As I was on my way home I was excited to see my mother even thou she would be furious. I was kicked out of the university I was attending two days ago. She would be angry but I didn’t care I call my mother all the time but I hadn’t seen in almost 7 months. Now some of you probably think that I’m crazy, that after 18 years a break from your mother would be just what you would need but you need to understand that my mother is fucking hot and I mean hot, easily one of the sexiest women I’ve ever seen. And she’s my mother. If I had a nickel for every time I masturbated to her My college would be paid for.

Acutely, my lust for mother is what got me expelled…sort of. I was kicked out for sleeping with one of my professors. Cathy looked so much like mom it drove my insane witch is interesting because she was my psychology professor. She had the same shoulder length strawberry blond hair and lean tight figure soft shapely face. I think she liked the fact that I was with her because of my mother, you know the Oedipal complex and what not. I even called and talked to my mother with Cathy giving me head she found it fascinating We had been involved for about 4 months, it was perfect no relationship just sex. But the head of the psychology department walked in to her office unannounced and cot us on her desk. I feel bad that she got fired, it was just sex but I still got along with her.

So I pull in to the drive way and saw her come out of the door and wait for me. I got out of the car she walked to the car. I went to give her a hug and cot a hand up side my head.

“what the fuck were you thinking…” and thus began the ass reaming I would resave. She didn’t stop giving me shit tell after diner. I tried to defend my self but I had to admit that sleeping around with a teacher was a little stupid even if we were two consenting adults. It was all I could not to laugh when she mentioned the fact that Cathy was only 3 years younger then her. Mom, having had me at age 15, was still very young. I never knew my father which meant that I had mom all to myself for most of my childhood which is probably part of the bases of my obsession.

We went to bed on good terms I guess she had stopped chastising me at any rate but still didn’t say much to me. She was very disappointed she had hoped I would make some thing of myself. But I didn’t tell her that I wasn’t sure if I was going to try to get excepted in to another school. That night I had an e-mail from Cathy apologizing for the incident and asking if I had plans now. I told her it was just as much my fault as hers and that plans were pending.

The next morning mom made breakfast and we ate in silence I wanted to say some thing but didn’t want the press my luck. She said she was going out for a bit and would be back. As soon as the car was out of the drive way I went to her room and searched every inch of it and found NOTHING!!! absolutely nothing. Not even a toy or video or any thing. I started to wonder if she was seeing any one and not told me.

She was not back by lunch and so I fixed a sandwich and watched some T.V. she got home after 5 and had diner in hand we ate and she didn’t mention “the incident” at all. We talked like normal people but as we were sitting in the living room she came out with it.

“Today I spoke to a friend of mine at the state university and she said that she can get you in. and even keep the story under rapes, but you have to register in 2 days” I was made but I wasn’t sure why. I just sat there in silence and a plane started to form in my head. I excused myself without comment. In my room I worked out the probability of success in my head and Gaziantep Fetiş Escort finished the details. In the end I thought it would work and I suddenly got real nerves. If I went forward with this my mom would find out that I wanted her and if it didn’t work every thing would go to hell… quick. But I went down stairs after making a few calls to set it all up. She was sitting in the kitchen I took a seat accost from her.

“mom…I’m not going back to college” that was it and she took the bait and my nerves subsided a bit. And she took off on a tirade for about 5 or 6 minutes.

“what can I do to change your mind” was the last plea she made. She was mine! “Well…” I began with a sly tone to my voce “there is some thing I want”

“what” mom was starting to get worried

“did you ever see Cathy” I said I knew that when I called her Cathy it drove her crazy ” here she is” I said as I pulled a picture out of my wallet.

Mom’s face went white as she saw her “she looks like me… so what dose this have to do with your future” she was in denial.

“You know as well as I do” she said nothing “ok it’s simple I want you to go out with me on a date tomorrow”

“WHAT!!!!!” she screamed

“one date and I’ll go and register for the next semester day after tomorrow” I said in a cold even voice. She went silent again she just stared at me as she realized that I was serious. “well that’s it, that’s all”

“that’s all” she squeezed out “you want me to pretend to be your girlfriend, me, your mother going out with you” she starred at me with confusion and disbelief and disappointment. I just smiled coldly.

“if no then I can move in with Kiel and get a job with his dad, at least for now” I told her, Kiel is a good buddy of mine from back in the day so to speak.

“is your future worth all that will you throw it all away for this fucked up fantasy” she said quietly because she knew the answer, this was her final attempt. The defeat in her voice gave me hope so I just looked at her.

“I can’t do that and you know that…I won’t do it” she said I just shrugged my shoulders and turn to leave (this is the key, and…)

“I’ll think about it” she said so softly I almost missed it. But I turned around. ” you don’t have a long time if I need to be there in 2 days then tomorrows your only chance, uh, our only chance” and at that she ran out of the room in tears. Ah the thrill of victory, but I don’t want to count my eggs before they hatched but I have her where it counts her maternal instanced. I went to my room, I wanted to see if Cathy e-mailed me but if mom comes in… I don’t want to take any chances so I left the door open and started to reed the book I was on although I had a hard time reading I more or less stared at the pages. I had gotten almost a chapter read in the 2 hours it took her. She came in and sat in my computer chair and scooted to my bedside. I put the book down and looked at her in silence.

“I’ll do it” she said after a long silence. It was all I could do not to show any emotion, this is not the end of it. “I’ll be your girlfriend for one date from 6 to 10 and that’s it”

“ok” I said as I reached out for her hand (it’s time for the kill) “it’s a deal 6 pm to 10 am” I said as I kissed hear hand. She was again speech less as she looked at me realizing what that meant, god she is in denial she didn’t even consider sex I saw it in her eyes she wouldn’t let herself think of it.

“I will not sleep with my son!”

“you agreed to it, what did you think this was about”

“I can’t this so fuck up what the fuck is wrong with you, what did I do”

” it’s not your fault this just happens”

“trying to fuck your own mother doesn’t just happen”

“look, this the deal and it has been my intention the hole time, time is running out”

She just sat there she couldn’t bring herself to agree and she didn’t want to see me give up on college. She was on the verge of tears but she held back. It was a long time before she spoke you could see the resolve come in to her face.

“alright I’ll do it” the words seem to hurt her.

“I made reservations at Samuel’s for 7 we’ll leave at 6:30 were that short black dress from my graduation” she just got up and left the room. I beat it 3 times that night and slept like a baby.

The next day I didn’t see mom tell lunch and even then she got some food and left the house but 5:30 came fast, mom came in and went to her room. I went to mine and put on my dress cloths. I was in the living room waiting by 6:15 mom came down a bit late 6:40 but when I saw her it didn’t mater the dress was short and low and sin tight. Her hair was dun up tight, and her make up was perfect. She was gorgeous. I walked over to her and put my hand on her thigh and kissed her forehead. She flinched and shied away.

” you look amazing babe” I said softly she just sighed and walked to the door. I put my hand on her ass as we walked to my car. Diner was interesting to say the least I got more and more bold with my Affections but the Restaurant stopped me from doing to much but eventually I got mom to talk and even laugh once or twice but every time I touch her she gets quiet again. But me made it thou without incident and drove home in silence. At the front door the moment I had waited fore for so long had come. I took her head in my hands and pulled her in close and I could feel her tens up. And I kissed her lips ever so soft, once, twice, then slipped a bit of tong on her lips and she surprisingly opened her mouth and let me in. I kissed her passionately for a few seconds. Then broke the embrace.

“are you going to ask me in” I said with a smile. I’ve never seen my mother look so guilty in my life. But she opened the door and I followed her in side. We went in to the living room and sat on the couch . I was a bit dismayed that she didn’t offer me a drink but then I realized that I just wanted to cut to the chase. I began to kiss my mother and slowly run my hand on here thigh. Then kissed my way down her neck and raped my arms around her and fondled her back. She hadn’t touched me at all yet but she was facilitating my kisses, so I grabbed one of her arms and placed it around my neck. She took the hint but still did little ells like kiss me back. This was absolute bliss It was more then I had ever imagined. I started to fondle her tit’s a bit and grab her ass, I couldn’t take it any more.

“why don’t we take this to the bedroom” I whispered to her and she tensed up even more. But she stood and I took her hand and led her to her bedroom. She led the way inside. Once in side I grabbed her from behind and started kissing her neck and fondling her tits. She let her hair down and I started to un zip her dress. It fell to the flour and she stood there frozen. I turned her around. She looked at the door like she wanted to just start running but I touched her cheek and turned back toward me and kissed her. Then I Started to work her over towards the bed, she broke away and she went and laid down. I began to take my cloths off as I stood there looking at her in her patties and bra, just lying there like a goddess. She saw me take off my shirt and sat up and un hooked her bra and slid off her panties, I was hoping to have the honors but this was one of her attempts to get this the hell over with. But I could handle it so I just proceeded and when I was down to my boxers I crawled on the bed next to my mom and started to kiss and lick her tits and I reached down to her pussy and fondled it and frond that it was dry. This frustrated me she was able to resist getting turned on even after all the attention I given her body. So I licked my way down her body and at this time realized I was fucking my mother the thing I wanted for so long was acutely happening. Then my hart started to race as I got to her pussy, this would turn her on if it killed me. I liked her pussy and she started to twitch every time my tong touched her. Soon I could taste her juices and feel the moister. She hade fought it but I hade done her in. I herd her trying to hold back tears but she was a strong person. I kissed my way up her belly and chest and neck and finely her face and began to kiss her again. I reached down and took off my boxers and positioned my self in front of her pussy and she lifted her hips to facilitate the penetration. I slowly slid my cock in to her pussy it was the greatest sensation of my life. And I slowly began to pump. She still resisted almost any voluntary action. As I began to fondle and fuck and kiss her. She just sort of laid there. And I started to look in to here eyes. As I looked at her face she just turned away .

“you know that a real date would be in to it, is this a real date” she turned and looked at me and I saw the look of determination in her face and she closed her eyes and opened them again with this almost angry yet neutral look in her eyes. And she for the first and only time that night she kissed me. Now she raped her arms and legs around me. And played along a little bit any ways. So I melted away in to her as I fondled her ass tits and body and kissed and liked all over her. I was pumping faster now and mom stopped kissing and buried her face in my shoulder and her body tightened up and convulsed a bit. This sent me over the edge and I started to cry out and I came so hard, it was amazing. “oh mom yes oh god I love you” She had tried to resist and hide it but it was no use. She had tears on her face after the orgasm had passed. We fell to the bed in a heap. I held her for a few minutes. She rolled over and ignored me for a wile but soon I was read to go again. We drifted of to sleep after several hours and many more goes I didn’t bother to look at the clock.

The next day the alarm went off at 10:00 on the nose. She rolled off the bed and got up and grabbed her cloths. I got out as well and walked over to her and took her and began kissing her deep and passionately. She fought me off and shoved me away.

“you got what you wanted it 10 and were done” she said with anger and sadness in here voice

“now you are going to college and your going to make something of your self” at this point I realized some thing and it exhilarated me, how could both of us over look some thing like that.

“but wait mother dear” she turned and look at me “what I said yesterday was ‘if you do this I go register for the next semester’…” I posed for a moment and watched here face go pale and angry.

“you can’t just turn around and-” “that was the deal and I will hold up my end of it now if you want me to continue with school… well one night one semester is the price I set” and at that I turned and left the room.

That was 5 months ago, today is semesters end. I’m sitting at my desk when there is a knock at my door. I answer it and my mother steps in to the room I look at the clock and realize that it is 6:05. I grab her and start kissing and fondling her in the door my. Then I lead her to my bed and think to my self that I’m glad my roommate left yesterday.

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