Callie’s Story Ch. 02

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******* PART 2 *******

When Callie awoke the next morning she stretched and felt the pull in her aching muscles. Her bottom still stung from the beating it had taken. She smiled to herself as she thought of yesterday. It had been so wonderful! Callie knew it was only the beginning, but she felt she had finally found her place.

She felt a weight against her back and turned to see Brad still asleep, his morning erection proudly displayed above his stomach. Callie studied him as he slept. Long, thick, with the veins distended, Callie’s mouth began to water. She moved down on the bed and took him in hand. With her tongue she laved the head and moved her other hand to gently cup his balls, to roll the soft skin. Leaving her hand on his shaft, she moved her head down to take his balls into her mouth. She suckled on them gently, carefully rolling them on her tongue.

When they were tightening with her attentions, she moved back to his engorged cock. Callie looked up to see Brad watching her. She smiled at him, her attention going back to the thick shaft in her hand. She opened her mouth wide and engulfed him in the hot, wet cavern. Brad speared his fingers into her hair and held on, gently pumping his hips into her mouth. Callie held on, waiting for her reward. Brad seemed to swell even more as his sweet cum exploded into her mouth. Callie swallowed quickly, not wanting to lose a drop of his precious fluid. When the flow had stopped, Callie sucked just a bit more to make sure she had gotten every drop and then she licked him clean. “Thank you, Sir.”

“You’re welcome. Now I must see how you are doing this morning. Turn over on your stomach.”

“Yes Sir, but I feel wonderful!” As Callie lay on her tummy, Brad examined her back.

“You may feel wonderful, but you have very fair skin and you bruise easily. We will have to take it easy today. Let’s get some breakfast and Anadolu Yakası Anal Escort then a hot bath for you.”

They went to the kitchen where Callie made some omelets and toast for breakfast. Afterward he led her to the bathroom where he ran a hot bath with some fragrant salts and oils. “These will help you heal faster. Now soak for at least thirty minutes.”

When he had left the bathroom, Callie leaned back and let the water seep into her pores. She had to admit it did feel wonderful. After her bath she went in search of Brad. She found him in the playroom working on a bench.

“The padding was coming undone, just needed a little readjustment. How do you feel?”

“Great! The bath was very relaxing, thank you Sir.”

“Good, I’m pleased you didn’t dress. Drop the towel and lie on this table. Put your feet up in the stirrups.”

Callie did as instructed. “Now Callie, I am going to blindfold you. I want you to please yourself. I want you to explore your body, to experience your body as never before. I will watch and gain pleasure from your pleasure.”

With the blindfold in place, Callie felt her inhibitions lift. Her hands roamed over her own body. She had never noticed how her nipples pebbled at the slightest touch. There was a tender spot just where hip met leg that sent tingles throughout her body. Her outer lips were swelling as her body readied, her clit growing. Callie sucked on a finger and slowly pushed it into her aching sex. Feeling the slow slide of the knuckle as it grazed on the inner walls, she felt her passageway grip her finger seeming to beckon it in further.

Callie took her finger out and sucked on it again tasting herself. She put two fingers back to her now dripping sex and rubbed her clit. When she had both in, she began to fuck herself. As she was panting she felt the climax build in her body. Anadolu Yakası Yaşlı Escort She could hear Brad telling her what a good girl she was, how beautiful she looked in her pleasure. His words flowed over her mind and sent her over the edge. With a shout she shuddered to a hard climax.

When Callie’s breathing had slowed Brad removed the blindfold and kissed her deeply, dueling his tongue with hers. He began to run his mouth over where her hands roamed. It didn’t take long for her moans to start yet again as his mouth and tongue found all the same spots her hands had found.

When he sought the treasure between her legs, Callie jumped at the electric shock that shot up her spine. His tongue ran up the slit and he suckled on her clit causing Callie to writhe at the sensation. Her body was on fire and only he could quench it. When one of Brad’s thick, calloused fingers found its way into her hot, still quivering flesh she couldn’t stop the gasp that escaped from her lips. As Brad pumped into her body, she felt something warm at her pink puckered anus.

She looked down her body to the man between her thighs. “Just relax. I will go slowly.” Callie watched as he stood and guided his rigid cock to her waiting body. She felt him at the entrance pushing slowly, but insistently forward. She felt the ring open to allow him entrance and winced with some pain. “Remember, just relax.” He stopped, allowing her body time to adjust. When he felt the restriction lessen, he pushed in further. Callie bucked on the table, taking him into her body.

The sensation of sheathing him completely was almost her undoing. The feelings were indescribable! Brad began to move within her body, keeping his movements slow and steady. Callie felt like she was exploding into a million pieces. He reached up and fed her the fingers coated with her own juices. As Callie Anadolu Yakası Zenci Escort ran her tongue over the fingers in her mouth, tasting herself, her climax hit her. Her muscles clamped down on Brad’s cock, creating a vice-like grip that sent him over the edge to his own paradise.

They showered and decided to go on a picnic. Callie packed up a basket and they headed out to a secluded spot that Brad liked to go to. They ate and talked and walked along a stream that meandered down the mountainside. It was a beautiful day and Callie found herself marveling at how she had ever thought she had been living before she met Brad.

They were sunning themselves on the blanket when he told her to undress. Brad watched as her lush body was revealed to his gaze. He then had her undress him. Brad pulled her onto his lap and Callie rode him hard, wanting to feel every inch of him impaling her. When her rhythm no longer satisfied him, he pushed her to her knees. He got behind her and savagely slammed into her body until she was screaming in ecstasy. Brad then turned her around; she took his velvet encased steel hard member into her mouth, moaning at the sensation of him in her mouth. Brad filled her with his seed.

Callie looked deep into his eyes. Brad put his finger to her lips, “we need to talk. I can see in your eyes what you want to say and it makes me very happy. I want you to understand that this time we have had together has been ideal. It won’t always be like this.”

“If you decide to stay with me, there will be ups and downs just like any couple. However, I will decide what happens and when. It is not just sex Callie; I want you to understand the enormity of your decision. I will be your Master, total and complete.”

Callie thought about what her decision would mean as they packed up to head home. She knew she wanted to be with this man. But it would mean giving control over to him completely. Could she do that? Give herself without reservation or fear? Callie was quiet on the drive home her thoughts in turmoil.

Callie thought of her best friend Brie and what she would say. How would she handle the changes in Callie’s life? She realized she needed to see Brie and talk to her face to face.

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