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On Monday night after finishing her studying, Camilla lay on her bed thinking about her close call with her father the night before; though he’d stopped accusing her of surreptitiously committing incest with him while he was stoned and drunk, he clearly wasn’t convinced of her admittedly lame argument that his excessive drinking was affecting his mental health. He’d been silent with her all day on Monday, having a shamed look in his eyes over what she’d made him participate in; yet he was also frustrated that she wouldn’t simply admit to what she’d obviously done.

Since Camilla knew she’d want him again and again, she’d have to start using her mind control powers in a subtler way, to make him more passive, and even accepting of her desires for him, reciprocating them.

She sat cross-legged on her bed and meditated, trying to think of the most effective mental blocks to visualize in Agape’s mind. She no longer wished to trick him into hallucinating that he was dreaming of making love with Carrie: Camilla felt that the time had come to confront him with her taboo feelings. Though the living room lights were always dim when she’d committed incest with him, they were bright enough so she and Agape could see each other; she’d always wanted it that way, not only so she could gaze on the man she was in love with, but so he could see her. Indeed, deep down she’d always wanted to declare her love to him openly, when the time was right. Now that things had gotten so dangerously far, she could no longer avoid that declaration.

Still, she had to do it with subtlety. Social taboos and Church dogma had kept Agape closed-minded to her kind of love: she would have to break those emotional barriers down.

As she meditated, she scanned his mind for where he reserved judgement against incest, if committed by consenting adults. After a minute or two of concentrating, she pinpointed this area in his mind, then visualized a kind of fog of unknowing to shroud the area, giving him a childlike, naive lack of moral opinion on the matter. That area got foggier and foggier, until nothing more could be ‘seen’ of any kind of taboo against consensual incest.

Soon after she’d finished with this visualization, she heard her cell-phone ringing. She picked it up. “Hello?” she said into the receiver.

“Hi Camil, it’s me,” Candice said on the other end. “I just got home from Club Ritz, and I miss you. Please come over.”

“OK,” Camilla said. “I need a lover tonight, too; I might do something foolish if I don’t get one soon. I’ll be there in twenty minutes. Bye.”

After hanging up and putting her phone in her purse, Camilla went out of her bedroom and downstairs, where she saw Agape in the living room, watching TV and, surprisingly, not drinking. What’s more, he no longer had a shamed look on his face; he just calmly and serenely watched a political debate.

“I’m going over to Candice’s, Daddy,” she said. “I’m sleeping over there.”

“OK, sweetie,” he said. “Say ‘Hi’ to her for me.”

“Oh, one thing,” she added. “In my myth class, Dr. McVie once spoke of the Bible story of Lot and his daughters after they escaped from Sodom and Gomorrah. They got him drunk and had sex with him. Why did they do that?”

“Well,” Agape explained impassively, “there were no more men in the area to be husbands to Lot’s daughters, since Sodom and Gomorrah had been destroyed. His daughters wanted to bear children, so they had sex with their father in order to get pregnant. Did that help?”

“Oh, yeah, a lot,” Camilla said with a grin, then left.


As soon as naked Candice heard her doorbell ring, she rushed to the door to let Camilla in her apartment. Camilla came in, and Candice took her jacket.

“Thanks for coming over, Camil,” Candice said as she hung up Camilla’s jacket in her closet. “I’ve been going crazy here without you. I’m trying to cut down on the drugs, but it’s been hard.”

“I know,” Camilla said, pecking Candice on the lips. Then she kicked off her high heels and unzipped her jeans. “Well, I’m here now.” She pulled them down to her ankles, revealing her white panties.

“Remember when Father…what’s his name?” squatting Candice asked as she helped Camilla get her feet out of the leg-holes of her jeans.

“Father Josiah?” Camilla asked as she pulled off her T-shirt.

“The one we fucked at that party in your dad’s living room about a month and a half ago?”

“Yeah,” Camilla said as she unhooked her white bra.

“Oh, I’m so embarrassed about that.” Candice got up and put her arms around Camilla’s waist.

“Don’t be. What about him?” Camilla took off her bra.

“I’ve been wanting to ask you something about him ever since when we saw him that last time in Club Ritz.” Candice fondled Camilla’s buttocks and pinched her right nipple.

“Yeah, oh, you mean…the Saturday night before last Saturday. What do…you want…to ask me? Oh!” Camilla was now fondling Candice’s buttocks, gently squeezing them.

“When we…were all at…your dad’s house, stoned and fucking, he said…he knows yalova escort that you and…your dad…”

Camilla took her hands off Candice. “I told you, it was just an accident.” Camilla pulled down her white panties. They fell to her ankles, and she pulled her feet through the leg-holes.

“He said it wasn’t an accident.”

“What? That gossipy bastard!”

“Camilla, come on! He’s a priest. Don’t talk that way about him.”

“Oh, so what if he’s a priest,” Camilla said as she and Candice walked into the bedroom. “I don’t believe in the Church anymore. Those hypocrites just tell lies and restrict our freedoms.”

“He said you’re in love with your dad,” Candice said as she got on the bed on her back.

“Oh, come on! That’s ridiculous.” Camilla got on top of Candice in the 69 position. “I love my daddy, but not like that. You should know me better.”


“Well, what?”

“Never mind,” Candice said, realizing she’d never get Camilla to admit to anything.

“Let’s just start licking, OK?”

“OK,” Candice said.

Camilla dove down on Candice’s cunt and wrapped her salivating lips tightly around Candice’s clitoris. Candice brought up her head and sucked on Camilla’s labia.

As they ate each other’s pussies, Candice did a psychic scan of Camilla to find out the truth. Candice could only vaguely sense that Camilla was lying about not meaning to fuck her dad, because Camilla–who immediately felt Candice’s scanning–was obstructing her scan with a visualized psychic ‘haze’. Still, Candice had perceived enough to feel quite ill at ease about the girl she was in love with.

Not wanting Camilla to be concerned about her suspicions, Candice licked Camilla’s pussy and fingered her asshole with her usual energy, even if her enthusiasm was now feigned.

Camilla, no longer thinking about Candice’s doubts, gleefully licked and sucked on Candice’s clit. She put her finger inside Candice’s vagina, gently stroking her G-spot. Candice wasn’t getting as wet as she normally did, but Camilla didn’t concern herself with that, so much was she enjoying the sensations of Candice’s lips, tongue, and fingers. Camilla moaned and squealed as usual, while Candice only softly sighed.

Finally, Camilla ejaculated in Candice’s wide-open mouth: Candice caught every drop, letting none dribble outside her lips. Too worried about Camilla, though, Candice never came–not that Camilla was particularly concerned about that. Camilla lay beside Candice, and they cuddled for a while.

“Do you love me?” Candice asked.

“Of course I do, baby,” Camilla said.

“No. I mean, really?”

“Candice, we’ve already gone over that before. Let’s just go to sleep, OK?” Not wanting to be bothered in her dreams by any incubi or succubi, Camilla set up complete psychic barriers and soon fell asleep. Candice just lay there and softly sobbed. Afterwards, she reached for her heroin.


Tuesday afternoon was a warm one, so much so that blonde-haired, blue-eyed Camilla didn’t even wear a jacket that day. She’d wanted to turn her professors on by dressing like a schoolgirl, so she was wearing a white blouse, a dark plaid miniskirt, white socks and black shoes.

Carrying her books, she got on a bus downtown while on her way home from York. Apart from an old lady sitting at the front near the driver, there was only one other passenger on the bus–Patrick, sitting at the back.

As she hurried towards him, Camilla instantly went into her ditzy ‘Dolly’ persona. “Patrick! Hi!” she said, giggling.

“Hi,” he said, pleased that she remembered him.

“Do you remember me?” She was now standing in front of him. “You saw me bare-naked at Club Ritz last Friday.” Giggling again, she put her books on the seat next to him.

“Of course I remember you. How could I forget that beautiful body of yours?”

“Oh, you’re so sweet to me,” she said, giggling. “Why are you on the bus? I always thought rich guys like you drove around in nice cars.”

“Oh, my car’s in the shop. Are you a high school student?”

“Yep,” she lied, knowing an exaggeration of her ingenue youth would turn him on even more. “Grade twelve.”

“How old are you?”

“Eighteen,” she said, pretending to be shy.

“My goodness. You’re just a little girl.”

“Mm-hmm,” she said with a pout of feigned timidity. “I’m just a little baby.”

“Aww, how sweet.”

“Wanna see my panties?” she asked with a wide-eyed ‘innocent’ look.

“I sure do.”

“OK.” She flipped up her skirt so he could see her pink panties, which hugged her crotch tightly in a delectable camel-toe. She looked down at him with agape eyes and pursed lips. “You like ’em?” she asked.

“Do I ever,” he panted as he ogled them.

She slowly turned around for him, keeping flipped up that part of her skirt before his face so he could see her panties along her left hip, and then her buttocks. With her back to him now, she swayed her ass slowly from left to right as he admired edirne escort how her panties hugged those two soft cheeks.

“Lovely,” he said.

Giggling, she said, “Thank you.” Then she turned around again, keeping her skirt flipped up at her right hip, then her front again. “Wanna unbutton my shirt? You can see my bra.”

“OK,” he said, reaching up and undoing her top four blouse buttons. “You really don’t mind being seen undressed, do you?”

“Why should I? People say I look good bare-naked. You know what my boobies, my bum, my pee-pee hole, and my poo-poo hole look like. Seeing me in my underwear’s nothing.” She bent down so he could get an eyeful of her elegant pink brassiere. “Is it pretty?”

“Beautiful.” He noticed some people getting on the bus.

“Wait,” she said suddenly. “You didn’t see my panties between my legs. I’ll spread for you.”

“Well, maybe you shouldn’t show that off right now, sweetie.”

“I don’t mind,” she said, sitting on a seat facing him and spreading her legs. She raised them up over her head so he could see her panties again. He ogled her, but nervously.

“Can you two get a room, please?” the bus driver said on the intercom.

“Uh, we’d better get off the bus,” Patrick said.

“Yeah, OK,” Camilla said, getting up and picking up her books. “My home’s just a few blocks away from here, anyway. Wanna walk me home?”

“OK,” he said; they rang for the next stop, and got off the bus.

As they walked on the sidewalk in the neighbourhood leading to Camilla’s home, she remembered that Agape was still at the university; he wouldn’t be home until late that night. She’d be thrilled to have Patrick come in her house…then come on her face.

They reached her house and went up to the porch by the front door; then she put her books on a nearby chair. “So, why are you a stripper?” Patrick asked.

“Well,” ‘Dolly’ explained, “for a long time, guys have told me I have a really nice body. And they were always trying to make me take all my clothes off.”

Wow: who could have imagined that? he thought.

“So I got to thinkin’…hmm, why not take all my clothes off for money? All the guys wanna see me bare-naked, so I can make a lot of money. So much money to make, and all I have to do is undress.” She undid her remaining two blouse buttons, for she hadn’t done up the others, and then pulled off the blouse. Always with a ditzy ‘Dolly’ look in her agape eyes, she said, “Taking off your clothes is easy.”

“Easy? Even in front of your neighbours?”

“Everybody sees me bare-naked,” she said, undoing her miniskirt and dropping it at her feet. “I don’t mind.” (In case of gossipy, voyeur neighbours, she’d later psychically make them forget what they’d seen.) “Can you take off my shoes and socks for me, Patrick?”

“Gladly,” he said, squatting and unlacing her shoes.

She took off her bra as he took her left shoe off. As he pulled off her right shoe, she slid her panties down to her knees. He sniffed her muff as he pulled off her socks. Then she let her panties drop to her feet, and pulled them out of the leg-holes.

Now that she was fully naked, she sat on the WELCOME mat and spread her legs for his eager eyes. Her fingers pulled her labia wide open so he could see in her vagina.

“Do I look as good bare-naked in the light as I do in Club Ritz, Patrick?” she asked.

“Just as flawless,” he sighed. “Even more so.”

She giggled her thanks; then she turned around, got on all fours, spread her legs out wide and pushed her ass out so he could see her asshole and pussy. Remembering how Nigrovum had recently made her asshole as black as her hair and nails, she’d now used her psychic powers to restore it to its original colour.

“It’s brown now,” he said.

Pretending not to know what he meant, ditzy ‘Dolly’ asked, “What is?”

“Your brown eye, my dear,” he said.

“But my eyes are blue,” she said, still pretending to be dumb.

“No, sweetie,” he said with a giggle. “The brown eye down here.” He stroked her asshole.

“Oh, my poo-poo hole.”

“Yes. Very pretty.”

“Thank you. Wanna come inside?” she asked.

“Uh, what about your parents?”

“My daddy’s not coming home till late tonight.”

“And what about your mother?”

“My mommy died several months ago.”

“Oh, I’m sorry to hear that.”

“That’s OK. Wanna put your thing inside me?”

“As much as I’d love to get it on with you, I…uh, I love my wife even more. Sorry.”

“Oh,” she said. Remembering the troubles she’d had with the Hollands, as well as what happened to Ted’s wife, Camilla was becoming averse to having sex with married men. “Well, we’ll have to have just a lap-dancer/customer relationship, then. Wanna feel me up?”

“Oh, yes!”

She took her books off the chair and put them on the ground next to the door; then he sat on the chair, and she sat on his lap. She rubbed her buttocks against the hard-on in his pants while he fondled her breasts. She sighed softly in erzurum escort reaction to his sensitive touch.

“Your thing…is really big, Patrick,” she moaned.

“Thanks,” he said. “You inspire…its bigness.”

She saw some neighbours walking on the sidewalk not too far from her house. A few took notice of what she and Patrick were doing. They didn’t show any disapproval; they just watched and smiled.

“So, doing this job…is easy, eh?” he asked.

“Oh, yeah,” she said, getting up, spreading her legs out wide and bending over so he could see her asshole and pussy. “Showing men what my body looks like, and letting them touch me–anyone can do that.”

“Really?” he asked, fingering her asshole with one finger and sliding another inside her vagina. He then slid his finger deep inside her rectum. She reached back and touched the bulge in his pants. “I always thought…girls found doing this…really hard, psychologically.”

“I don’t. I like…my body, and I like…pleasing men.”

“I see.”

She turned around and put her knee against his crotch, gently pushing it against his dick. She then wrapped her breasts around his face and rubbed them against his cheeks. He took her right nipple in his mouth and sucked on it while gently squeezing her buttocks and fingering her asshole again.

A neighbour from across the street, a man in his thirties, came by to watch the show. Patrick had her ass-cheeks spread wide open, and the voyeur could see her asshole clearly, as well as some of her cunt. She psychically could sense someone watching, but she didn’t care, for she knew he only wanted to look.

Patrick resumed fingering her pussy again. It was dripping wet, and she would come soon. His finger tickled her clitoris and went up her vagina, stimulating her G-spot.

“I’m gonna come. Oh!” she squealed. She gushed all over his hand; as the come dripped off, he quickly brought his other hand over to catch the drops before they got on the ground. He then drank it all.

She got a Kleenex out of her purse so he could wipe his hands dry after he’d finished licking the remaining come off. After drying his hands, he reached for his wallet.

“Oh, no, Patrick,” she said. “You’ve been so nice to me today. You walked me home and helped me get gooey. The lap-dance was for free.”

“Are you sure?” he asked.

“Oh, yeah.”

“Well, I’d better get going. The wife is probably wondering where I am. I’m surprised she hasn’t called me yet. Bye, and thanks for a great time today.” He started walking away.

“Bye,” she said, then she picked up all her things, got out her key, and went into the house. Well, she thought; that gave me some satisfaction, but I still have a craving for cock. What am I going to do without having Daddy again?

Patrick, however, walked down the sidewalk to the bus stop with an ear-to-ear grin. That neighbour went to his house with no less of a grin.


On Wednesday, black-haired, black-eyed Camilla went into Dr. Abruzzi’s office in a sleeveless black and white polka-dot top, tight black leather pants, and silver high heels. She locked the door and walked up to him, at his desk.

“Hi sir,” she said, turning around and pushing her ass out at his face. “Do you like what I’m wearing?”

“Yeah,” he said, ogling her ass. “It’s really hot-looking.” He gave her a couple of spanks.

“Thanks,” she said. “Ready for your afternoon blow job?”

“OK,” he said, “but let’s not get too crazy this time, OK?” He turned on the radio; the classical radio station was several minutes into the last movement of Mahler’s first symphony. “Please don’t go out into the hall naked.”

“You’re my teacher, and I must obey you,” she said with a slutty ‘Candy’ smirk, bending over and pushing her ass even closer to his face. She pulled her pants down to where her ass met the tops of her legs; then she spread her butt-cheeks wide open so he could see her gaping asshole, brown again, and her pussy. He pushed his finger deep inside her rectum, which was immaculately clean, and reached over to suck on her labia. After several seconds of that, his mouth and tongue traded places.

She looked back at him with a grin as he continued fingering, licking, kissing, and sucking at both holes. She took off the rest of her clothes, always bent over and showing off her asshole and pussy for his eyes, lips, tongue, and fingers to feast on. She kept her buttocks spread wide open, looking back at him with eyes that told him how eager she was to let him make full sexual use of her pretty anus.

He continued licking her asshole and sliding his finger in and out of her pussy, massaging her G-spot and poking at her A-spot. She sighed and moaned softly while reaching back and stroking the bulging shaft in his pants. He slid his tongue inside her asshole and flickered it. Her moans grew louder, but the Mahler was loud enough to drown out all of their sighs. Indeed, no one outside suspected what was going on in his office that day.

Soon, she came in his cupped hands, and he drank it up while she got some Kleenex to wipe up the drops that got on the floor. Then he licked her outer pussy dry of come, and she tried to control her desire so as not to make more of a mess. After that, she got on the floor on all fours, with her legs spread out and her butt pushed out so he could see her asshole.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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