Being Helpful Ch. 04 – Success At Last



“Jason! He woke up!” Suzy called out.

My pants were down to my thighs and my dick hung out, hard and wet. What the fuck? I pushed my dick into my underwear and pulled my jeans up as Jason came around the corner.

“Geez Suzy,” he started, “You said he wouldn’t wake up!”

“What the fuck is going on?” I bellowed.

Suzy shrank down. I got up, tucked in my shirt, and straightened out my pants.

“Dad. My phone call? Remember? My phone call? Earlier?” Jason asked.

“Don’t try and put this on me! You know I don’t want to be disturbed on this day, ever! What is so hard about that? I don’t want to see anyone. I don’t want to hear from anyone. Just leave me the fuck alone!” I pleaded.

“You shouldn’t be alone, especially today,” said Suzy.

“Does this involve you?” I asked tersely without expecting a reply. “And what the hell were you doing? Sucking my … my … penis … like that. What was that all about? You’re my daughter-in-law!”

“I’m sorry Dad, but it’s her last day,” said Jason.

“Last day?” I asked, rubbing the sleep from my eyes. Still a bit drunk, I was in a fog.

“For my, umm, for me to get pregnant,” Suzy answered.

“Let me get this right. You came over here to do what? Do it the old-fashioned way? And you found me … sleeping … and decided to … get me hard, and essentially rape me in my sleep? What is wrong with you??” I asked, again not really looking for an answer.

“We’d better go, Suzy,” said Jason sadly.

Suzy looked at me, her big brown eyes tearing up, “I’m sorry. You’re right. We are definitely in the wrong, here. I guess I was just … desperate. Jason is, well, let’s say ‘dry’ right now. We’ve been doing it all day, y’know, and now, nothing is coming out.”

“I screwed up, Dad. I was supposed to call you to get you over to the clinic before they closed, but I messed the days up. I’m really sorry. I know that this is a difficult day for you,” he hung his head like he did when he was five years old and had been caught throwing a rock at a car. “It’s a difficult day for me, too, you know. I miss Mom, too. You’re not the only one who misses her.”

“It’s really my fault,” said Suzy. “I’m really sorry, but when we came in, you were already, umm, erect in your pants, y’know. It was right there, ready. All I had to do was … get on … and, y’know. I thought that you might not even know I was doing it. Even though you were hard, you were also, well … pretty out of it. Jason was against it.”

“I let it happen,” he said.

“You couldn’t have stopped me,” she argued back.

“Oh Jesus, stop. You’re both giving me a headache,” I sighed and sat back down.

There was a pause. We all just looked at each other for a few minutes. Not sure what to do.

Sighing again, I looked at the clock and looked at my son, “Your mother always wanted grandchildren. But, this is my day for her.”

I thought about that and knew that I was wrong, “No, that’s not right. That’s just a lie. I’m, you know, I’m just fooling myself. This is not my day for her. This is my day to sit selfishly alone and drink myself into oblivion because I can’t face not being with her. That’s what it is.”

They looked at each other.

I continued, “Okay. I don’t know if I can umm … perform … but I’ll try.”

Suzy lit up and smiled. Jason went wide-eyed.

“If that is what you want?” I asked.

“Yes,” they said at the same time.

“I’ll wait for Suzy in the basement, Dad,” said Jason.

“Let’s do this, Jason, I’ll just bring Suzy home when we’re done. Okay? I don’t know how long this might take for me to sober up enough to, you know. I mean, I’m not a young man like you! I can’t go all day or anything, anymore” I smiled sincerely.

Jason blushed, kissed Suzy, and walked out. I heard the front door shut and I imagined he had to get out before he lost his nerve to let this happen. The car drove down the long driveway. The reflection of the red taillights bouncing off the trees outside the sunroom.

Suzy stared after him.

“Suzy, we don’t have to do this,” I offered. “I mean, if Jason is pressuring you to do this, we can hang out here for an hour and I’ll just drive you home, assuming I’m sober enough to do that.”

“No Jake. This is my idea. I want it,” she answered.

I thought, “Okay. I guess she really wants a baby.”

“Okay. You are sure. So, like I said, I’m not 25 anymore. It takes some motivation for me to get, y’know, get it up, y’know?”

She nodded but didn’t move for a few minutes, but then asked, “Would music help?”

“No dear, I don’t think music would help,” I answered with a laugh.

I thought back to when I got Kate pregnant. She got me to the edge and gave me blue balls for days and then unleashed a torrent of sperm inside her pussy. What Suzy and I were doing might work but it sure didn’t seem optimum.

“Maybe if you told me a little bit about some things you like and then I can do them for you?” she asked.

My dear daughter-in-law had the largest oğuzeli escort brown eyes I’d ever seen. Her brown hair, with blonde streaks, flowed down over her shoulders, thick, and luxurious. She had a lovely smile with braces-straightened teeth. She sat across from me in a denim skirt and a button-up white blouse. She had an athletic body, tall and lean, with lovely breasts that stood up proud on her broad chest. Her dark skin looked supple and smooth. She was more than half my age.

She stood and I watched her shapely ass as she got my bottle and poured me a small drink.

Suzy was a smart woman. She could be aggressive and pushy, but I liked that in her. I trusted that she would run the marriage between her and Jason, and run it well.

She smiled gently and I felt more comfortable, “Here, I’m not worried about alcohol affecting your … uhh … abilities. How about you take a sip, close your eyes, and tell me about what you and Kate have done. It’s just between you and me, and I’m not going to tell anyone. Not even Jason. What’s some of the wild and fun things you guys have done? I’m curious. I’ll just listen. We’ll just take it one step at a time, and see what happens.”

She pulled over an overstuffed chair and collapsed into it crossing her long, firm legs. She kicked off her stylish heels, pushed them to the side, and folded her legs underneath her.

I nodded and took another sip, and then a gulp, before relaxing my eyes and thinking back to my sweet and dear Kate.

I smiled for the second time that day as I thought of Kate and her “business.”

“Did you know,” I started, “that your mother-in-law had a small business? Strictly off the books. Cash business, y’know?”

I could sense the smile as she asked, “What kind of business was that?”

Sandy was Kate’s friend since they were 10 years old. When she could not get her milk going for her baby, she turned to my lovely wife, Kate and her voluptuous breasts for help. Kate nursed Sandy’s baby and pumped milk for her as our last child, Nancy, had switched over to baby food. That night was a wild night, one that got Kate very jealous of Sandy. Kate had a lapse of judgement and had sex with Sandy. She didn’t want me making the same mistake. It was clear, I was to (sexually) stay away from her best friend. Eventually, Sandy’s milk came in but they continued sharing the feeding duties.

I came into the kitchen as Kate and Sandy sat there together. They had hatched a plan. Kate shook her head in disbelief and Sandy laughed and said, “I’m serious! There is money in this. It’s a cash thing, too. No taxes.”

Sandy smiled at me, “Hey Jake, I was just telling your darling wife that we could do really well as a team, a partnership.”

“Doing what?” I asked.

“Well, number one, teaching breastfeeding and number two, providing mother’s milk for those that can’t breastfeed. What do you think?”

I smiled at my pretty wife, sitting there braless, in a t-shirt, her long and thick nipples poking out proudly. I wanted those nipples in my mouth. I wanted to suck her tits dry and watch that nipple to pussy connection drive yet-another, intense orgasm, right through my pretty wife’s petite body. Since little Nancy went to baby food, my time suckling was dramatically reduced, and now, Sandy was offering an extension.

“Sounds like a good idea. How would you run it?” I asked.

“We’ve already got three mothers who don’t like the breast feeding feeling but they want their babies to still have breastmilk,” said Kate. “Sandy came up with a pricelist for the milk and provided it to them.”

Sandy added, “There’s five more that want some help in breastfeeding. Kate wrote up a presentation on ‘Beginning Breastfeeding.’ It’s quite good. My doctor’s practice said that they’d recommend us to their patients. I think we can charge $10 per class, per mother, and run classes a couple times a week.

It did seem like a great idea. I was all for it.

My work was taking off and we were able to buy a house not too far from Sandy’s house and the local hospital where they were each doing their teaching. Since Sandy had a full-time job, Kate taught in the mornings or afternoons and Sandy did a couple of evening classes.

Since Kate was done with our kids’ breastfeeding, she took on most of the burden of pumping milk, though Sandy contributed a fair share. I was impressed at how organized they were. The mothers had to sign releases before they could even start using the milk. Kate and Sandy each documented everything they ate before they did their pumping. Everything was marked on the bags of mother’s milk.

Once it got going, Kate was obsessed with it. She was pumping four to five times a day. Though, she was funny in the evenings, choosing to not pump when I was around. She said she didn’t want to get me all aroused but the funning thing, when she didn’t pump, those tits thickened and swelled

After almost two months, I noticed that Kate had lost weight. The oğuzeli escort bayan calories lost to all that milk pumpin was far more than what she was eating. She lost the pounds in her legs, ass, and her stomach flattened. She was exercising each morning, including some yoga, some weight lifting, and general stretching. Damn, she looked ridiculously sexy, especially since her tits stayed full and firm.

With her erotic look, it was difficult for me as our sex life … waned. She was tired at night and since I was working longer hours, we just weren’t connecting anymore.

I got worried.

Was there someone else? She made it clear that I was to stay away from Sandy. Was she getting side-action from Sandy? Was she projecting her desire for Sandy onto me?

I finished a major project at work as we launched our new product line. I knew that the next few weeks would be filled with long nights and even longer weekends as our product hit the market. The afternoon was free and I decided to surprise Kate and come home early.

It was a Thursday, both Jason and Nancy were in daycare, and I knew Kate’s schedule well enough that she would be home from grocery shopping by 1 pm. I was excited to see her and got flowers and a bottle of her favorite chardonnay.

I slipped in the front door and heard a hum from the living room. It took a moment to recognize the sound. It was the breast pump going hard at it.

My lovely wife sat with her back against the couch, facing away from me. She couldn’t see me unless she turned her head. Her button-down shirt was open and those big tits were hanging out. Each tit had a suction cup hanging on, sucking on her nipples.

Those pink nipples. Throughout this whole process, Kate’s nipples got thicker and longer. When the machine was sucking, her nipples extended right into the tube. The constant pulling and sucking just kept extending them. Her areolas got larger, too. Purple veins made their way down those fat, breast-milk filled tits winding to her nipples. I found it extremely exotic and exciting.

Without really thinking, I licked my lips as I watched those nipples get sucked in and out of the suction cup. The machine hummed and hummed. The bottles were half full and her legs were parted. That’s when I noticed my cute wife’s hand was between her legs.

She moaned.

Her fingers drummed and stroked her clit. She whispered, “Yessss.”

A suction cup popped off and she quickly put it back on. Her nipple, swollen, wet, and red, eagerly accepted the suction cup once again. Kate sighed and got busy with her fingers on her clit.

She increased the pumping intensity and let out a slight gasp. More milk flowed down the tubes.

Beside her was an English cucumber. If you don’t know what these are, they are long and relatively slender cucumbers. We have them in salads all the time and I was beginning to see why. She gripped the cucumber and slid one of my condoms on the end, pulling it down as far as it could go.

This was many years ago. The internet wasn’t everywhere. Porn wasn’t everywhere. Watching my dear sweet Kate take that cucumber, position it in front of her pussy, and slowly rub it up and down her snatch … it was shockingly erotic.

Her pussy lips parted as she worked the cucumber up and down her slit. She groaned again and pushed the end just inside before letting the pressure ease and pulling it back out.

She giggled, rubbed her clit with the soaked end and then back down to her pussy, eased it in again. Only a little, maybe two inches, and then out again. She teased herself like she often teased me.

A deep breath and Kate gripped the long cucumber with both hands, pushed it in, deeper and deeper. Five, maybe six inches disappeared inside her pussy.

“Oh yessss!” she hissed.

The cuke got wetter as she pumped it in and out. It got easier and she went faster.

First one, then the other suction cups popped off as she drove the cucumber deep insider her pussy relentlessly. She was riding that cuke and grunting and groaning. Milk flowed down her chest onto her flat stomach as guttural grunts exploded from her petite lips.

“I need your cock!” she announced suddenly. “I need it now, Jake. Stop staring and let me suck your cock!!” she said softly but urgently. “I can see your reflection in the mirror.”

Dropping my pants, I practically jumped out of my shoes. With one hand on the cucumber, the other gripped my cock and pulled me to her. Opening wide, she sucked my head in.

She was panting. Her chest was heaving. Those tits bounced up and down and milk droplets went everywhere. Stroking my cock in time with the cucumber in her sloppy pussy, I watched my green-eyed wife suddenly stop everything. The world paused as she sucked air deep in.

She was frozen for a moment. Mouth agape, hand slowly sliding the cucumber deeply in and almost out. It was like she was on the edge of a cliff, letting the breeze keep her upright before escort oğuzeli leaping off and flying down the side of the mountain.

Eyes flickered and then shut as she plunged the cucumber deep inside her before upping the tempo and using shorter strokes. She leapt from the cliff and soared down the mountainside.

“Oh my fucking … oh shit!” she exclaimed as she pulled out the English cucumber and dropped it mindlessly on the rug. “Oh, I’m a mess. Fuck. I can’t believe it.”

She sighed and looked up at me, “Do you still love me even though I’m a horny slut?”

“Even more so,” I answered immediately.

She was still tugging at my cock. “Want sloppy seconds?” she giggled and smiled.

I helped her up and she bent over the end of the couch, ass up in the air.

My cock faced red and raw pussy lips and I eased the head against them. I teased her and just pushed a little in.

“That cucumber was too cold. I want some hot cock. Give it to me, Jake. Fuck me. I’m your slut. Take me!” she demanded.

Making her wait, I grabbed the condom from the cucumber and slowly eased it on. I’d never seen her like this. She was so horny, she was still fingering her clit as I took my time stroking my cock right in front of her face.

“Your cock is just so fucking fat, Jake! I want it. I want it, now.”

I began fucking her, aligning to the tempo she’d created as she pushed back against me. She was so hot. My cock was on fire. I lifted her up and grabbed at those big tits. She put her hands on my hands and squeezed.

“Tell me that you love my tits!”

“I love your tits!”

“Tell me that you love to fuck me!”

“I love to fuck you!”

We were both breathing hard now, grunting and pounding, like raw animals in the deep woods. We were oblivious to everything around us.

She pushed me onto the couch, straddled me, gripped my cock, and eased back down on it fully impaling herself as she sat on me, “Don’t worry Jake,” she whispered, “this is much better than a cucumber!”

Those fat tits bounced in my face, she simultaneously pounded me while smothering me.

I could feel the urge. I could feel my cum boiling skyward.

Kate smiled lovingly.

She hopped off, pulled off the condom, licked my balls and gripped my cock at the base, looking up at me for maximum effect. Her fingers did not quite fit around it.

“Cum for me baby,” she encouraged in a whisper as she beat my meat. “Give it. I want it. I want to see it explode …” and then it did, squirting up, arcing through the air and onto my chest.

She licked my cock, sucked it in, and licked my cock again.

Pulling her up onto me, we cuddled together for a good 15 minutes before either of us spoke.

“Nice flowers,” she said.

“Nice cucumber,” I responded. “Not that I mind, but what was that about?”

“I was horny. I’ve been horny a lot lately. But, by the time you get home, I’m already tired. Too tired,” she commented sadly.

I kissed the side of her head. “That’s why I came home early today.”

“To get laid?” she giggled.

“No! Goofball. Well, I was hoping. I did bring Chardonnay!”

“Oh I see! Anytime you want to fuck, just bring Chardonnay? Am I that easy?” she laughed.

“Yes, you ARE that easy!”

She slugged me.

“Seriously, what’s with the cucumber?” I asked.

“Oh, don’t go getting your feelings hurt. It’s definitely not a size thing. You are so thick, size is not your problem, it availability!!” She smiled and kissed me. “Besides, I liked taking a cucumber cock in my pussy while taking your cock in my mouth. That really got me off.”

“Would you … I mean, do you want to explore a threesome?” I asked unsure if I wanted a yes or a no answer.

“No. You are all I need. If I could have your cock pounding my pussy and your cock in my mouth, that would be bliss. I don’t need anyone else.”

There was a pause as I mentally tried to process that.

She continued, “Now, we need to stop dancing around, y’know? I know what you want …”

“What do I want??” I asked.

“You want … to fuck my best friend. She is gorgeous. Doesn’t have cow-like tits. Has a tight ass. And I happen to know that her husband has a dick the size of a hotdog and about as stiff!!”

“What???” I laughed.

“OH, don’t play Mr. Innocent!! I see you checking out her ass and those … runner legs of hers. You’d love having her wrap those legs around you and fuck you until you passed out. Am I right? Am I right?” she was pressing a delicate finger into my chest.

“I love your tits, honey,” I said.

“Yeah, but that’s not saying you don’t desire Sandy!” she responded quickly. “Be honest!”

“Okay. Call me greedy. Call me what you want, but that night, I wanted you both,” I smiled my best smile.

She pouted a pretend pout, “You wanted me, too?”

“I wanted you, most.” I whispered.

Life is funny. It twists and turns and the one thing that is constant, is change. Somehow, Kate had changed her mind about me fucking Sandy. I got the kids from daycare, we made dinner, played with the kids, put them to bed, and watched TV. The topic didn’t come back up.

As time went by, I felt embarrassed to bring it up. If I brought it up, it would look like I was too anxious. Would she forget that she changed her mind? Would she change her mind back?

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