Barry and Diane, Encounter No. 15



Diane turned off the ignition and waited for the garage door to finish closing behind her. Gathering her things Diane exited the car and opened the door into the kitchen of the house. She set her purse, coat, and keys down on the kitchen table and opened the liquor cabinet. Selecting a bottle Diane retrieved a glass from another cabinet and filled it with ice. She poured a good amount of the brown liquid over the ice and took a sip. The bourbon burned a little going down finishing with that familiar warm glow in Diane’s belly. Diane looked down at her things and decided to collect them tomorrow. It was Friday night, the week had been long, and she just wanted to soak in a hot tub. Barry was out of town on yet another trip to Houston and wouldn’t be back until tomorrow morning. Diane smiled at that thought. She would have to find a way to show her husband how much she missed him while he was away.

Snapping off the light in the kitchen, Diane walked thru the darkened house toward the master bedroom. She set her drink down and kicked off her heels, massaging her feet as she did so. Taking off her watch, skirt and shirt Diane picked her drink back up and walked into the bathroom. “Did he leave that door ajar?” Diane wondered to herself as she passed Barry’s walk-in closet. “Not like him.” She thought as she pushed it closed and set about drawing a hot bath.

Diane eased herself down into the hot soapy bubbles and closed her eyes. The warm water soothed the day’s stress right out of her body as she sat and sipped her drink. Diane wondered where Barry was, what he was doing, if he was missing her. No, that wasn’t quite true, she knew how much Barry loved her and she was certain that he was missing her as much as she missed him. Barry hated going out of town without her but sometimes his job required it. Diane finished her drink and washed her body, running her hands over all of her delightful curves. She allowed her hands to linger over her nipples, pinching and twisting each one ever sumo web tools so slightly until she felt them harden and rise. Keeping her left hand on her breasts Diane dropped her right hand between her legs and slowly traced the outside of her pussy lips. Closing her eyes she felt herself growing more and more excited as she teased her lips with her hand. Slipping in a finger and then another Diane found her button with her thumb and pleasured herself. Diane felt her body flushing and her heart beating faster. She felt the beginnings of an orgasm start and gain momentum until the waves of pleasure washed over her. A little moan escaped Diane’s lips as she came, shuddering and twitching in the warm bubbly water.

Diane let herself go limp and regained her composure. “Whew!” She said to herself. “Man I wish Barry was here!” Getting up out of the tub Diane toweled off and ran a comb thru her mousy brown hair. Satisfied with her hair Diane snapped off the light and walked into the bedroom.

Before she could react a hand covered Diane’s mouth and another seized her right wrist. Diane screamed and jumped but all that came out was a muffled yelp. Her right hand twisted behind her back Diane felt the cold steel of a cuff snap tightly over her wrist. Her other hand pulled behind her back, Diane tried to struggle but it was no use. Whoever this was had the angle and the jump on her. Now with both hands cuffed behind her back Diane tried to scream but as soon as her mouth opened a rubber gag was inserted in. It was shaped like a dick, about two inches long and thick, perhaps two inches in diameter. Next a blindfold was placed over Diane’s eyes. She was now blindfolded, mute, and securely cuffed leaving her at the mercy of this faceless person.

Diane felt herself being led across the room until she reached the queen sized bed. Sitting her down, she was slid over into the middle and gently laid onto her back. Next Diane felt her ankles being wrapped in coils of rope sumowebtools and each leg was secured to the corner posts of the bed.

Diane felt the bed move as someone got up onto it with her. She felt hands sitting her up and then one of her wrists was free. Holding her tightly she was laid back down and her right wrist was locked to the headboard. Next her left wrist was secured in a waiting cuff. Now Diane was completely immobilized, spread eagle, on her own bed, blindfolded, and gagged.

Diane felt the bed move again as someone got up and then got back on. Suddenly Diane felt a hot tongue on the inside of her left foot. It traced its way up her foot to her ankle, on top of her leg, up the side of Diane’s calf, along her thigh, around her belly button, up the middle of her chest, over and around her left nipple where the tongue lingered. Diane felt a gentle bite and then her nipple was sucked, licked and flicked by this unseen tongue. On up her body the tongue continued toward her neck, up her left jaw line, across her left ear and finally a soft kiss landed on Diane’s forehead. From there the tongue started again. Down her right side, the tongue traveled across her right earlobe where Diane received gentle bites and the hot breath of this mysterious tongue. On the tongue continued, licking its way down Diane’s right breast where again it administered gentle bites and licks, swirling around and around Diane’s right nipple causing it to harden and rise. The tongue licked down her belly, along her right thigh, and this time along the right side of Diane’s now sopping wet pussy.

Diane felt the tongue force its way into her puffy lips, starting deep and slow, licking along the length of her slit. Diane moaned around the dick in her mouth as the tongue licked her up and down, again and again, pausing at the top of every other stroke to flick and lick her button. Next Diane gasped as she felt the intrusion of a finger into her hot snatch. As the tongue flicked her sensitive button the finger slipped in and out of her pussy. Diane moaned again and surrendered her body to the impending orgasm that was welling up within her. As the tongue and finger continued their assault on her pussy, her orgasm crashed over her like a tidal wave. Diane shuddered and shook, pulling against her bonds as wave after wave surged thru her.

The tongue and finger disappeared. As Diane felt her body start to return to normal she felt a body lay next to her. Suddenly the gag was gone from her mouth and Diane could freely breathe and talk. She considered speaking but decided not to. Diane felt a nuzzle against her neck and a whiskered face kissed her gently. Moving around to her mouth the tongue returned forcing itself between Diane’s lips. Diane felt herself being kissed deeply, sensuously and long. She felt pressure on her pussy lips and then just the head of an unseen cock slipped in, ever so gently.

Diane gasped as more and more of this new cock disappeared into her hungry pussy. Diane’s senses were electric, as if every nerve ending in her body was on fire. Finally she felt filled up completely as he was in her balls deep. Pulling out until nearly free the dick slid back in again, slightly more forcefully this time until she felt the smack of his balls against her ass. Faster and harder the dick slipped in and out of Diane punctuated by the smack of his balls at the bottom of each stroke. Diane sensed his orgasm was growing closer as the dick was fucking her with more and more urgency on each stroke. A slight moan escaped his lips and Diane heard him calling out her name. Confirming what she already knew Diane let go and her third orgasm of the night exploded within her. Diane came again and again as he pounded her, his dick going fast and deep. She felt the warm flood as he erupted shooting gobs and gobs of his hot cum deep into her pussy. He cried out her name again and collapsed on top of her, his breathing fast, his heartbeat rapid.

Sweating he lay on top of her, feeling her heart slowing, feeling her chest rising and falling with each breath. “I love you Diane,” Barry whispered.

“I love you too Barry,” Diane whispered back.

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