Back in the Game



After thirty years of marriage, I was recently widowed and was soon in for the shock of my life. It’s just a fact of life that men usually die younger than their wives. This tips the dating scale in favor of the widower over the widow. At my wife’s funeral, I had women some I had never seen before coming up to me to wish condolences and offering food and comfort. At first, I thought these women to be acquaintances of my wife but later I found out most of them were just widows looking for fresh meat.

It was after one of these widows who was attractive if not overbearing who finally convinced me to come to dinner that turned my life around. It was a simple misunderstanding really, she said Thursday but I wrote Tuesday on my calendar. When I showed up Tuesday to find only her daughter at home we called her mom to find out I screwed up. The mom, Emily, who was out of the city on business, instructed the daughter Whitney, that since I was already there to feed me. After hanging up I told the daughter she didn’t need to feed me but she said she only liked to cook for more than one so if I didn’t stay she end up eating crap for diner. I told her I then felt obliged to do my part to make sure she Escort İstanbul ate healthy so I would stay if she’d let me help. She put on a pot to boil for pasta and took some of her mother’s ‘famous’ red sauce out of the fridge while I cut up greens for a salad. She found a good bottle of red wine that I opened and somehow we drank before the water even boiled. She threw some bread slathered thick with her mother’s garlic spread in the oven and in record time, we had a feast fit for a king and a queen I might add.

I opened another bottle of her mother’s wine for diner and then after we took the remainder out to the den where I built a fire. We sat drinking our wine and staring into the flames, lost in thought. “You know my mother’s hot for your bod, she wants you bad.” “I think at your mother’s age she’s more lonely for company than for sex” “Thank god, I hate to think of my mother having sex.” “Now wait a minute Whitney, your mother is a very attractive woman and if she has needs you shouldn’t be upset with that.” “I know I know but jeese it’s my mother and no one wants to think about their mother having sex.” I had to agree with that and I told her I knew my mother only İstanbul Escort Bayan had sex when my sister and I were conceived. She laughed at that, then she looked up at me, and somehow I knew so I leaned over and kissed her. When I realized just what the hell I was doing, I broke the kiss and told her I was sorry for taking advantage of her. Her only reply was to put her lips back to mine and then to put her tongue in my mouth.

This was so cool here I was making out with a thirty something year old girl and believe me I was getting excited. We continued to kiss and then my damned mind started asking question like, why is this attractive young lady making out with you, an old geezer. Finally, I could no longer stand it so I just asked her, “Why are you doing this with an old man when you could have someone so much younger?” “Well what if I say, you’re the only one in the room would that be OK?” What more could I say beyond that’s fine with me and we went back to making out.

As I mentioned earlier I had been out of the dating game for quite some time so I let Whitney take the lead, hoping it was all right with her. Well this young lady seemed to have no problem Anadolu Yakası Escort with being the aggressor, and when she reached down and grabbed my dick it got right hard in her hand. We made it right there on the floor in front of the fire tearing each other’s clothes off with a hunger that surprised this old man. Let me just say this to all the old men out there, young pussy will sure the hell turn you on. I couldn’t believe it I had wood like a teenager and believe me Whitney was digging it.

It’s hard to believe, not even three months ago I was a married man of over thirty years who hadn’t cheated in I don’t know how long. I mean I wasn’t getting any because me and the wife hadn’t done it in decades and now I was doing a girl almost half my age and on the floor at that. Believe me this was not something I was looking for, it came to me just as natural as could be.

Now I knew I could never be one of those all night guys but as my old Uncle Morty use to say, “I may not be as good as I once was, but I am as good once as I ever was.” That is now my mantra, as I learned that night, there are plenty of girls who are interested in trying an old man, and if they can wait their turn, I’ll try my best to get to all of them.

As just a note me and Whitney’s mom never got together, I just didn’t feel right about doing both the mom and the daughter but imagine my shock when Whitney called me again about getting together. Did we hook up, well what do you think?

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