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“Mac! Please, tell Frank you can’t make it! Tell him you have the flu, or that I have the flu. Please, just stay here with me; for once!”

“Would you knock it off! If I don’t work, who’s going to bring in the money? A faerie? I think not. So shut the hell up. I should be back in two weeks.”

There went the ‘great’ Mac. Off to another trip to get people to buy into his company. He’s more like the ‘asshole’ or ‘bastard.’ We’ve been married four years, got married on my twentieth birthday, and not once have we had sex; not once. On our honeymoon, I took off my wedding gown, laid down on the blue satin sheets in my green silk panties and bra (I sprayed lilac perfume on them so they’d smell even better), and waited for him. I wanted to be a virgin for this night; so this would be our first time together. Anyway, Mac looked so handsome in his midnight black suit, deep green tie, and creme shirt. But, he slowly untied his shoes, retied them, took off his socks, f-o-l-d-e-d them, hung up his suit and shirt, and even rolled up his damned tie! But, there he stood in his ‘tidy whities’ and came over to the bed. He leaned down to give me a kiss…and then he was getting dressed again!

“Mac? Honey, what are you doing? Don’t you want a tight, dripping wet, horny young wife?”

“I have to leave, Mike needs me. He can’t do the trip alone; the poor guy. I’m sorry Sammy. I’ll make it up to you. Bye now; don’t wait up!”

Mike. I remember him from business school in college. Always a very sweet, funny, smart, incredibly handsome guy with amazing green eyes and built like a male model; his muscle always showed against his shirts when wet. My girlfriends always wondered why I never dated Mike, and I never honestly knew the answer. But, Mike Daniels was now Mac Ares’s partner for the company ‘Yours and Ours.’ It was a new, tight knit company that only accepted the top of the top. Needless to say, Mike, Mac, Billy, Carly, Don, Steph, Justin, Sasha, and I all got in. But, Mac didn’t want his ‘new bride’ to work; so I listened to him. WRONG!

So, for the past four years, I’ve been hanging with my family, the girls and guys (the ones who got into the company, we were all the best of friends since we were 15) and wondering how Mike was doing. He always did love to travel. Really close friends with Billy and the gang; I kick myself in the ass for not getting closer to him.

Now, seriously, I’m a well built twenty-four year old. Natural red head that has these awesome strawberry blonde highlights when the sun is out long enough. Emerald green eyes that sparkle. Long legs that I love, a tight and small ass, toned stomach, and of course my 32-B cups up top. Why hasn’t Mac taken my virginity, or even let me touch him? No fucking idea. So, there I was in my kitchen, trying to decide what to cook myself for dinner, when I heard a knock at the door. I opened it; and saw Mike.

He looked the same as he did in college, but somehow better. His hair was still a rich brown and he still had those natural dark blonde highlights. Those Jade green eyes still were so bright and handsome. His smile was absolutely amazing, his muscle was even more toned, and he must’ve grew in the ‘southern regions.’

“Mike…wow, it’s been a while, how’s it going?”

“Pleasure to see you again Sam. Ha, I’ve actually missed you these past years. I’ve been well, thanks for asking. Yeah, I stopped by to tell you I’m your new neighbor. And may I ask where Mac is?”

“Please, come inside new neighbor. Mac left this morning for Boston; didn’t you get the memo?”

For a moment, I think those eyes clouded in anger or something.

“Boston? What the hell is he doing there?”

“His business trip. Why, what’s wrong?”

“Sam, Frank hates Boston. He’d never send us there. We’re supposed to go to Hawaii in three days. Huge business deal down there… Shit, I can’t do it alone. I can hold my own, but they are expecting two people there… Sam, would you go for a ride with me to Frank’s and see what to do now?”

I think I said ‘Yes.’ I didn’t know what to think when he said the thing about Boston. Mac was always going there. But, then here was Mike. Handsome, so incredibly handsome. Strong, so incredible strong. And here I was; growing wetter each minute. We walked outside and headed towards his car. Jade green hybrid SUV. I walked over to the passenger door, and Mike darted in front of me…and opened the car door for me.

“What’s wrong? You look like I just slapped you in the face or something. Are you ok?”

“Of course, I just wasn’t expecting you to open the car door for me.”

“Hey, women can do anything a man can do; but a gentleman can still open the door for a lovely lady.”

So, kırşehir escort we drove and caught up on old times in the thirty minutes that passed. Like a gentleman, he opened my car door and even the door to the building when we got in. It was as I remembered. Sky blue and white trim on the first floor, grass green and white trim on the second and third floors, and Frank’s sunrise orange with red trim on the fourth floor.

“Sam Thornton! How nice to see you again! My, I was just talking about you yesterday. How have you been? Are you here for a job? Yes? You know you want to say yes…”

I ran over and gave him a hug. He had lost a little weight since I last saw him, and he gained some muscle. He still had the jet black hair, deep hazel eyes, and was growing a goatee. Not too shabby for a thirty-five year old bachelor.

“I’m here with Mike. I believe it’s something about Mac and Boston.”

“Ah, Mac. Where is he? I need him and Mike up in Hawaii in three days. What’s this nonsense about Boston?”

As he said that, Mike walked in. He had changed into a suit and was fiddling with his green tie. I smiled and walked over to help with it.

“Thank you kindly Sam. Frank, Mac told Sam he is in Boston and will be for the next two weeks or so. I need someone else there with me. They are expecting two people there. Sam, could you loosen it a tad please? Thanks so much.”

I was redoing his tie when his hands came up to mine. I met his gaze for a moment and wanted so badly just to kiss his mouth. He smiled his amazing smile and kissed my hand as a ‘thank you.’

“Mike, I’d like to talk to you for a moment. I have a proposition and I need your opinion.”

Mike and Frank went into the back office and were there for a few moments. I looked around the office and saw that everything was the same as it was four years earlier. He still had those pictures of his brown labs on his wall, his pictures from Alaska were still everywhere, and he still had papers all over his desk. He once told me ‘I may be messy, but I know where everything is. I cleaned up once; and couldn’t find a damned thing.’ That was funny when he said that. But, hey, whatever works for him. Frank and Mike walked out a moment later and each had a smile on their lips and questions in their eyes.

“Sam, the girls tell me you still keep up to date on everything we do here. You know as much as any worker here, if not more. What would you say if I asked you to go to Hawaii with Mike for the next ten days?”

“I…I’d have to say what do I pack?”

“Splendid! Mike, get Sam darling here suited up, get packed, and hop on the next plane to Hawaii.”

So, I think I nearly fainted, but Mike’s strong arms held me still. We went to the suit shop to get my business suits. I chose three beautiful colors that matched Mike’s ties. One was a beautiful green that matched my eyes, one was an ocean blue, and the other was a bloody red. I choose one inch heels to go with them that matched the colors exactly. When we got back to the house, I rushed to get my stuff together while Mike took care of the suits, heels, and plane tickets. We got to the airport around 3pm via Frank’s limo service, and boarded the plane at 3:57pm. Hawaii, here I come.

“It’ll be about six hours, so get comfortable.”

It was strange. I had forgotten that Frank had his own private plane, so it was just the two of us, the pilot, and the stewardess. I looked out the window for a little bit and then looked at Mike. He was sleeping so peacefully, so I lightly ran my fingers down his strong chest, and rested on his dick for a moment. He moved a little, so I quickly let go and feel asleep.

“Sam? Hey sleepy head, we’re there.”

So, this was Hawaii. Awesome! He helped my out of the plane and ‘accidently’ brushed up against when we were getting off the stairs and ‘accidently’ brushed against my cunt when I turned around to get my things. It should be a good ten days.

“Aloha! You must be from the ‘Yours and Ours’ company. Yes? Your room is waiting. 32 B, second story, fifth door on your left from the elevator. May we take your luggage?”

The hotel was huge! I think they said it was eight stories. Each hallway was a different color than the rooms. And the rooms were each a different color than the others; no two were the same in color or setup. So, we got on the elevator, rode up to the second floor, and stood outside the room while Mike fidgeted with his pockets to get the key. He held his suitcase in one hand and nearly jumped when the cell phone rang.

“It’s Frank. I have to take this call. Sam, the key is in one of my front pockets; can you find it and open the door please?”

I looked at him for a moment and then at his pants as he answered the call. Slowly, I checked his left pocket, felt the key, but then decided to ‘check’ his right pocket. I made sure to check really deep, and I mean deep, in his pocket. I brushed against his dick a few times and I know that Mike realized what I was doing. I looked back up at him and noticed he was off the phone and staring at me with his green eyes; and was smiling.

“Sam, you may want to dig just a little bit deeper; you may find something you’d like. Here, let me help you a little.”

He took my hands and gently but firmly put one in each front pocket. As he asked, I dug in deep and knew what I wanted. With both hands in, I cupped his balls as much as I could and did my best to ‘feel around’ for the key. He smiled at me and somehow turned himself so that I was up against the door.

“You know Mike, if you take the pants off, I can look even better for that damned key.”

“Why Sam, what a great idea. But here, we’ll use my key to get in; the one in my pocket is yours.”

He pushed his dick into my hands and had me pinned against the door. Pulling out his key from his back pocket, he leaned in and kissed me so softly that I moaned. His lips tasted like kiwi strawberry; must have been the wine on the plane. Finally, he got the door opened and we went inside. I started to undress while he put the ‘do not disturb’ sign on the door. He turned around and held my hands still.

“You, missy, just relax. I want to take off your clothes piece by piece. I don’t know how Mac does it; but I love taking my time. You can undress me if you so wish.”

“Mac’s never undressed me. Mr., you’ll be the first; and my first time.”

He looked stunned in a way, but then smiled. Pulling up a chair for me, I sat in it and waited for him. Slowly, he took off my heels and tossed them by his shoes. The bastard tickled my feet as he took off my socks and I laughed when he did. Helping me stand up, he took off my ocean blue suit jacket and tossed it aside. I tried to help him, but he gently brushed my hands away. Instead, he licked my neck and softly ran his fingers through my hair. We were nose and nose as he took off my shirt and slowly undid my bra.

“Mmmm, I guess 32 B was a good room after all; you match in size.”

I laughed and he got down on the floor and laid himself between my legs. Reaching his hands up, he slowly took off my satin green panties. He held them for a moment and then licked them until they were soaked. I was getting so turned on that I rubbed my breasts, moaned his name, and had my other hand wander down to my aching pussy. Mike saw my reactions and just smiled; but he pushed my hand away from my pussy. Instead, the pushed into the back of my knees until I started to bend down, almost into a sitting position. That’s when the real fun began.

“Mike, you’re torture. I hope you know that.”

“Baby, tell me what you want.”

“I want you to fuck me. I want your dick in me. Fuck Mike, I wanted you back in college. Fuck me, right now Mike.”

He laughed as I said that and pulled me down even more until I was centimeters from his face. Using his mouth, he started licking and nibbling and sucking on my pussy. I started to moan as he dug his tongue deeper in me and then started to use his fingers to help himself. My legs started to weaken and buckle as I felt a wave of an orgasm start to rip through. I tried to tell him, but I just moaned even louder and longer. Seconds later, I tensed up as Mike held me still. The orgasm ripped through and for a moment, I thought Mike would be angry; he wasn’t. He licked every drop up and then laid me down on the bed.

“Sam…I’m not done with you yet. Those tits are mine.”

He licked his way up to my breasts and tenderly cupped one at a time. For a moment, he looked like a baby sucking, but then he nibbled a bit and ran his hand down to play with my cunt. I was struggling for air and ran my hands through his soft thick hair as he eased his fingers in and out of me, deeper and deeper each time. It went on for a few minutes until I felt another wave come over me. He kissed me with such passion as I flooded juices all over his fingers. Getting up slowly, he licked his fingers with such hunger that I kissed him just to taste myself. He looked shocked, but then smiled at me and stood up over on the carpet.

“You said you wanted me to fuck you. You’ll have to undress me if you want it. My dick’s been aching for you since college Sam; time you relieve his pain.”

I didn’t need to be told twice. Taking off his tie, I grabbed onto his dick through his pants and stroked it. He had his hands at his side, so I grabbed them, pulled them behind his back, and tied them up with his tie. Not too tight that it’ll kill him, but tight enough to hold his hands still. “So, you want to play dirty do you?”

“You’ve been a bad boy Mike. I have to teach you a lesson.”

“Bring it on baby. Bring it the fuck on.”

I looked at him, and softly slapped his face. I didn’t want to actually hurt him, but I did want to play a little dirty. Throwing off his black suit jacket and snow white shirt, I could see that he had incredible muscle tone. God, I must’ve stared for a moment and then ran my hands up and down his chest. He was seriously built like a brick wall, and I licked his chest. I licked my way down to his pants, and ran my tongue over his growing bulge. Mike moaned and, wanting to play dirty, I took my panties and stuffed them in his mouth.


“Yeah, I know you want it up the ass. Don’t worry, we’ll get there.”

His eyes got wide and I licked the panties in his mouth. I knew he was moaning badly. And fuck, I wanted him. I took off his belt and slowly dropped his pants. He stepped out of them and he stood in his superman boxers in front of me. I cupped his balls through his boxers and started to rub them gently, and then harder and harder. I dropped his pants and looked at his dick. No hair, no bulging veins, just a good piece of meat ready to be had. I was surprised when I saw no pre-cum. I always read that there would be. I stood up, pushed him against the foot board of the bed, took the belt, and secured his arms. I took out his gag and slapped him in the face.

“What, I’m not hot enough for you?! I thought you wanted me sooo bad!”

“Fuck Sam, you don’t understand.”

Mike was breathless as he talked.

“A week before my twentieth birthday, I was mugged and kicked in the dick. I woke up in the hospital three hours later and they told me that they removed all my semen. I can never have kids or shoot a load because of that fucking mugger! So, why don’t…”

I had heard enough. That was horrible, but good for me because I didn’t want to taste any man’s cum; not my forte. So, I shoved the panties back in and dropped to my knees. He must have been six inches, but that was big enough for me. I started stroking him until he was fully erect and then I took him in. It was smooth in my mouth, kind of like those string cheese things, and I started really working on him. I bit down a little and watched him squirm, and then I just licked his dick and played with his balls by rubbing and squeezing them in my hands. It must have been a good five minutes until I stood up again.

“Did you like that?”


“Do you want more?”


“Are you now my bitch?”


“Damn straight. You’ll do as I say when I say, and maybe you can have some pussy when I’m done.”

So, I slapped his face, took out the gag, and looked at him. I pressed up on him and started grinding into him. Harder and harder while we both gasped for air. I grabbed him by the throat and shoved my tongue in his mouth while I guided his dick in my cunt. Easing back and forth, I slowly fucked him more and more as we kissed. I had both hands around his throat now and had him pound me harder and harder until I came. I undid the belt, shoved him to his knees, and told him to clean up the mess he made. He really worked his tongue this time and I ran my fingers through his hair and pulled on it when I wanted him to go faster and deeper.

“Ok bitch, one more thing until I explore this hotel. Lay down on your stomach, and don’t say a word.”

I shoved him down, leaving the panties in front of him, and grabbed my lubricant. Siting on his tight ass, I lubricated my fingers and inched toward his hole. Slowly, I entered him and then brought in my other finger. Two fingers were enough, and I started ramming his ass. Mike started to let out a whimper, and I slapped his ass and kept at it. When he moaned, I stopped, shoved the panties in his mouth, and went back to work. I fucked his ass for minutes on end until I got up. His face was flushed and I took the panties out.

“There bitch, I told you not to say a word and you disobeyed. But since I need it, I’m going to let you have a snack.”

“You’re mine once I get out of the restraint. I’ll ram your ass hard!”

“Well bitch, until then, lick my pussy.” I rolled him on his back, and positioned myself so that I was over his mouth; and leaned down. He bit and rammed his tongue in me for about five or so minutes and then I got up. I stood him up, tied his arms once again with the belt, and kissed his mouth while I fingered his ass. Finally done, I put the gag back in his mouth, put on my clothes, and went to explore the hotel; leaving him where he was.

Thanks Frank, maybe I’ll take him up on his job offer.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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