Captured and Conquered Ch. 05

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Alex sat at his mahogany desk, feet propped up on one of the corners, one leg crossed of the other. He was reclined in his chair, arms folded across his chest. To anyone passing by his door, he would have looked relaxed, calm. He was anything but. He felt tense, restless. This was new state of being for him. Normally he wasn’t prone to getting wound up over anything, but this girl…. Julia had him in a panic. He knew he crossed a line when he punished her. He got carried away in the role he was playing. It felt so good to hold nothing back. It felt so good to get what he wanted. But now that that initial pleasure had melted away, he felt…. Guilty. He swallowed hard at the thought. He never felt guilty. He didn’t “do” guilty. But something about the way Julia cowered away from him made him feel… bad.

Alex shook his head, and reclined deeper into his chair. His mind wandered over what he should do. It had been about 3 days since he had any significant contact with Julia. He visited the room he kept her locked in to bring her food. At first he was too ashamed to engage her. He tried to go when he thought she would be sleeping. The last day he forced himself to interact with her, but she shied away from him, avoiding eye contact. He touched her arm, and was pained when she flinched. Again he retreated.

This was not what was supposed to happen. Alex groaned. He was feeling so much frustration, a majority of which was sexual. He wanted to delight in Julia’s flesh again. He wanted to run his hands over her body, making her moan. Most of all he wanted to bury his cock into her tight, little pussy. That desire was what started this whole thing. His desire, no, need — to conquer this girl. Reclining further, Alex let his mind wander over the first time he saw Julia. The time he decided he would make this girl his.


Music was blasting, colored lights flashed, bass pulsing. This wasn’t his normal scene. Alex was leaning against a wall towards the back of the club, drink in hand, taking in the view. The air was thick, almost stuffy in this club, no doubt because of the impossible amount of people pushed together in the center of the club, bumping and gyrating against each other. He wondered how many hook-ups would happen here tonight.

Taking a sip from his drink he continued to survey the club. The music was good, the drink selection impeccable, but still he didn’t make a habit of being here often. But every now and then, a mood would strike him, and he would decide to take a trip down to the underground club and do a little people watching. Sometimes he found a girl he liked, and wanted to take home. Sometimes he remained content watching others do the hooking up. Idly he wondered what kind of night he would choose to have this time, eyes roaming the crowd. Suddenly they settled on a girl making her way into the club.

He stood up straight and stared. This girl was… different. There was something about her that immediately intrigued him. This girl looked mildly uncomfortable, fingers constantly running through her honey colored hair, almost as if she was trying to calm her nerves. Alex grinned. This could get interesting.

He continued to stared at her, watching her every move. The girl walked towards the bar, glancing this way and that, almost as if she was unsure of what to do. Once she reached the bar, she was approached by another girl, taller with short bluntly cut black hair. They embraced, and immediately the honey haired girl looked relieved.

Alex watched, intrigued, as the girls purchased shots. The black haired girl looked far more comfortable in this environment, leaning far over the bar counter flirting with the bartender. The honey colored hair one hung back, shy. Once they had finished their shots, the black haired girl grabbed the other’s hand and led her through the crowd to the dance floor. Once again the black hair girl seemed to have more confidence, quickly gyrating in rhythm to the music with the rest of the crowd. She grabbed the hands of her friend pulling her close. Her friend grinned self consciously and let herself be led into the rhythm of the dance. Soon she didn’t seem so self conscious, twirling, and laughing. She was exquisite.

Alex stood staring at the girl as she danced and spun to the songs, rhythm changing to match the beat of whatever song was playing at the time. He grew restless, hands clenching, and unclenching subconsciously. He needed to touch her. It was time for Alex to make a move. Alex slid easily through the gyrating crowd, eyes never leaving the pair. As he approached his heart beat wildly, mind racing with the delicious things he was going to do with… this girl.

When he reached them, the honey colored girl’s back was to him. Just perfect he thought. Confidently he placed his hands on her hips, and started to grind with her in time to the music. The girl, stiffened, and glanced back at him. In the dark of the club, it was hard to make out her features, but he could tell she had beautiful Anadolu Yakası Olgun Escort brown eyes. She moved her hands over his. Soft, oh god they were so soft, and slowly slid them off her hips. Turning to face him, she tried to say something, but her words were drowned out over the music.

Alex gestured to his ear, letting her know that he couldn’t hear her. Understanding, she placed both hands on his chest, and leaned up on her tip toes, straining to get closer to his ear. With their height difference, it wasn’t easy. To help her, he dipped down, putting his face near her neck. Inhaling her scent, he almost forgot he was supposed to be listening to her. He tuned in just to hear the end of whatever she was saying.

“… so I’m sorry, not tonight okay?”

Alex was enamored with her voice. It was high, musical. It felt like silk, intimate, and sexy. Alex took advantage of the position of they were in, and kissed her neck. Hoping to change her mind. The girl moved back from him, and he winked at her, grinning mischievously. She shook her head and looked at him half bemused, rubbing her neck where he had kissed her. She turned back to her friend. The disappoint flooded through him, his heart still racing. He felt like he was on fire with need for this girl. What was she doing to him?

Contemplating what his next action should be, the girl’s black haired friend took charge of the situation. She maneuvered her way in between the two, and started to grind against Alex. Alex smiled to himself. This was a girl who clearly knew what she wanted, and didn’t hesitate to take it. He appreciated her boldness.

He moved against her, placing his hands on her hips, while watching the other girl over the shoulder of her friend. The black haired girl arched into him, pushing her ass against his groin. He groaned, relishing the friction. The honey colored girl came close to her friend, and spoke into her ear. They had a short conversation Alex couldn’t make out over the music.

When they were done talking, the honey colored girl hugged her friend, and stepped back. Giving a little finger wave, she turned around and started to make her way to the exit of the club. Alex watched her intently as she left, memorizing her curves. Something he was sure to be fantasizing about later.

He felt a hand on his face, and he looked down. The black haired girl clearly was not one to share attention. She leaned up to his ear, tall enough to make it without Alex having to bend over. Feeling her warm breath on her ear, she said, “looks like it’s just the two of us now stud. My name’s Lydia. Impress me.” She nipped his ear, and continued to grind against him. Alex smirked. She certainly knew what she was doing he thought.

With her words ringing in his ear, he took charge. Gripping her hips tight, he took control of their rhythm. Twirling Lydia around, his hands moved up and down, exploring her body. Lydia squealed in delight, and placed her hands over his, but unlike her friend, she encouraged him to continue. Alex dipped down and nipped at her neck, kissing and sucking, trying to judge how far this girl was going to go.

Lydia matched his actions. Anytime he nipped at her, she moaned into his neck, sliding her body against his. She kissed his neck, eyes wide with passion. Though Alex was enjoying the attention, and certainly though Lydia was attractive, he couldn’t get his mind off of Lydia’s friend. He wished it was her body he was so playfully fondling in the dark of the club.

Alex shook off those thoughts, and focused completely on charming this girl enough to get her to come home with him. The honey colored girl left him in a state, and he needed someone to release some tension with. Lydia would do nicely.

They continued to dance through a few more songs, groping each other, grinding against each other almost forgetting about the crowd around them. Soon Alex couldn’t wait any longer. He wanted more. Leaning down to Lydia’s ear he murmured, “Come home with me, lover”.

Lydia licked her lips in anticipation, “Absolutely.”

With that, Alex grabbed her hand, and practically dragged her from the dance floor. He needed it bad. Lydia followed enthusiastically, clearly needing it as bad as he did. Once they exited the club, Alex steered Lydia quickly to his car. The drive back to his place was a blur, filled with heavy flirting, and scandalous touches.

Lydia and Alex stumbled up his porch steps, and through his front door, unable to keep their hands off of each other. Once through the door, and Alex pushed it shut with his foot, and thrust Lydia against the wall.

Pressing his body against hers, he roughly claimed her lips again and again forcing them open to receive his tongue. Lydia moaned into his mouth, egging him on. Alex grinned internally. How far was this girl willing to let him go, he wondered.

Lydia moved her hand over his shoulders and down to his belt, fumbling with the clasp. Pressing her hand into his erection, she pulled Anadolu Yakası Sarışın Escort her lips away from his long enough to gasp out, “I want this, give it to me hard stud.”

Alex licked his lips, not believing his luck. With a cool look in his eyes, he grabbed her hands, and thrust them back onto the wall over her head, slowly grinding his groin into hers.

“You want it hard lover? You think you can handle it?” Alex smirked at her.

Lydia was not about to be out done. She leaned forward, and bit Alex’s lip. Hard enough to make a point, but not enough to draw blood, “You think you’re man enough to tame me?” She said coquettishly, running her tongue over her top lip.

Alex grinned wolfishly. The girl wanted it rough, who was he to deny her? Quick as lightening Alex tore Lydia from the wall, and threw her over his shoulder. She squealed and squirmed in his grip. Alex tightened his hold on her, moving up his staircase to his bedroom.

“The more you struggle Lover, the tighter I’m going to tie you to my headboard.”

Lydia groaned at the imagery, taking it as an invitation to struggle harder.

Alex moved swiftly down the hallway to his bedroom, once through the door he kicked it shut and strode to his bed, dropping Lydia unceremoniously in the middle.

Alex drank in the sight of her, her black hair wild and tangled, her legs splayed apart, her skirt riding dangerous far up, her eyes wide staring at him, sparkling in excitement. As much as Alex wanted to watch her, the game needed to continue.

He suddenly came down on top of her, grabbing her wrists, and placing them none to gently in one of his hands as he groped at his bed side table fumbling for the silk tie he keep there for such occasions. Quickly he lopped the tie around her wrist firmly, wrenched her arms above her head and attached to tightly to his headboard. He didn’t allow for any wiggle room.

Lydia pulled at her bonds, and looked up at him, “This all you got stud?”

Alex smirked, and slowly ground his hips into hers, enjoying the sensation of being between her widely parted legs, “Careful of how much you push me, lover. I’m not known for backing down.”

Lydia grinned, and tilted her head. “Prove it.”

With that, Alex slipped off the bed, and walked to the closet in his room. He shuffled around until he found what he was looking for. Turning around, he showed Lydia the ropes, and cuffs he was looking for. He strode back to the bed with purpose, and grabbed one of Lydia’s ankles, wrenching it to the side of the bed, and within a matter of seconds, he had it tautly attached to a ring in the ceiling above his bed. Turning to her other leg, he did the same. Stepping back, he admired his handy work.

Lydia’s hands were pulled tight above her head, and her legs were now spread wide, pulled up into the air. She twisted in the bed, again testing her bonds. She couldn’t move very much. She looked at him, “I’m impressed.”

Alex chuckled darkly, “Oh it’s only just begun lover”. Alex knelt in between her legs, and dragged the long zipper of her mini skirt down until the skirt fell open. He ripped the fabric from underneath her and tossed it to the floor. Turning to her shirt, he ran his fingers across the few buttons holding it closed before tearing it open and throwing it on the floor next to her skirt, leaving Lydia in her black lace panties.

Alex ran his hands over her pert breasts. “No bra, lover? What a delicious surprise.” Running his hands down her tight stomach he placed one hand on top of her panties, and curled his fingers under the band. Lydia looked down, her breath catching at the sight of him, crouched between her thighs. His gaze, intense, almost predatory. His mischievous green eyes met hers, and he grinned wolfishly before tearing her panties from her. Lydia arched her back, her pussy walls spasming from this show of dominance.

Alex leaned down and licked a long line up Lydia’s now exposed pussy. He found her clit, and sucked on it. Hard. Lydia groaned, writhing in her bondage. Alex nipped at her clit, sucking and biting driving Lydia wild. She gasped, and groaned begging him to finish her off. Alex smirked, and continued to tease her, constantly changing his rhythm so she couldn’t get over the edge.

Alex kept this up, amused by her growing desperation. Suddenly he pulled away from her, and stood up. Lydia was panting. And looked at him desperately. “Don’t stop, God don’t stop now.”

Alex shook his head, “Surely you didn’t expect to come so soon, lover. You’ve been pushing my buttons all night. Time to pay the price.”

Alex moved his hands to his belt, and slowly removed it, all while keeping his eyes on hers. Lydia’s eyes widen. He won’t use that on her? Would he? Alex noticed the comprehension in her eyes, and chuckled deep and menacingly.

“10 strokes, lover. Is that enough to tame you? Or do I need to be firmer?”

Lydia swallowed nervously. Being tied down was hot, but she wasn’t sure she was Anadolu Yakası Şişman Escort up to be being whipped. Granted, she was too stubborn to actually admit she might be in over her head. Lydia rolled her eyes to mask how tense she was. “Please, I’m surprised you think you can manage 10 strokes”. She was impressed that her voice didn’t quiver… much.

Alex grinned, oh she was going to be so much fun. He brought the belt down across her ass firmly. Lydia yelped, and grit her teeth. Alex brought the belt down again, hitting her twice in the same place. This time Lydia couldn’t hold back her scream.

“Do try to be quieter lover. Wouldn’t want to bother the neighbors.” Alex chided, raising his arm again. He snapped the belt against her thighs and again Lydia screamed. Alex sighed, and moved back to his closet. Returning to the bed and moving over Lydia he produced a ball gag.

“Here lover, this should help you keep quiet.” With that, he wrenched open Lydia’s mouth, and popped the gag in, fastening it tightly around her head.

“Now where were we?” Alex moved back to the foot of the bed, and struck her ass once more. Lydia’s screams and moans were now muffled nicely by the gag.

He looked down at her, “Yes it hurts, doesn’t it lover?”

Alex continued to bring the belt down, moving from the top of her ass, to the tops of her thighs. Lydia squirmed, and tried to pull away from the belt, but never quite able to escape its wicked blows. As much as this hurt, she was surprised to feel how turned on she was. She could feel her pussy clenching, wishing it was stuffed full of his cock. She suspected he wasn’t hitting him as hard as he could be, just hard enough to make his point. She was grateful for his restraint, but wished he would use his hands on her.

Once Alex reached ten, he noted Lydia’s relieved sigh behind the gag. This was going to make the next part even more fun. He moved closer to her, and placed the belt across Lydia’s pussy.

“If I remember correctly lover, you said you were surprised I thought I could managed 10 strokes. Shall I show you how many I can manage?” Alex grinned wickedly.

Lydia’s eyes widened, and she shook her head wildly, pleading with him through the gag not to whip her pussy. The look in her eyes, suddenly reminded him of her honey colored hair friend, and he was overwhelmed with the burning desire to be doing this to her. Alex closed his eyes and imaged her Lydia’s friend tied up on his bed, ass striped red, begging not to have her pussy whipped with his belt. He decided right there. He had to make it happen.

Opening his eyes, he brought his attention back to the girl thrashing beneath him. Raising his arm up, he brought the belt down directly on Lydia’s exposed pussy. She threw her head back and howled. Alex groaned in delight and continued to strike her pussy, her screams driving him wild. His cock was so hard it almost hurt. He was going to have to take her soon.

Three more times he brought the belt down on her pussy, and then tossed it aside. Lydia blinked tears out of her eyes, and breathed heavily. Her breasts raising and falling rapidly.

Alex gripped her striped ass, and kneaded it. He was delighted to feel how hot the flesh was beneath his fingers.

“Good girl, you took your punishment well lover.”

Lydia made a noise in the back of her throat, and rolled her eyes again. Alex smirked, and moved one of his hands to her pussy. “It’s almost as if you didn’t enjoy that lover. Maybe I should check for myself. Are you wet?”

Lydia groaned as Alex slowly separated her pussy lips. He pushed one of his fingers into her. It slid it with ease. He pulled it out and it glistened with her juices. Keeping his eyes on her, he brought his finger to his mouth and licked it. “Delicious.”

Lydia almost exploded at the action, she needed him inside her now. She began to move her hips, trying to get his other hand on to her clit. Alex withdrew his hand, making Lydia thrust her head back in frustration. Alex quickly focused on taking off his pants. He couldn’t wait any longer.

Kneeling once more between Lydia’s thighs, he took her chin in his hand, and tilted her head down so he could meet her eyes. “I’m going to push inside of you so hard and deep, all your smart mouth will be capable of doing is screaming my name, lover. If you’re lucky enough I’ll even remove the gag to make it easier.”

Lydia moaned at his words, and started moving her hips again. Alex placed both of his hands on her hips, and forced her to stop her movements.

“Be still lover. I’m in control here, you take what I give you.” With that he thrust into her in one hard stroke. Lydia’s back arched, and she screamed behind her gag, begging him to continue pounding into her.

Alex liked to take his time when playing these sorts of games, but he couldn’t stop visualizing Lydia’s honey colored haired friend. In his mind, that’s who he was fucking and the thought of being between her creamy thighs drove him wild.

He pounded into Lydia roughly, grunting with each thrust. Lydia groaned behind the gag, fingers clenched around his headboard. She could feel her pussy walls spasming, she was so close to release. Alex decided he wanted to hear Lydia scream out when she came, so he reached up and quickly unlatched the gag, never stopping his frenzied movement inside of her.

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