Cabbie’s Sexual Fantasy Come True



Cabbie’s Sexual Fantasy Comes True

This true story is about a tall, blonde, busty, blue-eyed, mature, and inebriated woman, who sexually teased, sexually flashed, and sexually seduced her taxicab driver.

# # #

Author’s Note:

This true story is about 25-year-old Brian, a short, 5’4″ tall, taxi cab driver. He asked me to write his story for him. He wanted me to share a few of his sexual experiences that he’s had while driving his taxicab with female fares. Until it was written down and published, he didn’t think that anyone would believe him. Yet, good things happen to good people and, indeed, Brian is a good person.

His latest sexual experience, the one that I’m writing about, was his best sexual experience. A tall, sexy, and shapely, 50-year-old, blonde, and blue-eyed woman, sexually teased him, sexually flashed him, and sexually seduced him. Something he had never experienced before with any woman; as if he was having sex with his mother, which he never would, only, she wasn’t his mother. She was a mature, beautiful woman who was twice his age. Indeed, why he had the thought of him having sex with his mother, this sexy woman was his mother’s age.

# # #

Believe me or not, my right hand to God, and with me a voyeur, passengers riding in the backseat of my cab have had sex while I watched them in my rearview mirror. Instead of stopping my cab, scolding them, and/or ordering them to leave my taxi, they made me not want to charge them a fare for the ride. With them giving me plenty to masturbate over that night and the next morning, they made me want to pay them for making my day with their exhibitionism and their wild, pornographic sex.

Unembarrassed, unashamed, and immodestly immoral, instead of getting a motel room, I can’t believe how many drunken women have stroked, sucked, and fucked lucky men in the backseat of my cab. Much like having sex in an elevator, in a movie theatre, or in an airplane bathroom with a stranger, when it comes to sex, some people will sexually do anything with anyone. Some women enjoy having sex in public.

Something that has never happened to me but is something that I enjoyed watching happening to them, it was sexually exciting watching two people that I don’t know and have never met having sex. Indeed, hot watching them making out, I loved watching a man slowly removing a woman’s clothes. Then, so very sexually exciting, I loved seeing, yet, another woman topless and/or naked.

‘Lucky bastard,’ I thought. ‘I can’t believe he’s making out with that woman. She’s so young. She’s so pretty. She so sexy. She has such big tits,’ I thought while watching him unbutton and remove her blouse.

Not wanting to crash my cab, I returned my attention back to the road.

‘I can’t believe she’s allowing him to remove her clothes. I can’t believe she’s topless. I can’t believe that I’m seeing her big, naked breasts. Oh, my God. Seriously? I can’t believe that he stripped her naked. I can’t believe that I’m seeing her naked ass and her naked pussy. I can’t believe they’re having sex in the backseat of my cab,’ thought Brian while watching them in his rearview mirror.

# # #

Just once, I wish I had a woman sexually tease me. Just once I wish I had a woman sexually flash me. Just once I wish I had a woman take complete sexual control and sexually seduce me. Just once, my sexual fantasy, I wish a woman who would stroke my cock, suck my cock, and fuck my cock while I’m sitting in the backseat of my cab.

‘How hot would that be to have sex with a woman while someone else was watching? How hot would that be for a woman to sexually flash me and sexually seduce me,’ I thought? ‘Maybe that’s why people have sex in my taxicab. Maybe, they want to be watched.’

Yet, with me sexually easy to please, being the voyeur that I am, as long as I can watch, I don’t mind a young, hot couple having sex in the backseat of my cab. I’m happy that they chose my cab to have sex while I watch. Allowing me to see their naked breasts, their naked asses, and their naked pussies, women have willingly and consensually allowed men to strip themselves naked in the backseat of my cab. Seemingly, unembarrassed, unashamed, and immodestly immoral, women don’t care that I’m staring at their naked body, watching them having sex, and ogling all that they’re showing me.

Women having sex in the backseat of my cab aside, my best sexual experience that happened was when driving an older, inebriated, woman named, Susan, home. Formally, introducing herself later, she told me her first name. Matter of fact, she told me her first, middle, and last name.

Whether deliberately or unintentionally, I couldn’t believe that she sexually flashed me her bright, white silk panties in an upskirt peek. With all that slowly transpired, I couldn’t believe that this gorgeous, older woman was trying to sexually seduce me. Other than women flashing me while having sex in the backseat of my cab, this was first time a woman specifically flashed me. zayıf gaziantep escort This was the first time that a woman tried to sexually seduce me.

# # #

It all started late, one Saturday night when a tall, blonde, beautiful woman flagged me down for a ride. Waving at me, and surprising me that she could whistle that loud, she whistled loudly at me. While laughing, she even lifted her dress to her thigh to show me her long, shapely leg.

‘Wow,’ I thought. ‘She’s one sexy bitch.’

Immediately, I pulled over before another cabbie could claim her as his fare. Looking as if she was a runway model, she was as tall as she was stunning. Oddly, enough, unless they’re strippers or hookers calling it a night and going home early, not that strippers and/or hookers are beautiful, but I seldom see an unescorted, beautiful woman, alone late at night.

‘Come to think of it,’ I thought. ‘I never see models walking around late at night. Where do all these beautiful people go? Perhaps, instead of walking on public streets, they have secret tunnels that available for only beautiful people.’

Showing my manners and my appreciation for her fare, I have a uniquely, different routine than most other taxicab drivers. Something that I do to, hopefully, increase my tip and maybe even give me a voyeuristic flash of her panties, especially when women are wearing short skirts, as she was, I jumped from my car as soon as it stopped. I opened her passenger side door, held it open for her, and waited for her to be seated. Hoping that she’d show me an upskirt flash of her panties, I watched her climb in the backseat of my taxi.

“Welcome to my cab,” I said bowing while welcoming her in my taxicab. “My name is Brian and I’m happy to be your driver. I’m happy to drive you to wherever you’d like to go,” I said with the flourish of a formal bow.

# # #

I hoped that she’d want to go for a long drive so that I could stare at her through my rearview mirror and talk to her. I seldom talk to beautiful women. With me not a member of their exclusive club, and with me just an ordinary looking man, beautiful women seldom talk to me.

Stunning to look at, indeed, taking my breath away and making my heart skip a beat, she was so very beautiful. If ever I was to marry someone, I’d want to marry a woman who looked just like her. Having her undivided attention for the length of the cab ride, I couldn’t believe that my dream woman was riding in the backseat of my cab.

‘She’s so beautiful,’ I thought. ‘She’s so sexy. She’s so shapely. She’s so tall. She’s so blonde. She has such big, blue eyes.’

I continued staring at her. How could I not? When not looking out my windshield to drive my car, I looked in my rearview mirror to soften my heart. She hardened my cock. She made my growing erection throb and pulsate. She was one woman who I wished that I was having sex with her in the backseat of my cab.

‘I wonder how old she is,’ I thought? ‘She looks like she’s 35-years-old but, no doubt, she’s older. No doubt, she’s forty-something. Still, I’d do her if I could,’ I thought while never believing that I’d ever have a chance with someone who looked like her.

With me not very tall, but quite muscular, I looked like the late, great, 5’5″ tall, Franco Columbo, Arnold Schwarzenegger’s best friend and training partner when he won six Mr. Olympia’s in his day. Actually, with me only 5’4″ tall, she towered over me. She was very tall.

Guessing that she was 5’10” tall in bare feet, and wearing 4″ high heels, she must have been 6’2″ tall. As if I was talking to a women’s, professional, basketball player or a woman’s, professional, volleyball player, I had to look up to talk to her. Yet, that was okay. Instead of looking up at her face, while staring at her big, bra clad breasts, I settled on talking to her big tits.

Only, I wished that her big tits would talk back to me. If her big breasts could talk back to me, I wondered what they’d say? How hot would that be to have talking breasts?

‘Hello fella. I can see by your stare that you like big tits. Well, we’re sisters, twin sisters. You may touch us and feel us if you’d like. We love men touching and feeling us,’ I imagined her tits saying if they could speak.

I’d continued staring at her blouse and bra clad breasts while shocked that they could speak.

‘Go ahead, unbutton our blouse, lift up our bra, and suck our nipples. We love having our nipples sucked as much as we love having our breasts touched and felt,’ I imagined them saying. ‘Oh, that feels so good what you’re doing.’

# # #

As soon as I reached for my door handle and welcomed her inside of my cab, she smiled down at me. Unable to remove my eyes from her long, shapely legs, I watched her lift her foot and her long leg. She turned to face me while getting inside of my yellow, 2011, Ford Crown Victoria cab, the last year they were made.

With one foot still on the pavement, gaziantep zayıf escort as if I was a shoe salesman instead of a taxicab driver, she spread her long, shapely legs wide while facing me. Not sure which, she unintentionally or deliberately flashed me her bright white, silk panties. I saw her panties. I couldn’t believe that I saw her panties. I’ll be masturbating over seeing her panties tonight and tomorrow morning.

‘Oh, my God,’ I thought. ‘I can’t believe that I’m seeing her white panties. I can’t believe that I saw the panties of this beautiful woman. I saw her panty clad pussy. I loved seeing her panties. I loved seeing her panty clad pussy,’ I thought. ‘If only I could finger her pussy while licking her pussy through her panties, I would.’

I couldn’t believe my horny eyes. I saw her bright, white, silk panties. I stared at her panties as if I had never seen panties before. Nearly as exciting seeing her panties were seeing her long, shapely thighs. She had beautiful, shapely, and sexy legs.

‘She has such long legs,’ I thought.

Even though I’m not a leg man but a breast man, I still appreciated her beautiful legs. I’d love to spend time touching, feeling, and licking her legs before making my way up to her panties to finger and lick her pussy through her panties. Then, I imagined slowly and sexily removing her panties to expose her blonde, trimmed pussy. Not stopping there, I imagined making love to her beautiful, naked body.

# # #

‘She’s so beautiful,’ I thought. ‘She so sexy. She so shapely. I’d love to have sex with her. I’d love to make out with her while feeling her through her clothes. I’d love to slowly strip her naked and fuck her fast and hard enough to give her a sexual orgasm with my cock,’ I thought.

Unable to stop myself from looking, I continued staring at her as if she was naked. I imagined her without her clothes. I imagined her topless. I imagined seeing her big, naked breasts. I imagined her naked. I imagined her blonde, trimmed pussy, and her shapely naked ass.

Awakening from my sexual fantasy, I needed to close my door, get in my cab, and drive my taxi. Yet, before getting in the driver’s seat and closing my cab door, I still sexually thought about having consensual sex with her. With her the woman of my dreams, never have I seen such a beautiful woman, since Christie Brinkley, Billy Joel’s wife of Uptown Girl fame and Linda Carter of Wonder Woman fame.

‘I’d love for her to stroke my cock while sucking my cock,’ I thought while continuing to sexually think about her. ‘I’d love for her to blow me. I’d love for her to suck me and allow me to cum in her beautiful mouth. I’d love for her to allow me to cum all over her beautiful face and across her naked breasts. I’d love for her to allow me to give her a cum bath,’ I thought. ‘I’d love to see this beautiful, naked woman dripping with cum.’

Only, my chance of sexually being with her was nothing more than my sexual fantasy. She’d never want a man as short as me to be with her. No doubt, with her so tall and so beautiful, she’d want a handsome man who was much taller than me and a man even taller than her. She’d want a man who was well over six feet tall.

With me so short, if she saw me on the street instead of inside of my cab, she’d never look at me twice. Yet, with her my sexual fantasy, dream woman, enjoying my voyeuristic moment of seeing her beautiful panty clad pussy, even after I climbed in my cab, I continued staring at her through my rearview mirror. I couldn’t remove my eyes from her. I couldn’t stop staring at her.

Yet, truth be told, many tall women fall for short men. Indeed, truthfully, they do. I racked my brain trying to think of examples of tall women with short men. Of course, there was the late, great Sonny with Cher. Then, there’s Nicole Kidman with Keith Urban, and Katie Holmes with Tom Cruise. A more recent pairing, there’s Mick Jagger with L. Wren Scott, and Tina Fey with Jeff Richmond. These five women all tower over their men.

# # #

My backseat passenger not only had beautiful panties but also, she had a beautiful panty clad pussy, too. In that moment, as if I was being tested for a test, I memorized her upskirt panty flash as if remembering a top, secret code. While she sexily and immodestly climbed into my cab, she had not only flashed me her panties but also, she flashed me her panty clad pussy.

She flashed me her pussy mound. She flashed me her camel toe. She flashed me her pussy slit. She gave me the best panty flash that I had ever had in my professional career as a voyeuristic, taxicab driver.

“Thank you,” she said for me opening and holding her door open when I wanted to say, thank you for flashing me your panties and your panty clad pussy. With her short skirt climbing higher, and with her hem nearly to her crotch, she looked up at me and smiled at me while sliding herself across my backseat. “You’re the first cabbie who has gaziantep zayıf escort bayan opened a door for me. Thank you,” she said again after getting into my cab. “You’re such a gentleman.”

‘I’m such a voyeuristic pervert,’ I wanted to say. ‘I was only holding the door open for you while hoping that you’d not only give me a bigger tip but also that you’d flash me your panties and your panty clad pussy,’ I thought.

Clearly appreciating my ride, I watched her look around the cab while slowly sliding her hand across the seat.

“Unlike other cabs that I’ve ridden in, the first thing that I notice is, your cab is very clean. It doesn’t stink of smoke. It smells of Lysol and Febreze,” she said with a sexy laugh. “I love the clean scent of Lysol and Febreze.”

I smiled.

“Thank you,” I said. “I vacuum the rug and washed the black, vinyl backseat with Lysol and Febreze every night before pulling my cab in my garage.”

# # #

When I finally pulled up to her address, hoping to see another flash of her panties between her shapely thighs, I jumped out of my cab to open her door again. Yet, surprised to see her in such a helpless condition, she was slumped to the side on the rear seat and against the rear passenger door as if she was drunk and/or sleeping. With her ensconced in the far corner of the seat, she was facing the rear, passenger side door and me.

Stunned to see another flash of her bright, white, silk panties, her short skirt was raised nearly to her crotch, and her knees were parted plenty enough to give me a continual view of her panty clad pussy. I’ll be masturbating over seeing her panties and her panty clad pussy again tonight and tomorrow morning. With her so beautiful and so sexy, while imagining having sex with her, I’ll be masturbating over seeing all that I should never have sexually seen of her for the rest of my life.

‘I can’t believe she flashed me her panties again. I loved seeing her panty clad pussy,’ I thought.

“We’re here,” I said.

I turned to look at her. When she didn’t stir, I opened my driver’s door and climbed from my cab to open her rear, passenger door.

“We’re here,” I said again after opening her door.

I reached inside my cab to touch and shake her leg. Wishing that I could touch her panty clad pussy, instead, I shook her exposed thigh. Her leg was as firm as it was shapely.

“We’re here,” I said yet again.

Finally, she opened her eyes and smiled.

# # #

“Sorry,” she said. “I’m drunk, Brian,” she said with a little burp. “You’re going to have to help me to my door,” she said slurring her words while looking up at me with her big, blue, beautiful eyes.

Shocked that she did, she surprised me that she remembered my name.

‘This beautiful woman remembered my name,’ I thought. ‘I couldn’t believe that she remembered my name. I must have impressed her enough for her to remember who I am by opening and holding open her passenger side door for her.’

With my mouth a mere foot away from her panty clad pussy, I leaned in my cab, and carefully pulled her to me by her long legs while gently sliding her across my backseat. By the time she reached the passenger door, her short skirt was bunched all the way up to her waist. Her white, silk panties were completely exposed. Unable to remove my eyes at all that I was seeing of her panties and of her panty clad pussy, she gave me an immediate erection.

Again, unable to remove my eyes from her panties, I continued staring at her pussy mound. I stared at her camel toe. I stared at her pussy slit. Never have I been as sexually excited when seeing a woman’s panties before.

She gave me the best upskirt, panty flash that I had ever had. Something that I’ll always remember and will never forget, I’ll be masturbating over seeing her panties for the rest of my life. I only wished that she wasn’t wearing panties.

‘How hot would that have been if she wasn’t wearing panties,’ I thought. ‘Instead of seeing her panties, I’d be seeing her naked pussy. With her legs spread when getting in my cab, she would have definitely shown me some pink of her naked pussy.’

Not allowing this sexual opportunity to pass me by, while making my touch appear unintentional, I had to touch her panties. If I didn’t touch her panties, I’d regret not touching her panties for the rest of my horny life. If I didn’t touch her panties, I’d never sleep tonight. I had to touch and feel her pussy through her panties. With her drunk, unaware and, no doubt, not remembering that I groped her pussy through her panties, I dared myself to do so.

Giving me even more to masturbate over, I had to cup her panty clad cunt. As soon as she neared the passenger side door, I reached out my horny hand and cupped her beautiful pussy through her panties. Never having groped a female passenger before, I couldn’t believe that I was groping this beautiful woman now. I couldn’t believe that I was holding the panty clad cunt of his beautiful woman in the palm of my hand.

# # #

As if I was her male nurse instead of her taxicab driver, I helped her from my cab. She leaned into me as soon as she stood. With her high heels, I was barely up to her shoulder. As soon as she stood, with her unbalanced on her feet, and with her arm around my shoulder, she leaned more on me even more while pressing her big, bra clad breasts against me.

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