Back Together with His Ex-Wife 01



As Peter stood in the living room he glanced out the window and saw the car parked across the street again, its headlights were turned off yet the wipers were moving slowly to keep the rain off the windshield. He had noticed the same car twice before while sitting and watching the TV but it had driven away each time it had seen him looking. Now, with the lights turned off, he sat in the darkness and watched … and wondered…

It was Anna’s car without a doubt. He should know … he had bought it for her just before the separation and divorce. The 280-Z had been her dream car; small, fast, and fire red. He had bought it for her in hopes of stopping the inevitable but the last he had seen of it was as she had driven away from the courthouse. Theirs had been one of those “friendly divorces” that people hear about. They had their fights and disagreements just like any other couple but when their baby girl had been born premature and died it seemed like the life went out of their marriage. They tried grief counseling and everything else that friends suggested but in the end they went their separate ways.

Later he had heard that she had remarried and he had never expected to see her or the car again, yet there it was. Suddenly it made a quick U-turn and came to a stop in front of his house, actually their house as he had never sold it after the divorce. The driver’s door opened and Anna slowly stepped out. Pausing, she stood there and looked at the house as if waiting for it to ask her in.

Chuckling to himself, he remembered the many times she had done this after they had separated when she needed or wanted to do something but wasn’t quite sure if it was the right thing. The streetlight reflected off of her waist-length blonde hair and her long leather jacket giving her a very mysterious effect as she walked towards the house. He sensed more than saw that something else had changed … and he was about to find out what as he opened the door.

“Hi,” he said jokingly, “You lost or something?”

“No,” she replied. “I just needed to get out of my new place and kept finding myself outside of our house. I hope you don’t mind.”

“Not at all. Why don’t you come in out of the rain and I’ll get you something to drink,” he offered.

“Thanks. I could use something right now,” she replied, brushing against him as she passed and started up the stairs.

Closing and locking the door, he turned just in time to get a fantastic view of her hips gently swaying as she went up the stairs. He also noticed that she was wearing 4″ stiletto heels that made her long, tan legs look even better.

“Fuck, she’d never wear those when we were married, no matter how much I wanted her too,” he thought to himself. “Still drinking Captain and Coke?” he asked out loud.

“Ya, that will be great but make it a double. I’m in that kind of a mood tonight.”

Anna was sitting on the couch waiting when he entered. The lights were still turned off, but she had started a fire in the fireplace while he was making the drinks. Handing one to her she instantly swallowed half before looking at him. “I’m sorry, Pete. I’m not quite sure what I’m doing here. I mean you’re my ex-husband. But I kept remembering all the nights we spent sitting like this in front of a fire, talking and other things,” she thought to herself, “and realized that is exactly what I needed tonight?”

“OK, so what’s up? The boys just left here yesterday so I know it’s not them. So what’s the problem?”

Swallowing the second half of her drink, she stood and started pacing. “It’s … umm, … well, it’s kinda like … SHIT … This is harder than I thought. Ned and I … we’ve … well we’ve been having some problems … and I … … …” Suddenly, she burst into tears, her hands covering her face.

Instinctively, he approached and wrapped his arms around her, gently pulling her head to his shoulder “It’s okay. I’m here. I’ll help in any way I can,” he whispered.

Looking up at him, her eyes filled with tears. “I always could count on you, you know that? Even when we were married and I pushed you away, you kept coming back. But there’s nothing any one can do about this.” Stepping back she looked at the ground as the final words tumbled from her mouth, “Ned is having an affair. I’ve had my suspicions for awhile, so I hired a detective and had Ned followed. Today the detective called me up and gave me the pictures of him and a woman together at a sleazy hotel downtown.” Giggling as the alcohol began to take effect she continued, “And would you believe it’s HIS EX-WIFE. He’d rather be with her than have this …”

Anna stepped back further and opened her jacket exposing her lush body.

Peter was surprised by what he saw. Under the jacket she wasn’t wearing anything but a matching sheer black panty and bra set, garters with nylons, and the stiletto heels. With the additional height provided by the heels she was 5-foot 9-inches tall. Her skin was tanned, her hair had always had a natural wave to it that gave it a Gaziantep Escort İlanları ‘blown away’ look and her captivating gray-green eyes appeared to have fireworks going off in them because of the light from the fireplace.

“I work-out 20 minutes every day and tan twice a week. My measurements used to be 36C-25-34 but I’ve been taking herbal supplements and my bust is now a 36DD. In fact, I had to call my doctor last week because I started squirting tit-milk all over the place just like when I was pregnant. But that son-of-a-bitch would rather fuck his “ex” than me.”

Staring at her, his cock began to do his talking for me. “I don’t know about him, but I’d sure as hell rather have you.”

A small smile began to appear on Anna’s face. “You would? Even after all the shit we went through?”

“Hell, yes.”

“Then come here and prove it. When I walked out of the house tonight I knew I was going to get fucked by someone, I just didn’t know who and right now you seem the perfect choice. Since our divorce, I’ve learned to suck a cock so well I can make a man cum in 3 minutes and I love to swallow every drop. I’ve been fucked in almost every position there is and even found out that I love to tit-fuck and have the cum all over my face and tits.”

Standing there he was shocked by the words coming from Anna’s mouth and getting excited by her fabulous body as the firelight reflected off of it. Her lightly tanned skin contrasting with the delicate pattern of the black lace made a delicious picture. Her cleavage seemed to go on forever and he could see her hard nipples pressing against the front of the bra, begging to be released. Her French-cut panties were pulled high between her legs and clearly outlining her pussy lips and unless he was mistaken she was shaved except for a small strip above her pussy. When he was finally able to get his thoughts in order he moved, pressing her down lightly, so that she sat before him on the couch.

Without saying a he knelt between her legs as he ran his hands up the insides of her thighs, her skin was warm and subtle, soft and yet firm from all the time she’d spent in the gym and the closer he drew to the junction of her legs the warmer and moister it became. Slowly, he parted her legs further, all the time looking up at her, questioning if this was what she really wanted. Returning his gaze, she answered without a word as she spread her legs as far as she could for him, offering herself without reservation and giving his hands access to her most intimate of places.

Looking down he saw Anna’s aroused pussy lips pressed against the crotch of her panties. A barely visible spot of moistness revealing her need as it quickly expanded to a long wet line of desire. Gently, he traced a finger up and down the material before pressing the palm of his hand flat on her pussy as he massaged it. He instantly noticed a change in Anna’s breathing as she leaned back further on the couch. Teasingly, he pulled his hand away and resumed running a finger up and down the material with the gentleness of a feather. The soft fabric of her panties moistened until the crotch was soaked with the pussy juices flowing from her and the heady aroma of her arousal filled his nostrils. Silently, removing the finger, now slick with a coating of her juices he brought it to his mouth. She was delicious, just as he’d remembered and the scent of her arousal was driving him crazy with the desire to fuck her.

Anna watched through barely opened eyes as he brought his finger to his mouth and licked the juices from it. “Mmmmmmmm, that always got me so turned on. Watching you lick my pussy juices from your fingers. Ned won’t even touch me. Instead he insists I play with myself to get wet for him.”

“His loss is my gain,” Peter replied as he finished licking her juices from his finger. Gently, yet firmly he reached down and grabbed the material of her panties and pulled them upwards until they were nestled between her swollen pussy lips. It was only then that he returned his fingertips to their exploration.

Her head fell back as she moaned, allowing herself to surrender to the feelings that were spreading from her pussy to envelop her body. Her hips began to press upwards forcing her pussy against his hand with an almost urgent need for his fingers to be inside of her. He let one teasing finger slide across her exposed pussy lips while his other hand ran down the top of her thigh, feeling her heat. Her moans intensified as she urged him to sink his fingers into her pussy.

“Oh Peter … oh baby … please stop teasing me … put a finger in me … fuck me with your fingers … push it into me …,” she pleaded.

Smiling, Peter continued strumming across her pussy lips. They had played this game before and he still remembered how much better the sex was if it wasn’t rushed.

Finally unable to take it any longer, Anna reached down and yanked the material from between her pussy lips. Juices flowed from her as if the material had acted as a dam. “Now, god damn it … get your fingers inside of me! Fuck me,” she demanded.

Peter watched the juices flow from her, mesmerized, before placing a finger at the entrance to the womanly core. Gently he slid it in as the moist, warm velvet of her pussy canal pulled it deeper.

“AAaaaggghhhhh, that feels so good. Please … fuck me with your fingers … push it into me … press it deep in my pussy … Mmmm … I want you so bad … I NEED you inside of me!”

Peter withdrew his finger and grabbed the material of her panties with both hands and yanked, the material resisted for only the briefest of moments before ripping and exposing all of Anna’s charms to Peter’s gaze. A look of surprise momentarily crossed his face a he saw he had been right; her pussy was totally shaved, and smooth with the exception of a strip above it that seemed to point the way to her core.

“YESSSSSSSssssssss,” she hissed, “… that’s right lover. I started shaving my pussy several months ago and I love it. The feel of my panties sliding across my clit drives me crazy some days but even better are the days when I wear a long skirt with nothing at all underneath. I even came one day from the breeze blowing against my naked pussy, but right now I need to feel your tongue between my legs,” she pleaded. “Take me … do whatever you want with me … I’m yours … all yours … I made a mistake … I never should have left you … you’re the only man I want … or need,” she said as if asking to be forgiven.

Lust along with a long buried feeling of love and desire flooded through Peter as he leaned forward to look at her pussy for the first time in years. Thick, red and swollen, her pussy lips seemed to be begging to be kissed while her nectar ran from her like a small river down to the crease between her ass before pooling on the seat of the couch. His fingers once again traced and explored the swollen lips of her pussy before sliding into her.

She moaned as she arched her back and pressed against him harder and harder, wanting his fingers, his tongue, something, anything, buried inside of her. She moaned loudly as her head swayed from side to side, her eyes closed, her mind adrift … as she felt his touch.

Eagerly he moved his head between her legs and pushed his lips against her outer folds, kissing them. They were wet and distended, engorged with blood, fiery red and glistening with the juices that were now flowing from her. Pulling away he stuck his tongue out and returned to her enflamed slit. For the next several minutes, he varied the pace as his tongue darted quickly, flickering over her swollen clit and then slowly licked up and down the full length of her sweet pussy, eagerly swallowing her slick, tangy juices. Occasionally he sank his tongue into her causing her to give a guttural, almost animalistic, moan as she started to grind her hips against his face in a slow and steady rhythm, forcing his tongue to plunge in and out of her … again and again. Slowly he settled into a steady rhythm, tongue fucking her, building up the pace as he allowed his fingers to wander all over the insides of her thighs, occasionally stroking her wet pussy lips lightly.

Lowering one finger, he pressed firmly against her tight ass sphincter, her cheeks clenched instinctively before relaxing. Her mind swirled from all the sensations that she felt flowing from between her open legs. His roaming tongue on her pussy lips, his fingers massaging her clit and now another finger pressing against her tight asshole. Briefly he paused, moistening his finger with his mouth before he pressed it against her tight hole, waiting for it to relax before he slipped it in. The feeling of his fingers working simultaneously in both of her holes carried Anna away.

“Ohhhhh, my god, Peter. I’ve never let anyone play with my asshole or stick anything in it but it feels so fucking good right now, I want you too. I want you to finger-fuck my pussy while you lick my clit and finger-fuck my ass. Tonight I’m your and only yours, I’ll do anything you want, no holes barred.” she groaned, feeling the sensations washing through her body … wave after wave …

All too quickly she was bucking your legs uncontrollably as he played with her pussy and ass. Her head thrashed from side to side as she released herself completely to the delicious feelings that were washing over her.

“That’s it, baby … Slide your fingers into my pussy and my ass … Fill me with them … Spread me with your fingers … fuck me hard with them … Mmmmmmm, that hurts so good … Fuck me … Fill me … Use me … I’m your lover … your slut … My pussy is yours … My ass is yours … just don’t stop … OOOhhhhhhhhh, yesssssssssss … Do it, baby … do it,” she chanted.

Arching her back she quickly released the snap on her bra and pulled her bra off. Grasping them in her hands she pressed them together, squeezing them as Peter sucked and fucked her pussy with his tongue. Encircling one she pulled it to her mouth and latched onto the nipple, sucking on it hungrily, feeding on it. Peter looked up, leaving her pussy; his mouth slick with her wetness, his lips shining with her pussy juices enthralled when he saw a tiny trickle of thin, white milk escape from the corner of her mouth. The sight of it exciting him to the point that he thought he was going to cum right there and right then.

Without thinking about what he was doing, he slowly moved up her body, watching as she nursed on her tit; his body throbbing with desire. Anna released the tit she had been sucking on as he reached her left tit, marveling at its beauty as he slowly opened his mouth; his lips parting, her distended, puffy nipple slipping between them before he gently began to suck on it. For a moment nothing happened, then he saw Anna’s eyes flicker open. She looked around aimlessly as if not sure where she was before she looked down at him sucking on her tit. Time stopped as they stared into each other’s eyes for the longest time. Finally, she moved ever so slowly, reaching down. Grabbing her tit with left hand while wrapping her right hand in his hair, she pulled him tight against her chest forcing the nipple deeper into his mouth as she massaged and squeezed the tit, milking it.

“Yeeessssssss, please,” she whispered, pressing his face into the soft, yielding flesh of her swollen breast. “Suck my tits, baby. I want you to suck the milk from them and make them stop aching. I need you to do it. I love the feeling. It makes me feel so wicked. It makes me feel like the adulterous slut that I am tonight. Please, baby, don’t stop now.”

Peter was stunned and did nothing for a moment. Slowly he realized that she wanted him to nurse on her tit. He began slowly sucking on the great, swollen nipple but at first there was only a thin, watery fluid.

“Suck harder, baby. You’re not going to hurt me. In fact, you’re getting me more and more turned one,” Anna sighed as she held Peter’s head against her and milked her tit for him.

As instructed he began sucking harder and was rewarded when sweet, warm mother’s-milk sprayed from the nipple. The look of ecstasy on Anna’s face was all he needed to suck harder causing her milk to begin to gush into his mouth. Somewhere deep in his memory banks, the delicate, sweet, sugary flavor of her milk triggered forgotten memories of his childhood and even though his mind had reverted to infancy, his body was alive with excitement. Some almost forgotten primal instinct was guiding him as he pushed his face into Anna’s breast. He could feel the heaviness of her breast pushing back against his mouth and he couldn’t seem to get enough of her sweet, precious cream as it poured from her breast. Instinctively, he raised his hand to her breast, gently replacing hers, and wrapped it around the fullness of her breast before gently squeezing until the milk filled his mouth and dripped from the corners.

“Oh, yes, Baby, take all of my milk and make it stop hurting,” she murmured, pressing his face into her breast even harder.

As he sucked, he could feel the swelling of her breast slowly diminishing and her body began to relax until after several minutes, the flow of milk slowed to a trickle and then stopped. Slowly he released her nipple from his sucking mouth. Turning slightly, Anna offered the big, round softness of her other breast with its glistening pink nipple to his lips. It was like giving a drink to a drowning man as she slowly held the large, swollen nipple to his lips. Unlike before, her rich, thick milk began to flow instantly and quickly filled his mouth almost to overflowing. He pulled at the rubbery nipple with his lips and mouth sucking more and more of the pleasing sweetness of her foamy milk into my mouth.

“Oh, Yesssss. That feels sooooo good. I can feel it all the way to my toes. I can feel how horny it’s making me and how my pussy juices are flowing just like my milk. I can feel my juices coating my inner thighs almost all the way down to my knees. If you keep this up, I’m going to cum soon just from having you suck my tits,” she murmured as he continued to nurse from her.

Then Anna reached down between them and with the skill of a practiced lover, unbuckled his pants and pushed them along with his undershorts down with her foot. He instantly found the head of his bloated cock resting against the soft, fleshy opening of her wet, aroused pussy. As he felt the heat emanating from her weeping pussy he felt her gently tilt her hips and press herself against him.

His swollen cock was throbbing with such pain he knew that he couldn’t keep from cumming much longer. He had never been so hard or so turned on in his life. It was like having pins shoved into his cock as it pulsated with excitement.

Still he sucked and sucked until the flow of milk began to decrease. Then gently he ran his tongue over the lactating nipple and felt Anna’s body stiffen in response. Mildly surprised by her reaction, he stopped sucking and began to tease the big, swollen nipple with his tongue instead. Less and less milk flowed out, but his tongue became more and more insistent as it tickled and teased the bulging nipple.

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