Confessions of a Nightclub Manager Ch. 02

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Continuing the exploits of Philip Maynard.

Again, this story is based on real events. In order to understand this character a little better I would suggest you read ‘Confessions of a Nightclub Manager – Sophie’ first.

Part 2 – Emergency Services

The night was in full swing as Philip walked back to the front door of the club. Outside he surveyed the usual scene of partygoers coming and going. There was a slight chill in the air as autumn was really started to kick in. He turned his attention to a small group of guys trying to convince Sam, the Head Doorman, that one of their number wasn’t drunk and that he would be fine inside the venue. Sam towered over the men and was explaining calmly that there simply was no way that he would be coming into the club tonight. All pretty normal stuff then.

“Allo, allo, what ‘ave we here then?” Said a female voice behind him in a classic London Bobby accent. Philip recognised the voice through the impression and turned smiling. There in front of him was Joanne, a local Police Officer, on night shift and checking in at the club with her male colleague, who started talking to one of the doormen. She was a very attractive girl in her early twenties with huge green eyes and a wonderful smile. Her brown hair was pulled up into a pony tail and she wore her hat/helmet with the peak slightly forward.

He had seen a few attractive female officers but the uniform really wasn’t that flattering. Somehow Jo managed to look good in even the most ‘practical’ of uniforms. She was wearing a stab vest with her equipment slung around her hips in what Philip called her ‘batman utility belt’. They had been acquainted for about a year and shared a relationship based around taunting and teasing, normally Philip referring to her some kind of superwoman and her to him as a sleazy nightclub manager.

“Bashed anyone with your truncheon lately?” He enquired with a grin.

“No, have you?” She retorted.

“Nobody worthy of a bash for a while now.”

“Really? I didn’t think you night club types were too picky about who you bashed.”

“Erm, I’m not that kind of boy!” Philip replied.

They smiled. She just looked like a pretty girl dressed up as a copper when she smiled but he had seen her in action and she really knew how to handle herself.

“Can I ask a favour?” She enquired.

“Sure, anything for you officer.”

“Vanessa and I finally have a Saturday off at the same time and we really need a night out. Could we be your guests tomorrow night?”

“Of course, my pleasure. Starsky and Hutch off on the same night eh? Can’t wait.” He replied with a wink.

Vanessa was her friend, colleague and housemate. It was rare that their shifts gave them the same Saturday off and invariably, when they did, the girls would come to the club and Philip would look after them. It wasn’t just because they were local police officers but also because when they were out they were great fun and they looked fantastic.

Vanessa was a good-looking girl, about the same age as Jo with shorter hi-lighted brown hair and the most amazing backside Philip had ever seen. He was always joking that the police must have had to tailor her work trousers.

They talked for a few minutes longer mainly about the goings on in the town and work related things before Jo responded to her radio.

“Right, got to go. I’ll see you tomorrow then?” Said Jo.

“OK, be safe and remember to duck.”

“Quack!” Came the response.

He watched her walk off and thought to himself that tomorrow night could be quite good fun. He had always regarded her as a friend and although they teased eachother he had never really considered taking it further. Maybe it was for two reasons. Firstly, he had normally had other love interests and secondly, one or both of them were always working. They had never been together in a fully social situation. The question of whether they were attracted to each other sprang into his mind. He dismissed it as just a bit of fun. He was sure if he did make a move on her she would turn him down.


It was Saturday night; Philip had put Jo and Vanessa on the guest list and set up a tab under his name on the VIP bar. As the night progressed he asked Sam if the girls had arrived. He answered that they had arrived sometime ago so Philip went to the VIP lounge to see if they were there.

Sure enough, there they were sat at one of the tables surveying the crowd in the club below them. They always dressed up when they came to the club, a complete contrast to the way he normally saw them. Jo’s hair was down and she was wearing a little black dress, Vanessa was wearing a kind of purple leopard print chiffon number with an all-in-one black shorts and top combo. She had curled her hair slightly.

“Hey ladies, you look fantastic as usual.” He said approaching them.

The girls both said hello and Jo motioned to him to sit down by patting her hand on the empty seat next to her.

“Thanks for looking after us, we really appreciate it.” Said Jo as she sat down.

“It’s an absolute pleasure, anything for my favourite çanakkale escort coppers. How are you Vanessa?” He enquired.

“I’m really well thank you. It’s nice to be out, it’s been weeks since we last managed to come out together.”

“Well, you’re here now. So what’s the order of the night then? Quiet drink, raving or wild manhunt?” They both laughed.

“I think it’ll probably be a fairly sedate social night tonight, a ‘manhunt’ here is a bit awkward given that one or both of us will be on duty outside next week.” Jo said picking up her glass and sipping from the straw.

“You’ll have to be the male company tonight.” Said Vanessa.

“Ah ha. I can sit with you for a while but I have to get on soon.”

The conversation continued with pleasant general banter. Philip detected a slightly different atmosphere to normal especially with Jo. Normally, they would take the piss out of each other like a pair of kids but tonight she seemed a little more flirty and complimentary. Vanessa too kept touching her hair and adjusting her clothes. ‘What’s going on here?’ He thought to himself. Maybe, being out of uniform they could afford to be a little more relaxed, perhaps that was it.

Eventually, he excused himself and went off to check around the club leaving the girls and promising to come back later when he was free.

He did a lap of the club, looking over the bars, checking in with Tim the DJ and Sam on the front door where he stood for a while chatting to the doormen. He spoke to his Deputy Manager Rob for a while discussing a couple of issues before returning to the girls after about an hour.

They were still sat at the same table chatting and laughing. Philip grabbed a water form the bar and walked over to them. He gestured to the seat he had previously been sitting in.

“May I?”

“Of course handsome.” Said Vanessa. Handsome? She had never said anything like that before.

“What’s the matter?” He asked.

“What do you mean?”

“You’d normally say something like ‘if you have to’ or ‘that chair’s taken’.”

“I was just being nice.” She smiled with a little pout at the end.

“It’s not normal.”

“Philip!” Jo interjected, “we were just discussing, if you could change any body part what would it be?”

“That’s random. Erm….not really sure, I’m fairly happy with the way I am. There’s nothing I dislike enough to change.”

“Boring,” said Vanessa, “what about the size of your… know?”

“Wow, no, I’m quite happy with that too. Are you feeling OK?”

“I thought all men wanted a larger one?” Teased Jo.

“Really, mine is fine, thank you.”

“Must be big then?” Said Vanessa.

“What? No it’s…..just right.” He said, cringing.

“She was just asking, women always have hang ups.” Said Jo. “Nessa wishes her backside wasn’t so big, don’t you.” Vanessa nodded in agreement.

“Eh, are you mad? That’s hands down the best arse I have ever seen.”

Vanessa smiled. “That’s very kind, but you haven’t ever seen it.”

“I was referring to its shape, in clothes. What about you Kojak?” Philip was trying to steer the conversation to its normal course. Jo Laughed.

“I’d like bigger boobs but I don’t want an op.”

“Can’t be too big, they’d never fit in your stab vest. Anyway, again, I think your boobs are fine.” Philip smirked.

The conversation took a turn for the naughty with both the girls sensing Philip’s discomfort and deliberately trying to embarrass him. They brought up his taste in women, their taste in men, favourite kind of underwear, most unusual place each of them had sex and then finally Jo said.

“Why do men like girls to shave so much but they don’t…you know, garden down there themselves?”

“I can’t answer for all men but I think a bit of…’gardening’ only fair. Keep things tidy.”

“Do you?” Vanessa quizzed looking at him very seriously.

“Well, yes, I do.”

“Great. All of it?” She carried on her inquisition.

“No, just a trim and clean…erm, you know.”

“Balls?” Said Jo.


“Nice.” Said Vanessa smiling.

“Hey, not fair, again. What about you guys? I’ve told you something intimate what about you?”

“Me,” said Jo, “all of it, smooth.” Philip was a little turned on by the conversation now. He’d always had a very good imagination and now he had all sorts of images flashing in and out of his head. He nodded his approval.

“Just the lower bit for me and a trim on top, like you.” Piped up Vanessa.

“That’s great, so not much fuzz for ‘The Fuzz’ then?” Laughed Philip.

At that point he decided to leave again. His mind was wandering a little too much and he felt a break would be a good idea. Again, he walked off to busy himself with the club.

Some time later, he returned to the girls who were now standing at the bar. He talked to them a little more. This time the conversation was back to a more conventional footing. It was nearing the end of the night and Jo asked him if he wouldn’t mind dropping them off at their house when çanakkale escort bayan he was finished. He agreed. He had taken the girls home before. They lived about 5 miles out of town in a little village and it was on his way home.

After the venue closed the girls waited behind chatting and joking with the doormen while Philip made sure the building was closed down properly. When he had finished he met the girls and the doormen at the front door and they all left together.

It only took about 10 minutes to arrive at the girls’ house and they had spent the journey laughing and joking mainly about Vanessa’s peachy backside. The house was a smart little Victorian end terrace in a village setting.

“There you go ladies; I hope you had a good evening. Thanks for not causing any fights.” He said leaning over his seat to look at Vanessa, who was sat in the back.

“Would you like to come in for a coffee?” Jo replied.

“Erm, well I’m not in a rush to get home. OK, why not.”

The three of them got out of the car and walked to the front door. Jo opened it and the two girls walked in. The house was nice inside, very tidy. A typical girls’ house, Philip thought.

They walked through the hall to the small kitchen at the back.

“Ness, make the coffee, I’m going to have a quick shower.” Said Jo stepping out of her heels and climbing the stairs back in the hallway. Vanessa nodded and started to fill the kettle. Philip settled himself onto a stool at the end of the kitchen counter sitting behind her as she busied herself making the coffee. He watched her reach up to the top of one of the cupboards and drop a small box out of it. She bent over to pick it up keeping her legs straight and affording Philip a view of her round arse from a couple of feet.

He was tempted to reach out his hands and rub her buttocks but he restrained himself.

“Now I look at it Vanessa, I can say with some conviction that your bum really could not be any better.”

She straightened and turned to face him holding the box.

“Well, like I said, you haven’t seen it yet.”


She smiled, a little embarrassed and turned back to her coffee making duties. ‘Yet’? Was that a slip or just a figure of speech? He had to admit he would really like to see it in the flesh since they had been talking about it for a good part of the evening.

“How do you take it?” She asked, Philip looking at her blankly, jogged out of his dream world. “Your coffee, not my bum.”

She shot him a quizzical look, faking seriousness. “Ah, white, one please.” He smiled. She turned and carried out his request. She stirred the drink picked it up, turned around to face him and reached across to place it on the counter next to him. She came very close to him and their eyes made contact. After a short pause Vanessa’s senses seemed to come back to her and she smacked him a quick kiss on the lips.

“You’re welcome.” She said turning to finish the other drinks. Philip smiled. This was very interesting; there was an undertone to all of this. That look into her eyes had spoken a thousand words and he realised then that Vanessa wanted him.

As she finished the other two coffees with a tap of the teaspoon on the mug Jo came bouncing down the stairs wearing a pair of small cotton shorts and a little t-shirt that hugged her chest tightly revealing the small buds of her nipples on top of a pair of nice pert breasts.

“That’s better, your turn Nessa.”

“Here’s your coffee sweety, see you in a bit.” And off went Vanessa out of the kitchen and up the stairs. Jo held her coffee in both hands and turned to face Philip, leaning back on the counter and giving him a big smile. He read the words on her shirt ‘Little Miss Naughty’.

“Nice shirt.” He remarked.

“It’s a bit tight.”

“So I see.” He said eyebrows raised. Jo looked down at her slightly pronounced nipples and looked back up at him under her eyebrows.

“Ah yes, I’m so glad to get that bra off, you’ll just have to put up with it I’m afraid.”

“I have no problem with that.” He looked her up and down. She had nice shapely legs and obviously worked out.

There was a pause, the two of them considering what to say next. Then Jo put her coffee on the top and walked over to Philip.

“Take your jacket off. I’ll hang it up for you.” He had kept the jacket on because he didn’t know if he would be staying a few minutes only, it appeared not. He stood and dropped his jacket off his shoulders, Jo pushed it back either side of his arms effectively stopping him going any further. There was another gaze and Jo stepped into Philip’s body moving her face towards his and tilting her head ready to kiss him.

Their lips met in a gentle kiss. He, with his arms still held back by his half-removed jacket. Her hands came up from his side and around his neck and she pressed into him kissing him harder. He felt his cock spring into action as he felt the warmth of her body and her pert breasts pushing against him. She allowed him to slide the jacket off his lower arms escort çanakkale and laid it on the seat of the stool finally freeing his hands to caress her body.

Her kisses became a little more urgent now her tongue seeking his, a little sigh escaped her mouth. Philips hand slipped under the back of her t-shirt seeking out the bare flesh on the small of her back. His fingers dropped just below the waist band of her loose cotton shorts and encountered nothing until they reached the cleft of her cheeks. Like an agent on a reconnaissance mission his hand retuned to her hip and then trailed up the left side of her body until it came to the swell of her breast.

Just as he was about to massage it Jo slowly pulled away from the kiss and looked him in the eyes.

“Bet you weren’t expecting that?” She whispered.

“Uh, no, not really, but it was a nice surprise.”

“Please come to the front room with me. I’ve got something to ask you.”

She led him by the hand into the next room, Philip grabbing his jacket and holding it in front of him to hide his erection. She pushed him onto the sofa and then sat across his legs holding him around the neck.

“The fact is Philip, I’ve wanted to do that to you for a while but I’m either at work or you are and I couldn’t find the right time to talk to you about it. I haven’t been with anyone for a while now and neither has Ness and the other week we were on overlapping shifts so we had a coffee in the canteen at work. We got onto the subject that we were both feeling frustrated but with no boyfriend on the horizon we figured it was more of the same for the time being. We discussed one night stands but neither of us liked the idea of that. I said that the only single guy I knew that I would feel comfortable just having sex with was….you.” She smiled awkwardly at him.

“Ok, well, that’s very flattering and here I am. I thought we were just friends through our work but….erm, I’m happy to help.” He shook his head and let out a little nervous laugh.

“That’s great, but there’s more,” she said sheepishly, “when I said that, Vanessa said ‘that’s not fair, what about me’. I sort of jokingly suggested we could share you, meaning one after another. She thought I meant at the same time and said that was really naughty but she might be up for it. I told her what I meant and she was a bit embarrassed but then I thought about it and it sort of turned me on a bit.”

“Bloody hell, lucky I’m a pushover then isn’t it?”

“Erm, you are in our house at 4am, with a girl on your lap and a hard-on. You’re only human, I mean a man.”


“Not yet, let me finish. I called her later when I was on a break and said that if she was up for it so was I. I got quite excited about the prospect of it. We decided that we’d try and get you back here after our night out.”

“And you’ve never done this before?”

“No, we’re very close. We have the odd bath together and we’re not shy about seeing each other naked but we’ve never ‘done’ anything together or had a threesome. It’s a more of a sister thing. Rather than just jump you we thought it would be better to let you know first.”

“Once I was wound up?”

“Ha, well, of course I want you to agree.”

“Ok, so given my present state of arousal and the prospect of enjoying two horny police officers one of whom is sat on my lap giving me big eyes, what should I do?” He said rubbing his chin in mock consideration.

“Look, I’ve been a little nervous about his all night. It’s a bit naughty but I’m so turned on.” She thought for a moment looking at his smiling face. “How about I have ago at swaying your mind?”

She lowered her face to his and started to kiss him once again, turning her legs so now she was sat astride him. Philip’s head was tilted back on the sofa as Jo once again pressed her tight body into his and he returned his hand to where it had been earlier, mirroring it with his left hand. He massaged his hands over the side of her firm breasts feeling the warmth of her body through the cotton.

At that moment, they were interrupted by the sound of Vanessa padding down the stairs. Jo lifted her head and her and Philip looked to see her enter the room. She stopped in the doorway with her hands on her hips. She was wearing a black singlet with tight, white lace briefs. She must have known that things would have progressed; this was not conservative ‘ready for bed’ wear.

“Starting without me?” She said with a little pouty, spoilt look that quickly broke into a smile. Without another word she walked over to the sofa and knelt next to Philip so that she was at the same height as Jo, the two of them looking down at him. Philip took her in. Her tits were a little larger and were more ‘orb’ shaped. Her body was a little shapelier than Jo’s. She leant towards him and placed her lips on his, opening her mouth and searching out his tongue. She started to unbutton his shirt while Jo sat and watched, fascinated.

She broke off the kiss and looked at them both. “How about we take this upstairs?” She said. Vanessa was taking charge of the whole situation, which Philip appreciated because he wasn’t really sure how the girls wanted things to happen. Vanessa stood taking him by the hand and Jo climbed off his lap taking his other hand. The girls led him up the stairs, his stiff cock raging in his underwear. As they negotiated the stairs he had a perfect view of Vanessa’s amazing arse and smiled lustfully.

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