Beach Baby


Anri Okita

This was Denise’s favourite time. The kids were at college and work, Bobby was also at work and she was all by her lonesome, laid out on the beach. She’d found a little corner, away from the few people that were there. And there wasn’t many. On a Tuesday morning, most people had other things that they should be doing.

The sun was already burning her body. She was glad that she had found this quiet place to be on her own. It enabled her to go topless. Denise was sat facing the sea, resting on both elbows. She looked left and right and nobody was too close. Reaching into her bag she pulled out her suntan lotion and started to smother her shapely legs. She started with her feet with their painted nails and slowly moved up to her ankles. By the time she’d got to her knees, her pussy was quite damp. What with the heat of the sun and the oil in the lotion it wasn’t gonna take her long to become aroused. It had been this way her whole life and at 45 it wasn’t going to be any different. Ever. She looked herself over and considered her body. She knew she was attractive, not just because Bobby told her, but also she still made men’s heads turn.

She had long dark hair to just past her shoulders, big hazel eyes, nice full lips that loved to suck cock. She had perfect C cup breasts with huge nipples that no matter what she did, she couldn’t hide. Most men’s eyes went out on stalks when they saw them. At her age, it was obviously no surprise that she had what she called her ‘woman’, considering her age and the figures of her friends wasn’t even worth mentioning. Her bum, while not being tiny, was perfect. Her legs some people considered, were her best feature. Although they weren’t long by any means, for Denise stood at 5′ in bare feet, they were in perfect condition. She often found Bobby sat there staring at them when she was in shorts watching the TV. She supposed, she thought, her body was built for sex. She carried on putting on the sun lotion and had just reached her breasts when movement caught her eye. She quickly peeked to her right and she saw what can only be described as an ‘Adonis, come over the dune and sat about 20’ away.

He was black. Blacker than Bobby. Even taller than him. He must have been 6’3″ built like a shit house. But what caught her eye the most was his lunch box. It was massive. No matter what she did, she couldn’t take her eyes away from it. After a short while, she realised it was getting bigger. It took a little while for this thought to kick in and when it did, she looked up and found him staring at her. She looked into his face and realised how young he was. She estimated his age to be 30. 15 years her junior. When she looked back down, his fist was wrapped around his growing member. This had now grown to a huge size. She’d seen many big cocks before. Bobby was blessed with a nice 9 inches, but this was considerably bigger. By at least 2 inches she thought from this distance. She looked around her and saw nobody was within watching distance and looked back at her admirer.

He was now slowly pumping his prick as he looked at her firm breasts. She couldn’t take her eyes away from the foreskin that kept disappearing over his big helmet. She felt her mouth water and her lips dried. She slowly licked her lips to moisten them. His fist had, she thought, got faster. Her own hand, without her being aware, had snaked down into her own bikini bottoms and she had found her clit. Her long nail flicked her little button and she felt it down to her toes. The embarrassment had all but gone from her as she watched this young man. It wasn’t as if he was the first or even the second stranger to wank in front of her. She had seen many men wank in front of her and had always found it exciting and a turn on. But this was different. You don’t expect to have somebody on an open beach toss himself off in front of you, especially in broad daylight.

Denise laid down with her head to the side and watched as he continued pleasuring his fat cock. She squeezed sun-lotion into her hand and slowly rubbed it in. Their eyes met over the

distance and she willed him to come. She wanted to see his cum spurt over his flat stomach. Her pussy was gushing with her juices and her 2 fingers had slipped in as easily as a hot knife in butter. She could tell even from this distance that he was close. Getting on to her side , she let him see the fingers in her pussy as she pumped them in and out. His fist was shooting up and down his cock until finally his jism shot out onto his chest. Spurt after spurt came out. Denise was really impressed. She liked men to cum in any way shape or form. But she loved a spurter. And she hadn’t seen one like this for a long while. Not only could he shoot nearly into his own mouth, he had so much of it.

After he had cum so well, she didn’t know what to do next. He had turned her on. She was actually gagging for that huge cock to fuck her. She watched as he gathered his towel and headed towards her. Denise made an instant decision and quickly Kartal Escort got her own stuff together and headed down the beach where there was more people. Before they were in ear-shot of anybody else, she turned to the stranger and said,

“I’ll be here tomorrow at 11. Lets see if your still horny then.”

The man looked at her and looked as if he was about to say something, as his mouth opened and quickly closed. He nodded his assent and turned and walked away back down the beach. She watched his bum as he walked away from her and thought, ‘yes, we’ll definitely see tomorrow.’

Denise woke up the next morning hornier than when she went to bed. Bobby had given her a good seeing to last night. He must of sensed how horny she was. She’d been all over him and had made the running, which was not like her. She found his cock under the covers and had quickly made him hard. Throwing the sheets back she watched as she pulled his foreskin down revealing his wet helmet. She got down closer and before he had realised what was happening, she had swallowed him. There then followed an hour of sex and love making that he hadn’t experienced for a long time. They always had great sex, but this was different and very rare. Bobby, knowing Denise as he did, knew that something was in the wind, she knew that he knew and they both knew that she would tell him when she was ready.

That didn’t help her now though. She got up from the kitchen table and after checking the front and back doors, quickly made her way back upstairs. Up in their bedroom, she reached in the back of her underwear draw and pulled out her 2 vibrators. Throwing off her gown she sprawled on the bed and closed her eyes as she imagined the dark stranger wanking his huge cock in front of her on the beach yesterday. Her pussy was already soaking wet, she could feel it running down the crack of her arse.

Picking up the big black vibrator, she slowly rubbed it up her wet pussy lips until it glistened with her juice. She twirled it around until it was as wet as her and then pushed it gently, but firmly, all the way in. Denise was so excited she felt the first stirrings of her orgasm approaching even before it was fully inserted. Picking up a small green vibrator, she reached down to and ran it over her puckered arse hole. When that too had become wet with the juices running down from her pussy, she switched it on, gritted her teeth as she slowly pushed it in up to the end. She laid there for a few seconds while her arse got used to the idea of getting fucked and then moved both of them together and gave herself one almighty intense orgasm.

Denise laid on the bed, suddenly realising that no matter how many times she came, it would never quell the itch deep inside her quim. Only the magnificent cock she saw yesterday would do that. Looking at her watch she saw it was 10 to 10. So getting off the bed, she made her way to the bathroom, rinsed off the toys and had a quick shower. Back in the bedroom, she pulled her shorts that Bobby liked so much out of her draw and a white vest t-shirt that she knew showed her perfect breasts off to perfection. She applied make up and brushed her long dark hair, donned a pair of strappy heels and went downstairs. Keeping one eye on the clock, she got her beach bag together and left the house at 10.42. Determined to be on time, she

walked fairly swiftly. Denise spread her towel about 5 minutes early. She removed her vest and laid back and listened to the radio. After roughly 10 minutes, a shadow fell across her, blocking the sunlight. At first she became annoyed, but as she opened her eyes behind her sun-glasses she could she it was him. He never said anything, just stared down at her exposed breasts, whose nipples were getting harder by the second. She took this time to stare back at him and have a good look. He was a true Adonis. He very obviously worked out, but not overly so. His muscles were well defined but not bulging. He stood about 6’2 and she thought his lunch box was the biggest she’d ever seen. She was sure she could see it twitching beneath his trunks.

“I didn’t think you’d turn up.” he said in a deep accented voice.

“Well, you thought wrong, didn’t you?.” Denise answered. She definitely saw his cock move then and she wondered if he’d been thinking about her all night as she had him.

“I thought we could go somewhere more comfortable if you want. I have a flat just across the road. It’s that one there, right up the top. that’s how I saw you. I’ve seen you every time you came down here. And yesterday, I decided that instead of tossing myself off up there I was going to take the plunge and try to meet you.”

Denise took her eyes away from his growing cock and looked up into his eyes. She immediately felt safe and didn’t think he represented any sort of danger. She hope she felt this because it was true and not because she was horny.

“Follow me” he said as he turned away from her.

“I don’t even know you name” Tuzla Escort Denise replied as she gathered her bag and towel together.

“Not that it makes much difference, the names Derik.”

Denise followed thinking he was a cocky son-of-bitch. ‘Mind you’ she thought, ‘if he can make good use of that dick between his legs, he maybe has a right to be.

It was a short walk to get to his apartment and as they entered the lift she let her eyes stray down to his large bulge in his shorts. It truly was disgustingly huge. She felt her cunt moisten and as her heart started thumping, she started getting impatient waiting for the lift to stop on his floor. Inserting his key into the door, he ushered her in. As soon as the door closed he reached for her. Denise was so ready she didn’t even attempt to stop him. Her breath was coming in short pants as his hands groped her arse while he nuzzled her neck. Suddenly he stopped and moved away from her. He led her into the front room, where the sight before her stopped her dead in her tracks. In the room were 2 other black guys. She looked from Derik to the other 2 feeling slightly worried. That is until she noticed that they both had their cocks out in their hands. When she could finally look up into their faces she realised they all looked alike. In fact they were identical.

“My GOD!!!… Your Triplets!

“These are my brothers Ben and Chad. I really hope you don’t mind, bet they’ve been watching you as much as I have and we’ve all been wanking while taking it in turns on my telescope watching you on the beach.”

She looked at the three of them as Derik took his t-shirt and shorts off. All three of them had the same huge cock. Ben and Chad were slowly stroking theirs and she look down to Derik’s and his was as erect as only young men can. Her body took over and her nipples hardened. Spotting this Derik reached for the bottom of her vest and pulled it over her head. She heard the guys on sat on the sofa groan. Knowing they were turned on and thinking simply, ‘three is better than one’, she turned her arse towards them and pulled her tight shorts down. When she looked back at them, all three were slowly stroking their stiff pricks. Denise spoke for the first time since entering the flat,

“stand up and let me see your cocks.” Denise commanded. She had to be careful and stay calm or she was going to lose control of this situation. She could already feel herself being pulled by the lure of these tremendous cocks. ‘They truly are beautiful’ she thought. Her heart

was hammering as they walked towards her and she stood, rooted to the spot as their dicks swung with the movement of their steps. Her nipples were painfully hard and when she felt a hand touching them she looked to see Derik’s fingers gently squeeze and tease the right one. Juices were flowing freely from her pussy and were running down the tops of her thighs. Before long Ben and Chad were standing beside her and her eyes stared at the size of these pricks. She swore she’d seen nothing like them before. And she’d seen her fair share of cocks. She was tempted to ask for a ruler so she could measure, but thought that would be crass. She was always good with estimating cock sizes and thought that all three of them had to be 12″ long and definitely 3″ in circumference. In truth she was a little worried that she wouldn’t be able to manage them, but you couldn’t blame a girl for trying. Her hands gingerly reached out and she grasped 2 of them, one in each hand. Her little fists hardly went round them. She looked down and could see the pre-cum making the head shine on Derik’s and when she pulled the foreskin back on Ben and Chad’s, theirs was likewise. As she fondled them, alternating between the three, she thought that they had to be the most beautiful cocks she’d ever set eyes on, definitely the best she’d ever, ever touched.

As she released Derik’s cock from her grasp he stepped behind her and his hands cupped her heavy breasts. A groan escaped her and she squeezed the two she was holding. Ben reached forward and gently caressed her left boob. Chad delved two fingers deep into her sodden lips and her will collapsed. She wanted these cocks, as much, if not more, than any cock she’d ever had.

They guided her over to the sofa, sat her down in the middle and she relaxed with Derik and Chad’s dicks in her hands and Ben kissing her slowly from her fuck me heels up towards her waiting pussy. Closing her eyes, she stroked the cocks slowly. Not wanting to bring them off to quickly she relished the needs the guys had of wanting her body. Denise had the feeling that these three guys would last a long time, even after they’d cum. She imagined the three of them watching and wanking over her as they peered through the telescope as she laid on the beach. Chad was inches away from her pussy. with Derik and Ben’s help, she opened her legs as far as she could, Chad stuck his tongue in as far as he could. She knew she couldn’t last long. A Anadolu Yakası Escort combination of the dicks in her hands, what Chad was doing and the smell of sex in the room an orgasm was felt coming from deep inside her tummy.

Juice flew out of her, soaking Chad’s face as if she had a dick of her own. Automatically squeezing the two in her hands, she pumped on them hoping to at least bring one of them off. These guys knew what they were about though. She later found out that this had been planned for weeks. They’d watched her every day she’d been on the beach. Stopping her hands, Ben got astride her and pushed his cock between her bulbous tits. Derik reached down and produced a bottle of baby oil, squeezing some over her deep cleavage and Ben’s knob. Denise looked down to her tits and was immediately overcome with lust as Ben started fucking her breasts. Chad was fingering her cunt for all he was worth. With his other hand he reached up and soaked a finger in the oil that was oozing down towards her belly and bringing it back down he pushed it forcefully into her anus. Denise gave a little cry as she wriggled her bum trying to get more of the finger in.

“Christ she’s gagging for it. I knew she was gonna be hot!!” Ben stated.

“We haven’t even started yet. I love cum. Cum all over my face Ben. Come on. I need a cock in me.” looking at Derik she said, ” I’ve been thinking of your prick all night and morning, you gonna fuck me with it or not?”

In answer, he moved Chad aside, got down on his knees and pushed his bulbous helmet between her pussy lips. Denise gritted her teeth as she felt her cunt being forced wider than it ever had before.

“OH GOD… Your massive… It’s so big Derik.”

Still astride of her, Ben was still pumping between her tits. His face was contorted and she saw

his helmet turn a deep purple. This was a sure sign that he was close to cumming. She leant her head forward and tickled his cock head with her tongue every time it appeared between her tits. Ben grunted and a fountain of cum erupted from his knob. Denise was splattered with a full on facial shot. Not once, but with four big spurts. When she eventually opened her eyes, he was still milking cum out onto her tits. She stared as he moved up over her body and presented his cock for her to clean. A bit hesitant at first because of the oil, she nevertheless opened her mouth to accept the monster cock in between her lips. It was a tight fit and she knew she couldn’t do it for long.

Chad meanwhile was rubbing his cock over any part of her body he could get to. She was loving this, loved being used. Derik’s dick was more than half-way inside her by now. Although she was wet enough, Ben reached for the oil and squirted a copious amount over Derik’s prick as he pulled out. He quickly slammed it back in. Ben got off her and encouraged his brother to ‘fuck the prick teaser good’. Derik proceeded to give her the fuck of a lifetime. Denise looked between her legs and couldn’t believe that she was being fucked by this fucking huge cock. She’d seen horses with smaller ones and here she was about to get fucked by three stallion sized dicks. Derik was sweating and as her body had relaxed she gave him some encouragement herself.

“come on…fuck me with your big cock…cum inside me…god your so fucking big.”

Derik got faster and faster, harder and harder. She could feel his big balls slapping against her arse cheeks. Reaching down she collected them in her fingers and squeezed. That took Derik as far as he needed to go. Like his brother a torrent of jiz erupted from the eye of his cock drenching her insides. It was so powerful she actually felt it spraying the walls of her vagina. Denise had been gangbanged quite a few times in her life, by quite a few more men than this, but she’d never felt like this before. Her cunt felt like ten men had been through her and she’d only had the one… Like Ben, Derik brought his cock to her mouth to clean. Maybe she should of said ‘no’, she knew she was going to have one sore jaw when it was all over.

Chad was beside her now, watching Derik’s cock getting a supreme licking. He was wiping his cock all over her cheek as he tossed himself off. His left hand squeezed her left tit and she watched his balls tighten. She managed to close her eyes before cum hit her on the forehead and her hair. Derik’s cock came away from her mouth and she felt Chad move away from her. Opening her eyes after a few minutes rest, she saw all three stood in front of her and Ben holding a towel so she could clean herself up.

“We think you should take a shower. It’s not because we think your now unclean, more that we think of you as we’ve watched you.” said Derik, “Your always impeccably clean and smart. You ooze class and we think it would be better for all concerned if each time today, between our bouts of sexual activity, you showered and re-did your hair and face. You’ll find everything you need in the bathroom, including a hairdryer and straighteners.”

Denise found this a very strange request but then thought ‘nothing is normal here.’ she took the towel from Ben and followed Derik towards the bathroom. He switched the shower on for her and adjusted the temperature so she didn’t scald herself and left her to it.

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