Be Careful What You Ask For Ch. 2

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I sat at the kitchen table drinking my coffee. Joyce stood by the stove nude. She looked so good standing there that I thought about fucking her. I thought about it but my dick was still soft from the sucking that she had already given me first thing this morning. I woke me up to find her sucking my piss-hard dick. I looked down at this tiny nymph as she worked on my dick. “Suck a man’s dick first thing in the morning and you ever know what you’ll be forced to drink.” She smiled but kept up her work. I came soon after. Getting up I went to the bathroom and let out much-needed piss. I came back to the bed and kissed her hard and long. “Nice way to wake up. Now it’s my turn.” I pushed her on her back and licked her pussy till she came. We took a shower and then went downstairs for breakfast. I told her to remain nude, as I put on John’s bathrobe. The phone rang and Joyce hit the speaker button. Did any one have private conversations around here? “Hi Honey! Did I wake you?”

“Hey baby! No, John forced me out of bed to make his breakfast. How’s Ms. Tits. Is she laying next to you?”

“As a matter of fact, her mouth is full even as we speak. How did it go last night?”

Joyce laughed. “Well since you weren’t here to save me, Sam ravished me half the night. I’m sore as hell and loving every bit of it.” John laughed this time. “Well if he tried to fuck your tight cunt, he’s the one whose sore this morning. Did he find out your weakness?” I lifted my eyebrow at her.

This was getting strange. Joyce smiled back at me. “Oh he found out alright. John you were right. Sam knows just how to treat a woman who likes it the way I do.” John was laughing hard. “I wish I could see the look on his face right now. Sam old buddy, I used you. Joyce loves it rough and hard and I could never bring myself to give it to her the way she wants it. We cooked up this plan to have you seduce her. I didn’t mind her fucking around; we’ve had an open marriage for years. But knowing what she loves, I wanted it to be someone I trusted not to hurt her.” I sat my coffee cup down. “John you bastard. You could have told me in advance. Well since we are all in agreement about what your wife needs, I promise you that by the time you get home, she will be well used.”

” Hey Sam, don’t be mad. I love you like a brother and trust you with my wife. Besides, when I get in on Friday, we will be packing to go on vacation. The boss is giving me two weeks paid vacation to the destination of my choice. She’ll have a whole two weeks to recuperate. Just don’t leave any marks. Since we’re going to Aruba and Puerto Rico she’ll be in her bikini most of the time. Anyway, got to run, got a meeting with the boss in one hour.” John hung up and Joyce looked at me. I said nothing to her just got up and went upstairs.

When Joyce entered the bedroom, I was putting on my pants. “Sam don’t be angry. We didn’t know how to approach you.” I ignored her as I continued to dress. “I’ve got a pipe to fix. Then I think it best if I go to a hotel.” Joyce reached out and grabbed me. “Would you have fucked me if I asked you to? Would you have done it if John asked you? Hell no you wouldn’t. John and I talked this over for weeks. When he had to go away on business, the opportunity presented itself. Don’t leave Sam. You gave me the best fucking I’ve had in years. You want me to beg, I’ll beg. Sam please, don’t go! Stay and use me again. Hurt me like you did last night. Treat me like a whore. Make me do what ever you want. Just don’t go.” I looked at her standing there in the nude. God but she looked delicious. I had to admit fucking her ass was fantastic. John couldn’t give her what she wanted and they used me to give it to her. I was pissed. I reached out and let my hand caress her face. “So deliciously beautiful”, I said. I pulled her close to me and held her tight. Then I tilted her face up to mine and gave her a slow tender kiss. I allowed my tongue to slide in between her lips and her tongue met mine. She gave in to the kiss, pressing her body against mine.

I broke the kiss and pointed to the bed. With a big smile on her face, Joyce eagerly got up on the bed. “Flat on your back in the center”, was all I said to her. Joyce scooted her little ass over until she was in the middle of the big queen sized bed. I then went to her dresser and opened the drawer. I removed two pair of pantyhose. Taking a pair of scissors, I cut them in half. Joyce watched me with growing apprehension. I tied one of her wrist, then pulled it up until it was extended out from her body. I tied the end of the nylon to the foot of the bed. I repeated the same thing on the other wrist. Then I took her leg and tied the nylon around her ankle. Tying that off, I did the other ankle. Joyce was now securely tied spread eagle in the middle of the bed. Being as small as she was, and having tied her as securely as I did, she had no room to move. I

Looked down at her. With her legs stretched as wide as they were, her shaved pussy was so open and vulnerable. Had she not been so fucking tight, I might have been tempted to fuck her pussy. My dick grew hard at the thought of what I had in store for her. She was breathing porno 64 faster in anticipation of what she thought I would do. I smiled at her. “I have work to do, see you later.”

I was about to walk out the room when she screamed at me. “Sam you Bastard, you can’t leave me like this.” I turned back and came close to the bed. “You’re right, there is something missing.” I walked out of the room and went downstairs to the laundry room. Picking up 4 clothespins, I went back upstairs. I bent over Joyce and placed my mouth over one of her tits. No pretext of sexual pleasure this time, I sucked hard. Joyce moaned in pain. Her nipples extended just like I wanted it to. I placed the clothespin on it. She cried out in pain. “Sam that hurts.” Ignoring her, I sucked the other tit. Again she cried out in pain as I attached the clip to her nipple. I took the other two pins and attached them to her pussy lips. Joyce was calling me every name she could think of. She was hollering about the pain that I was causing her. I went back to her dresser drawer and pulled out a silk scarf. This I twirled until it was tightly wound. Then I forced it between her lips and tied it at the back of her head. She was now securely bound and gagged. I turned and walked to the door. She was on the bed, tears rolling down her face, twisting

And turning trying to get loose. She couldn’t roll over or dislodge the clothespins. Smiling, I closed the door behind me to her muffled screams. The plumbing job took over and hour. I went upstairs after about 20 minutes and checked on Joyce. She had stopped struggling but her eyes were wide with fear as she watched me. I checked her bindings and she had only bruised herself a bit. I checked her gag she was fine. I turned and left. The gag choked off her scream. I was just finishing up. Putting the tools away, I was washing my hands when the phone rang.


“Hey Sam, how’s things going?”

“Fine John. I just finished fixing the heating system. There was a lot of air in the pipes. I bled them good and now they work fine.”

“Sam, uh, I’m sorry we had to mislead you the way we did. I’ve been going nuts trying to figure out how to give Joyce the satisfaction she craves. I know I should have talked to you but I didn’t know how to approach you with my problem. I let Joyce handle it her way.” I said nothing just let him talk. When he stopped I said, “Where’s Margaret?”

“She went shopping with my bosses wife. I didn’t want to talk to you while she was here anyway. Where’s Joyce, can I talk to her?” I smiled into the phone. “Oh, Joyce is tied up at the moment and can’t come to the phone.”

“Well tell her it’s important, drop what she’s doing and pick up the phone.” I laughed a cold hard laugh. “I said, she’s tied up. Give me the message and I’ll give it to her later.” It dawned on John what I was saying. “Oh”, he said with just a tiny bit of fear in his voice. ” I trust you not to hurt my wife Sam.” I wanted him to know that I was in total control of this situation. “You left it up to her to handle and it’s being handled. Careful what you wish for, you just might get it. Call tonight about 9. Oh what was the message.” John uncertain what to say now just mumbled, “I’ll tell her later”. I laughed as I hung up the phone. I poured myself a fresh cup of coffee and walked upstairs. Joyce was crying. She had a look of real fear on her face as I approached her. She lay stone still as I walked slowly to the bed. I removed the gag. Her voice was harsh as she tried to talk. “Sam please let me go? I’m in so much pain. I’m sorry. We should have never tried to trick you like this. It was all John’s idea.” She was rambling on and on. I put my finger to her lips. “Ssssssush! I spoke to John. He said that he left all this up to you. Besides, John isn’t smart enough to cook up a scenario like this. I know it was all your doing. Have you ever heard the saying, “be careful what you wish for, you just might get it”? Well my dear, you have had your wish granted. We’ll see if you still want it as much by the end of the week. I am going to untie you. If you disobey me in the least, you will spend most of your time in this same position. Is that understood?” Joyce nodded her head vigorously. I untied her and she shot up from the bed and ran to the bathroom. The splash of water let me know she had been holding it for a long time. She came back and stood before me.

“Do you still have the outfit you wore to the masquerade party?” We had attended a masquerade party thrown by one of her bosses. Joyce had brought high heels, a skirt and sweater and went as a hooker. The heels were about 4 inches and the skirt barely his her cunt, but showed off her small round ass. She had intended to go without bra and panties but when John saw it, he made her wear underwear. Wearing a wig and heavy makeup, she had indeed looked the part and had men trying to proposition her all night. She won the $500 prize for the best costume. “It’s in the back of the closet. John has forbid me to wear it outside the house.”

“Put it on, I’m taking you shopping.” She turned without a word and opened her closet. She pulled out the skirt, sweater porno izle and rummaged for the heels. She tossed them on the bed and opened her dresser drawer. She tossed panties and a bra on he bed. “No underwear.” She looked at me and tossed them back in the drawer. “Am I wearing the wig and makeup too?” I shook my head no. She shrugged and went to the bathroom. I heard the shower start and sat back drinking my coffee. I changed back into dress clothes and was downstairs washing my cup as she came down. She indeed looked the part of a street slut. I was tempted to bend her over the table but resisted. I had all week to enjoy her charms and I would enjoy them at my leisure.

I took her back to the city. I purposely rode by some of the more known hooker hangouts. “Ready to go to work?” the look on her face said it all. She was terrified that I was serious. I laughed at her fear. “Maybe not. OK, let’s go shopping instead.” I took her to one of the better adult shops. This one catered to a better class clientele. Their prices reflected it. We had no sooner walked in the door, than Joyce shrank back against the wall. “That’s my boss”, she said pointing to a man walking up the aisle. This dignified white man in a three-piece suit was walking along with a gorgeous black woman. From her actions, I could see that she was the one in charge. He was just following her picking what she told him. I chuckled when I realized that he had a beaten puppy dog look on his face. She said something to him and I saw his mouth when he said, “yes Mistress”. I pulled her along and we went to the aisle that displayed restraints. I picked out proper wrist and ankle cuffs, along with the chains used to attach them. I picked out butt plugs, nipple clamps and a ball gag. Joyce said nothing all the time she followed me. I put the items in the little hand basket that she carried. We turned a corner and right before us stood her boss and his ‘Mistress’. The look of surprise and status recognition was priceless. They both bowed their heads in shame at the same time. The woman and I appraised each other silently. She looked Joyce up and down and licked her lips. Her hunger for Joyce was so plain it was almost physical. Then we smiled and walked apart. I brought a studded collar and leash. I fitted it around Joyce’s neck right there in the store. Her boss watched intently as they were standing at the register along with us. The woman made a show of lifting her own leash out of the basket as she smiled at the man. We all understood the meaning. I thought he would cry.

Back in the car Joyce burst out laughing. “I’d never have believed it if I didn’t see it with my own eyes. He is the meanest, most demanding son of a bitch I ever worked for. And here he’s a slave all along.” I turned to look at her as I pulled out into traffic. “Don’t get too happy. He’s still your boss. You’re seeing him so humiliated will not make him feel any better about you. He also saw that you are a slave but he’ll see himself more powerful than you will. If he gets out of hand, tell me. Do not try to deal with him yourself. Is that understood?”

“Yes Sam, or do I say yes Master?” I turned to look at her. Was she trying to be funny? “Sam is good enough.” We pulled up into the driveway and another car was there. Joyce shrank down into the seat as she mumbled, “ah shit”. I recognized the woman as Joyce’s nosey neighbor. I hit the button for the garage door and pulled in. As the woman got out her car, I closed the door. Not wanting to embarrass Joyce, I let her run upstairs as I went to the door and let the woman in. Joyce came down in a robe with her hair tossed like she had just woke up. The woman looked from Joyce to me. I could imagine what was going thru her mind. They made small talk as I went upstairs to change. I came down in work clothes again and went out to the shed. When I heard the woman’s car drive off, I came back inside. “Nosey Bitch”, was all Joyce said. She was sitting in a chair in the kitchen. I walked up to her, unzipped my pants and grabbed her by the hair. She opened her mouth as I slid my dick in. her hand dropped between her legs and she began to finger her cunt. I let her suck me until I felt the need to cum. I pulled my dick out of her mouth before I came. I was not about to reward her just yet. I pushed my dick back into my pants and left the room. She sat there fingering herself. A few minutes later, I heard her moan.

I had her dress in a pair of sweats. She was not allowed to put on underwear. We puttered around the house most of the day. Some time during the afternoon, I called her into the den. I was sitting on the couch. She came and stood before me. “Yes Sam”, she said. I was typing on my laptop. “Remove your pants, spread your legs and bend over.” Without a word she obeyed. “Pull your cheeks apart. That’s a good girl.” Her asshole showed none of the abuse I had heaped on it last night. I took a butt plug, greased it and pushed it in. she groaned and grunted as it slid home and her muscles closed around it. “Stand up slowly. Walk around and tell me if it’s too painful.” She stood up and walked around. “It’s uncomfortable but not painful. How long sex izle will I have to wear it?” I ignored her and she understood she would wear it until I removed it. I helped her move some of the things she wanted moved to the shed. 8:30 I took Joyce upstairs. I laid her on the bed, greased my dick and fucked her pussy. Or rather had her fuck my dick. Again she rode on top. We had just finished when the phone rang. This time I hit the speaker button. “Hello John, you’re right on time.” That caught him off guard. “Uh, hello Sam. May I speak to Joyce please? Joyce looked at me and I nodded my head. “Hello Darling. How’s it coming?” His voice was full of questions. “Are you alright?” His question asked so much more. I sat there trying my best not to laugh. “John, I’m feeling better than I’ve felt in a long time. Thank you for loving me enough to let Sam satisfy me.” I was surprised. She sounded so happy. The tension in John’s voice eased considerably. “I was afraid I had made a big mistake. I’m glad that you’re happy. I guess you’ll tell me all about it when we’re on vacation.” Joyce laughed. “Is your dick getting hard thinking about what I’ll tell you? By the way, have you been giving Ms. Tit a good time?” He answered her with another question. “Are you having second thoughts about letting me fuck her? If so, I’ll send her back to the office and finish up by myself.”

” Nonsense! I love the fact that she takes such good care of your needs.” They talked back and forth. Thinking that there were things they wanted to say in private, I got up and left the room.

When I came back Joyce was sitting on the bed. “He’s afraid you know. My needs scare him. He’s afraid I’ll want this type of sex too much. It’s good Sam! And you give it to me like I’ve always fantasized about it. But I would never choose this over my love for him. I told him so.” I bent down and kissed her. This kiss was soft and tender. “I love the both of you. I could not hurt him and I wouldn’t hurt you. I’ll explain everything to him when he comes home. Now stand up, turn around, bend over and spread your cheeks.” Joyce stood and complied. I removed the butt plug. “Take a shower, put back on the outfit you had on earlier. No panties, no bra but do put the collar on.” I left and went to the guestroom and changed into a suit. We took a long drive during which Joyce said little. I pulled up into a long driveway. The guard at the gate stopped us and I gave him my name. He checked a list and the gate opened. We drove up to an old mansion. The place was ablaze with light. I clipped the leash onto her collar as the doorman opened her door. He took the leash and held it as Joyce got out the car. The car in front of us had another couple getting out. The woman there also had on a leash and collar. I told Joyce to walk beside me at all times. We entered thru the door and were greeted by an elderly gentleman. He was impeccably dressed. Joyce gasped as she recognized him, but didn’t say a word. He recognized her and smiled. We were ushered into a dinning hall that was right out of a movie. Seated around the table were men and women. They were varied in age but all had one thing in common. One person from each couple wore a collar. One woman had a man and woman both attached to collars. We took our seat and soon after that, dinner was served. It was a superb dinner. Afterward, we retired to the ballroom where there was dancing, drinks and general conversation.

I was sitting at the bar. Joyce was dancing with a man she said was the CEO of a bank. I had the leash of his lady on the bar beside me as she sat sipping her wine. I felt a tap on my shoulder. I turned and stared into the face of the woman I had seen earlier. “I thought I would see you tonight. My name is Sophia.” She held out her right hand. She held a leash in her left hand. Attached to it was Joyce’s boss. He looked as if he wanted to die. I smiled as I lifted her hand and kissed it. “And mines is Sam.” I offered her my chair and she took it. She ordered fruit juice. “My pet nearly had a heart attack when he saw Joyce in the shop. He’s afraid she will not be discreet.” Her eyes searched mine. She was looking to see if I had control or not. “Tell your pet his fears are groundless.” She smiled. “Maybe we can get together later?”

“I don’t think so. My pet is on loan and I couldn’t take that kind of liberty. But I thank you for the offer.” She wanted the four of us to get together. I didn’t think that would have been a good idea for either of the two pets. Joyce came back to the bar. She skirted around her boss and they would not meet each other’s eyes. I took up Joyce’s leash and laid it on the bar. The other woman picked up her leash and went to join her Master. I looked at Sophia. “I do not think that you would allow a working situation to change. Neither would I. so our respective pets have no worry or fear of things changing between them.” We had just set down rules of conduct that both pets understood. The tension between them melted away. I took the leash and walked Joyce around the mansion. We entered a room where there was unlimited fucking going on. I stood on the side and declined the offer to exchange pets. There were more women that wanted Joyce then men. After awhile I took her and we retrieved our coats. During the ride home, Joyce was full of questions. She was also horny as hell. Twice I had to tell her to remove her fingers from her cunt.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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