Bus Strangers to Lovers in Hotel Ch. 02



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At my client’s place I was thinking about her, it took around 2hours for me to complete my work and get free, after I got free I called her.

Sheetal: (On Phone) hi, where are you, got free?

Me: (on Phone) Yes I am free and all yours dear, tell me where to meet?

Sheetal: (on Phone) I am at west end mall, come there

Me: (on Phone) okay I will reach there.

I immediately took an auto and reached the destination. After reaching the mall I called her &we met up.

Sheetal: So how was your work, is it done.

Me: yap it was just a nominal work, all done. By the way what did you do all these time?

Sheetal: Nothing much just did some window shopping, sat in cafeteria

Me: okay great, so what next dear, where should we go, whats the plan?

Sheetal: well plan is to spend time with you and enjoy

Me: (took her in arms) okay then let’s go to some restaurant or some pub

Sheetal: no, I stay in a nearby area, roaming around with you in public is difficult.

Me: okay I understand, then where should we go?

Sheetal: lets go directly to some hotel and spend time together.

Me: fine, is there any good hotel nearby?

Sheetal: yes there are 2-3 good hotels in this locality

Me: okay what is the rate of room?

Sheetal: Hey come-on I don’t know, I have never been there inside, I have just seen it from outside, and why don’t you check online.

Me: okay wait, let’s check it out, Till then come aside, I want to smoke.

So we both went opp. Of the mall and I lit a cig. While smoking I searched for hotels nearby and then we mutually agreed to VITS hotel, which costed around 2.5K for a standard room. Though it was little far we decided to check-in to that hotel and I was about to hire an auto for going there.

But Sheetal Said: There might be no shops near that hotel as its on highway, so first lets go to medical shop here only.

Me: ( I understood she wanted me to buy protection but still I asked her) why what for?

Sheetal: Dumb, lets go to medical to buy that?

Me: (purposely) what do you mean by that?

Sheetal: (pinching me) you know it

Me: Come-on tell me dear?

Sheetal: (Pulling me near her & den spoke in my ears) condoms

Me: Do you really need it? I am a disease free person…

Sheetal: I know but I don’t want to take risk, so please let’s take proper protection so that it won’t spoil anyone of ours reputation. Please try to understand

Me: okay, I was just kidding, lets go… (While walking towards medical shop) do you want any specific brand or flavor?

Sheetal: no doesn’t matter, after all I don’t want to eat that, all I want is your banana,… (& while saying this she put her hand around my waist)

Once reaching medical shop I took a Packet of 3 condoms, came out and showed it to her.

Sheetal: Only 3???

Me: then how many you want?

Sheetal: at least buy 1 more such pack…

Me: you seem to be to horny baby…

Sheetal: that you will come to know in sometime

I again went to medical shop and bought another packet of condom, and then we left to our desired Hotel in a Auto, In Auto also she was sitting very close to me and chatting… even I put my hand on her shoulders and in between I tried to touch her soft melons (boobs). After reaching hotel I did all formalities and then we were allotted a Ataşehir Escort room on 4th floor.

As soon as we reached the room, I locked it… & just looked at her. She was ahead near Bed, she just kept her purse on bed and started staring at me. I Straight away went near her & kissed her on lips. We both were still in a standing position, I pushed her towards the wall and took her left leg little bit up and started caressing her ass and simultaneously kissing her passionately. Even she started pulling my shirt from jeans and in between she put her hand on my cock. Then she just said : I cannot wait much, let’s do it once fast…i need a relief and then we will do the next rounds as you say.

I said okay and put her on bed and grabbed her boobs, I started to play with it but she again said ” Come-on remove your jeans” I said okay and removed my jeans while she just pulled her jeans down… As soon as removed my jeans she touched my penis inside my inners and it gave my cock a 420volt current. She then asked me where is the condom packet, I took it out, she pulled the condom from my hands, removed it & then put it on my cock and asked me to go ahead… meanwhile I was pressing her mangoes above the top and den I inserted my cock in her pussy, and started pumping her. To be very honest we both were very hot at that point. And also I ejaculated immediately in 4-5min. After that we both lay there only for some time.

After say around 10min she got up & went to clean herself…& even I cleaned myself with tissue paper which was kept near the mirror in hotel room.

After 10min she didn’t come out, so I knocked on the door & asked her to hurry up as I wanted to pee & get myself cleaned and get fresh with water. But she said she wanted to bath… and asked me whats the hurry?

I told her I want to clean myself too… & then suddenly she opened the door and asked me to come inside.

Inside she was only in her black bra & polka dotted pink panties. Seeing her I said “whats the plan beautiful?”

She said “dear, just remove your clothes and come in, you yourself will come to know about the plan.” we both laughed on this and then I removed my shirt and all & went inside in my boxers.

But she said, also remove this … if it gets wet, what will you wear tomorrow. I said okay but you also remove it… she said why don’t you only remove my undergarments… I immediately kissed her again on lips. & pulled her near me, but she just turned herself. Now my cock was on her ass… (Though my cock was not yet fully erect) I started to kiss on her neck wildly touching my semi erect cock on her ass. I removed her bra and started playing with her melons. I grabbed them from behind pressed it gently. Then we both removed our boxers and started the shower. Even in the shower she applied the soap on me & specially my cock. She was playing with my cock while I was applying soap on her boobs. Then we both took shower together & cleaned ourselves.

After coming out from bathroom we both were still in towel with no clothes. We both sat on the chair.

Me: honey, its almost 10.3, aren’t you feeling hungry?

Sheetal: nope, you have satisfied my hunger of many days… And just smiled at me.

Me: (kissing her hands)

Sheetal: do one thing, first order some drinks

Me: Fine, what do you drink, beer, whisky, Vodka??

Sheetal: whatever you want, I will share from it

Me: Okay,

I stood and called hotel extension, I ordered for 2 Large Pegs of Whiskey and some snacks in our Kadıköy Escort room. But the Hotel in charge said that sir the last order will be at 11, so they requested me to give dinner order if required.

I Spoke with sheetal & ordered and also asked to repeat 2 more pegs of Whiskey.

We both were still sitting in Towel only and chatting on some topic, after about 15min the waiter knocked on the door, and suddenly sheetal got scared as she was only in towel, so she went to bathroom to hide herself. I opened the door, Waiter took the drinks, took my sign & asked when should he come back with food order, I just told him come after about and hours time & then locked the room.. Then I called sheetal out & started to drink. While coming out she switched on the TV. While watching TV, Drinking we were also chatting on various things & in between kissing each other. After my 1st drink got over, i was smoking cigarette near the window. Suddenly she got up & Took cig. From me… & blew the smoke on my face… I grabbed her from waist, pulled her towards me… & started to play with her ass… She again took a puff of cigarette & came close to my lips & blew it in my mouth. I again got passionate & even my little brother got up…

As we both were only in towels my erected cock got out… she suddenly put her hand on it… I just sighed with pleasure. Then She gave cig & her glass to me & bent down… & Started giving me a blow job. I got aroused because of it… I moved myself from window & shifted myself on bed. I was lying on bed, she came upon me & started to lick my cock again… Slowly she came on top & started searching for condom. After removing the condom from packet she put that condom on her lips and started to put in on my cock, but she couldn’t do it… So I just laughed a bit. On which she said, it’s my first time I am trying to put condom with mouth so don’t laugh & gave a hard slap on my balls & with her hand rolled the condom down on my cock neatly and inserted my cock in her pussy… & start riding,

I too started pressing her boobs… after around 5mins she got down & asked me to come on her… after about 5-7 min of pumping her we revealed ourselves. Then I went to clean myself & even she did so.

But while coming out she had worn her top & Jeans. I asked her why she wore the clothes?

She answered saying, Dear the waiter will come with food so I am wearing it.

I replied said okay & we again sat chatting, in meanwhile our dinner came, before having dinner we took our second peg & then had our dinner. After having Dinner & waiter cleaning the room. I lighted a cigarette and we both were silent just looking at each other. After some moments

I asked her what is she thinking??

She replied: that she was thinking about today’s incident… how did she do such thing and landed up here?

I just smiled and said, come on dear its okay, maybe it was our destiny just relax & enjoy.

She said: I know, but she is not that type of girl, she was a one man woman.

I Said: dear chill, we are humans and we too have our personal needs.

She: hmm, but still I am married and also I have a daughter.

Me: (got up from my place and just hugged her.)

Then there was a silence for some time, we both just lay on bed in each other’s arm, God knows when I went to sleep, in morning I got up and saw that we both were lying on bed and she was caressing my chest, my towel was loosened and she was in her top and jeans. I just put my hand on her waist and looked at her, Ümraniye Escort she too saw at my face, smiled and said good morning, I too wished her morning and planted a small kiss on her chick.

Even she replied with a small kiss and then we started lip kissing each other (yes without even brushing) we enjoyed French kiss for around 4-5min then I started to press her breasts from above her top, slowly I inserted my hand inside her top and played with her mangoes, even she started to play with my banana, then I came on top of her and removed her top and started sucking her boobs passionately, meanwhile she removed the button of her jeans tried to take it down… I helped her in removing her jeans, took the condom from side table and started to fuck her…even after 5-6min I didn’t ejaculate so I asked her to come on top… then we changed our positions and she started riding me while I was pressing her boobs… after 3-4min she again got up and turned around,, this time her back was facing me while my penis was in her cunt. She again started riding while I tried to press her melons… in about 2- min we both ejected. She just laid on me like that only for some time. Then she got up and went to bathroom to get fresh, meanwhile I just smoked and after she came out from bathroom even I got freshened up.

After getting fresh when I came out I saw she had just rapped a towel to cover her, in one hand she had a cigarette while in other hand she was going through her mobile. When she saw me, she just gave the cig to me and just signaled me to keep quiet as she is going to call at her home to speak with her daughter. She spoke for almost 10-15min, after she finished the call, I asked her to show me her daughter’s photo, to which she readily agreed and started showing me all pic. After about half an hour or so I got to up to light another cig. And asked the hotel reception to send breakfast in room. We had our breakfast and after that we just sat chatting with each other & she said:

Sheetal: I had great time with you.

Me: yes I too enjoyed your company a lot.

Sheetal: I wish this night would have not ended so early.

Me: Don’t worry this is just the beginning, we can spend many such night together.

Sheetal: yap I know, but I seriously wish to be with you whole day today.

Me: (while caressing her thighs)I don’t mind dear, anyways today is Saturday I have a off, I can also stay overnight with you.

Sheetal: Well then, I too don’t mind.

Me: Then lets enjoy, I will tell at my home I will come tomorrow, you to tell your parents that you will come tomorrow.

So we both spoke at our homes and confirmed our stay.

Sheetal: wow, I believe we are going to have 1 more day to enjoy.

Me: yap it seems to be dream come true even for me.

Sheetal: hmmm your right. So whats the plan now, what should we do?

Me: well I don’t have much cash left, first let me arrange for some cash.

Sheetal: Don’t worry I have around 17-18000 in my account for time being, you can return it to me later

Me: no wait I will ask my friend to transfer some funds through Pay tm.

Sheetal: okay, but let’s plan something good.

Me: Okay, what do you want to do, you say?

Sheetal: let’s go to some movie, then we can go to some mall…

Me: okay lets bath & then leave.

Then we both went to bathroom together and took shower. In shower we again put soap on each other, kissed and fondled each other. Then after coming out I said I need to buy new boxers & Shirt or else it will smell, even she accepted it, so we both thought of going to mall and purchasing some inners & clothes for ourselves. For time being we just wore the same dress and came down, in lobby I told at the reception that I would like to extend my stay, and we left.

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