Between the Lines



Michael and Ally worked at the same college. He was a relief teacher, (he would laugh at that on many occasions as he had been there 3 years now) and she was the librarian. Only he was allowed to call her Ally, to everyone else, she was Miss May.

Michael was 24, Ally (Alison) was 39. Despite the age difference, they became friends, and they regularly shared coffee and laughter in the dining room at lunch time which brought disapproving looks their way by other members of staff. Secretly, Ally was the spark that fuelled Michael’s fantasies.

Today, Michael stood outside the doors of the library. He had been here many times before but not like this. His heart was pounding, and his throat was dry.

Would she be there?

Only one way to find out, he thought.

Pushing the doors open quietly, he gingerly stepped inside. The cool air that greeted him was refreshing after the humidity outside.

Sunlight streamed in through skylights, and high windows inlayed with stained glass of gold and rich earth tones made the light in the library soft and comforting.

Michael glanced towards the librarian’s station, and breathed a sigh of relief. She was nowhere in sight. Hurrying over to the shelves that contained the returned books, he began quickly looking for the one he wanted.

After what seemed like an eternity, but was in fact only about ten minutes, realisation dawned on him, and as Ally turned the corner of the Bostancı Escort book shelves and saw him, she heard him muttering, “It’s not there…it’s not there…”

“Hello Michael, need some help?”

Panic rose in his chest when he heard her voice. His heart thundered and he found it hard to breathe as he turned towards her. The last thing he saw was the book he was looking for in her hand, and as he watched, time seemed to slow down. A few loose pages slipped silently from the book, and as Ally looked down, picked them up, and began to read, oblivion took him, and he gracefully fainted in a heap on the floor.

Michael became aware of soft warm lips lightly brushing against his, he opened his eyes slowly, and, just outside his focus, he saw red hair. His lips tingled where hers had touched him and he softly spoke one word…”Ally.”

His arms folded around her and he pulled her into a deeper, more sensual kiss. Lips parted and tentatively their tongues greeted one another in a slow and languid dance. Her fingers fluttered across his skin, stroking his smooth chest and neck, before sliding along his jawline causing him to shudder. His mind was aware of nothing but Ally. The feel of her in his arms. Her scent. Her touch.

Breathlessly they parted, and for a moment their eyes locked. His sapphire blue, her’s jade green. In that instance a silent invisible message was conveyed between them, and they fell Ümraniye Escort together in heated passion, their kisses filled with urgency. Pushing Ally back Michael kissed his way down her writhing body. His fingers brushed over her delicate soft skin, teasing at her ankles, the back of her knees, and her inner thighs. His touch was so light and yet every caress flooded her body with fire.

He ventured closer to her glancing briefly up at her face. She had a finger trapped between her lips, her teeth gently biting it yet not quite stifling the whimpers and moans erupting forth from her throat. He moved forward, and flicked his tongue at the throbbing bud peeking out from moist swollen folds of silky flesh. She groaned loudly as his lips captured that bud in a kiss, and as he held firmly between his lips, it was at the mercy of his caressing tongue.

Waves of heat flooded through Ally. Behind her eyes sparks ignited sending a ripple through her being, and as Michael’s tongue delved deep between her folds, she shuddered, calling out his name as her release washed over her. Hungrily, Michael savoured her essence until her shudders ceased and he felt her fingers run through his hair.

Moving slowly, Michael kissed his way back up her body until their lips once again joined in a slow languid kiss. Ally could feel him nestled between her thighs, and, as she held onto him she urged him inside. Moving slowly within that river Kartal Escort of desire, his lips found the tender and sensitive spot between her neck and shoulder. He kissed and nipped as Ally squirmed beneath him, her fingers grasping at his body her legs wrapped round his dictating a new rhythm to their dance. Slow delicious movements became deep firm thrusts. Moans became gasps and cries as they rode this torrent of passion. Over and over their bodies came together, their movements in perfect harmony. Ally gripped Michael’s back spurring him on as her nails pressed into his flesh, Michael rose, firmly holding Ally’s hips he pulled her body further onto him. He was close, yet he didn’t want this to end. He opened his eyes and looked down at Ally and at that moment she looked up at him. The look of perfect pleasure in her eyes was his undoing and he plunged into her body one last time as trembling and shaking they both burst forth into a flood of emotional ecstasy.

The sweet oblivion of passion overtook him and he knew nothing except the tremors through his body and the explosions in his mind.

In the distance he heard her calling his name, “Michael…Michael..” Slowly opening his eyes the world came back into focus.


He looked into her eyes. “Are these what you were looking for?” He glanced at the pages in her hand, the ones that had fell from the book. The pages that contained his fantasies about Ally.

Inwardly she smiled as a look of embarrassment and fear flashed across his face.

“What a lot of time we’ve wasted,” she said, and smiled warmly at him. Realisation of her words slowly melted through to his mind as Ally leaned forward, and gently kissed him..

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