cock head with my tongue on the way out. He was hard as a rock.

Suddenly without warning, he grabbed the back of my head and shoved his cock all the way into my throat. I choked and couldn’t breathe. He held it there a few seconds, then pulled it out. As I gasped for air, he slapped my face and spit on me. He then shoved his cock into my throat again and started the process over. He did this awhile, then pulled out and turned around. He told me if I couldn’t make him cum, then I failed the audition. It was the most humiliating moment of my life and all I could think of was trying harder to please him. All I wanted was his hard cock fucking me and I knew I’d do anything for that. He sat on the couch and raised his legs.

“Lick my asshole bitch.” I had never done anything so disgusting or even thought about it, but I didn’t miss a beat. I scooted in and smashed my face into his ass, his balls resting on my forehead. I licked his puckered asshole like I wanted him to lick my clit. He reached down and squeezed my nipples hard, pulling and tugging on my tits to the point of pain.

“Good slut, you are a nasty one,” he said with a chuckle. “What a low class Pendik Vip Escort piece of shit you are, licking the ass of a total stranger. You don’t even know my name. I didn’t even buy you a drink!” His laughing at me made me drip even more. I had never been so wet in my life.

“Show me how you worship balls whore.” I moved up and took his balls in my mouth, one at a time. Being 20 years older than my husband they seemed wrinkled and saggy. I licked them and sucked them lightly while he stroked his cock slowly. The way he was leaned back, I could see his face. He held up a cell phone and took a photo of me with his balls in my mouth. He laughed some more.

“You want my cum whore?” He asked with a smile.

“Yes sir,” I said like a desperate slut. He slid his cock deep into my throat again and started cumming. It was thick and hot and choked me. He pulled out and shot a big string onto my forehead, then another right into my mouth, dripping down my chin to my tits. He took another couple of photos of me then said, “Get out of here and be back at 10am tomorrow.”

As I stood up, he reached up my skirt and slipped his hand under my wet panties. Laughing he said, “Wow, you fucking whore loved that! You should be ashamed of yourself you little cunt.”

I asked to use the bathroom to clean up. He paused for a moment, then smiled ear to ear. “You can either leave as you are or let me clean you up.”

I said “Please clean me up,” knowing I couldn’t go home on the subway covered in cum. He told me to take my skirt and panties off and follow him to the bathroom. I did as he said. He put me in the bathtub and told me to stay on my knees. I sat there on the cold tub waiting for him to turn the shower on. I was still so horny and dying to cum, but thought it felt nice to be washed and cared for. Just as I was feeling safe, Sir came to the edge of the tub, aimed his softening cock at me, and started pissing all over my face. Not expecting it, I moved away. He quickly slapped me and told me that if I didn’t hold still, he’d make me keep my mouth open too. I stayed super still with my jaw clenched and my eyes closed feeling his piss hit me from my hair down to my tits. He was laughing and calling me names. I couldn’t focus anymore. I felt tears run out of my eyes.

When he was done, he told me to shower and get the hell out. When I came out of the shower he was dressed again. I rushed to the door. He said “10am tomorrow?” I stopped at the door and nodded yes, then rushed out of there. I stopped at the closest starbucks and went into the bathroom. I had to cum. I rubbed my clit and came super hard in minutes. Then I went home to start dinner.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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