Ben Around Ch. 06

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Chapter 06: Teacher

It had been two solid days of meetings with the build team at the Denver office of Brisco Hughes Architecture firm. Ben had met with everyone from the head of logistics to the project director to the contractors who would supervise all Midwest builds.

It wasn’t the most appealing part of his job. On the whole, he would have much preferred to be back in Baltimore and focused on building design. The only redeeming value of the trip was that he was to meet with Claire Laurent on Friday.

Claire was a fifty two year old Senior Build Director who used to work with Ben in Baltimore. The last time he had seen Claire was during a business trip to Toronto. Despite their difference in age, the two had ended up sleeping together. Ben had fond memories of that trip, but months had passed, Claire had moved, and Ben presumed they would probably never meet again.

That Friday morning, Ben had stepped into the meeting room and saw Claire along with a group of executives. She hadn’t changed much. She still carried extra weight, which she stuffed into a suit that was arguably too tight. She still had the same short haircut of blonde with touches of white.

“Ms. Laurent,” Ben greeted. “It’s good to see you again.”

Claire smiled and looked him up and down. “Always a pleasure,” she replied, a veiled reference to their last encounter.

The meeting had begun and took up two hours, most of which was logistical and far above Ben’s expertise. Throughout the meeting, the two caught each other’s gaze on several occasions, a glint of excitement in their eyes. By the end of the meeting, Claire had asked him if he wished to join her for lunch.

They both understood what that meant. By 1:00, he was following her back to her house and both knew what would happen next.

Claire’s naked body moved back and forth on top of Ben, her heavy breasts bouncing above her fat belly as she rode his cock. His hands were planted on her thick set of hips as he watched her flesh move above him. She breathed heavily from exertion and moaned from the pleasure that coursed through her.

She leaned forward to kiss him and her bountiful tits pressed tightly against him. She was a lot of woman, in a good way. Ben kissed her passionately as he thrust into her pussy again and again.

Her lips parted from his and she panted, lifted herself up to prop herself against the headboard with her hand. Her tits swung freely while she rocked her hips back and forth. “Oh, yes, Ben. Yes. You feel so good,” she cried out.

Soon she was holding position, her arms shaking, her mouth open, her eyes shut tight, as she climaxed. “Uhhhhhhhhh,” she moaned.

She dismounted and slid down his body. She pressed her tits together around his cock and moved them up and down. The soft, fatty skin of her tits felt great on Ben’s dick as he pushed between them. “I’m gonna cum soon,” he warned.

Claire sat back on her knees and pulled Ben up. “Jerk it into my mouth,” she said.

Ben stood on the bed and stroked his big, hard cock in front of Claire’s face as she knelt with her mouth open. He erupted, shooting streams of white semen into her mouth. It dribbled down her chin and onto her tits.

Ben collapsed onto the bed and Claire crawled onto him, her plump body caressing his own spent frame. She kissed him, pressing her tongue between his lips to give him a taste of his cum. It was hot, slippery and salty, and Ben swallowed it. His hands explored her body and the two enjoyed the pleasure of each others’ kiss.

Before long, it was time for Claire to get back into her clothes and head back to the office. “How long are you in town?” she asked him as she freshened up her hair and makeup.

“I can push my flight to tomorrow night, if you’d like,” Ben answered

“Yes, I would,” she said. “You probably don’t even need to come back to the office today, if you don’t want to. Why don’t you stay here?”

“That sounds great.”

Just then, Claire received a text. “Shit,” she said.

“What’s up?”

“The contractors want to finish the legal documents before the weekend so they can get started first thing on Monday.”

“What does that mean?”

Claire sighed. “It means I’ll be working tonight Bostancı Escort until very late.”

“Oh,” said Ben. “That’s okay. We’ll still have tomorrow, right?”

“As long as you still have your hotel room,” said Claire. “My daughter’s coming home for the weekend. I’m pretty sure you and I will want some privacy.”

“No problem,” Ben said. “I’ll call the hotel.”

“Can you do me a favor?”


“Can you pick up my daughter Vivienne at the University of Colorado today at five?”

“I don’t see why not.”

“Great. She’s studying Architecture, you know. She could use some guidance,” said Claire, swinging her bag over her shoulder. “Maybe you can teach her some things.”

“Sounds good.”

“I’ll let her know you’re coming and what your rental car looks like. She has keys to the house. She’s my height, long blonde hair, blue eyes.”

“A younger version of you?”

“Not exactly. She’s thin. What can I say? Momma loves her cheesecake.”

Ben laughed. “Okay. See you tomorrow morning then?”

“Will you ever,” she said. “After today, I’ll be ready for a good fuck.”

Ben kissed her and Claire walked out to her car.

He set his laptop on her kitchen table and dove into some designs he had been working on. Before he knew it, 4:30 arrived. He grabbed his keys and looked up the University of Colorado, Denver on his GPS.

As he pulled into the main circle in front of the main office of the University, he saw her sitting on a bench waiting. She wore a pair of jeans with brown leather boots and a gray sweater. A backpack was slung over her shoulder.

Ben rolled down the window. “Are you Vivienne Laurent?” he asked.

“Yes. Are you Ben,” she replied.

Ben nodded. “Go ahead and throw your backpack in the back seat.”

Vivienne sat in the passenger seat and Ben began to drive back to Claire’s house. “I hear you’re studying Architecture,” he said.

“Yeah, for now,” she replied. “I’m not sure if it’s for me.”

“Why not?”

“I don’t know. It’s okay, but I’m kind of getting bored with it.”

“How old are you?”


“Then you still have time to decide. What do you think you’d like to do?”

“Maybe teaching. I’m not sure.”

“That certainly means less travel than if you’re an Architect,” Ben said.

“How often are you on the road?” Vivienne asked.

“About once every two months. It’s really not that bad.”

“And you’re staying at mom’s house?”

Ben was careful in how he answered. “Yeah. Your mom was kind enough to let me stay there until tomorrow. She’s a good friend.”

“Friend, huh?” Vivienne smiled. “Mom doesn’t exactly have friends overnight.”

Ben didn’t know what to say. He felt like he had been cornered. “Look, Vivienne, I…”

“I’m Viv,” she said. “You can call me Viv.”

“Okay, Viv. I don’t really know what to tell you.”

“How old are you?” she asked.

“I’ll be thirty three next month,” he answered.

Viv laughed. “Way to go, mom,” she said.

Ben stopped the car in front of Claire’s house. “If this is a problem for you,” he said, “I can just…”

“No, not at all. Sorry,” said Viv. “Stay. Really. I’m sure it’s been a while for my mom. I’m happy for her. She, uh, apparently has done well for herself.”

Ben grabbed Viv’s backpack from the back seat and walked into the house behind Viv. “Just leave the backpack here,” she said. “I’ll take it to my room later.”

Ben sat in one of the living room chairs while Viv headed to the kitchen. She pulled out a couple slices of pizza, microwaved them and brought them into the living room, along with a couple glasses of water. “Hope you don’t mind leftover pizza,” she said.

“Not at all,” said Ben. “You didn’t have to do this for me.”

“Least I can do for the guy who’s fucking my mom,” Viv laughed.

Ben smiled uncomfortably. “Yeah, well, thanks.”

“So,” said Viv, “What kind of things have you guys done?”

“You’re very direct,” Ben commented.

“Just making sure she’s well taken care of,” Viv responded.

Ben was silent for a while and took several bites of his pizza. “Do you have a boyfriend?” he asked.

“Sort of. I’m at the beginning of Ümraniye Escort something,” she answered.

“Have you two done anything?” Ben couldn’t believe he was indulging her in this conversation. Claire would likely not approve.

“We’ve done some things,” she said. “I blew him in his car once.”

Ben couldn’t help but picture it in his mind. He stopped himself. It would be wrong to think of Viv this way. “Does Claire know about it?” he asked.

Viv shook her head. “No. I really don’t want her to know, either.”

“So, you can imagine that Claire doesn’t want you to know what she’s doing,” said Ben.

“I guess you’re right,” she said. “I just… Maybe if I just heard what kinds of things she does to you that you like, I can…”

“You’re worried you’re going to disappoint the guy, aren’t you.”

“I’m not very experienced. I think he’s a lot more experienced than me,” said Viv. “I like him. I really want to impress him.”

“Viv, I don’t think you need to worry about that,” said Ben. “Trust me. He’s around your age. You’ll be lucky if the whole thing takes more than five minutes. If I were you, I’d be more concerned with him impressing you.”

Viv smiled and looked him up and down. “Good point,” she said.

Ben’s eyes caught hers. The way she looked at him now made him nervous. He tried to retrace his steps. How did things get so sexual? He couldn’t think of Viv that way. She was more than ten years younger than him. She was Claire’s daughter. This was Claire’s house. He had to keep his distance. Nothing good could come from this.

“Make yourself at home,” she said. “I’m gonna grab a shower.”

She disappeared down the hall and Ben smacked his forehead with the palm of his hand. “Get a grip, Ben,” he said to himself.

He could hear the water running through the pipes. He could picture her naked in the shower. He was fully erect. It was getting too real. He kept telling himself he should just leave, go back to his hotel room and jerk off. He knew he needed to go before she got out of the shower. He kept willing himself to go, to get in his car.

But he didn’t.

The shower had stopped. It was now or never. “Get out now,” he told himself, but he was frozen in place. He could hear her footsteps coming down the hall.

She rounded the corner to the living room, wrapped in a towel, her long blonde hair wet and dripping down her chest to the top of the towel.

He stood, saying nothing, looking at her as she approached.

Viv dropped her towel to the floor. Her naked body was thin, with elegant, perky breasts, a well-groomed pussy, and youthful skin. Ben remained frozen, his arms at his sides, taking in the beautiful display of her nudity.

“Viv,” he whispered as though someone would hear. “We can’t. We shouldn’t.”

Her hands met his shoulders and worked their way back. She pressed her body to his while her arms wrapped around his neck. “It excites you, doesn’t it,” she said.

His eyes spoke for him. They gazed into hers, a mixture of fear and arousal in them. She kissed him, and for a moment he was still hesitant, but as her lips moved on his, he relaxed into them.

She pulled on his shirt and led him into her bedroom. Then she unbuttoned his shirt, throwing it onto the floor and running her hands down his chest and torso. “I want to see your cock,” she said.

He unbuttoned his jeans, unzipped his fly and pulled down his boxers to let out his fully engorged member. Viv gasped. “Fuck,” she said. “Mom’s a lucky woman. You’re really big.” She whispered into his mouth as she went to kiss him, “That’s going to have a hard time fitting in my tight pussy.”

Their tongues battled between their enjoined mouths as Viv stroked his cock with her hand.

“Loosen your hand. Go slower,” he instructed.

“Ooh, I like that,” she said. “Teach me.”

She pulled his pants and boxers down to his ankles as he sat on her bed. Then she knelt, slowly stroking his dick in her hand in front of her lips. She licked her lips to moisten them. Then, hesitantly, she lowered her lips onto the end of it and began to suck.

“Loosen up your lips,” he said. “Let your motion do the work. Tease the bottom of it with your tongue.”

Viv Anadolu Yakası Escort complied.

“Yes,” he said. “That’s it. It feels so good.”

She bobbed up and down on him for several minutes as he moaned with pleasure. Her hand rubbed her swollen clit.

She slid her lips up and off his dick, a move he was familiar with from Claire. “That lesson’s over,” she said. “I want to feel you inside me.”

“Are you sure you’re ready for this?” he asked, kicking off his socks and shoes and letting his pants and boxers slide off his ankles.

“I think so,” she replied as she used her fingers to push him back on the bed.

She straddled his lap, her young pussy hovering just above the end of his dick. Holding it in his hand, he slid the head of it over the surface of her entrance. She settled down onto it, slowly working it in. Her face grimaced from the pressure as she stretched to accommodate him. “Fuck,” she exclaimed. “You are so big.”

“I can’t believe we’re doing this,” Ben said. “This is so wrong.”

Viv slid farther down on his cock. “Mmm. I know. It’s so wrong,” she said.

She was down to the base now. He was fully inside her tight pussy. His hands reached up to cup her tits. Her nipples protruded between his fingers. She began to move her hips on him. He was fucking Claire’s daughter and it felt great.

“You can move faster once you’re comfortable,” he instructed.

“Mmm,” she said as she quickened her pace. “I want you. You’re so fucking sexy.”

“You feel so good on my cock,” he said. “Feel it. Focus on the pleasure. Don’t think about how you’re doing it, just go with what brings you more intensity.”

“Yes, teacher,” she breathed.

Teacher. Damn that was hot. For a twenty year old without much experience, she certainly knew how to press Ben’s buttons.

Viv closed her eyes and let her head drift back. Her still-wet hair hung down her back as she rode Ben. Her movements became more fluid, and as her rocking motions intensified, so did the sounds that escaped her lips. “Yes!” she exclaimed. “Ooh, yes. Fuck. You’re so fucking hot. Yes. Yes. Yessssss.”

With that, her tight pussy got even tighter. She moaned with pleasure and collapsed forward as she climaxed.

Ben’s arms were wrapped around Viv’s body. His hands gripped her ass. As she fell to the side, he drifted with her. They faced each other, staring into each other’s eyes, kissing as Ben began to drive into her again.

“Yes,” she cried out. “Do me. Do me, teacher.”

“You feel so good,” said Ben. “I can’t fucking believe I’m doing this.”

“I want it so bad,” Viv said. “Fuck me. Fill me with your cum.”

Ben was overwhelmed. He thrust deep into her, moaning with each thrust until finally, intensely, he came.

“Oh, teacher,” she exhaled. “Thanks for the lesson.”

“Feel like you learned everything you need to?” he asked.

“Well,” said Viv, “Enough to not care how well he performs.” She laughed and kissed him again. “I hope you remember all this tomorrow when you’re fucking my mom.”

“It goes without saying that you can’t tell any of this to Claire,” Ben said.

“Trust me,” she answered. “I don’t want anything getting in the way of her fun. The way she’s been lately with work, she needs all the good sex she can get.”

Ben and Viv spent some time covering their tracks, making sure not even one article of his clothing could be found in her room, washing the sheets, and working out what they would have been doing together if they hadn’t been fucking, in case Claire asked. Viv was a great liar and played along well the following morning when Claire told her she and Ben were going to the office to finish up some work. She knew they were really going to Ben’s hotel room.

When they arrived, Claire was clearly eager. In no time she had stripped all of her clothes. Her older, much plumper body and her huge, heavy tits contrasted with the memory of Viv’s thin, young, tight body. Ben smiled, knowing that his experience with Viv was going to make him all the more passionate while fucking Claire.

She spoke to him while he took off his clothes. “Thanks for spending time with Vivienne last night,” she said. “She told me you gave her some really good pointers.”

“It was my pleasure,” said Ben, removing his boxers, the last article of his clothing.

“Really, thank you,” said Claire. “Viv said you’re quite a teacher.”

Ben smiled, wrapped his arms around Claire’s voluminous body and kissed her, falling backwards onto the bed.

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