Caitlin Ch. 02



My alarm went off at 5 (a sleep in for me, even on a Saturday). I just lay there for a little while. The sleep had been peaceful but I remember thinking / dreaming constantly of Caitlin. Ok gotta do something.

As I got ready, I did a quick check that everything was in good working order, recounting the events of last night. It had been a while I had done anything other than solo; doing anything with Caitlin was a very long shot but I reasoned that I should ‘be prepared’ should anything (else) arise.

I looked at my phone. Far too early to message her. How did Caitlin know my number?

I could see her car from my bedroom window. Probably still in bed, along with 99% of the population, not too hung over – she didn’t seem ‘too drunk’ last night; then again she tried to pick me up.

Was that my imagination? The back of the limo wasn’t, I could still smell her, she was aroused, that and her warmth and the wet, softness and intensity of her lips and mouth seemed very real; the messages on my phone were definitely not my imagination.

Ready, I went out for my morning workout. It was a brisk, actually bitterly cold, morning, something in the minuses. 3 Ks later, gym, then another 3 Ks. I was on fire this morning, near record pace, probably record when compensating for the weather, and I raced through the reps. Something was doing this, someone was doing this.

I was back at the house at 7. Her car was still there, their central heating was on as well as a couple of lights. Someone was up.

“Morning,” I texted, then continued with stretches.

“Morning,” no more than a minute later.

“About last night.”


Ok, so I was wrong; it’s all over before it started.

“Don’t say that you are sorry. I’m not,” she continued, immediately followed with the kissing emoji.

Relief, or at least happy. My groin stirred. What do I say now without creeping her out?

“You still there? What’s wrong?” Caitlin asked.

“Not at all, all good. Was worried that I had gone too far myself.”

Caitlin was taking the lead. The phone rang, must remember to save her number; A FaceTime call. This will be interesting …

“Morning again.”

She’s still in bed, she beamed a fantastic smile. I’ve always seen her with makeup but thought that she would still be beautiful without. In the morning, in bed, no makeup, confirmed – glorious. Even her ‘bed hair’ was sexy.

“Morning again. Pardon me for saying but you look wonderful this morning.”

A slight blush and giggle.

“Thank You! You look all sweaty.”

Did she just add a dreamy emphasis to that last word?

“You just been for a run? Isn’t it freezing outside?”

“Absolutely, but I need to get in shape.” I kept the camera on my upper body – didn’t want her to see my growing excitement. In retrospect, why not?

“You’re in gear shape already,” she laughed, “I’ll have to catch up with you during one of your workouts, not just this early, or in this cold!”

Continuing to take the lead …

“Happy to have a training partner, but I’ll have trouble keeping up.”

I had seen her on a run before and I actually would have trouble, but I’m sure that was not her real meaning.

“Wanted to thank you in person, face to face anyway, for giving me a lift last night,” she said.

If only she knew how close to being ‘in person’ she was.

“Nice ride by the way,” she added.

“My pleasure, enjoyed the company.” I was thinking back to the trip home last night.

“Yeah, I saw that. Me too.” Another smile.

I can get used to this … my infatuation is increasing …

“I better get going; meeting friends for breakfast first. Thought I’d start my day off on a lovely note. Will I see you tomorrow?”

Seeing my look she added “At work,” meaning the Chemists.

“Sure. You going to the housewarming across the road from your place tonight? Or is that not your scene.”

The bait is out there; see where this leads. The invite had gone to the whole cul-de-sac as well as well as my friends and colleagues.

“Umm, oh yeah, forgot about that. You going?”

Didn’t seem to be high on her priorities.

“Think I may, no better offers. Think I better, known him for years, wouldn’t be a great look if I wasn’t there.” Was Since I’m the host I should. What if she offers a better option?

“Mum’s doing the neighbourly thing. You mean the hot guy? My sister saw him when they moved in and couldn’t wait to tell us.”

“I’ll be sure to tell him that.”

“No, no NO, please don’t, she’ll be mortified and we live just across the road.”

“Ok, I won’t. It’s just him by the way, and I’m sure that he would love to know that someone across the road has a crush on him. It would boost his ego.”

Another laugh, more definite this time.

“Oh we all love the older, debonaire, type. Nicole thought he was hot in an older man way, sorta like you,” she said dreamily.

“But not as much as, you, obviously,” blushing even more. “Sorry, I didn’t mean Maltepe Escort to say that.”

I had to laugh, “That’s ok, he’s the same age as me anyways. Or do you mean that I’m hotter than he is. You’re now comparing us?’

Clearly she wasn’t, but this was fun, and very revealing.

“No I’m not, just thinking of what Nicole told me. Please don’t say anything to him though.”

“I won’t, promise. See you tonight? I’d like that.” I always keep my promises.

“Umm, ok, but it won’t be the same, as last night,” sighing.

Now she has me intrigued – was I just over thinking this?

“Better let you go, besides I have to have a cold shower. Shower, I meant.” Now I was having the freudian slips.

A quiet though perceptible squeal, then, composing herself, “No. I mean yes, ok, gotta go. Bye,” and then she was gone.

Better check my equipment again. Hey, I wonder if Caitlin was doing something similar? I hope she was; I’m sure she was. No, no no, this is just not happening. She thinks I’m hot? Me? That sped me up; yes, everything in fantastic working order, in the test environment – better be careful as I need to save rounds for the operational environment.

As I was finishing off another text, “Yes. You are. Enjoy the cold shower.”

Okay …

Right, better tidy the house – shower later; I really didn’t want it cold, so need to get my mind off Caitlin.

We had purchased the house a couple of years back, along with the house we were in previously and another property further out in the country. It had a pool, as did the country property, which were the main reasons for purchases. The previous owners had development approval for substantial extensions (up and out), which we took advantage of after some modifications. This combined with a complete refurbishment meant that it was only ready for moving in this week – so the old house was handy.

Things changed of course, so her things were now at the country place and mine now at this place. We mostly got new furniture for both places – she had helped select the stuff for here as well. The plan was for us to use both places and renovate the old place for rental. I still planned on that (expecting / wishing her back) and I like to think that she did too. But for now this was ‘my place’, albeit many people would think too big, even for two people.

I had met the neighbours on either side, and I already knew that Caitlin lived across the way. The party was not set up with Caitlin in mind; my colleagues kept reminding me that I need to throw a housewarming and I didn’t want to get my neighbours offside so the invites went out to all within earshot.

Quite a few accepted – all up at least forty including the neighbours, the room and layout downstairs will come in handy. Downstairs is now the entertaining and ‘living area’ with oversized rooms; upstairs the bedrooms with the master suite on it’s own mezzanine that spans the length of the house and great views all around. Although the middle of winter, the outside heaters would expand the entertaining area although I’m not sure that the pool would get much use – it was heated and had an internal as well as the larger outside area – I intended to use it year round for laps at least.

Anyway, being ‘just for one’ the tidying up didn’t take too long and I headed for the shower before lunchtime.

Another equipment check as I fantasised about Caitlin – her well formed lips around my cock, taking it all in (it is NOT large by any means), me softly licking and tasting her young pussy, feeling her shudders and I tease her and finally tasting her sweet cum, my cock sliding in her tight, wet pussy, rocking and bringing her to an ecstatic climax before my own. Laying with her, our sweaty bodies entwined, glowing and satiated. Still a fantasy, but closer to being reality.

I headed out about 1 to the shops for final supplies, mainly alcohol in copious quantities and some fresh veggies. The meats were already marinating. One of the design changes we had made was to extend the kitchen and create the adjoining undercover and outdoor deck, complete with BBQ, ovens, fridges etc. This was going to be one hell of a party. My wife and I both loved entertaining, even though we were social hermits at all other times; she knew that the party was on tonight even though she was thousands of Ks away; I think in a way she wished she was here.

Tonight now had another interesting aspect to it, since last night and Caitlin. Nicole’s interest was a complication, one I didn’t yet need.

Everything was set, BBQ flashed, nibbles spread out and drinks ready. To be on the safe side, two friends offered to help serve and monitor the alcohol, especially those who may try and drink drive. They both had their RSA (responsible service of alcohol) certification and were happy to remain dry for the evening. Being Australians, everyone wanted to bring something but I insisted that it would be fully catered – many did actually bring drinks – all the better for my bar if left here afterwards!

People Anadolu Yakası Escort turned up as they wished and after about 30 minutes there were thirty or so – many knew each other and socialised, those who didn’t just joined in. Caitlin and her family, correctly Linda and her four daughters, arrived about forty minutes in. I could see them from the deck and saw both Nicole and Caitlin search the rooms for what they thought were two different people – what if Caitlin had told her about me?

Linda was chatting with my next door neighbours, a lovely couple, who brought her over to me to meet. She recognised me instantly and we chatted – I got the distinct feeling that she liked me as well from the way she was stroking my arm and smiling. If things were not already complicated – this could spell disaster and I have only just moved in! She mentioned her daughters in passing – so it looks like Nicole had not said anything to her.

After about two minutes, with me keeping an eye on her daughters just in case, Linda pecked me on the cheek, “I’m so glad that you moved here, it has been a really long time, you still look great, we will definitely catch up.”

Her cheeky smile, combined with both daughters seeing us, made me worry about my life. “I’ll tell you something, you better watch out, one of my daughters also has a thing for you.”

Ok so Nicole had said something – If only she knew! What? ‘Also has a thing for me’. Also? Okay …

Caitlin and Nicole were walking towards me, together. I’m, Doomed. Not smiling, in fact no expression at all. Can’t hide now.

“Evening my knight!” Caitlin, with a beaming smile, pulled my head down with her hands, placed her lips on mine held them there for a few seconds – a definite kiss on the lips but not a full on pash. She slipped an arm around me and kept it there.

“This is Nicole, my sister I told you about, who has the hots for you.”

She punched me with her other arm “So this is how you knew where I lived?”

I actually did thought the punch was because of the Nicole thing.

“Guess I better say hello then,” Nicole repeated her sister with the kiss, longer and with tongue this time. Okay …

“Don’t worry Caitlin claimed you first, but yes you are definitely something there mister.”

I must have had a stunned look.

“We share when we need to, but not now.”


Caitlin now had my attention as Nicole also put her arm around me.

“Well, not really.”

“What? Do you mean?’

“About your question. Not entirely. How did you have my number?”

“Umm, later.”

I looked at both alternately … both beaming, with me bewildered …

Brooke and another came over – by her looks must be her other sister.

“Hi, so this is Mr Knight from last night, and Mr Hotty.”

I was now famous, sort of. I’m usually flattered to be a centre of attention, and in a way I was here too, but this was still somewhat uncomfortable. She gave me a kiss on the cheek with a rather long hug.

The other did the same as Caitlin – lip kiss.

“Lauren’ she said ‘Now you have met us all.”

Another punch from Caitlin. I immediately looked at her with a quizzical look.

“Mum is gushing over you too.”


They all laughed.

“It’s ok. We are really happy to meet you. Just look after Caitlin, please,” whispered Nicole in my ear.

Okay …

The others left Caitlin and I.

“Last night was great, thank you again. I don’t think that we will have any chance of privacy tonight.”

And with that she let go of me and made it look like we were just chatting, neighbourly like.

“Can you please watch the BBQ, I’ve just got to dash inside.”

Retrieving what I needed I returned and slipped them into into her jeans pocket.

‘”Hey there taking advantage of me already, again? People may talk,” she whispered.

“You may want those later. I have no problem taking advantage, or being taken advantage of.”

Caitlin gave me another coy, sexy, smile, said that I needed to concentrate on the food and other guests, kissed me on the cheek and went over to another group; a younger crowd who all seemed to know Caitlin well.

The main BBQ food done I got everyone’s attention, made a short speech of welcome and cheers, and the party continued.

A number of people came through chatting; one of my colleagues, Natalie, commenting on how friendly my neighbours’ kids were already, before kissing me smack the lips

“I’m sure that you will be well looked after here.”

I always had a liking for Natalie; ok fantasised, and flirted, but as she is happily married, she is well and truly out of bounds.

The crowd thinned out slowly, there were still about a dozen around at midnight, mostly neighbours. Caitlin, Nicole and Linda were still there and were helping clean up – I tried to stop them but clearly wasn’t insistent enough. Linda left at about 12.30, leaving Caitlin, Nicole, Natalie and her husband, out on the deck Ümraniye Escort with me nursing drinks and chatting.

“Hmmm, used it yet?” enquired Caitlin, referring to the spa, at the deck end of the pool.

“Give me a break, only just moved in. The pool, yes, for laps, so long as you get in and out at this end.”

“Well, Let me know when you’re ready, I’ll help you break it in,” she said, matter of factly.

Natalie’s husband almost spat his beer and the other ladies had wide grins on their faces. Caitlin remained deadpan.

Natalie called a cab and it was there in fifteen minutes. Caitlin and Nicole got up to leave with Natalie and Mark, presumably to not make things too, or any more, obvious.

“Come on sis, before you cause him any more problems.”

“Who, me? I’m not even drunk,” she said, coyly.

“You know that’s not what I’m talking about,” said Nicole, who along with Natalie, were looking at me with knowing smiles, my groin area was a dead giveaway. Caitlin wasn’t looking; I think that she would have had difficulty maintaining any sense of composure if she had been.

“Thanks Chris, great party, see you soon,” said Nicole.

The place was relatively tidy so I locked up and retired to the master suite, where I took care of my condition. I could see lights on in Caitlin’s place. All I got was a hug and peck from Caitlin when she left. But yes she was turning me on!

In bed by 1.30 am I drifted off to a sound sleep.

Sometime during the night I heard the front door open and less than a minute later felt the covers move and someone get in beside me. Caitlin; I could smell her. I feigned sleep, or at least dozing, she put her arms around me, snugged up and we spooned. I was in my jocks and a tee shirt – I could tell that Caitlin had very little if anything on. She kissed my back and neck and held me tight.

Take this slow, don’t rush. I enjoyed her taking the lead before, lets see where this goes.

We both drifted off to sleep.

I awoke slowly, on my back, with a long lost feeling – warm and wet lips going up and down slowly over my cock. Sensing that I was waking she upped the ante, swirling her tongue over the shaft as she went, taking my balls in her mouth, sucking and licking when she took a break, then returning. As my arousal intensified, so did her intensity and soon I was moaning, “mmm, that’s, ooohh, keep going.”

“I’m sooo close,” I whispered. “I’m going to, you better,” as I placed a hand on her head to try and push her away, but she clamped down on the cock with her mouth, sliding up and down slowly but deeply, her hands on my crotch holding me down as I started to buck.

I couldn’t even yell, or whisper, “I’m coming” as I started to empty into her mouth. She made a slight choking noise but continued to swallow and hold me firmly in place. After a while she used her tongue and lips to polish me off then came up for air.

“Good morning!” She said with a beaming smile, and licking her lips.

“That was tasty, think I will do that again, and again.”

I pulled her up for a kiss; she tried to stop me, the concern showing on her face, but she was too late, as I leant up and mashed my lips with hers, opening them with my tongue – there was slight resistance.

“Save some for me next time. If it is that tasty I want some.” Maybe I was pushing a boundary.

“Done!” she said matter of factly, but with a smile, and then lay beside me; we cuddled and kissed, dozing off. A good Sunday morning indeed. I couldn’t sleep that much anyway, just needed some time to recover, basking in the glow, enjoying the warmth of the beauty beside me.

I looked over at my watch after a while, 7.30. Caitlin seemed to be dozing. I think that it was only about 30 minutes since I came, or seemed that way.

Disentangling from Caitlin, I carefully rolled her onto her back, parted her legs and got on my knees between them. She was great at keeping perfectly still, or was still dozing. In any case, it was my turn to reciprocate.

I leant up and took one nipple between my lips, licking and sucking gently. This got a reaction, but her eyes stayed shut. Other nipple and breast next, similar reaction, bit off squirming. Her breasts are on the smaller side but not tiny. She is far from flat chested. Right now, to me, her breasts are perfectly shaped; they can be cupped easily in one hand (each) and her nipples are pert, especially when stimulated!

Kissing and licking softly I moved down her body – lovely small waist and flat stomach. Lovely belly button, perfect for kissing, licking and oh so gentle sucking. More moans …

My head now comfortably between her legs, I softly licked her inner thighs with a flat tongue. Now to her pussy lips – the gentlest of touches with my tongue and I could feel the shock through her body. Just keeping the tongue on her lips, I could feel her relax with a sigh. Another very soft lick, another shock, less intense, more sighing. Continuing with my tongue slowly, the shocks subsided, small wriggles, which also died down; soon I was licking, ever so slowly up and down her lips. God almighty she tasted divine – slightly salty, but wonderful nonetheless. She had a small mound but trimmed. I think that she waxes and would have if it was wasn’t for the suddenness of our coupling.

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