Bath Time

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Early autumn and the first of the cool air made its presence felt in the neat two storey house on the quiet suburban street.

Kate had just returned home from dropping the kids off at her parents for the weekend in the first step in the seduction of her husband leading up to their tenth wedding anniversary on Saturday.

She carefully locked the house and began to make her way up to the large bathroom on the second floor, grabbing a bottle of Chardonnay and two glasses on the way.

As she passed the front door she removed and dropped her light jacket onto the plush carpet. This was followed by her blouse in the hallway and her skirt at the foot of the stairs. Halfway up the stairs she wrapped her black lace bra around the banister railing and she draped a pair of stockings over the handrail at the top of the stairs. She knew Mike would follow this trail with great anticipation, as he had only today returned from a one week trip interstate and would be ready for a night of love making after being separated for such a long time.

Kate paused at the bathroom door, clad only in her red satin g-string. She could feel the moisture between her legs as her own sense of excitement gradually built. She slowly rolled the damp panties down her long smooth legs and gently placed them at the doorway, ensuring the very noticeable wet spot was prominent for Mike’s attention.

She then closed the door, placing the wine and glasses in a prominent spot near the bath. She poured a generous amount of bath salts into the bath tub and began to run a nice hot bath to relax in. While the bath was running she stood in front of the full length mirror and studied her 34 year old body with a critical eye.

She had always been athletic and had looked after herself with diet and exercise. Her shoulder length brown hair was shiny and thick and surrounded a face that, whilst not classically beautiful, was attractive with a sensuous mouth, slightly upturned nose and deep brown eyes. Her gaze fell to her tanned 34C breasts which still stood firm on her chest, the light brown nipples standing erect due to the combined cold air and sexual tension. Her eyes continued their downward travel, over her smooth, brown stomach to the trimmed thatch of soft hair leading to her sensitive vagina.

Kate spread her legs slightly and arched a little to reveal her now quite wet pussy lips which had parted like the petals of a flower in anticipation of receiving Mike’s rock hard penis. She turned around to study her firm arse and was pleased with overall attractiveness of her body, which still commanded attention on the topless beach she frequented in the summer months.

She turned off the taps and tested the water with a toe. Finding it to her satisfaction she slid under the bubbles and luxuriated in the warm feel of the liquid washing over her cool body.

She knew Mike would be home any minute and began to gently play with her body in anticipation of their love making. She arched her body slightly so that the still erect nipples showed just above the layer of bubbles. She gently massaged each breast and tugged playfully at the erect flesh before raising them to her mouth and giving each a lick and a nibble which sent slight spasms down her entire body.

With one hand still massaging her soft breasts the other began a journey down her stomach to her pleasure garden, unseen under the copious bubbles. She ran a finger down both sides of her pussy, which caused a small involuntary jerk, before taking the outer lips between thumb and finger and massaging gently. She could feel them puffing up slightly and her sense of excitement rose to a new level. She deliberately avoided her swollen clit and lightly stroked just inside her wet cunt. She wanted to maintain the tension and keep her first orgasm for when Mike was providing the pleasure.

She smiled in dreamy anticipation when she heard the car door then the front door open and close. Mike called out: “Kate, where are you. I’m home and ready to race you upstairs and screw you all night.”

Kate didn’t move, waiting for him to find her discarded clothing.

Mike called out again as he moved into the house: “Kate, are you hid…….” His sudden silence indicating he had found her jacket or blouse and would now be following the trail to paradise.

Mike suddenly started whistling and then called out from the bottom of the stairs: “I think you have lost something and I know exactly where you are. You can’t escape my love stick and I am coming up to beat you with it.” He recommenced whistling as he climbed the stairs and Kate was suddenly short of breath and her body tingled as the next episode of her plan began.

He stopped whistling when he reached the bathroom door and Kate heard an appreciative groan as he found her panties. Kate could see the door in the mirror and watched intently as it slowly swung open and Mike stepped through, completely naked, with her G string draped over his erect seven inch altyazılı porno cock, hiding it from her view.

Kate said: “Hullo lover. I hope you have been saving yourself because I am so hot tonight.”

Mike removed the red material to reveal his hard cock and large cum filled balls. As he moved towards Kate she noticed how his shaft moved from side to side, as if trying to sniff out her pussy juices which were mingling with the bath water in copious amounts

She had not turned around and Mike leant over her from behind, gently massaging her shoulders. His large, strong fingers worked their way down to her breasts and erect nipples. Cupping each breast in his hands, his fingers gently squeezed and pulled the large nipples in a way he knew would excite Kate.

She slid down into the bath, holding his hands in place on her breasts. This forced him to bend over and kiss her full lips on her upturned face. Her arms wrapped around his neck as their tongues met. She sucked his hot tongue into her mouth and sensuously worked her lips along it.

As their tongues encircled each other, Mike’s fingers squeezed Kate’s hot breasts ever harder in excitement. Kate lowered her arms allowing her soft fingers to gently run over the back of his neck and down his strong muscular back to the top of his tight ass cheeks. She gently squeezed the two taut globes as he was squeezing her two taut globes.

Kate knew that Mike had not masturbated since their last love making session and this meant that his testicles would be heavy with hot sperm. This also meant that he would not be able to hold back for too long but he would not take long to again become erect. Kate had decided that she would first do something that she had not done since their very early days – she would suck him off.

Reluctantly taking her tongue out of his hot mouth she pulled his ass towards her. This made him release her aching breasts and pull away from her searching lips as he slowly stood up.

Kate arched her back slightly as her head rested on the edge of the bath. She continued to pull Mike towards her until he stood directly above her flushed face. All Kate could see was his huge cum filled balls and his thick cock thrusting into the air.

Her tongue darted towards his balls, which were only inches away. As it licked at the bottom of each one Mike stiffened and let a soft moan escape his lips. Lifting her head slightly, Kate took one sack into her mouth and gently sucked which caused his purple-headed shaft to jerk in response as if seeking a warm pussy to bury itself into. As she released this ball and gently nibbled the tight skin he took her head in his hands and moved her experienced mouth up towards his cock.

His tight scrotum rested on one cheek as she continued to nibble the area where his penis joined his cum factory. She could smell his male odour, which excited her even more. She had forgotten the smell of a man and how soft his stiff rod could really be on her hungry lips.

Her wet mouth slowly moved along the ridged channel on the underside of his straining cock. As her lips sucked and nibbled their way to the purple head Mike was straining to hold back the torrent of cum welling up in his balls. Kate reached the back of the circumcised head and nibbled at the join to the shaft then flicked her tongue along the bloated ridge which lead to the ultra sensitive head. His cock was so stiff that she could only continue along the underside while remaining in the bath. As she neared the soft tip she felt her chin go damp with precum which was dripping from the glistening opening. Her tongue again flicked out and tasted the salty liquid before parting the large entry in an effort to lick him dry.

This caused him to stiffen his whole body and she knew he was not far from releasing his built up tension. Kate continued sucking the underside of the swollen cockhead, which jerked up and down as if attempting to escape its tormentor. As Mike began moaning in ecstasy Kate moved her mouth rapidly up and down the reddened shaft, from the dripping tip to the swinging balls.

Suddenly Mike stiffened and Kate felt his swollen balls lift towards his cock as they began to pump out his love fluid. She felt the thick cum travel along his shaft and saw the first strand explode from his enormous cockhead. As it flew towards the bath she raised her body out of the water and felt the hot sperm land across her trimmed pussy fur and over her engorged pussy lips.

Three more of the sticky strands added to the first and others landed over her soft belly and quivering breasts as his initial rush slowed. With her head again resting on the bath edge she could see that the spurts had slowed and the remaining cum would continue to drip onto her tits and neck. Moving her head forward slightly she caught one thick drop in her mouth and moved toward the now softening cock which he held in one hand. Her tongue licked at the white fluid still flowing from the opening zenci porno before her mouth enveloped the hot flesh. As she proceeded to suck him dry her hands ran over her body spreading the thick juice over her taut nipples and into the folds of her wet cunt.

Mike ran his closed fist along the length of his now half-erect cock and squeezed the last of his creamy juice into his wife’s sucking mouth. Fascinated by the sight of his cum spread over her body Mike withdrew his penis from Kate’s soft lips and gently kissed her, tasting some of the cum still lingering in her hot mouth.

Kate swallowed his offering and then swung around to kneel in front of him. She took his softening shaft into her mouth until her lips stopped at his wiry pubic hair and slightly swinging balls. She milked him dry before releasing his soft cock and stood up to embrace him in another erotic kiss. She pulled him hard up against her, feeling the heat from his reddened phallus warming her stomach just above her swollen clit and his cum spreading over both their bodies in their passionate embrace.

Their tongues intertwined while their hands explored each others body, Kate lightly scratching his back and Mike massaging her arse cheeks. They reluctantly separated and Mike nibbled on one of Kate’s ears as he whispered: “I needed that and now it is your turn to enjoy my tongue and mouth while I let my cock recover for more action.”

Kate trembled in anticipation and breathlessly cried: “Don’t take too long to get to my love garden because I can’t wait much longer and I want to come over you as you did to me.”

Not needing any further encouragement Mike worked his way down her neck to her tanned breasts and the large swollen nipples. While his fingers alternately massaged one breast and toyed with the erect nipple his tongue licked the other and gently bit the smooth, soft flesh.

With Kate now moaning in ecstasy he gently pushed her to the end of bath and made her lie on her back across the small shelf under the heat lamp which she used to keep her tan in winter. Mike pulled her slightly forward so that her feet and legs were in the bath but her upper body was splayed across the shelf.

He knelt in the still warm water and raised one of her feet to his mouth to suck and nibble on her toes. He then brought the other foot to his mouth and while giving her toes a mouthwash pushed back slightly so that her legs were spread wide apart.

In this position he could now see her reddened pussy which was dripping love juices into the bath water. He studied the outer lips which were parted to reveal the inner flesh and the pink entry to her centre. Each slight movement of her body caused the lips to slightly open or close, as if beckoning him to plunge his hardening phallus in to the hilt. At the top of this wanton arrangement stood her erect clitoris, jutting out from its small hood like a mini cock.

While tempted to fuck her immediately Mike knew that he could extend both their pleasure by using his mouth and fingers to bring her to her first orgasm for the evening.

He released one leg and began kissing his way up the other towards the soaked cunt. He paused to gently kiss behind her knee and to allow himself to get a closer look at this erotic sight while considering his next step. He decided to tease her slightly and ran a finger lightly along the flesh next to her pussy up to her brown pelt, down the other side and along the skin between pussy and arse.

As he started for a second time Kate moaned and raised her arse so that his teasing finger lodged into her wet cunt. Mike moved the finger slowly up and down between the swollen lips which caused Kate to writhe even more and call out: “Mike, please suck me off. I can’t stand it any more!”

In response he nibbled his way along her inside thigh until his tongue was licking the edge of her pussy lips. Removing his soaked finger he ran his tongue along the bottom of her cunt, tasting her love juices as they ran down her arse crack into the bath. As his moist finger toyed with her puckered arsehole he kissed his way along the entry to her cavern which caused her to buck and push herself against his mouth. Her breathing had quickened and he knew she was close to cumming, so it was time to push her over the edge.

He moved his mouth to the stiff clit and sucked it between his lips. His finger entered her arse at the same time and Kate screamed in ecstasy as she came for the first time. Mike released her pulsating clit from his mouth and began to squeeze and rub the still stiff mini cock with his other hand. He then began sucking and licking her pussy until Kate again screamed out as her body tensed up in another orgasm.

Mike continued fucking both her holes with his fingers until her orgasm subsided. He knew that she was now ready for more and let his fingers slide from her pleasure holes. Moving his mouth to her dripping pussy he flicked her swollen lips with aldatma porno the tip of his tongue causing another small jerk from Kate in response. His experienced tongue parted the swollen lips and searched between the many folds and crevices, licking out her flowing juices. As he continued to tongue fuck her wet cunt she began to gently move her hips, forcing her hot pussy into his face.

Kate began moaning as she headed toward another orgasm. Her humping increased as Mike inserted a finger to join his tongue with both moving in and out at an ever-increasing rate. Suddenly Kate screamed in ecstasy and lifted her hot body into Mike’s face. Knowing that this was the time to keep her at a peak Mike withdrew his tongue and ran the tip over her swollen clit. Kate writhed in pleasure as his tongue circled her mini-cock while he inserted two more fingers into her wet pussy. While his fingers pushed up inside her cunt searching out her pleasure spots his mouth covered the top of her hot cunt lips and sucked her throbbing clit into his mouth. Kate’s entire body stiffened as his tongue licked the swollen piece of flesh trapped between his sucking lips. She grabbed his head, pulling it tightly into her soft body, while pleading with him not to stop.

After a number of climatic jerks her body began to relax and she allowed him to release her sensitive love bud. Removing his fingers from her soaking wet cunt he slowly kissed his way back up her body while his hands gently massaged her swollen breasts. He stopped on his way to give each nipple a gentle suck and continued kissing his way up her neck to her parted lips. They gently kissed with a soft passion as Mike lowered his body onto Kate.

His cock had swollen to its full length and came to lie along her soft belly while his balls tumbled over her sensitive clit. Mike moved his body down while their searching lips remained locked together. Kate wrapped her legs around his hips, which brought her still dripping cunt up to meet his hard rod. He felt his soft balls fall away from her body as the length of his shaft was encased in her soft pussy lips. His cock head lay across her clit and Mike moved slowly back and forth, fucking it into life again.

Kate began to move in time with Mike, soaking his hot shaft in her juices, which poured from between her soft lips. Suddenly arching her back, her pussy wrapped itself around his cockhead and her legs pulled him deeply into her. She allowed him to slowly pull his cock almost out before forcing him to enter her right up to his balls. This continuing motion caused his shaft to rub along her clit making Kate increase the tempo of her pussy sliding over his hot rod.

Knowing she was about to cum Kate forced Mike to stop deep inside her, trapping him between her strong legs. As the tension continued to build inside her she rotated her pussy around his straining cock so that her clit rubbed against his wiry hair. Suddenly she convulsed in ecstasy, screaming in release as her pulsating cunt sucked at the engorged head of the pleasure tool inside her. Her body spasmed in pleasure as she felt his cockhead expand and fill her cunt with his hot creamy jism.

Mike half collapsed onto Kate’s soft body as the last drops of cum were squeezed out of his slowly softening prick by her still sucking pussy. Uncurling her legs from around his body she slowly began to slide back into the bath. Cupping his arse with her hands she forced Mike to stay where he was as she slid under his sweat covered body.

She felt his now soft penis slide out of her soaked cunt and give her clit a final tingle as it slid over her pussy hairs and up her soft belly. As she slowly sank into the tepid water his cock left a trail of cum along her body until it fell into her hungry mouth. Kate cleaned the source of her pleasure with her tongue before allowing Mike to join her in the now cool bathwater.

Mike poured another glass of wine while Kate ran some hot water, knowing that she would be able to get him hard enough for one more fuck in their pleasure tub before too long.

With the water now warmed, Kate took her glass of wine and sat between Mike’s legs lying with her back against his chest. As they drank in silence Mike gently fondled Kate’s breasts, keeping her nipples hard in anticipation of more fucking. She could feel his soft cock lying along her arse crack and knew she would need to use all her talents to get it hard again.

Pulling Mike into the middle of the bath she turned around to kiss him deeply while sitting on his lap, with his shrunken cock nestled along her arse crack. As their tongues wrestled with each other in ecstasy, Kate slowly and gently moved her body back and forth, rubbing her hard tits along Mike’s strong chest and her soft arse cheeks along his still limp member.

Kate lifted herself off his lap so that her breasts covered Mike’s face. His lips sucked the soft flesh into his hot mouth while Kate fed him first one large nipple then the other. While Mike feasted on her hot flesh his fingers gently rubbed along the engorged folds of her spread cunt as she kneeled above his hard body. As his fingers slowly squeezed the wet lips, parting them for further entry, she felt the excitement beginning to build again.

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