Confession of an Unfaithful Man Pt. 05

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The following story is part of a series based on true stories however some names or details may have been changed to protect people’s identities.

While this story could be read as a stand alone story you should read the others in order to get the best from them.


January 5th

I awoke very early in the morning with one thing on my mind THE CAVE. I had found my flashlight in my car before going to bed and left it in my tent with two plans in mind. One was to catch whoever my mystery fuck was unfortunately she didn’t turn up, the second was to go explore the cave.

I took off for my early morning run heading for the cave Maria and I had found the day before. I approached the cave slowly shining my torch in the entrance to make sure it was empty. Maria and I were lucky we stopped where we did about another 4 feet and we would have slid down a bank into a small underground lake. I scooped some water in my hand and tasted it, salty but not quite as salty as the sea so this must be a tidal cave but the sand inside was dry as I entered and the water was warm which was strange there must be another water source. I noticed another passage way to my left and continued exploring. I spent just over an hour exploring but there was nothing cool to report it went up and down a few times with some tight spots and some open areas.

As I was leaving I noticed the tide was almost full now and it was only just lapping at the entrance so that explains it, it must only be the big tides that actually get all the way up to the underground lake but that still didn’t explain why it was warm.

I headed back to the house for breakfast and to tell Maria what I found. Maria said there is a small thermal spring in the Forrest but it doesn’t produce much. We set off for the spring that morning and found it after a bit of searching. I knew roughly where we were in relation to the cave and knew we were further inland of the underground lake. We dug a small hole around the spring causing a small volume of water to build up, just enough we could put our feet in to appreciate the warm water. After some time we followed the stream leading away from the spring for about 30 feet before it just disappeared into the ground.

Maria and I returned back to the house for lunch and I noticed there were a number of new tents and cars there, great more people for me to forget. I was introduced to a number of new people, cousins, aunts, uncles, friends and friends of friends.

Maria and I took a drive back to the nearest town about three quarters of an hour away to get some supplies. On the way back we stopped in a small secluded rest area, we could hear cars driving past on the main road as we sat on the grass kissing. Maria told me she was extremely horny and would love me to bend her over the picnic table and fuck her but was scared of getting caught. Then an idea struck me I unzipped my fly and fished my cock out of my pants, Maria looked shocked as I stroked myself to full hardness. I motioned for Maria to come sit on my lap facing me, she suddenly worked out what I had in mind. She pulled her knickers off and handed them to me and I stuck them in my pocket. Maria then sank her wet pussy down onto my hard cock her sun dress was long enough that if anyone did come past they wouldn’t see anything more than Maria sitting malatya escort on my lap as we talked.

Maria gently rocked her hips back and forth enjoying the feeling of my cock buried inside her. Maria lifted herself off my cock and turned around then sank back down and impaled herself on my cock. I sat up as best I could and wrapped my arm around her so I could stroke her clit as she rocked on my cock. I could hear her breathing change and felt her pace quicken I knew Maria was about to blow when I heard a car turn off the road and into the gravel car park. I rubbed her clit furiously knowing we only had seconds left before the car would come round the corner to where we were.

Maria exploded. Her whole body shook as the orgasm rocked through her, I quickly removed my hand and straightened her dress wrapping my arms around her just as the car pulled up right beside mine.

Maria sat dead still as we watched the middle aged couple get out of the car. I decided to have a bit of fun and flexed my cock inside her pussy several times. Maria decided two could play that game and started squeezing my cock with her pussy. After what felt like ages the couple stopped looking at us and wandered off down a walking path. This was my chance I pushed on Maria’s shoulders causing her to fall forward putting her hands out to stop herself from face planting,my cock popped out of her pussy and in one swift motion I was on my knees behind her lifting her dress up and plunging my cock as deep as it would go. I pounded her for maybe 30 seconds my hips moving at a frantic pace as I felt the pressure building in my balls.

Suddenly just as I started unloading my balls into Maria’s pussy we heard the voices of the couple coming back arguing about something that was or wasn’t in their car, I pumped my cock a few more times trying to get as much cum as possible into Maria. As I saw the top of their heads coming up the hill I pulled my cock out of Maria stuffed her knickers in her pussy so she didn’t leak cum everywhere and helped her up to her feet before running to the car. I could tell by the sudden stop in the argument and the shocked look on the lady’s face that she saw something she wasn’t expecting. I’m not sure if it was us finishing or just me running to the car with my cock waving out in front of me but something stopped her dead in her tracks.

I started the car and drove out of the car park as fast as I could. There was about 5 minutes of silence in the car before Maria broke the silence “did you see the look on that old lady’s face?”

We just laughed about it the rest of the way back.

The rest of the afternoon was spent either on the beach or in the water. Now I’m not a great swimmer but I love being in the water so when Tasha took off swimming lengths of the beach I stayed with Maria and a few others splashing around, eventually everyone except Carissa (Maria’s uncles stepdaughter) had retired to the beach or house. Carissa was getting friendly and very close occasionally touching my arm or chest all while trying to make it look accidental. I noticed she had smaller tits than Maria and Tasha (probably a C cup) which got me thinking was she the mystery fuck.

Just then Tasha swam up to us and started talking to me. Tasha basically positioned malatya escort bayan herself between Carissa and me cutting her out of any conversation. Carissa eventually got bored and swam away. “About time that slut left” Tasha said.

“I am surprised she hasn’t tried to fuck you yet, she fucks just about anything with a dick.”

All I could do was wonder was it her?

Tasha and I floated around a bit then she disappeared under the water surfacing 30 feet away. I thought about chasing her when she disappeared again next thing I knew she was tugging my swim shorts down. I suddenly realised where this was going and I was not about to stop it. With my pants now around my knee Tasha surfaced right in front of me grinning her mischievous grin.

Tasha started stroking my cock trying to raise it to full size and she was doing a very good job of it too. Soon she had me at full noise and her grin got even bigger. “Want to see how long I can hold my breath underwater?” She asked me. All I could think was are you kidding I’m rock hard and ready to fuck and you want to show off your swimming skills, naturally I just nodded yes. Then she disappeared and instantly I felt her wrap her lips tight around my cock as she slowly took more and more of my length in.

Tasha didn’t bob much it was more just little movement and a whole lot of tongue wrapping around my cock. She was down there for a long time much longer than I could have ever held my breath. I was starting to get worried but then she surfaced. “Well what do you think of my efforts?” She asked.

“Incredible, absolutely incredible.”

Tasha then wrapped her legs around me as she moved her bathing suit to the side and slowly sank her tight pussy down on my cock. I couldn’t believe how tight she was it felt like I could feel every bump inside her pussy she was so tight.

Tasha began moving slowly up and down on my cock, the feeling was incredible her pussy was gripping my cock like a soft fluffy vice she was so tight. Tasha had her first orgasm within 30 seconds and a second not more than 90 seconds after that. Tasha and I had to stop as there were more family members heading down to the water.

Tasha reluctantly released my cock from her pussy just as the others arrived. This left me in an awkward position rock hard cock sticking out and swim trunks around my knees with a group of Tasha’s family including her mother standing talking with us. Luckily for me I managed to get my trunks back up without anyone noticing or so I thought.

I excused myself from the group and headed for shore a short time later. I found Maria sleeping on the beach and decided to lay with her quickly falling asleep myself. We were woken some time later by the group including Tasha and her mother as they headed to the house for dinner.

That night I went to bed early it had been a busy day and tomorrow was the big party so I wanted heaps of rest.

My late night visitor showed up again but this time she was clothed in a boob tube and short shorts. She wasted no time in finding my cock stroking me to full size then she straddled my cock slipping it in without even removing her shorts. My mystery woman then bounced on my cock riding me for all she was worth. I reached up and ran my hands up the side escort malatya of her body. Feeling the boob tube I pulled it up over her breasts so it hung around her neck giving me the chance to play with her tits.

I noticed somethings were different this time her left nipple was pierced, did I miss this last time or had she removed it and forgotten this time? Also I didn’t realise how short she was. Was it even the same girl? Surely I mean well…Who ever this was she was great at riding cock she kept alternating between sliding up and down my hard shaft with just rocking her hips around and wiggling my shaft inside her. I couldn’t take it any longer I was going to pop and it was going to be a huge load.

My cock started to swell, my Ball’s tightened up, I moaned “I’m going to cum” and with that she jumped off my cock and buried it down her throat just as my first spurt erupted from my cock. My hips bucked wildly and caused her to gag but like a champion she continued to drain me.

I fell asleep shortly after she left, I wish I knew who she was but now that I knew she had a pierced nipple maybe I could work it out.


Maria crawled into my tent in the morning “hey sleepyhead want to go for a walk with me before breakfast?”

Shit I had overslept I wanted to go check out the cave some more before breakfast oh well. Maria and I headed off up the back of the property and into the bush. She lead me along a pathway over a few hills then suddenly turned off the path and we worked our way through some thick bush for another 300 meters.

We came out of the bush and into a clearing where a small waterfall flowed into a pond and off down stream. The place was magical. Maria and I just sat there holding hands for a long time. Eventually we decided to head back for breakfast.

I spent most of the day helping with getting things set up for the party. Around 3pm more people started showing up and I excused myself from any more work and headed for the shower to get cleaned up. On my way I spotted Maria she was blowing up balloons. “I’m heading for a shower if you want to come blow something else” I said with a big grin on my face.

Not sure if she would or not I chose to leave the door unlocked. About halfway through my shower I heard the door open someone shuffled in then closed and locked the door.

YES I thought here come Maria alas it was not to be as the curtain opened there stood Linda I tried to cover myself as best I could but there is not much you can do when you in a shower.

“Tell me are you fucking my daughter?” Linda asked all I could do was nod my head.

“Which one are you fucking?” she then asked

“cause I swear you were fucking Tasha in the sea yesterday, why else were your pants so low when we arrived?”

I turned bright red I had no idea what to say and worst of all my cock was starting to get hard. Linda noticed I was struggling to keep myself covered and she told me “stop being so immature, I’ve seen plenty of cocks in my time move your hands. It’s not like you tried to hid it yesterday” I did as asked and my cock sprang up. Linda took a good look at it then reached out and started stroking it.

“Not bad about the same length as Drew but maybe a bit thicker, if this house wasn’t full of people I might even test how well it fucks.” Did I just hear right did Linda just say she wanted to fuck me, my head was just spinning now. Linda then let go of my cock and turned for the door as she left she said to me “just be careful where and when you get that thing wet. Oh and lock the door when you shower with this many people around you never know who might walk in.”

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