Bethany Gets Afro-Sheened Ch. 09

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Virgil pulled over to the curb in the small suburban village. With Foley’s fresh copious load still glazed on her eighteen-year-old face, Bethany was told to exit the car and parade herself down the sidewalk, displaying the result of her services to passersby. She begrudgingly complied.

After about fifteen minutes of this public “humiliation,” Virgil stopped at a corner she was approaching and Foley popped open the rear door and called her in. “You guys can be real bastards sometimes…” the young cheerleader lamented.

Foley and the rest of the guys just giggled like school kids. “Jist havin’ a little bit of harmless fun wit’ ya’ is all, Beth…be happy we didn’t make you do a cheer.” Virgil kidded, “Still love us?”

She looked up and smiled, “Yeah, how could I stay mad at a car full of huge black cock. So now what?”

“Actually,” Virgil said, “We’re going to take you home. But Foley’s got a request.”

“Yeah. I wants some new blood. I want ya to bring one of yo’ girlfriends into da picture, if ya knows what I mean. Pick out a pretty blonde and git her to come with yo’ to my house on Saturday afternoon. And be sure she be over 18. Yo’ could tell her I gots weed yo’ wanna buy, if ya think that’ll help ya git her there.”

She thought for a moment. “Yes, I guess I could probably convince a friend to come along with me,” Bethany said as she wiped the cold cum from her face with a tissue Foley provided. She remembered her neighbor, Kristy, a freshman at NYU, was home now on summer break. She was nineteen, blonde, with a great body. She was sure Foley would approve of her.

Bethany was dropped off several blocks from her house so not to arouse suspicion of her new friendships. At home she began to work on Foley’s plan. Kristy, she thought, yes, Kristy might be the perfect blonde to introduce to Foley. Kristy was an old friend who had a fondness for smoking weed so it would hardly be a challenge.

Later that evening, she phoned Kristy and did a bit of catching up before making plans to meet for lunch on Saturday. Being a year older than Bethany, she was more mature, having lived away from home for a year. Kristy picked Bethany up that Saturday and drove to a trendy café.

Kristy looked absolutely stunning. Her body was more attractive than Bethany had remembered. She wore a tight fitting aqua blue t-shirt that tied at the right hip. Her breasts, although not as large as Bethany’s, were ample and well-rounded. But it was her form-fitting jeans that drew mens’ gazes because they showcased a perfect bubble butt. So shapely were her double bubbles that they almost called out for a hand to caress their oval moons. Quite simply, she possessed an ass to die for.

They made casual conversation, when suddenly Bethany blurted out–“You still like getting high, Kris?”

“Oh, yeah,” replied Kristy dreamily with a mischievous grin, “but I’m fresh out. You don’t have any weed, do you?”

“No, but I know a guy who does.”

* * *

It was a quick drive to Foley’s. The girls walked up to the front door and Bethany knocked. She was greeted with a friendly hello from Foley. Bethany made the introductions and Kristy seemed a bit apprehensive. Bethany sensed it and quickly tried to move things along. “Say, Foley, you have any weed we could buy? Like that stuff you always have me smoke?” Bethany said with a wry smile.

“Sure, sure, girls, I gots some o’ dat stuff.” Foley sat down at the kitchen table. “Why don’t you young ladies have a seat and minute and let ol’ Foley finish his drink.”

The girls sat at the table. Kristy still seemed a bit nervous. His face was vaguely familiar to her. Foley caught her staring. “Somethin’ wrong, miss?” he asked.

“No,” Kristy replied.

Bethany sensed that Kristy might have remembered Foley from high school. “I think Kristy is trying to place you. She probably doesn’t remember you as the school custodian. Am I right Krissy?”

“Oh, yeah, that’s it. Now I recall.”

“Oh, good,” said Foley. “’cause I thought it was ’cause I was black that made yo’ feel jumpy.”

“Not at all,” lied Kristy.

“So Black folks is okay wit’ yo’? Yo’ ain’t prejudice?”

“No, Mr. Foley, I’m certainly not a racist.”

“Good, glad to hear it. And please call me Foley.”

The janitor downed the rest of his drink and went to a kitchen cabinet. He returned with a cigar box which he set on the table and sat down. Lifting the lid, he pulled out a joint and passed it to Kristy. “Why don’t yo’ girls sample the product first, see if yo’s liking it.”

“Great idea,” agreed Bethany.

They fired it up and took deep drags off the joint. After three hits each, the girls were feeling the effects. “Wow, this is some good shit, Foley,” commented a buzzing Kristy, “but aren’t you going to try some?”

“Naw, never durin’ a business transaction.”

“How much for the bag in the box?” asked Bethany.

“Well, like Kristy said, dis is good shit. It’ll cost ya hundred bucks.”

“Wow! That much. I don’t know if we have all that much.”

“How çekmeköy escort much yo’ gots, ladies.”

Kristy had a ten dollar bill and Bethany had 3 bucks and change.

“Sheee-it! Yo’ ladies ain’t worth my time. But I’ll tell yo’ what. Since yo’ both from de ol’ high school, I give yo’ a deal. If yo’ finish dat joint and can handle smokin’ another blunt, I gives yo’ the bag.”


“Fo’ real, girls.”

“What’s the catch?” asked a cynical Kristy.

Foley stood. His pants were obviously unbuttoned. Kristy froze as he dropped his giant hard-on to the tabletop. “Dis here’s the other blunt. Smoke it, and da bags yours, ladies.”

Aghast by his forwardness, Kristy wanted to jump up from her seat, struggling to avert her eyes from the shocking and yet magnificent sight before her. Bethany was also doing her best to restrain her need to plant a wet kiss on his undeniably spellbinding cock.

Careful not to give too much away, Bethany quickly said, “Foley, you’re disgusting. What kind of girls do you think we are? Do you really think that we would want to suck your big black cock?” Her mouth was salivating.

“Yeah, Bethany, let’s get the fuck outta here! This is creepy,” agreed Kristy.

“Well then, I guess yo’ are a racist after all,” said Foley.

“I’m no racist,” Kristy replied, “I just don’t do that sort of thing and am certainly not used to being dis-respected in that manner.”

“So a pretty thang like yo’self never be having a boyfriend, huh?”

“I’ve had boyfriends…”

“And yo’ never had opportunity to suck a cock?”

“I’ve…I’ve been with boys…”

“So I see, it’s just wit’ white boys. Blacks is off limits to yo'”

“Well, I never had the opportunity to…”

“Then here’s yo’ chance, young lady. Yo’ in luck. It’s a twofer for yo.’ Yo’ gets to suck yo’ first black cock and get a free bag’o dope.”

Bethany couldn’t hold back any longer. “Look, Kristy, if you don’t want to, it’s alright. I’ll get him off and get the dope.” She walked around to Foley and as he turned to face her, she straightforwardly dropped to her knees and licked her lips. She cleanly couldn’t hold back any longer–she just had to have black cock in her mouth.

She spit in her hand, coated his long flesh wand with it, licked it all over and then popped the head of his shaft in her mouth. “Oh, dat nice. Yo’ shore a sweet young thang to suck Foley like dat. Damn.”

As Kristy looked on, somewhat horrified by the scene and also somewhat curious, Bethany continued in a workman like manner, bobbing her head and taking more and more of the long silky pipe into her mouth and throat. Saliva dripped off his cock and from her lip as she took the cock and fisted it into her mouth. She looked up at Foley and winked.

“Hey, Kristy, this really isn’t so bad. You should try some. Come on, it’s actually fun.”

“You call blowing a janitor fun?”

“You don’t know what you’re missing, girl. This is the big delicious!”

“Dat’s awrigh’ girl, da white bitch dick-teaser probly don’t know how to please a man anyways,” Foley said.

“She should…SLURP…,” said Bethany between cock laps, “…she’s a co-ed…SLURP…I’m sure she’s had dick before…SLURP …SLURP.”

Maybe the reefer was getting to her, but his cock did look extraordinary–so hard, so long, so smooth, and yes so enticingly black–it was almost surreal. With her curiosity aroused from watching them, the smell his sex drifted from across the table to her nostrils, causing her pussy to twitch.

“So you’re telling me he actually tastes good to you? I have never sucked a cock that tasted good. I only did it to please some guys.”

“I tol’ yo’ she an uppity bitch that thinks she some high class glamour gal.”

“Kristy, this cock…SLURP…is fuckin’ luscious…SLURP…believe me when I tell you…SLURP…it tastes just as good as it looks…SLURP…maybe you haven’t been with…SLURP…the right guys…”

Bethany took her manicured hands and began massaging Foley’s huge balls while still sucking his hard-on. “Mmmmmm…dat a girl,” encouraged Foley.

Kristy took another hit off the joint she was holding and unconsciously stepped closer to the action. “Come, girl, I’ll hold it for you. Just give it a peck on the head…see if you like it,” suggested Bethany.

“I dunno if I should.”

“What do you mean? Your body language says different–you just stepped clear around the table. I know you’re curious. Get on your knees and meet your destiny, you hot white bitch…ha ha,” Bethany giggled while continuing her stroking.

Kristy smiled at Bethany’s playfulness. Giving in, the awestruck co-ed fell to her knees beside Bethany, took a long nervous pull from the joint, held her breath for as long as she could and exhaled the smoke. “Put it in my mouth, girlfriend, this hot bitch is ready,” Kristy said trying to sound tough but then closed her eyes as if she didn’t want to see it coming in.

“You’ll need to open up wider, Kris, this is king-size,” cevizli escort the emerald-eyed cheerleader coached then placed slick cockhead right on her friend’s tongue.

Kristy instinctively wrapped her lips around the head and ran the flat of her tongue over the pee-hole. “Tastes good, doesn’t it?” asked Bethany, who continued to pump the cock.

Kristy’s wide-eyed stare acknowledged her agreement. “Want to take more of it?”

Kristy nodded. Bethany gently placed a hand at the back of Kristy’s head as guidance and held Foley’s cock at the root with the other. She tenderly pushed Kristy’s head forward, watching as her lips eagerly stretched to accommodate more and more flesh of the “big delicious.”

“Well, maybe she not a racist after all, but do da bitch swallow?” asked Foley.

Knowing Foley’s style, Bethany understood what he was about to do so she vigorously pumped his pulsing cock, stopping just as her grip met Kristy’s lips. The inevitable happened before Kristy could answer the question.

He grunted and his seed promptly flooded her mouth. In the warm shock of the sperm blast, she instinctively swallowed without realizing it. As another blast splashed the back of her throat, again her reaction was to swallow to avoid gagging. At that point she pulled off the feral cock and her face now became its target–getting drenched with three quick splatters of thick cum strands.

“oh, my God!,” remarked a shuddering Kristy, “I’m coming…” and she rubbed her pussy through her jeans, moaning in ecstasy, still holding the lit joint in her free hand. When the waves of her orgasm subsided, Foley had buckled up and sat down. Bethany took the joint from Kristy’s hand and took a long drag and stood up.

“Wow, what the hell just happened?” Kristy asked, as the fresh sperm dripped down her face and on to her aqua blue t-shirt.

“You just got blacked, girlfriend. I told you it was something special.”

“I have never climaxed like that before and certainly never from sucking a cock. But I have to admit, although I have never swallowed a load of cum before, I glad you jerked it off in my mouth or I might have never experienced the wonderful feeling of having that delicious juice squirt against my tonsils! It was incredible.”

“I think she likes you Foley.”

“Naw, I think da bitch likes black cock, is all,” corrected Foley, “now thanks y’all for the suck off, but I needs ta be goin’. Here’s your dope. Now be on your way.”

Bethany took a paper towel from the rack under the cupboards and helped Kristy clean her face. She was almost tempted to lick the remaining goo off her face.

In the car, Kristy spoke candidly about her new experience. Bethany thought it best to keep her black carnal knowledge to herself, at least at this stage in their friendship.

That night Kristy re-lived the events in Foley’s kitchen over and over in her mind and dreamt about “the big delicious.” She already knew what she was going to do the next day.

* * *

After that restless night, Kristy woke and anxiously preened herself from head to toe. She wanted to look sexy and wanton, even if a bit slutty. She wore a skimpy outfit–a white muscle shirt that was glued to upper torso and cut-off jeans that showed off her glorious ass. Knee-high laced black boots with three-inch heels threw the blonde’s look over-the-top.

Her recently polished pink manicured fingernails sparkled in the morning sunlight as they gripped the steering wheel of her Ford. Turning the engine over, she dropped it in gear and raced to the door she had left the previous day–the door of her destiny.

When she arrived, she pulled out her compact and fretfully re-applied another coat of her cherry red lip gloss. She had to look perfect for him. Pleased by the “blow job” lip effect created, she fussed with her tresses a last minute and then walked toward the front door, carefully negotiating the porch steps with her stiletto heels.

Staring at the door, she gulped with hesitant anticipation–hoping he’d answer, hoping he’d be receptive and allow her in. She lightly knocked. Then again, more forcefully. Foley, wrapped in a towel, opened up.

“Well, if it ain’t Kristy da blonde pothead. Yo’ all smoked already? In one night? And now yo’ back fo’ mo’–dat it, girl?”

“No, I didn’t run out of weed, Foley, but I am back for more,” she said with a wicked smile. “Like my outfit?”

“Come in, come in, let me have a look at yo'” She paraded around his kitchen. “MMmmmm…MMmmmm…what a fine fine bubble ass yo’ gots, make any black bitch jealous. So let me get dis staight–yo’ not back fo’ dope, yo’ come fo’ mo’ of whats I got, dat it?”


“A repeat performance. Hmmm. I thinks I could manage dat. Have a seat at da table.” Foley took a water bong out of a cupboard. He filled the bowl with weed. “Have a few hits while I tends to something. I be back shortly…” He went to his bedroom.

Kristy lit up the bong, taking two deep draws. A nice warm feeling fell upon her as the erenköy escort buzz slowly crept over her. She heard voices in the back room. Sitting quietly, she tried to listen though the door was closed. She definitely heard bedsprings. Curious, she went to the door which was slightly ajar. She peeked in and saw Foley fucking a woman on the bed.

Damn, she thought, she’s got a girl in there and she had been so looking forward to getting his first load of the day herself–that morning load: huge, copious, pungent, and creamy. She listened as they became more vocal. “Fuck me Foley, give me every inch!”

My God, she thought to herself, that’s Bethany’s voice. Feeling a bit envious, she needed to make her presence known and quickly thought of an excuse. She retrieved the bong from the kitchen table and went back to the bedroom saying loudly, “Hey, Foley wanna a hit…” as she barged in. “Oh, I’m sorry,” she said, “I didn’t realize…”

Foley looked over his shoulder and smiled, “Da is plenty for both yo’ white asses.” He pulled out of Bethany, making an almost popping sound. “What say we give Kristy here a taste a what she been dreamin’ on, Bethany…”

Bethany was sitting up on the bed now, knowing she was helpless to stop things. She just nodded and watched as smiling Kristy approached a now standing Foley and began caressing his huge black cock with one hand while holding the bong with the other.

She brought the bong up to Foley mouth and he took a long hit. “I want very inch of your magnificent black cock in my throat, Foley,” Kristy whispered in his ear, “I want your morning load to be my breakfast.”

He smiled as he exhaled the smoke. The blonde dropped to her knees, licking her plump lips. She too took a long hit off the bong, held the drag in, set it on the floor, opened her mouth as wide as possible while holding her toke in, and slowly descended down the length of Foley stiff shaft.

She tasted his pre-cum and Bethany’s pussy juice and although it was pungent, it wasn’t all that unpleasant. She had about four inches of the man-meat in when he took her by the head and jabbed more into her face. Her throat opened for him and he fucked more cock past the gagging threshold. She nearly had all of the cock when she pushed off, and gasped, exhaling the dope smoke and holding on to his legs as her head began spinning in a dizzy near black-out moment.

Her breath grew heavy as her heart palpitated. It took a minute for her to recover and when she wiped her teary eyes, she spotted pre-cum peeking out of the slit of his swollen spongy cock head. She immediately kissed it off. “Let’s try that again!” she said with an energetic smile. She hit the bong, held her breathe and guided that black missile of pleasure back where it had just been.

Her hunger to inhale his entirety certainly got the best of her good judgment. It didn’t matter that his black cock had just been in the white pussy of her friend or that Foley treated her with little respect or called her degrading names. It didn’t matter that her friend watched as she allowed herself to be degraded by a black janitor.

None of it mattered to her now–the desire to know what it was like to hold that black prize deep in her–completely, totally, indisputably–in her gullet was simply to powerful.

Her lips stretched, inching every way down the erection. He nudged more dick in her lustful face which she willingly responded by accepting it without protest as her pretty eyes watered and her throat expanded to accommodate the unnatural intrusion. Hearing Foley moan was music to her ears. She surged forward and in a remarkable effort, sunk the remaining length of dick it. She had taken the full ten inches of Foley’s cock.

She remained still and quiet, enjoying the luxury of the moment for she knew it wouldn’t last. To have captured such a quality of black cock was an accomplishment she was proud of. Her pussy quivered and quaked in tiny orgasmic waves as she rubbed it through her jeans with the fingers of one hand. But, alas, she had to let go of the moment, for she needed oxygen.

Pulling off, gobs of saliva fell freely from the cock to the floor and she once again drew deep breaths, calming her heart as it raced. All during her minute of recovery, she managed to stroke her black lover’s cock, thoughtfully keeping him rock hard, admiring how sexy her pink nails, slick with saliva, appeared against the deep ebony shade of his shaft.

“Foley, I’m ready to be served breakfast,” she said with a devilish grin and flushed face.

“Let me see da tits, bitch, git dat top off, i gots to see ’em.” he demanded. She placed the head of his cock in her mouth and nibbled on it as her hands pulled off her white muscle shirt. Although it was necessary to remove the cock from her lip grip to get the top completely off, the nasty black snake found its way back in soon enough. She unhooked her lacy bra in the front and her young breasts rested free on her chest–large pink nipples protruding without shame.

She purposely held her melons, one in each hand; as if to say “they’re all yours” while she lovingly attended to sucking off his engorged cock. He looked down at the beauty of her breasts and was tempted to bend over and suck a nipple but her oral administrations felt too good to disrupt.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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