Bias and Bottom Wrecker


Seoul, South Korea,

Woohoo! I finally saved up enough money to fly overseas and see my favorite boy group, K.L.I.T. (Korean Lovers in Thehouse). The SEXIEST Kpop group to come out this generation. I’ve been a “pleasure point” ever since they debuted under Cootyz Entertainment in 2017. And I know everything about the group and its six members. All of them have traits that make them sexy in their own right.

First there’s the leader, jibaejeog-in son (지배적인 손) or JIS for short. He tells everyone what to do, including the fans. When he speaks, everyone does what he says. He might even bring you up on stage to dance and dominate you, with consent of course.

Then there’s Lowboy (로우보이), he makes the girls twerk and drop it low, especially when they play their song “Low Girl”. Let’s just say he gives some of the girls a chance to twerk on stage when the song comes on. He may give them a few spanks but they’re ready for it because that’s what he does in the music video.

Up next, there’s my bias, Kommando (특공대). He usually has a lot of swag when it comes to his outfits, but his name comes from the fact that he wears nothing on underneath his pants. And by what I can see, his *cough*” glow stick” *cough* is big and bright to say the least.

His twin brother Chief (셰프) mainly comes off shirtless, showing his 8 pack or not wearing anything underneath a jacket. Idk how big his “glow stick” is, but he and my bias are related so I bet they’re the same.

My bias wrecker “Jojag” (조각) is basically the male stripper of the group. He might take his shirt off and what not, but when one of their songs plays, they put a chair in the center. And he dances for and on you better than any male stripper ever could in my opinion. He doesn’t talk much as far I know, he mostly lets his dance do the talking for him on stage. But offstage, he seems like a chatterbox.

And finally the maknae, Suite Oppa. He’s the sweet and wholesome one in the group. He loves his mom who died a few years ago. One time he invited a few girls backstage to look at his baby photos with his mom. They came out a few hours later happy.

It was about 11:15 pm in Korea when we landed. I brought 5 friends along with me to see them.

There’s Dana, the submissive friend and my bff.

Yin, my workout friend with abs of her own and family in the K-pop industry. That’s how we got backstage passes.

Aaliyah, my party friend with her ability to get low, especially in the club.

Adrienne, my stripper friend who knows a thing or two about sexy dancing. She once made $50,000 in one night.

And finally, there’s Juanita. my wholesome friend that wanted to see Suite Oppa’s baby photos. She even brought hers to exchange. We arrived at our hotel and went straight to sleep.

We slept till about 1pm the next day. We didn’t realize it and we decided to get something to eat before we went to our concert which was at 9pm. We got some Korean food. Pork belly and some Bulgogi or marinated barbeque beef. It was nice and we needed to see the city before we went. We then decided to go shopping for the big night. So we went to what we thought was the best store to get some “appropriate” attire.

Dana, got a customized black half shirt that with gold lettering that said 아빠의 작은 괴물 or “Daddy’s little monster”. A reference to when JIS released a solo single. In the music video, it shows him “taming” a “monster” to call him daddy. Yin got some athletic wear to show off her fit body. Juanita got some fuzzy shirts and slippers to hug her bias in.

Adrienne got some of that scandalous gear to let the group know she was a professional. She wanted to see how well her bias could dance for her. Aaliyah just got some spandex, sneakers and a tube top, prefect for dropping it low. And to get down on stage if she gets lucky. And me? I got some leather pants and a chain lace up crop top perfectly aligned with my cleavage. So my bias knows where his big glow stick belongs.

Back at our hotel at around 7pm, we were getting dressed up and pre gaming. I don’t know if we should be drinking before a concert. But we were like fuck it. We all got dressed up in our proper attire, gossiping and geeking out about our biases. I interrupt them.

“Guys, we need to be respectful when we get there. We don’t wanna look like Saesang”. I warn them.

“But honestly we kinda are saesang. I brought my own baby photos to exchange with Suite Oppa!” Juanita starts screaming.

“You think I’m gonna wait to see if my bias knows how to strip dance for this 50K queen?!” Adrienne yells.

“That’s not what she means guys. She means, be mindful and not invade their privacy. A lot of people try to do malicious things to them,” Yin explains calmly.

“Oh we’d never do anything like that,” said Juanita.

“Yeah Porno just follow the beat. When it’s time to drop it low, you drop it low. When it’s time to be entertained, relax and let them entertain you.” And when it’s time to go backstage. We let them invite us,” Aaliyah tells them.

“I hope JIS pulls my hair,” Dana says with excitement.

“You’ll all get your fun I’m sure,” I say rolling my eyes.

We get to the stadium and to our spot.

“Ok guys, we meet them as a group. Then we go one on one with our bias wreckers, then our biases,” I try to whisper to them.

“Got it,” Yin whispers.

The lights go dim and music starts playing loudly.


The crowd cheers like their soccer team just won the world cup. They all come up dancing and singing with those crazy routines, nothing like other Kpop groups would do. They were better and sexier.

Partway through, “Low Girl” is played. That was Aaliyah’s cue.

“All girls ready to get low, come up to Lowboy!”

Aaliyah gets to the front and the music starts playing. “Low Girl” is the twerk anthem for the group. We all tried to compete with her, but she was a twerk queen and everyone knew it. We had no shot. He invited her and 3 other girls to come and twerk for him on stage and let’s just say it got TURNT. It got intimate and they all took turns gyrating on his hips for a few minutes. He then gave them a peck on the cheek and let them back down. I bet she had fun.

Later on, JIS’s single came on and of course, Dana’s custom merch was enough for him to pick her. Just like in the video, she gets on all fours, making the same feline-like motions, ending with him pulling her hair, hard. It looks painful, but it’s easy for me to see she was close to having an orgasm on stage. Damn whore I thought.

I and Yin’s biases other than the verses in the songs were pretty tame, I watched Kommando eye to dick, and his twin brother Chief showing off his abs every now and then.

Adrienne got selected as the special guest for Jojag’s stripper dance. He seats her and kisses her hand. Instead of being embarrassed like some Kpop stans, she looks him dead in the eye with a fierce look. Her outfit screamed stripper, and Jojag got the feeling that she was a professional. It was time for him to bring out his A-game. He takes of his shirt and began to thrust on her. He hoped to see her moan. All she did was lick her lips.

He then picks her up and carries her for a few seconds. He expected gratitude. Instead, she gave him some tongue. He went back on the seat. Now she was pleasuring him while the others sang pretending they don’t notice. The crowd was in disbelief, and probably horny as shit. When the music ended, it left Jojag in the chair in shock. Last but not least was Suite Oppa.

At the end of the concert he showed pictures of his mother. It was the 3 year anniversary of his mother’s passing. Some people in the crowd started crying. Including Juanita who was sobbing. She tightly held an envelope filled with her baby photos ready to be exchanged in her hands.

It was now time for us to go back stage for our meet and greet. After the initial, stereotypical fangirl scream, JIS said,

“Hey, nice to meet you guys!”

“Thank you! Nice to meet you too!” I said.

I was the most exited one there. We quickly introduced ourselves and got acquainted.

“How about we all get to know one another one on one?”

“I’d love that,” Jojag said.

We all agreed to start with our bias-wreckers before. So I went with him first.

“Hey there,” I said shyly.

“Hey There, Did you enjoy our concert?” Jojag asked.

“Yep, you guys are my favorite boy group,” I quickly replied

“Aww thank you,” he said back. “So… tell me, what does your friend Adrienne do, for work I mean?”

“What I’m not good enough for you?”

“No, no no!” He quickly replied

“You’re lovely, but I know I’m not your bias. You only looked at me when Adrienne was there with me on stage,” He then laughs.

“Well, I’ll tell you what smarty, I wittingly say. “You’re my bias wrecker cause of what you do. And to answer your question, Adrienne’s a stripper and you’re her bias.”

“For real?!That explains a lot,” He said.

I was confused by his answer.

“Explains what?” I asked


“Explains how she handled me so well. Some girls cum in about a minute or at least blush,” he said

“Yeah, She made $50,000 in one night,” I said, annoyed he was asking about her and not me.

“Really? That much…” he said “She must be a big baller. Reminds of when I used to strip.”

“Yeah, she- wait, You used to be a stripper?!”

“Yes I was!” He said proudly. “Used to work at “Hunky Dory” back in Altyazılı Porno the US”. You’ve ever been there?”

“Once” I said embarrassingly, “I didn’t really enjoy it, the men were a bit too eager to get me on stage”.

“Aww, I’m sorry, how bout I make it up to you,” he said sweetly “I’ll show you how a real man treats a lady.”

He then takes my hand and twirls me around. My cheeks turn red. I then undress myself.

“Just a quickie. I need to save room for my bias”. I said

“Alright I understand,” he said.

I quickly went for his dick. About 6-7 inches, nothing crazy but enough to warm me up. I get on my knees stroking his cock and then put it in my mouth, with occasional spit to moisten it. I’m sure Adrienne would be proud. He quickly puts me on the bed. He inserts myself and starts rocking on top of me. I did ask for a quickie, but I was moaning loud. I was enjoying our quick session, but then I hear a loud knock.

“Is that my manager?” he asked frightened

“I’ll check,” I said.

Turned out it was Adrienne, waiting for me to come out.

“How long have you been waiting?”

“Only about 2 minutes” she said. “Alright my bias, I’m about to give you the best you ever had.” She said lustfully”.

She proceeds to take off her clothes

“Don’t bother putting your clothes on. Stripper to stripper, I understand,” she said

She turned to me.

“I’ll take care of him. You should tend to your bias. Have fun,” Adrienne said.

She winked at me. Jojag quickly cleaned himself off and they start fucking immediately.

I exit the room and head to where I think my bias is. At first I thought the doors in the hallway were closed, but they were open just enough to where I could peak without getting noticed. I looked in and saw Juanita with Suite Oppa looking at each other’s baby photos.

“You were so cute when you were a baby. Your mom would be proud,” she says in a sincere and sweet way.

“Thank you,” he says quietly. “You were too. I miss her so much,” He sheds a tear.

“Aww baby, let me love you. I’ll take your pain away,” she said almost like a mom would. They begin to kiss.

“Oh brother,” I thought to myself.

Suite Oppa slowly lays down on bed and Juanita quietly shuts the door. I then head down the hallway again. A bathroom! Perfect! I can clean myself off!

Now that I’m all clean, let’s find my bias. I find another room with the door slightly open. I heard music and moaning. I looked inside. The room was velvet, with candles and a queen size bed. How the hell were they able to get this all in there? I guess if they’re able to perform like they do, they can also get all this stuff in unnoticed. I saw Aaliyah and Lowboy on the floor in doggy style.

OH FUCK!” I hear Aaliyah scream.

Lowboy smacks both of her ass cheeks. He then pauses deep inside her as Aaliyah twerks on his dick and moans in pleasure. It turned me on. I began to rub myself. But I had to save it for my bias. So I quickly shut the door and hurried along.

I then hear a whacking noise and what sounded like Dana yelping.

I peeked through the next door. The room was pitch black except for a light near the bed stool. Dana was handcuffed to the bed, fully nude and face down. I see the Shadow of a man appear. He made deep grunts and hard thrusts.

“Yes daddy!” She yells “I’m your little monster!”

He got his name for a reason, wow.

I find the next door. It was Yin and Chief both feeling each other up.

“You have some crazy abs Yin,” Chief said. “I’d love to know your workout routine.”

Yin replied saying, “You know, I am a fitness instructor. I’m always accepting new clients.”

They begin purring at each other. Before they begin Yin spots me.

“AH! Next door!” she points and tells me before slamming the door shut.

I then go to the next door like she said.

I lightly knock on the door. No response. I slowly turn the knob, open the door and slowly walk inside. There he was. Just sitting on a comfy looking bed. In the same outfit he wore on stage.

“Hi,” I say sweetly.

“Hi,” he quietly replies.

“How are you?”


I could tell he wasn’t fluent in English, so I’ll try to keep the talk as simple as possible. I sit on the bed next to him and put my left hand around his lower back. I then talk sweet and quiet to him.

“You’re really cute,” I tell him.

“Thank you,” He says.

“You’re my bias. Did you know that?”


I put my right hand on his right thigh. His pants were skin tight. I could see that his glow stick was starting to glow.

“Those pants look super tight. You wanna change into something a little comfier?”

I put my arms around my titties and squeeze them Brazzers to extend my cleavage. Now he was horny. I thought his pants were about to rip due to his bulge.

“Do you… want to have sex with me?” he asks confused.

“Yes,” I say quietly and lustfully.

I give him a long, passionate kiss on his lips.

We kiss for a few more minutes and gave each other some tongue. While doing so I feel his pants. His cock was hard as a rock. Just feeling it made me wet. I take his hand and make him feel my tits.

“You like?” I ask

“Yes,” he said.

I start to undo my chain lace to show him what he’s working with. He fondles them a bit while I unzip his pants to pull out his dick. It was about 10 inches big and almost 2 inches wide. I knew I stanned him for a reason. Watching his performances, seeing it dangle. Now it’s time for him to stan me.

I continue to stroke it until I know it can’t get any harder. I smother it with my tits, going up and down. Nothing like a good titty fuck to get him warmed up.

“You like that?!”

“Ugh, yes baby!”

His face was all red now. I throw my chain lace on the floor while he takes off his shirt. He was all warmed up. Before he could react, I grab his dick and stuff it in my throat. I start slow at the tip. With the occasional spit to moisten it. It was even yummier than what I thought it would be. Back home, I sometimes would look at my K.L.I.T. posters and suck on my dildo, pretending it was him. Guess I don’t have to do that anymore.

I then put it in deeper. Trying to get it all in my mouth but only was able to get six inches in. He puts his left hand on my scalp to make me go down further.

“uh-kuh guh guh guh guh,” was the only sound in the room as I continue to gag on his dick whilst touching my clit.

I feel it throbbing in my throat. I try to take a deep breath and prepare. He came hard. The noise I made sounded like I was vomiting if someone didn’t know better. Not to mention I had an orgasm when he came. So that’s a double whammy.

I open my mouth to show him all the delicious cum he let out. I then let him watch as I swallow it all. It should be a crime not to swallow something so tasty.

I push him back onto the bed and get on top of his saddle to ride that pony of his. I first jump on and while he is still inside me, I turn around and face his legs.

“AAAAHHHH!” he screams both in pleasure and pain.

I hold on to his ankles while I bounce up and down on his dick. He couldn’t stop moaning. It was so cute. And very satisfying. I then turn around towards his upper body. I continue bouncing up and down on his dick. By looking at him that close I knew he was having the time of his life.

I then bend my body downward, give him a kiss and hold his cheeks

“You stan this pussy?” I ask him.

“Oh god, yes baby!” He moans loudly

“That’s right! You should stan me!” I told him.

My bias has become my stan. I then get on my knees and get high enough where only his tip was inside me. He would have to thrust hard in order to get it all in, and show me I was his bias. He thrusted his hips hard. Doing his best in order to make sure he stuffed it all in. I was in heaven and lost count of how many orgasms I had with the dance routine I was giving him.

Without saying a word, we switch positions. He pulls out and I open my legs exposing my clit. He begins licking it like a lollipop.

“That’s right Kommando, lick your bias’s pussy!”

His tongue swirls around me like a tornado.

He works way up from my clit, to licking my stomach, and sucking my nipples.

Finally he gets on top of me to finish. He re-inserted himself to give me my final rough ride.

“That’s Right Kommando Baby, Fuck me!”

He thrusts as hard as he could, ready to satisfy his new bias. He thrusts harder and harder. That’s when I knew he was going to finish. He gripped me tighter and thrusted faster. Finally with a loud moan, he unloaded all of his cum inside me. He then fell down on my chest. We were both exhausted as we caught our breath.

A few minutes later, my phone vibrated. I went to check who texted me since my pants were only two feet away. I got 5 new messages. One from each of my friends.

Juanita texted saying, “I’m staying here tonight with my Suite Oppa fluffykinz.”

Dana said, “JIS told me to stay the night so that’s what I’m doing.”

Adrienne replied, “Jojag and I have a lot in common to say the least. I’m staying the night with him.”

Yin texted, “We had such a fun time “exercising” together. I’m gonna crash with him tonight.”

Aaliyah said, “I’m gonna lay low with Lowboy tonight.”

I texted back saying, “Yeah, I’m gonna stay with my stan tonight too. He seems to enjoy my company.”

I noticed that Kommando fell asleep. I wrapped my hands around his back and gave him a nice forehead kiss.

Quite a time huh. I went to Korea, saw an amazing Kpop concert, had myself the greatest Kfuck of all time, and now I’m going to fall asleep and have a wonderful Kdream.

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