Black Transsexual Power Games

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I give dick and my Black male bitches have to take it. No such thing as trying. You either take my dick up your ass or you don’t. I smiled to myself as I thrust my ten inches of hard Black dick into the tight asshole of Richard Lucien. The big and tall young Haitian groaned as I fucked him. Well, that’s exactly why he came to me. Like a lot of ‘straight’ Black men out there, he’s got a thing for transsexuals. And they don’t get any hotter than me, Samira Jackson. I’m around five-foot-eleven, curvy, with big tits, wide hips, thick legs and a big, round ass. People say I look like Queen Latifah, only a bit taller. Everyone who sees me assumes I’m a big beautiful Black woman. Nobody can tell I’m a transsexual by looking at me. And I must say I like it like that. It’s fun to fuck with the world’s minds.

I met Richard Lucien while walking around the Saint Laurent Mall in downtown Ottawa. It’s the most racially diverse shopping center in all of Ottawa. And I love watching my Black men walking around, even though most of them are usually walking with Black women and occasionally White women. The sight of Black men always arouses this eternally horny Black transsexual diva. It never fails, folks. I’ve got a thing for Black men. They simply rock. I don’t like men of other races. Nothing wrong with Asian men, White men, Hispanic men, Persian men and Native American men. I simply crave the bodies of Black men. I like the way they smell and taste. Sorry, guys. It’s just the way I get down.

I moved to the City of Ottawa, Ontario, from my hometown of Brockton, Massachusetts, a little over three years ago. Why? Let’s just say that a certain rich Black woman from Boston wants me dead for turning out her fiancé, who was a closet case to begin with. Miranda Hillaire is the name of my nemesis. And she’s mad that her queer fiancé Jarod Stone xvideos porno left her at the altar the day he realized he liked dick more than pussy. Of course, I helped Jarod discover his true self. The night before his wedding, I had him face down and ass up in my apartment basement. I made him suck my dick before fucking him in the ass. Yeah, after those unfortunate events, I had to leave town. I came to Ontario to craft a new life for myself

You can’t teach an old bitch new tricks, and soon I was up to my old tricks again. I work as the Chief Financial Officer of a Security Company during the day. It’s okay money, I guess. I make around one hundred and teny thousand dollars a year after taxes. I hold a bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice from Northeastern University and a Law degree from Suffolk University. I should be making a lot more money but the Canadian law firms aren’t big on hiring hotshots from the United States of America these days. Canadians are dumb and narrow-minded. Whatever. I make enough money to live my life the way I want. My employers have no idea that I’m a transsexual and I like it that way.

Anyway, where was I? Oh, yes. I was pumping my dick into the asshole of one Richard Lucien. This big and tall Haitian stud hails from the City of Montreal, Quebec. He’s taking up business administration at Carleton University right here in Ottawa. He’s got a sexy Jamaican girlfriend named Veronique Arnold. You know the type. Tall, slim Black chick with curves where it counts and a nice ass. She’s fine. If I were into women, Veronique is the kind of slut I’d fuck. However, I like male ass too much to give pussy a try. Veronique has no idea that I’m a transsexual or that her boyfriend Richard likes dick more than she does. Even though she was present when I met Richard. I approached yabancı porno them, and introduced myself to them. I told them I was a recently divorced lady whose hubby left her for a White woman. That got Veronique’s attention. Getting dumped for a White woman is every Black female’s greatest fear. In a totally ‘sister’ moment, she invited me to have dinner with her and her boyfriend. And that proved to be Veronique’s downfall because I was out to steal her man. Black women can be so naïve sometimes. Judging by the way Richard was eyeballing me, I couldn’t say no. The rest, as they say, is history.

I knew what Richard was the moment I laid eyes on him, and I wanted a piece of his sexy body. I like big and tall, rugged Black men. I like to make them kneel before me and suck my ten-inch, uncircumcised Black dick. Then I like to bend them over and fuck them in the ass. That’s exactly what I did to Richard. At first, he was kind of reluctant. He told me that although he fucked a lot of guys, he was always a top. I looked him up and down. I am a top and I like to fuck other guys who think they’re tops. I rarely deal with men who claim to be total bottoms. It’s more fun to fuck a guy who has never been fucked before. I pursue the kind of guy who fucks other guys but thinks he’s better than them because he’s a top. I’ve lost count of how many gay and bisexual Black guys who self-identified as tops until they met me. I’ve helped each and every last one of my Black male conquests discover their inner bottoms. It’s the sweetest thing in the world.

I smacked Richard’s ass loudly while slamming my thick Black cock into the forbidden depths of his tight asshole. It took a lot for me to convince him to let me fuck him in the ass. I had to seduce him into it. I sucked his dick and let him play with my tits. yaşlı porno I sat on his face and rubbed my big round ass all over his face. I fingered his asshole while sucking his cock. Then I intensified things a bit. Soon I was inserting dildos into his asshole instead of fingers. He seemed to like that. Slowly but surely I wore him down. Until he finally agreed to try bottoming just for me. And the rest is history, as I like to say. I put my sexy Black male top on all fours, face down and ass up. I applied lubricant all over his asshole. Then I pressed my dick against his backdoor. And just like that, I began fucking this macho Black stud in the ass. Richard turned out to be a real screamer. I took real pleasure in berating him while slamming my ten inches of hard dick inside his ever widening asshole. He told me how he enjoyed fucking other people in the ass, both men and women. During one of our blowjob sessions, he told me how he once bent his girlfriend Veronique over inside a washroom of Algonquin College, the school she attends, and fucked her in the ass. He bragged about using her hand lotion as lubricant during this impromptu anal encounter. Well, I also used hand lotion as lubricant as I fucked Richard in the ass. How about that?

A few hours later, Richard left my apartment. His ass was kind of sore, and so was his mouth. I fucked his ass until he begged for mercy, then I came, sending my hot cum deep inside his asshole. Then I made him get on his knees and suck my cock. He could taste his ass on my dick but sucked it anyway. I smiled to myself and rubbed his head while he cleaned my dick with his tongue. Richard might act like a macho man around his girlfriend Veronique or those other guys he likes to fuck but I knew his true self. This bisexual Haitian stud is a power bottom all the way. He craves ass fucking, he just didn’t know it. Well, I put him in touch with his inner bottom. And since that day, he keeps coming back to me. The bastard practically begs me to stuff his ass now. Isn’t that funny? I’m always happy to oblige him, luckily. I love Black male ass. Nothing like it in this world.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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