Bad Teacher: Living Together Ch. 01



Disclaimer: All characters in this story are of legal age. Some of the feedback on the story has asked me to continue the storyline. Others have expressed their opinion and thanked God that the story was finally over. I can fully accept their opinion, but I’ve decided to take up the pen for those who want to read more about Ryan and Carmen’s relationship. Here is how I imagine the storyline would continue.

I’m most grateful for WOODTECH65’s editing. Surely it’s not an easy task to clean up my mistakes 😉 hetup

Chapter 01: Coming out to the family

The first couple of months in college were amazing. I was living off campus with Carmen and our little daughter Eva, but still got into some of the on campus partying. I easily became friends with other students but I was not very forthcoming about my home-life.

Carmen and I had decided she would be a stay-at-home mom, as her huge divorce settlement provided us with enough resources to live the good life. So, Carmen used the time to take care of Eva and settle into our new home, which was a huge mansion with both an indoor and outdoor pool, tennis court, workout room and many other extras. Eva was a real sweetheart who just slept, ate and smiled, providing Carmen with a lot of time to get back into shape.

She used the opportunity and soon it was difficult to comprehend, she had given birth just months before. She was back being a vision with her long black hair framing her radiant face with those amazing dark-lashed brown eyes and full sensual lips. I knew she had lost the extra weight gained by her pregnancy and now my mature lover again weighs around 110 pounds. The only place she had not lost the excessive weight was on her breasts. Carmen truly had an hourglass figure with an even more incredibly bust (double D’s), a wasp waist and flaring hips. I was proud to call Carmen my woman, as this gorgeous petite woman with her black hair; her full rounded tits, thin waist, and perfectly formed legs allowed me to be the dominant personality in our relationship.

Our relationship grew even stronger as we started to live together. Often I would study Carmen as she took care of Eva. When she had her back towards me, I could only see one thing-bearing testament to her pregnancy. Even though she had her back to me, her breasts had become so large I could see that they were extending out beyond her rib cage, giving me a somewhat restricted view of their rounded fullness. Often I was mesmerized by the way, they were jiggling and bouncing as Carmen rocked our daughter slowly back and forth.

As soon as Carmen’s doctor allowed her to have sex again after the birth of Eva I was back in the saddle with a vengeance. Before long Carmen and I were back fucking like rabbits several times a day. We had celebrated our new living arrangements, as we fucked in every room in the house and in the garden. Being alone gave us plenty of opportunities to fuck each other mercilessly and tirelessly. I continued to push Carmen’s boundaries as I filmed many of our copulations.

One day I came home from college and found Carmen alone in the den. She got up and walked towards me with a smile on her face. I pulled her into my arms and started to ravish her mouth. It was clear to me, that Carmen wanted me quite a bit. Her breathing deepened as she tangled her hands in my thick, blond hair, trying to pull me closer to her. Soon I was pressing tightly against her hot mature body and she whispered into my ear, “Oh, I love you so much Ryan.”

I was so hungry for her.

I was smiling as I began unbuttoning her blouse and stripped her bra off within seconds. Carmen gasped as I was ravishing her full breasts with my hands and lips. I was molding her aching body with a demanding lovers touch. She pressed tighter into my controlling hands and her nipples were peaked and hard with desire from my touch. When my mouth clasped over one brown tip, Carmen threw her head back and moaned. I switched sides, giving her body the full attention it needed and wanted.

Over time I had noticed how much more sensitive Carmen’s body was now that she had recently given birth. Often I would turn her to molten lava in a matter of seconds and it seemed as if she could not get enough of my hands or mouth on her body.

When I released her hardened nipple and trailed my mouth down her tight stomach, which was tight and firm after her pregnancy, she began to tremble. I stripped her skirt and thong off in one motion and then I was trailing my lips and tongue over the sensitive skin on the insides of her thighs.

Carmen could not stay still and she clearly wanted more. She tried pulling me back up her petite body, but I just looked up at her and gave a slight shake with my head. I started caressing her legs with my mouth, while my hands ran up and down her stomach, reaching over her breasts and then back down again. Soon I was kissing and licking her slit. Carmen jerked at the intimate contact and it took only a few minutes before her body exploded in complete ecstasy.

Before she had time to even blink, I was naked and once again kissing her passionately. I thrust my tongue inside her İstanbul Escort mouth, then spread her legs apart and deftly maneuvered my huge cock, so it rested against her dripping pussy. In one motion, I slid all the way in, impaling her. Her pussy stretching around my cock released a primal moan from Carmen. Our breathing mingled with the sound of her groans, as her body tightened around me. She was quivering in my arms as I continued to slide my huge hard-on into her.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhh, Ryaaann,” Carmen moaned as my long thick ten inches of cock sliced right up into her.

Carmen’s hands caressed my broad muscular back as she wrapped her trim legs around my humping ass.

As I sensed my mature lover was approaching an orgasm I stopped in mid-stroke. Carmen whimpered, “Oh, God, oh yes ……oh …..oh…… I’m almost there……… Don’t stop. Why are you stopping? Please …. Please …………….. I’m so near.”

Holding perfectly still with just my huge mushroom head shrouded in her tight pussy, knowing she would beg for me to finish the job I purposely took my time, “When do we go public with our relationship, Carmen?”

Carmen looked at me stunned as she clutched my body with her arms and legs.

“What….” She stammered.

“When are we announcing to the world, we’re a couple,” I hissed aroused by our actions and the conversation I had started.

“I don’t think…” Carmen started but I interrupted her as I with a powerful thrust speared my huge cock into her tight pussy.

“I want us out in the open,” I almost shouted as I stopped my motion when I hit Carmen’s cervix.


“No buts Carmen. I want people to acknowledge we’re a couple,” I interrupted her.

“Oh, Ryan. I love you so much. But what will people say…”

“I don’t care. I want everyone to know, I am fucking my former Spanish teacher and best friend’s mother. I want everyone to know, I have turned a once faithful wife into a slut for my cock. You are my woman now, and you’ll admit it to the people around us.” I hissed as I continued to move in and out of Carmen’s sopping wet pussy.

“Oh, my… I’ll do what you want,” Carmen gave in with a cry.

Hearing this I gave her exactly what this hot mature woman wanted, humping at her, spearing my fleshy lance in and out of her pulsating slit.

“I can’t wait to let people I know, I’m fucking you Carmen. I can’t wait to let people know you’re mine forever.” I groaned as I continued to hammer my huge organ into her tight cunt.

For some time I continued feeding Carmen my cock and soon she reached another climax and I kept on slamming my huge pole into her sopping wet pussy, hitting her cervix repeatedly.

“Oh god Ryan you’re killing me….. Oh god, Ryan you’re killing me,” were the chants to be heard in the den as I kept thrusting up into my petite lover making her experience one climax after another.

I could sense I was about to cum in a matter of seconds, so I really began jackhammering into her with my long, hard shaft. “Fuuuuck Carmen, here it comes,” I growled and with a shudder I could feel myself explode and my cock started to pulsate inside Carmen’s sopping wet pussy. I shot load after load deep into her cunt and then collapsed on top of her. I pushed into her one final time and then fell against her, fully satisfied.

Neither of us talked as our breathing slowly returned to normal.

I became aware of the fact that Carmen did not want to let me go as she tightened her legs around me.

“I love you so much. I am sorry I have been such a fool, thinking you would be satisfied with our secret relationship. I cannot and will not live without you. You and our child are my reason for living. Without you both, there is no joy or passion in my life. There is no meaning,” she said.

“I love you so much Carmen. Over the years, I have thought about you a lot. I tried to fight it so hard, but there is no fighting a woman like you.” I responded.

“You are who I want to be with for the rest of my life,” Carmen purred as she threw her arms around my neck and kissed me with a passion. “I’ve never felt such tremendous joy in my life as I do at this very moment. I know everything will be all right even when we go public. I know we are going to be the couple that beats all the odds.”

I smiled at my mature lover and said, “Let’s go make some phone calls.”

We surprised our parents and Carmen’s children, Tony and Michelle, with our announcement.

I explained my feelings towards Carmen to my parents and after some time they accepted the fact that we were dating.

The same happened with Carmen’s children, they both were surprisingly supportive of the incredible news.

Later I had a conversation with Tony and he told me, that if anyone were going to take care of his mom he would want it to be his best friend. I was thrilled about living in an open relationship with my mature lover.

Over the next month, both my parents and Carmen’s children came to our home and spent the night. It was clear to us they wanted to check out our relationship in person. Carmen begged me to be less Escort Bayan obvious in my fondling of her body when we had visitors. I gave in but clearly stated that the next time I would do as I pleased.

Nevertheless, it was strangely arousing when we would late at night say good night to either my parents or Tony and Michelle as we were off to bed.

My parents were the first to visit us. At first, my mother was reserved around Carmen, but Carmen was being her usual self and soon my mother forgot about her reservations against her friend. Before long, they were in an animated conversation over precious Eva. While they talked, I showed my father our home.

As we walked in the garden he quietly said, “I know your mother was kind of shocked, when we heard about Carmen and you. However, I have to say I think you have landed a big one, son. I know there is an age-difference, but Carmen is a very sexy woman. I can only give you my approvals. When I heard Carmen and Peter was getting a divorce I was surprised, because I would have done anything to hold onto a woman like Carmen. Do not get me wrong, I love your mother and I value my marriage. But if that hadn’t been the case I would definitely be considering making a play for Carmen.”

“Wow, dad. Thanks for the vote of confidence. I also think I’m a really lucky man.”

“And I think there is a side-benefit in this,” My father laughed and continued, “Knowing Carmen is waiting at home, and you’ll not get into much trouble in your college years.”

I just grinned at him and then we walked around some more talking about other things.

Later in the evening, we went to bed. My mother had insisted on taking care of Eva during the night, so Carmen could get a full nights rest. I just laughed as I heard Carmen accept my mother’s offer.

As soon as we closed the bedroom door, I took Carmen into my arms. I framed her head with both my hands and leaned down and soon our lips locked in an incredibly long and passionate kiss. As I kissed Carmen, I moved my hands to her athletic buttocks and lifted her up, so Carmen could wrap her legs around my lower back. I began pushing myself very hard against her mid-section causing her back to crash against the door. Our kiss continued for several minutes before I walked us over to the bed. I placed Carmen onto our bed, where we continued to kiss passionately.

Before long, we were both naked and Carmen’s hands were caressing my body. I broke our kiss and raised myself on my elbows above my mature conquest. “I can’t wait to have my way with you Carmen. Do you have any idea how turned on I am, making love to you while my parents are in our house.”

Carmen’s eyes widened as I moved my huge thick shaft up and down just outside her dripping pussy.

“Oh, you are such a bad boy, Ryan,” Carmen moaned.

“You’re so right, but I know you’re so ready right now,” I said and rolled over to lay on my back, while placing Carmen on top of me.

“You know me too well,” Carmen replied and grasped the base of my huge pole with her right hand, and began caressing it with her lips, tongue, and mouth. I placed my hands on my mature lover’s black hair and just loved her actions. Occasionally I would thrust my shaft into her mouth, causing her to gag momentarily. I loved the way my milf was pleasuring my cock. Deciding to give back as good as I got, I pulled Carmen’s body into position over my face and administered my own oral specialty to her sopping wet pussy.

She became very excited as my tongue manipulated her cunt, and she began grinding her pussy onto my face. I loved the taste of her and I loved the way Carmen’s body twitched and shuddered as I brought her to a climax. Carmen let out a huge moan as she came and clearly forgot all about pleasuring me with her mouth.

When Carmen came down from her orgasm, I slapped her ass and told her to turn around.

Carmen turned around and smiled down at me, as she positioned her ass over my huge throbbing shaft.

“I hope your parents didn’t hear me,” Carmen whispered to me.

“I don’t care.” I replied as I watched her gorgeous Latina body as she straddled me. I took in her incredibly full and firm breasts with their hardened brown nipples. Her skin was soft, her body was tight, her waist was yet again tiny, and her ass was perfect. I could feel Carmen’s wetness drenching my cock as it was pinned between her labia and my abdomen. I arched my hips and felt Carmen’s mature pussy slide easily up and then down my thick shaft. She moaned loudly and I continued the hip movement but also began pinching each of her nipples ever so gently.

Sometimes Carmen would leak milk, but not tonight.

I placed my hands on her buttocks so I could control our lovemaking. Carmen straddled my body with her hands resting on my rock hard chest. She also began to caress my nipples with her fingers and moaned each time I pinched her nipples. Sliding my hands slowly up and down her beautiful torso, feeling her firm body, and enjoying the sensation of watching this beautiful mature woman with her fit body as she tried to place my cock at her opening with her movements.

Clearly Eskort excited Carmen raised up on her knees, placed one hand on my powerful chest, and looked me directly in my eyes. With the other hand, she reached down between our bodies and took hold of my thick shaft. She placed the mushroom head against her pussy opening and dropped several inches suddenly. My thick shaft plunged upward into her warm moistness, and Carmen cried out as my shaft stretched the sidewalls of her cunt. Slowly Carmen lowered herself five, six, seven inches. This continued as Carmen moaned aloud as the head of my cock was pushing very hard against her cervix. I cupped her breasts, pulled her down to me and kissed her deeply as I enjoyed my mature lover’s warm, moist, pleasure hole. Placing both my hands on Carmen’s hips, I pulled her down even more tightly onto my hard-on.

“You feel so fucking hot, Carmen. I can’t believe, you are so incredibly tight. If I didn’t know better, I would say you had never given birth.”

Carmen just panted as she experienced a small orgasm. I quickly rolled us over so that Carmen now was on her back with me on top of her. I propped myself up on my elbows and looked down at her beautiful face and smiled.

“Ready to be fuck real good?” I asked.

“Ready,” Carmen answered with a smile and pulled me in for a prolonged kiss.

I began moving my hips, thereby gyrating my fully engorged and throbbing cock in Carmen’s exceptionally tight and moist pussy. She moaned and moved her hands to my ass and pulled me into her body just a bit. This slight motion caused my mushroom head to push against her cervix and she gasped with a mixture of pain and pleasure.

I loved how my mature lover’s incredibly tight pussy was gripping my long hard shaft. In addition, looking down on her beautiful face framed by her black hair was such a turn on for me. Moreover, Carmen’s luscious tits with their excited nipples were just perfect on her petite frame. I leaned in and first sucked and then nibbled each nipple and breast. Then, still on my elbows, I moved my lips to Carmen’s neck and gently kissed her there. Moving to her beautiful lips, we shared a passionate kiss.

After some time I raised myself over Carmen, placing the palms of my hands on either side of her shoulders. Now Carmen caressed my ripped upper body with her hands as I began to piston in and out of her, frequently hitting her cervix with all my ten inches of my cock. Carmen’s body shook each time I plunged my huge shaft into her and she started to scream in passion. I fucked her even more furiously and she screamed out as she experienced numerous orgasms. I looked down at my mature lover and could see how her body shuddered and twitched uncontrollably. I loved the tight feeling of her pussy squeezing me tightly. I felt my own climax beginning to build within me, and I knew that in only a matter of moments I would be emptying my cum deep into my mature lover’s womb. I felt my balls contract and my muscles stiffen even more as I reached my climax. I slammed my long hard cock deep into this Latina beauty, causing her to yell in pain and pleasure. I held myself deep within her, my mushroom head plugged into her cervix, emptying more of my sperm into her warm pussy. Carmen experienced another orgasm and then we both fell down on the bed beside each other.

After some time I turned Carmen around on her side and spooned with her. Soon we were sleeping. Three more times that night we made passionate love, shouting out our pleasure.

In the morning, Carmen was already up when I woke. I got down to the kitchen and joined my parents, Eva and Carmen. My mother blushed, when she saw me. My dad just winked at me with a huge grin on his face.

“I hope you all had a good night sleep.” I said.

“I slept alright, but I have to say, I heard a lot of noise from your part of the house,” My father said with a grin.

Both Carmen and my mother blushed at this. I just grinned and walked up to Carmen. She was wearing a thin white nightie that clung to every inch of her frame. It was silk and came down about mid-thigh. She also had on a cover up, so she wasn’t showcasing her cleavage. However, I knew the nightie was being held by spaghetti straps tied at her shoulders. I looked at my parents before I bent down and gave Carmen a quick morning kiss.

As we ate breakfast together we talked about, how my parents would be leaving in a matter of hours.

My father excused himself, so he could take a shower. My mother picked up Eva and told us she would go change her diaper. The two of them left the kitchen, leaving Carmen and I alone clearing the table.

I moved up behind Carmen and wrapped my hands around her. Soon I reached up and fondled Carmen’s tits in my hands causing her to moan and drive her ass sharply against my hard-on. She quickly turned around and gazed up at me with a look of pure lust. In a split second, we are locked into a tight embrace, her arms wrapped around my neck, mine around her waist. She moaned and I put my hands on her tight ass and pulled her close against my rapidly expanding cock. Our lips met and we kissed furiously. Her tongue slipped into my mouth, soon she was panting and moaning, and I was grinding my hips against her crotch. I reached up with one hand to grab onto one of her tits. It was full like a melon, round and succulent. She pulled her mouth from mine and groaned.

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