From the moment she arrived at our firm, Barbara had made her intentions clear. Everything she did or said had distinctly seductive overtones, even getting me a cup of coffee! She was quite a bit older than I was, but hot, I would not have been surprised to see her on the cover of “Atlanta’s Hottest Wives” magazine. She was a real cougar.

I had been working at Wilson, Davis & Kepler for 5 years when Barbara joined the company. We are a corporate law firm based in Atlanta and I am a junior partner, I joined straight from college after majoring in law. The work was difficult and the hours could be long, but I was single and had no ties. Moreover, there were the benefits, an office full of mostly women. By the way, my name is Mike.

Not having any ties helped a lot when it came to women, especially those in work, I quickly gained a reputation as the office stud, having relationships with several of the legal secretaries, (sometimes more than one at a time) and with Mr Kepler’s assistant Marie. Most of the girls had boyfriends who would be less than amused if they had caught them with another guy, especially me.

Up until now, I had been having fun with a few one-night stands thrown in, but my outlook changed the day Barbara joined the firm.

All the women I had been to bed with were younger than I was, apart from Marie who was 5 years older, but very enthusiastic, despite having a young baby. Barbara was about 20 years older than I was and, as I said, hot. Up until then I had never considered sleeping with a much older woman, but Barbara changed all that. On the day she joined, Bob Wilson, the senior partner gathered us together to introduce Barbara to the staff. We squeezed into the boardroom, and Bob made the introductions.

“This is Barbara Taylor. She is joining us as our new senior legal secretary; replacing Helen, who is leaving to have a baby; In addition, she will be Mike’s part-time assistant. I hope you will all make her very welcome, I’ll leave you to get acquainted.” With that, Bob left the room.

I took in the woman standing in the centre of our group. She was quite tall; her hair was a rich brunette, cut quite short, exposing a long slender neck. Her lustrous emerald eyes shone with an inner fire, almost as though they had a life of their own. When she looked at me, it felt as though she already knew something about me. Barbara went around the room, shaking hands and smiling until she reached me. I introduced myself.

“I’m Mike, junior partner.”

She shook my hand with a firm, but feminine grip. The electricity flowed between us. It felt as though a bolt of lightning had shot up my arm to my brain.

“Pleased to meet you Mike,” still holding the handshake she said, “I’m Barbara; I think we’ll be working very closely together.”

Her voice was husky, and her eyes full of mischief. The hairs on the back of my neck stood up when she said very. Barbara just stood there smiling.

“I meant that you and I would be working on the contracts very closely,” giving me a knowing look which no one else saw.

I regained my composure as Barbara broke our handshake to move on to the next in line. My mind was racing, “come on Mike,” I said to myself, “she must be nearly twenty years older than you, married with kids!” However, none of that seemed to matter to my crotch.

Maybe I should give you a better description of Barbara. She stood 5’8″in her high heels, curly red hair cut short, just off her neck in a pixie-style cut. Her face was round with a cute nose and full, kissable lips (as I wanted to find out), her breasts were full and firm, even for a woman her age, and they strained the buttons on her blouse almost to the bursting point. Her eyes were green, and sparkled with a fire all their own. They seemed to look at me and know what I was thinking. I hoped that was not the case, because at that moment, I had a mental picture of Barbara naked and riding on my dick.

I dismissed the image and went back to work. The next few days passed uneventfully. Barbara and I began to learn how the other worked. Being the senior legal secretary, it was Barbara’s job to make sure there were no mistakes from the wording aspect of the contract, to sorting out loopholes. Nothing had been said about the other day, as Barbara behaved as though nothing had happened. I had begun to think that I had imagined it.

A few days later, I took a call from Angela, Bob Wilson’s assistant.

“Mr Wilson would like to see you and Barbara in his office, A.S.A.P.”

Stopping what I was doing, I called Barbara into my office.

“Bob wants to see us right away.”

“Well I guess we’d better get going!” Barbara replied.

Angela showed us into his office. Bob introduced us to a tall, distinguished man in his 60’s.

“This is Henry Grunewald of Grunewald Foods,” Bob said. “He has recently moved his head office from Charlotte to here in Atlanta to be nearer to his customer base. He would like us to represent him.”

Then, indicating Barbara Bayan Eskort and I, Bob said, “Henry, I’d like you to meet Mike and Barbara. Mike’s one of our junior partners, and Barbara recently joined us as our new senior legal secretary.”

Grunewald stepped forward, “Pleased to meet you, I look forward to working with all of you.” Then he shook our hands and started putting on his coat.

Turning to us, Bob said, “I will deal with him personally, but I need you two to draw up a contract. It will mean longer hours and a late night or two, but I’m sure you two can do it.”

“I look forward to working with you Bob, But I’ve got to go.”

When Grunewald had left, Bob motioned us to sit.

“Grunewald Foods is one of the biggest companies in the Southeast,” he said. “It would be a feather in all our caps if we can get them on board. I’m relying on you two to get this right, so take the afternoon off and get an early start tomorrow.”

Barbara and I left Bob’s office and headed for the elevator.

“Well that was a surprise,” I said, turning to Barbara, “how are you fixed for working late? Not that we’ve got much choice.”

“It won’t be a problem, “Barbara replied.

“But what about your husband, kids?” I said, hoping I didn’t sound like I was fishing.

“I’m divorced, and my daughter is away at college, so I’ve got plenty of time on my hands.”

Maybe this would work out better than I had hoped. We got in the elevator and headed down, I stood next to Barbara and from my position next to her, I could see down her blouse and those big, firm breasts. Her perfume drifted up, filling my nostrils with her scent, I could feel my pants getting tight as my cock began to swell; I was desperately trying to hide my hard-on from her, and just managed to get myself under control before the elevator arrived back at our floor.

“See anything you like?” she asked with a wicked smile, turning to me.

Barbara stepped from the elevator, giving me a knowing look. When we reached our offices, she continued.

“If I were you, I’d go home and take a shower, preferably a cold one, and lie down for a bit!” Barbara laughed, reaching for her jacket. “You look a little warm, and maybe a bit flushed; maybe you are coming down with something?” Get a good night’s sleep and I’ll see you in the morning.”

I could not believe it, she was shamelessly flirting with me, and yet I felt like some high-school kid who had just been dismissed by their principal!

She was right though. I was coming down with something, a bad case of the hots for her!

I went home and took Barbara’s advice. I took a shower, (not a cold one) and made myself something to eat. I decided to have an early night after watching some t.v.but my dreams were plagued by images of Barbara in various states of undress. Therefore, by the time I awoke the next day I felt as though I had been awake all night. I got up and had another shower, shaved, got dressed; made some breakfast and coffee before heading off to work to get an early start. I had been at work about an hour when Barbara arrived.

Up until now Barbara’s choice of work clothes had been conservative, knee-length skirts, buttoned up blouses and sensible shoes with moderate heels and no pantyhose. I could tell there was something different about this morning as I heard the whistles and catcalls from the guys in the office. I walked to the doorway of my office, and I was confronted with a vision of Barbara walking towards me.

The clothes she had on today were definitely sexier. The skirt she was wearing, which clung to her round behind, was black, mid-thigh length, with a slit in it, which showed a small amount of creamy flesh above her stocking-tops. Beneath her jacket was a tight white blouse, unbuttoned to her cleavage, and showing off the swell of her big, firm breasts to perfection, underneath I could make out a black lacy bra, and a pair of 6″ heels that looked like they cost more than a month’s rent on my apartment completed the transformation.

Barbara walked right up to me and said; “Good morning Mike, I hope you’re feeling better today?”

She gave me a wicked smile. Like a cat that had cornered a mouse.

“Coffee?” she asked. “I always need 2 cups to get me going, don’t you?”

She ran her tongue across her lips suggestively, and then she left the office to get the coffee, giving an exaggerated wiggle of her fabulous ass as she did so!

I saw the looks the other guys were giving Barbara, but she did not give them a second glance (or even a first come to think of that.) Five minutes later, she was back with two steaming mugs of black coffee and put them down on my desk. I took a sip of mine, it tasted better than the usual coffee we drank in work.

“This is good!” I said, taking another sip.

“Since today is a bit different, I stopped off at a little deli I know. They sell proper coffee, not the rubbish they serve here. It’s good and strong, and it will help keep Anadolu Yakası Escort us going through the night.”Barbara smiled as she said the word “going.”

“Going somewhere later?” I asked, indicating her outfit.

“Not unless you plan on taking me.” Barbara replied, a smile playing around the corners of her mouth, her eyes twinkling with mischief. “It feels more comfortable than my other outfits, why, don’t you like it?”

As she said this, she slowly turned in a circle, giving me an entire view of her body. “Do you think it’s too much for work?”

“Yes…I mean no… I mean it’s great!” I stammered. I felt like an awkward teenager confronted by his first real woman.

“It’s alright, I’m only teasing,” Barbara laughed, “don’t look so scared, I’m not going to eat you!”

I wasn’t so sure. The look on her face was just like when a hungry lioness spots its prey! Then all at once, she was back to business.

“Right then,” she said, “let’s get down to work, and get this contract drawn up!”

I couldn’t believe it, in the blink of an eye Barbara had gone from flirting with me and back to work as though nothing had happened.

“I’m way ahead of you. I’ve started on the outline, but this one is going to need a bit of work. Grunewald’s Foods is such a big company that we have to make sure that we dot all the i’s and cross all the ts.” I replied.

Barbara put down her cup and walked over to my desk. Standing close to me, she bent forward to see the screen. To do this she had to get in closer and I felt her thigh press against my arm as she bent forward from the waist. Her ass stretched the skirt tight, almost popping the zipper! I could make out the outline of her panties through the material, and I can tell you there were not much of them!

It was all I could do to stop myself putting out my hand and grabbing Barbara’s ass. When she leaned forward, it gave me a view down her open blouse, I gulped in air and my head swam as I looked down at those big, firm mounds, straining at the confines of her blouse. The valley between them looked like an abyss I could easily fall headlong down.

As Barbara leaned in closer, her arm brushed mine, and a jolt went up it just from the contact through our clothes. It felt like a shock from static electricity and made the hairs on my neck and arms stand on end! Barbara’s heady perfume drifted up, enveloping me in a cloud of warm scent. It was intoxicating and my head swam again.

“Yes, I see what you mean. This could take a while to sort out,” Barbara said.

I was transported back from my reverie by the sound of Barbara’s voice speaking huskily in my ear.

“Can you see anything you like down there?”

Then she gave me another wicked smile. I realized that my gaze had wandered from the computer screen, and was lost in the view down Barbara’s blouse!

“Oh…I’m sorry!” I stammered, “I must have dozed off for a minute. I didn’t sleep well last night for some reason.”

“I hope it wasn’t anything to do with me!” Barbara laughed, but her eyes told me that she knew that it was.

It felt as though someone had turned the thermostat up. My collar felt tight and there seemed to be less air in the room. Beads of sweat stood out on my forehead, and I didn’t think I could stand up without falling over, not only because my knees were shaking but also because I had a hard-on that was threatening to bust through my zipper.

“You look like you need a cold drink.” Barbara smiled, “I’ll get you one from the cooler.”

She stood up, (taking her magnificent chest out of my view) and walked towards the door. Because her skirt was so tight, she could only take small steps. This forced her hips to sway even more than usual. She looked back over her shoulder at me, ran her tongue across her lips, and winked at me, before disappearing out the door, I could not believe it. Me, the office stud was being flirted with and being made to feel like a gawky teenager by a woman almost twenty years older.

With Barbara gone, it gave me time to compose myself and convince my hard-on to go down (at least for now.) I undid my tie and the top button on my shirt and started to feel a little better. When Barbara returned, she had buttoned up her blouse, just past her cleavage. She was carrying a cup of water in her hand and she had a concerned look on her face.

“You’re sure that you’re alright?” she asked. “You do look as though you are coming down with something though.”

Barbara bent forward to put the cup on the desk, her breasts strained the buttons on her blouse to the limit.

“Here you are, drink this, it’ll cool you down,” and she licked her lips again, making them shine.

My God, how was I going to last the day? Barbara’s flirting was unrelenting, and I could not see how I was going to work tonight on my own with her, without going mad or just ripping off her clothes and making love to her voluptuous body.

Just then, though, my thoughts were Pendik Escort disturbed, when Bob Wilson appeared in the doorway.

“Good morning, you two. I just thought I would come down and see how you were progressing with the Grunewald contract.”

I never thought I would be so pleased to see our senior partner, but I was glad of the interruption so I could concentrate on work. Barbara spoke, as I was in the middle of taking a drink of water.

“Mike was just showing me the draft contract he has drawn up. He’s been here since 7.30,” she said, smiling sweetly at me. “Haven’t you Mike?”

“Let me see it then,” Bob said.

I got up out of my chair to let Bob sit down. The contract was already on the screen but hidden by the screensaver, so I clicked the mouse and the page appeared. As I scrolled through the draft, I pointed out the areas that Barbara and I thought still needed some work. Bob nodded in agreement, as I talked, and when I said that we would need to work late that night he agreed to sign off on the overtime.

“I told you there might be some late nights, didn’t I?” He continued, “It all looks good, but keep at it, and let’s put this thing to bed!” I nearly choked! “I will leave you two to it then” Bob said, getting up from my chair.

He left, leaving Barbara and I alone, she looked at her watch.

“You must be hungry,” she said. “Fancy some lunch?”

“That sounds like a great idea, I’m starving.” Secretly I thought, “At least I won’t be on my own with you!”

I got my jacket and Barbara got hers. We walked to a new Italian restaurant, near our office building. Ginelli’s has only been open a short while but it was already gaining a reputation. Consequently, when we arrived there wasn’t a table to be had. All 20 tables had been occupied, but the girl at the desk told us there would be a table free in about 10 minutes.

“Would you like a drink while you are waiting?” She asked brightly.

Barbara ordered a glass of Chianti, and I had a sparkling mineral water. We sat down in the waiting area and a server brought us our drinks.

“So then,” Barbara said turning to me, “are you feeling any better now?”

“Yes thanks, I just needed to get out of the office for a while. Your idea of lunch was just what I needed,” I said.

Barbara smiled,” Good, we don’t want you worn out before tonight, do we?”

Just then, a server came to tell us our table was ready, so we took our drinks and we followed her to the table. The server brought us two menus and we sat in silence for a while.

Eventually Barbara said, “I’m going to have the chicken with pasta topped with a 4 cheese sauce with tomato and basil, and for dessert a banana split.”

“And for the sir?” the server asked turning to me.

“I’ll have the ravioli with the basil and thyme salad, and for dessert a slice of tiramisu cake.”

“Can I have a half bottle of Chianti please?” Barbara added before the server left.

The server left with our order, leaving Barbara and I alone. While we waited for our lunch, Barbara and I chatted about work, her divorce and her daughter Kathy, who was away in college. Our food finally arrived, along with Barbara’s wine. She poured a large measure into her glass, before offering me some. I declined, claiming that I wanted to keep a clear head.

We carried on eating, exchanging small talk; the weather, how Barbara was settling in, had she eaten here before? I was about to put the last forkful of ravioli into my mouth when I felt it. Barbara’s stocking-clad foot was working its way up the inside of my leg, and inching towards my groin. As it worked its way up my thigh, I looked across at Barbara but her face gave nothing away, she just carried on eating.

“What are you doing?” I hissed, leaning closer to her.

“Relax,” Barbara, said grinning. “No-one can see, so just sit back and enjoy. I just wanted to see if you were feeling better, and by the feel of this,” she slid her foot along my growing erection, “you are!”

“Barbara, we’re in a crowded restaurant! Someone might see.” I said, looking around at the remaining customers.

“They won’t, they are all too busy with their expense account lunches.”

Barbara’s foot continued wriggling in my crotch until I felt my cock begin to stiffen in my pants.

“Ooooh, you are feeling better aren’t you!” Barbara giggled, and ran the ball of her foot down my increasing length. “The girl’s were right, you are a big boy.”

I couldn’t take any more of this and, (rather awkwardly,) I stood up, desperately trying to hide my erection behind my hands. “I’ll be back in 5 minutes. I’ve just got to go to the men’s room.”

“Would you like some help with that?” Barbara asked, looking pointedly at the crotch of my pants.

“No thanks, I think I can manage,” I stammered and headed for the men’s room.

Checking that I was alone, I went into a cubicle and locked the door. Unzipping my pants, I uttered a loud groan as I released my cock from my pants. The exposed head was an angry purple colour against the pink of the shaft, and it throbbed in my hand as I jerked myself off, all the while imagining that it was Barbara jerking me off! I splashed some water on my face, washed my hands, and headed back to our table.

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