Camilla Ch. 102

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Unconscious Camilla’s endless memory visions brought her to one six years before the aquarium incident. She was 31 at the time, though Nigrovum was making her look like a 23-year-old.

One class she was teaching was Incest In World Literature: as well as English writing, the course included English translations of prose and poetry from various languages.

The first book she lectured on, in September of that year, was an English translation of Mrs. Caldwell Speaks to Her Son, a novel by Camilo Jose Cela. As she was lecturing, she found it hard to take her eyes off one cute, thin, brown-haired boy who sat at the front of the class.

“Mrs. Caldwell, whose son Eliacim has died, is going mad,” Camilla said. “Obsessed with her boy and feeling guilty about having incestuous thoughts about him, she writes him letters.”

She briefly glanced in the beautiful brown eyes of her boy student, and suddenly felt her pussy getting a little wet. After this brief pause, noting how her students were looking strangely at her for stopping, she continued her lecture.

“Eliacim has died aboard a navy ship and has been buried at sea,” she said, sweating slightly and briefly pausing again after looking at the young man. “Here’s an interesting quote: ‘You, my son, when you were a little child, lived in constant fear, your eyes inhabited by atrocious and permanent inexplicable fears.'”

Camilla’s pussy was getting wetter. Knowing she didn’t normally get that horny all by herself just from looking at a handsome young male student’s face, she suspected this was more psychic interfering from the masked men. Now her own eyes had atrocious, inexplicable fears of their own.

That young brunet student of hers had his own worries: though he found ‘The Fox’ very attractive, he felt alarmed by the lewdness he saw in her eyes whenever she looked at him, which was constant.

After the class ended, she went to her office and sat at her desk. She, finally cooled off, thought about how she hadn’t been terrorized by the masked men since that time, over a year before, when she, naked, had been thrown out of an apartment building and into a swimming pool. She’d felt inappropriate moments of horniness in class before, back in her undergraduate years, but now she was a teacher: having acquired knowledge and respect among her academic peers, she absolutely dreaded the possibility of being shamed before her students and made to get naked and sexual, as she had with Chris.

Still, that brunet boy in her new class never stopped getting her hot.


Several weeks later, Camilla was walking by the university theatre and had noticed some ad posters for new plays that were about to be performed. One of the posters promoted a new French-language production of Hosanna, the play she’d directed in English translation back in her undergraduate years, with Sean in the title role!

She looked at the names of the cast, and saw, in the title role, Alain Charcot, her cute brunet student! There the boy was, in drag and heavily made up.

“Isn’t he gorgeous?” she sighed. A thrill shot through her body, from her pussy and tailbone all the way up to her head.

Then she noted a warning at the bottom of the poster: adult themes and nudity.

“My God,” she gasped in lascivious delight. “I’m getting a chance to see that beautiful boy naked. Please be a full-frontal display.” She immediately rushed over to the box office and bought herself a ticket.


That night, she went to the first performance of the play. Alain’s acting was atrociously bad, but she didn’t care: she just wanted to see him take off his dress and display his nakedness before her gluttonous eyes.

Indeed, at the end of the play, ‘Hosanna’ removed ‘her’ Cleopatra dress, black bra and panties, and stood naked before ‘her’ lover Cuirette. At first, Alain had his back to the audience, so Camilla, sitting in the front row, in the centre, could ogle his cute little buttocks.

“Oh, please turn around, sweetie,” she whispered. “Please turn around; don’t be shy.”

Then Alain did, almost mechanically. Thinking it was her use of Nigrovum that made him turn around, Camilla’s eyes greedily poured all over the boy’s soft, thin, delectable flesh. Her heart was pounding and her breaths were heavy, quick, and loud from seeing his hairless chest and his penis, draped with bushy brown pubic hair. Wearing a miniskirt, she put her finger in her panties and began fingering her hard clitoris.

Curious to know how large his penis got when erect, but sensitive enough not to embarrass him before everyone, Camilla used Nigrovum to give him a partial erection. She brought his dick to its full length and thickness, but didn’t let it point up.

He looked out at the audience with nervous fear in his eyes, abashedly unable to understand why he was suddenly getting a hard-on; he didn’t even know why he’d turned around so everyone could see him frontally nude. The original plan tekirdağ escort was for him to be seen naked only from behind.

Seeing the embarrassment in Alain’s eyes, Camilla immediately removed her psychic control over his penis, and let him go limp. She, however, creamed her panties.


The next day, her class with him ended. As he was about to walk out the door, she said, “Alain? Can I have a word with you, please?”

“Oh, uh, OK,” he said shyly, hoping it would only be about their class. Everyone else left, and only he and Camilla were in the room. “What is it, Dr. Fox?”

“Alain,” she said in lecherous sighs, “I saw you last night in Hosanna.”

“Oh, yeah,” he said shyly, embarrassed that his horny teacher knew what he looked like naked–with an erection.

“You have such a beautiful body, sweetie,” she panted. “I got so excited seeing you naked at the end of the play. I”m sorry for being so forward with you, but nobody’s ever made me feel this way before.”

“Well, uh, thank you,” he said with uncertainty in his eyes. “You’re very beautiful, too, Dr. Fox, but you’re my teacher, and I don’t think it would be appropriate if we got too–“

“How many more performances do you have left?”

“Oh, uh, three. The critics panned my performance, so we’re not getting any more performances than three.”

“Good enough for me. I’m gonna see them all. I’m sorry, but I can’t help myself. You’re so beautiful.”

“Uh, OK. I hope I don’t get another stiffie tonight.”

“I hope you do.”

He frowned and looked away in fear.


Indeed, she did see all three of the other performances, and psychically ensured that she would always get the same seat as before, front and centre, so she could get the best and closest view of his body.

Every time at the end, Alain felt compelled to turn around and face the audience with a partially erect penis, though Camilla wasn’t the one psychically getting him hard. Teary-eyed and panting, she masturbated each time to orgasm, creaming her panties three more times.

“He’s even more beautiful than Sean was,” she whispered to herself.

Though the rest of the audience clapped merely out of politeness, she clapped most enthusiastically, causing more than a few heads to turn among her neighbours. Alain, seeing her among them, could only blush.


The day after the last performance, she was finishing her class with Alain, and everyone was heading out of the classroom. Alain was really hoping to get through the crowd of students before Camilla could talk to him, but he wasn’t able to.

“Alain,” she said. “Can I have a word with you, please?”

“Oh, uh, OK,” he said, his timid voice cracking. He was nervous and conflicted whenever around her, for though he was sure that sex with The Fox would be fantastic, he was worried that she’d use their soon-to-be sexual relationship to her advantage. When everyone had left except him and Camilla, he stammered, “So you s-saw me again last night, didn’t you?”

“Yes, I did, you sexy boy,” she sighed. “How old are you, sweetie?”

“20. Look, I’m flattered and all, but–“

“Baby, I find you very attractive. I’m not going to mince matters. I want to have sex with you. I have a good body: I may be 31 years old, but I assure you, I have the body of a 23-year-old. I don’t have any flab, my tits don’t sag, and I’m not lying to you. Most important of all, I’m an excellent lover. We’ll have a lot of fun in bed, guaranteed.”

“I’m sure the sex will be great, but–“

“I won’t use our sexual relationship to make demands on you. Your grades in this class will in no way be influenced by whether you please me in bed or not. No strings attached: after we fuck, we’ll go back to our normal teacher/student relationship, for by then, I’ll be sated of you.”

“I’d like to believe that, but I’m still not sure–“

“Sweetie, I’m married, and have a 12-year-old son. What we’ll be doing together will be nothing more than sex, I promise.”

“Really?” he asked, still nervous, but excited at the prospect of fucking The Fox without any bad consequences.

“Really,” she assured him. “I’ll be discreet about this, as I expect you to be. Let me buy you dinner at Chez Louis tonight. Then we’ll find a hotel. What do you say?” He paused, wavering. “Come on, sweetie: don’t be shy. I don’t bite–unless you want me to.” She grinned lewdly at him.

“Well, uh, alright then,” he timidly said.


At Chez Louis that night, they discussed the Green Party as they were waiting for their food.

“Oh, come now, Alain,” she scoffed. “How can a gentle political party, devoted to improving the environment, be a danger to Canada and to the world?”

“They’ve been taken over by extremists,” he insisted. “The Green Party isn’t the party it used to be ten years ago. That’s what the Earth Party says, the ones who left the Greens.”

“Oh, who listens to the Earth Party?” she asked.

“Well, that’s just it; no one listens to anyone but the Green Party, here in Canada and in any other country they have their tight grip on,” he said. “The Greens have stifled real, meaningful debate. They aren’t a real ecologically-minded movement anymore. They’re eco-fascists, forcing their agenda on everyone and bombing countries like Iran.”

“The Greens were forced into these wars,” she said.

“They chose to wage them. And I don’t buy the idea that Muslim terrorists killed Prime Minister Van Duyne. I think it was an inside job.”

“Alain, the pictures and video we saw on the news made it pretty clear who killed him.”

“Don’t believe everything the media tells you, Dr. Fox.”

“Don’t believe everything the conspiracy theorist crazies tell you, Alain. Come on, the Greens care about the environment, our Mother Earth.”

“That doesn’t mean anything. The Nazis had pro-environmentalist policies, you know.”

“Those cruel bastards?” Camilla asked with an incredulous sneer. “Those haters?”

“Yes, they did. Look it up if you don’t believe me. They hated non-Aryan people, but vegetarian Hitler loved animals, as did many high-ranking Nazis. They believed in the Dauerwald, the ‘perpetual forest’. They tried to curb air pollution and improve animal welfare. It was all tied in with their nationalism: a strong Germany was an ecologically healthy Germany.”

“Really?” she asked.

“Really. They weren’t able to enforce their pro-environment laws very well, especially before the lead-up to WWII; but neither have the Greens been very successful at enforcing anti-pollution and pro-animal laws. The Nazis were green in theory, as is the Green Party. We all know what else the Nazis did, and I believe the Greens aren’t much better.”

“Oh, come on, Alain. It surely isn’t all that bad.” Their food arrived.

“Really,” Alain insisted. “The Nazis lowered populations, and we all know how. The Greens also advocate lowering populations; certainly all the Muslims they’re killing is putting that idea into practice. They’re eco-fascists: I don’t trust them.”

“Wow, you’re smart and sexy,” she said. “Your mind is as passionate as your body is beautiful.”

“I still don’t know what possessed me to play a drag queen on the stage. I’m no actor: the reviews panning my performance in Hosanna proved that. And I still can’t believe I was actually willing to get naked in front of so many people. And what possessed me to turn around and let everyone see my cock? And how did I get hard-ons? I wasn’t turned on or anything.”

The masked men knew the answers to all those questions, of course.

“I, of course, was incredibly turned on,” Camilla said, stabbing some food on her fork and putting it into Alain’s mouth.


After dinner, she drove him to a cheap hotel far away from where her house was. They went into their room, and she sat on the bed. He stood before her.

“OK, baby,” she said. “Strip for me.”

“Oh, uh,…” he stammered nervously.

“Oh, come one, sweetie,” she said. “Don’t be shy. I’ve already seen it all. I know what every inch of you looks like. What’s it gonna hurt to show me again? Come on, I’m on fire. Show me that beautiful body of yours again.”

“OK,” he said, unzipping his pants. She grinned as she watched his pants come down. He removed his shoes and socks, then he unbuttoned and took off his white dress shirt. Now he had only his brown briefs on.

“Come on, sweetie,” she said. “Let’s see him one more time.”

“OK,” he said timidly, then pulled down his underwear. Since she looked very hot in her black evening dress, he already had a hard-on, which bounced up and down, delighting her.

“Beautiful,” she said. “Now, turn around for me.”

“Alright,” he said, turning around and showing her his little behind.

“Spread your legs and bend over for me.”

“Uh, OK,” he said, bending over as asked, though particularly nervously.

Looking at his asshole, she asked, “Do you ever get homosexual feelings?”

“No, not at all,” he said with an agitated voice. “Why?”

“Because I’d just love to watch you getting sodomized by a big gay man, then blowing him.”

Suddenly, he started shaking and coughing. “Please don’t talk about things like that; I get bad flashbacks.”

“What do you mean?” she asked, sensing psychological trauma in him. “What happened to you to make you feel so upset suddenly?”

“Well, I…I…got raped by my father…when I was ten.” He began to cry.

“Oh, my God,” she said. “I’m so sorry. Come here, sweetie.” He went over to her, and she put her arms around him. “My poor baby: come to mommy.”

“Why would you call yourself my mom?” he asked, sneering as he wept.

“Oh, I just feel my maternal instinct swelling whenever I see a cute boy like you crying.” She rocked him back and forth in her arms. “I’m sorry for making you feel that way, baby. Poor Alain.” She kissed him on the cheek.

“My mom…never cared. She looked the other way…when my dad was…oh!” He began sobbing louder.

“Well, I care,” she said, kissing him on the cheek again. “If she wasn’t a good mommy to you, then I will. Think of me as the mama you never had, but should have had.” She got up and unzipped her dress at the back. She let it fall to the floor, then kicked off her high heels. Wearing no underwear, she was now naked. He looked up at her, and immediately stopped crying, for he was amazed at the body he saw before him. “Didn’t I tell you I look great for a 31-year-old?”

“Yeah, wow,” he said, feeling his erection come back. “But isn’t it kind of weird, you calling yourself my mom, then me fucking you?”

“I dunno; I think it’s kind of kinky. As long as it’s mutually consenting. Get on the bed on your back, and I’ll get on top of you,” she said.

He got on the bed as asked, and she got on top of him in the 69 position. She put his cock in her mouth, and he began licking her pussy. She sucked away with great eagerness, worshipping the phallus she’d been coveting ever since she saw him naked the first time on that stage. He put his finger in her pussy, then started licking her asshole.

She gently shook his balls in her hand, and wrapped her upper lip tightly around his bulging corpus spongiosum. His finger went all the way inside her cunt, tickling her A-spot. After a few more seconds of this tickling, she came all over his face.

“Wow,” he said, licking the come off his lips.

“Oh!” she squealed. “That felt good. Now, let me sit on your cock.”

He lay on the bed passively as she slowly came down on his upward-pointed cock, feeding it in her wet pussy. She sighed and squealed as his large member filled up her hole to capacity, rubbing against her G-spot and stimulating every vaginal wall. After his cock had gotten all the way in and poked away inside there a few times, she came again, screaming in whistle register.

She looked down in his eyes lovingly as she bounced up and down on his cock, as though she wanted to heal all his pain with her cunt. He looked up at her as he continued fucking her, finding it oddly titillating that she was behaving like a maternal figure and a lover at the same time. That she’d been teaching a course on incest in world literature made it all the odder.

The Nigrovum I pass on to you will give you strength, she thought as his cock brought her closer and closer to a third orgasm. You just have to learn how to use it right.

Her screams grew louder and higher in pitch, and she soon came again, flooding his lap. Then, when he was about to come, she got off him and brought her mouth down to his cock. She jerked him off and aimed his cock at her wide-open mouth. He shot his orgasm in straight, powerful bursts right into her mouth; she swallowed every last drop.

She then lay beside him and they cuddled. “Tell me…about your…family experiences…as a child,” she sighed as they slowly caught their breath.

“My dad…beat me, humiliated me, and fucked me,” he panted. “What more…is there to say?”

Hugging him close as a mother would her crying son, she said, “That jerk. My daddy…would never…have treated me…like that.”

“You’re lucky,” he said, fighting back the sobs.

“Well, not really,” she said. “My mom…was a real bitch. My family life…wasn’t much better…than yours, really. And your mom…didn’t help you much, did she?”

“Not at all.”

“Well, I’ll be your new mommy,” Camilla said to him, as if speaking to her son. “Ours is a loving incest, though there won’t be…any more fucking…now that you’ve…satisfied me. I guess that’s why…you were resistant…to my advances before, right?”

“Yeah,” he said. “Me fucking an older woman just reminded me of another older person who fucked me.”

“Well, I’m a mother figure who’ll never do you wrong,” she said, hugging him tightly again and kissing him on the cheek. “Just like your Mother Earth will always love you. So, to show your appreciation, vote for Mother Earth. Vote Green Party, always. Even if you don’t agree with everything they do, they will do what’s right.”

“I’ll vote Green Party, always,” he repeated in a monotone voice, looking up at the ceiling with a vacant facial expression.

“Good,” she said, getting out of bed. “Well, I have to get home now. My husband and son are probably wondering where I am. Thank you for giving me such a good time. As I said before, there are no strings attached.” She put on her high heels and dress. “And I’ll always be a mother figure to you, if you need it. Good night, sweetie.” She walked toward the door.

“Good night,” he said. “And thank you for comforting me.”

“My pleasure,” she said, walking out of the room.


Before she walked in the house, Camilla had already begun psychically blocking Cameron so he wouldn’t suspect she’d been cheating. He was in the living room, watching the political debates between the Green Party and the Earth Party on TV.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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