Chance Meeting



David rolled onto his side and studied her nakedness, his eyes running from her slender throat languidly down to her glistening pale pubic hair. With equal slowness they returned and continued passed her throat to her moist face and stopped short when he realised that she was examining his body in the same manner. Comprehending he was staring at her, Louise blushed, her eyelids covering the blue eyes partially, adding to the surrealness of what was and what had been. Both gazed into the others eyes, minds wandering back to the ferocity of their lovemaking.

David smiled gently as he recalled her delight at his passion; a delight matched by his at her vibrancy. What had started in the afternoon as a chance meeting at the golf club had actually attained a level of substantiality he had rarely experienced.

“You know,” she finally broke the silence, “it has been a good fifteen years since we first meet.” He stared at her, the intake of breathe at her words bringing a frown to her face. Could she read his mind? He asked her, and she just giggled.

“You know, Ankara travesti I have wanted to do this from the first afternoon I saw you in the bank.” Maybe returning the conversation to the past would ease his embarrassment at the last question.

Once more she blushed, this time as her mind drifted back to the unshaven face that had leered at her over the counter; a leer felt all the way through her body; a face that had barely aged in the intervening years. She cleared her throat, consciously, rose and glided across the floor to the air conditioner. “This might keep us cool, although…,” her voice trailed off as she returned to the bed and stretched out beside him.

David rolled onto his side, his left hand slowly tracing circles around her nipples, alternating the direction of circle as his hand meandered from nipple to nipple.

“And you recall our little chat in the car park a few days later?” She waited his reply, her hand relocated to his chest and gently stroking his hairless chest.

“You mean when I made a fool of myself Konya travesti again?” She nodded. “You told me that you were imagining yourself lying on a hammock on some desert island, watching the surf rhythmically roll in.”

“Very good.” The tone indicated the amount of surprise she felt at his recollection. “You never did say what your fantasy was.”

“I didn’t, did I.” He fell back on the bed, hands clasped behind his head as now both her hands were running lightly over his torso as she adjusted her position again to maintain eye contact. “To be honest, then and to this day it is the opposite of yours.”

“Oh? Tell me more.” her hands stopped their movements as she rose, crossed her legs and gazed upon him, awaiting his revelation.

“A sleigh ride, along a winding track through a thick forest, in say either Canada or Russia, maybe even Siberia. Man and woman, a driver, a sleigh or troika, a horse and bells a jinglin’ and the deepest white snow imaginable.” He laughed, somewhat self consciously.

“I was naked on the İzmir travesti hammock.” Louise raised a hand from his chest and ran it through the damp blonde fringe that hung now over her eyes, “I hope we aren’t naked in the sleigh.”

“Oh not entirely, as we are swathed in thick furs, buried under a thick fur rug.”

“MMMMMMMMMmmmm sounds nice and warm, and sexy.” She grinned cheekily. “And that’s all we do, just ride through the forest?”

“No, because you are as naked under your coat as am I. The driver stops, we get off, remove the rug and tell him to return in an hour or so, and then we stroll off into the forest til we come to a clearing and then we… something the matter?” She had suddenly rolled off the bed and disappeared out the bedroom door as he asked the question. He rolled back onto his side, made as if to follow and then a sound stopped his movement; a door squealed open and hangers scraped against the metal rail and other hangers.

He heard her footsteps on the timber hallway, she then reappeared. He gazed at her in bewilderment. She was wearing a white fox stole and holding two other fur coats still on their hangers; a blue fox and a white mink trimmed with white fox.

“Time to see how that little fantasy of yours works out, lover. Chose your coat while I turn the air conditioner to freezing.”

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