Chloe’s Game Ch. 01

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She is sitting in the car, in her long, black overcoat, waiting for the phone to chime. She knows he is close. She can almost sense it.


Her breath catches in her throat, as she snatches up the phone. She flips the screen to life, and the text message jumps up at her.

3 minutes, at the front door. Eyes on the floor. Do not disappoint me again.

Throwing the car into drive, she tears from the lot. Only once had she ever disobeyed him, but he had never let her forget. Not that she could. She lived with the memory of bending herself over the foot of the bed, her skirt torn off, her panties at her feet. Her arms had been spread beside her, palm down, waiting, when she heard his voice.

“What did I ask?”

She answered softly.. “on my knees, at the door, clothes folded beside me.”

“And what did I get?”

She whispered, this time. “me, in a skirt. worried about the neighbors.”

“What is your word, pet?”

She said nothing.. but held her tiny hands up, into a “t”

“Timeout, that’s right.. are you ready to show me you can behave?”

She nodded as he caressed her ass. “Count for me. out loud.”

She nodded.

“One, Daddy.”

Smack- fire shot up her, as she struggled not to move.

“Two, Daddy.”

Smack- she wanted to jump, to scream.. but knew better.

Minutes later, her voice quivered..

“Twenty one, daddy..”

Smack- her pretty little ass felt like molten lava, but that wasnt her concern. Earning his forgiveness was her only worry.

She drew a breath, to count again, when he put his hand on her back..

“Say the word, love.”

Violently, she shook her head. She didnt want to give up. She wanted to make him happy.

“Twenty one, Daddy.”

Smack- her back arched, as she desperately fought to maintain control.

“More, my pet?”

She tried to open her mouth, and say the next number for him, but her voice would not come. She hung her head, and shook it no.

“No? Then tell me what I want to hear.”

“Daddy, I was wrong. I am sorry. I will never disobey you again..”

As she lay on the bed, the ice cube in his teeth touched her tender cheek. The relief was instant, the satisfaction immense. Her satisfaction came from not only relief from the burning in her ass, but from earning his forgiveness. She had gone above and beyond to prove her love, and devotion. Her mind drifted back to their first encounter, when he had whispered her mantra into her ear. “good girls get good things.” Since then, those were the words that meant everything to her. Yes, she had unwittingly tested them once, but the punishment she received only made the relief more wonderful. She had spent the rest of that night being touched, teased, and pleasured. Not once did he take her Bostancı Esmer Escort for himself. Instead, he spent the entire night doting on her every need. Never had she felt so loved, So cared for.

As she drove towards him, the memory seemed so intense, that her ass started to burn in response. As if knowing what was to come, she unconsciously started squirming in her seat. She pulled into the drive, and stepped from the car. She never knew if he was watching, but it did not matter. She lived by his rules, even when he was not watching over her. She loved to make him proud, and he never seemed prouder than when he caught her following his rules on her own. She closed the car door, and dropped her coat off of her shoulders, baring her gorgeous figure. Slowly, deliberately she stood nude in the drive, and folded the coat on the warm hood. In the back of her mind, she could almost see the neighbors peeking through the curtains, yet she never felt safer.

His first promise to her had been enough. “Angel, nothing, and no one will ever hurt you while you are with me. No one will ever touch you unless you want it.” With his promise ringing in her ears, she stepped confidently to the door, and dropped to her knees, her eyes on the floor. She knew him, knew what he liked. She didn’t knock. He would get her when he was ready. She simply say on her heels, and waited.

The door opened suddenly, and he grabbed her by the hair, pulling her to her feet. He led her inside, and slammed the door.

“You know my rules. Assume the position.”

She dropped to the floor, arms spread, face down, her ass in the air, without question.

“One, Daddy..”

Slightly louder

“One, daddy.”

His hand touched her back.. “Tell me what you did. pet..”

“I disappointed you, Daddy.”

He lifted her to her feet, caressing her gently..

“Not a question on your lips, you just did as you were told.. Such a good girl.”

Good girl.. the words sent chills down her spine, and she could not help but smile.

“Open your eyes, Pet..”

She looked, and saw the table in front of her.. beautiful dishes, candles.. and a gorgeous black dress hanging from a hanger.

She looked up at him, and repeated his own words from the day they met.

“Good girls get.. good things..”

The evening was a blur of wine, great food, even better conversation, dancing, and steamy flirting. She was his. always would be.. but owning her did not mean he didn’t love to spoil her. As the dinner wound down, they retired to the living room, and settled on the couch. Halfway through a fantastic movie, she noticed that he was no longer laughing at the funny parts. She glanced at him, and found him staring at her. He had the ability to seem like he was staring straight Bostancı Eve Gelen Escort through to the core of who she is. His hand raised to her chin, as he kissed her like no one else could. She instantly lifted herself to his lap, and kissed him back, drinking in the passion that poured out of him every time they were together.

He stood her up, and gently removed the dress, laying her on the couch. He reached behind him, and pulled out a small paintbrush. Her face must have given away her curiosity, because he smiled, and used his fingertips to gently close her eyes. Suddenly, it all made sense, as the soft bristles of the brush glided across the skin of her stomach, sending chills racing across her body. He used the brush to slowly trace his way up and down her body, as if he were memorizing every curve. The sensation was the most amazing torture of her life… He somehow never touched her, but between the brush, and his warm breath on her, it did not take long before she was moaning, and writhing all over the couch. He used the brush like Picasso, running it down her stomach, over the curve of her hip, and onto the folds of her sensitive little pussy. By the time he got there, she was ready to explode. The tension building inside her was impossible to ignore, as she started to explode.

Until he stopped suddenly.

“No. not yet, Chloe. Not until I say so…”

He spent the next hour bringing her again and again to the very edge.. but never giving the permission she was dying for. After listening to her whimper, beg, and plead for what seemed like an eternity, he once again used the brush to work her into a frenzy. When she arched her back, and begged yet again, he held her on the brink for a full minute, then looked her in the eyes.

“Come for me, Chloe. don’t hold back. let me hear you..” She could hear herself screaming at the top of her lungs, the tension pouring out of her body, until he carried her unconscious body to the bed.

As Chloe woke, she opened her eyes, to find him sleeping beside her. As she slid her arm around him, he sat up, and scooped her out of the bed, and into his arms. She found herself carried to the bathroom, where she was sat on the edge of the massive tub. He ran bathwater, then proceeded to explore her neck with his lips, while the tub filled. Somehow, no matter how often they saw each other, he was never able to resist her.. even for a moment.. and she loved it..

He climbed into the bath, and took her hand, guiding her into the tub in front of him. He seemed to take pride in slowly washing every inch of her.. From her hair, to the bottoms of her feet. his warm touch, and attention to every little part of her was.. intoxicating. He turned her around, facing him. He washed her legs and feet, then pulled Bostancı Evi Olan Escort her onto his lap, kissing her deeply. As she settled back into the water, she was not prepared as his rock hard cock slid into her. Chloe could not help, but to cry out, as they rocked their bodies together slowly. The intensity was amazing, as she could once again feel something building inside her..

“Daddy, please, I need to”

“No, Chloe, not this time… you dont need permission to cum. let it happen..”

He wrapped his hand around the back of her neck, pulling her tightly to him, as the lovers exploded together in unison.. Chloe’s body melted into him, and she had a fleeting thought about happiness, as she drifted off to sleep, still wrapped up in his arms.

About an hour later, Chloe woke up , feeling like a slinky kitten, desperate for that first stretch of the day. She was sprawled across the bed, sideways. Her first instinct was to pull her arms to her, as she arched her back, breathing deeply.

For some reason, her arms wouldn’t move. Opening her eyes, she noticed the straps around her wrists, holding them above her head. Her legs were free to move, but sported similar straps around her ankles. She sensed his presence, then found him, standing above her head. She immediately remembered his rule, and dropped her eyes.

He said nothing, but walked to the opposite side of the bed, and ran his fingertips up her leg. His eyes never left her.. as if he were hyper focused on taking inventory of every little part of the woman he owned. He hooked his arm under her knee, and not-so-gently pulled her as far as the strap around her wrists would allow. He lowered her leg, and ran his fingertips back down her thigh, over her calf, back to her ankle, picking up the strap attached to that ankle in the process.

Slowly, he raised that ankle, pulling it to her right, and fastening in to the large wooden bedpost. He repeated this with her left leg, leaving her legs spread wide, and unable to move anything but her head. She realized then that she was not just willing. She was desperate to feel him. Somehow, it seemed as if he sensed this, because as he strolled slowly back towards her head, he seemed to slow, taking his time, enjoying the tease.

He used two fingers to lift her chin, forcing her to look at him. He dropped to one knee, and she felt leather around her neck, as he closed the clasp. After a small “click”, she snuck a peek to her left, and found a mirror attached to a nightstand. In the mirror, she saw the collar, covered in small gems, and fixed with a tiny padlock.

“You have been so good, my love. I wanted to give you something to remind you of us.. even when we cannot be together. Wear it proudly.” With that, he kissed her gently on the lips, and when she opened her eyes, discovered that she was wearing a blindfold. It still amazed her how sneaky he could be, when he wanted.. she hadn’t even felt him put it on!

She beamed at his praise, and at herself, for doing so well.. But it was more than that. Her heart pounded, as she wondered what he had in store for her.

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