Boss’s Day

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You arrive at work and get to your desk. You check to be sure that bitch hasn’t taken any more of your post-its. She hasn’t, so you relax … no confrontation today. You grab your coffee cup and head back to the break area to get some coffee before starting your day.

As you head to the break room, you realize that it’s awfully quiet. “Where is everyone” you wonder. It’s not that unusual, some people occasionally run late or there could be someone in the bathroom. Anyway, you’re not worried. You make it to the break room and see the coffee hasn’t been started, so you put on a fresh pot.

You leave the break room looking to see where your coworkers are and you see the branch manager’s door is closed. As you approach it you hear someone in there. You’ve got a pretty casual relationship with your boss, in fact you have a secret crush on him, so you try the door-knob. It’s unlocked so you open it.

From inside you hear “What, hey, wait” but it’s too late, you’ve seen inside.

There, standing in the office is the branch manager, pants around his ankles, with the newly hired teller on her knees in front of him, cock in hand, and you KNOW it was just in her mouth! “Uh-um … s-sorry, I didn’t mean to interrupt” you say as you feel the heat rising in your cheeks. But you don’t close the door. You stand there, frozen in place, fixated on the sight before you.

Noticing your hesitation, the manager says “Join us sweetheart”, and the new-hire giggles. “Yeah, c’mon in and close the door silly” she says in her girly gaziantep escort voice. Still not sure what to do, you are reluctant to move. After a moment, and another “Come on in dear” by your boss, you enter his office, closing the door behind you.

“I’m really sorry” you say, still in a state of shock. The new girl stands up and walks over to you. She takes your hand and brings you back over to him. “It’s ok, he was telling me that he had his eye on you.” She leaned in and put her hand on your lower back, pulling you in she kisses you. Several light kisses to gauge your interest. You kiss her back … definitely interested.

Your boss, Max, watches. It’s apparent he likes the show as his cock throbs up and down in reaction. You return the kiss and cup the breast of Tammy, the new girl. She returns the favor. Max watches … each of fondling the other … and he begins to slowly stroke his exposed cock. “Can I join you?” he asks, although he had no intention of waiting for your permission.

You feel a second set of lips on your mouth, and the three of you are engaged in mouth-play. Your free hand instinctively reaches down and finds his cock and starts to massage it. Meanwhile, Tammy has slipped her hand under your skirt and found your panties.

You lose yourself in the sensations, hands, mouths, it all feels so wonderful and you don’t even realize that your clothes are being removed. You find yourself kissing Max, one on one, and lose track of Tammy. Suddenly, konya escort you feel the warm wetness of a tongue working its way down your front, down over your belly and towards your most sensitive spot.

As her tongue hits gold, you gasp. The sensation is so intense, with the excitement of being in the office, the possibility of being caught, and Max’s cock in your hand, it’s almost overwhelming.

Max begins to work his way down your neck as Tammy laps at your pussy. He finds his way to your breast and bites it, hard, leaving a mark.

You gasp and let out a moan as you feel a hand reaching around your bottom and grasp your butt cheek. You whimper with delight as you teeter, nearly falling over from the pleasure. You find purchase on the desk next to you, and lean against it for support. Max continues down, and his face is next to Tammy’s.

There isn’t room for both of them like this, so they lay you back onto Max’s desk and spread your legs wide. Tammy licks low, and Max just above her. It’s maddening, you grab handfulls of hair, forcing someone … whoever … in deeper as you drive against their face.

Tammy works her way down to your ass and begins rimming you. “Oh my god” escapes your mouth, and your clutch at your own breasts, massaging them, playing with your own nipples.

Max stands over Tammy and begins to press his cock against your wet pussy, rubbing it up and down, occasionally all the way down to Tammy’s awaiting mouth for a quick suck, then kayseri escort back to you.

His cock presses against your opening, and slides inside. The sensation of Tammy’s tongue and Max’s cock makes you cum instantly. The orgasm hits and you let out a cry of delight as your body quivers. But they continue. They’re just getting started. Max begins to pound harder against you, driving his cock deep inside you, Tammy has moved to licking Max’s shaft between thrusts. She is right there, licking it all, balls, cock, everything as you and Max pump against one another.

Tammy moves around to Max’s ass and begins rimming him while he drives his cock into your wet pussy. She reaches under Max and finds your ass and plunges a finger deep inside you. You let out another moan “FUCK YES” you say.

You two holes are being punished, and you love it. You reach out and grab the edge of the desk on both sides for leverage, and hold on tight. Max continues his pumping and Tammy her probing.

Your body nears exhaustion as your second orgasm builds. It’s close, you can feel it “OH GOD, OH GOD” you let out, and it hits you! The waves radiate from the point of action and the orgasm explodes across your body. “Oh yeah, there it is” says Max “I’m cumming too” he says, and he pulls out just in time for Tammy to catch his spraying jism in her awaiting mouth and face. “FUCK YES” he says, as she takes him in her mouth and sucks him dry.

She works her mouth on and around Max’s cock, cleaning him off and enjoying every drop. She then turns her focus onto you, and begins licking you clean as well. You react to her tongue, and enjoy the cleanup act.

Finished, you all look at each other for a moment, and Max says, “well, we’d better get dressed and get to work ladies” and you and Tammy help each other getting dressed as Max watches and dresses as well.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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