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I’d been babysitting for Gwen and Ron. They have twins, age five, and they’re a real handful at times. It’s no wonder that their parents need the occasional break. Accordingly, I came in and Gwen and Ron fled the scene with loud cries of joy, leaving me to wrestle with the little fiends.

I fed them and bathed them and did my best to run them ragged before tucking them into bed, whereupon they promptly fell asleep, leaving me to watch TV and mope until their parents returned home. I have to admit I was still moping when Gwen and Ron did return.

Gwen and I settled down in the kitchen for some coffee and a chat while Ron wandered off to play with the computer. Gwen told me about their night out and I tried to be enthusiastic and pleased for her but I was still feeling down. Gwen caught onto that fact pretty quickly and finally taxed me with it.

“You appear to have some sort of problem,” she suggested. “You look as though you lost a twenty and found a dime. Want to talk about it?”

As a matter of fact I did want to talk about it, but it wasn’t the sort of discussion I wanted to have with my mother or friends. Gwen on the other hand. . .

“Um, yes, kind of,” I admitted. “It’s about my boyfriend. . .”

My voice trailed off, not quite knowing what to say.

“Let me guess. He wants to have sex and you don’t?”

“Something like that,” I agreed. “He’s been leaning on me pretty heavily lately, wanting to take our relationship to the next level.”

“And you don’t want to?”

“Not exactly. It’s a little trickier than that.”

Gwen gave me a ‘tell me more’ look, waiting patiently to see if I wanted to. I chewed on my lip, trying to think how to phrase it.

“Ah, it’s not that I don’t want to. I think I’m ready to move our relationship along but. . . I’m scared,” I blurted out with a rush.

“You’re still a virgin?” asked Gwen, sounding slightly surprised.

“Um, no, and that’s part of the problem.”

“He expects you to be a virgin? A bit chauvinistic of him,” Gwen opined.

“No, it’s not that. I’m just scared of having sex with him.”

“Ahh. A nasty experience?”

I nodded miserably and explained.

“My last boyfriend seduced me, but I was willing to be seduced,” I told her. “The trouble is that the first time hurt me quite a bit.”

“That’s unfortunate, but that only occurs the first time. After that, things should be fine,” Gwen assured me.

“Should be, are the operative words. It seems that hurting me that first time really excited my boyfriend. Enough that he wanted to make sure he hurt me in subsequent encounters, and he did. After a few times I’d had enough and I dumped him but he didn’t want to be dumped. I had to take out a restraining order before he got the message.”

“There are,” Gwen stated very firmly, “some real assholes out there. You were unfortunate enough to run into one of them. But you do know that not everyone is like that?”

“I know, I know,” I said miserably. “Still, it’s left me rather nervous where sex is concerned. So it’s a case of I want to but I don’t want to because I’m scared.”

“I’m not sure what to say in this sort of situation,” admitted Gwen. “You really need to experience some sex that isn’t painful. Maybe that would relax you and you could look at your relationship with your current boyfriend from a different Gaziantep Anal Escort point of view.”

“It’s what they call a Catch-22 situation. I’m not willing to have sex because I’m scared of what the man might do, but I need the man to do it to show me I don’t need to be scared.”

Gwen smiled at that observation.

“Maybe you should hire a professional escort and order him to have sex with you. He’d have to please you if he wanted to get paid,” she said, in what I hoped was a tongue in cheek manner.

“Oh, yeah. I can just see me trolling through the internet trying to find a male escort.” I shuddered delicately.

We both laughed and then Ron came wandering back into the room.

“You ladies seem to be in a happy mood,” he said. “Discussing men and their short-comings, I assume?”

“Something like that,” admitted Gwen. “It’s a pity that they’re not all as nice and agreeable as you.”

Then she sat up straight, looked at Ron, and then looked at me.

“He is a very nice man,” she said softly. “Considerate and agreeable.”

I frowned a little, trying to understand what she was getting at. Surely she wasn’t suggesting that Ron. . . My mind officially boggled.

“Why not?” she asked me. “It will solve your little problem and give Ron a treat.”

“But, but,” was all I could say.

“Ah, am I missing something?” asked Ron.

“Tracy has this little problem and it’s just occurred to us that you can help her out,” said Gwen, a big cheesy grin on her face.

Occurred to us? What was with the ‘us’ bit? It hadn’t occurred to me. It still wasn’t registering with me.

“Glad to help if I can,” said Ron. He really is a nice man.

“Tracy?” asked Gwen.

“But, but,” I said helplessly.

“It’ll be good for you, a bonus for him, and an experience for me. Why not?”

“Ah. . .” Sometimes there just aren’t words to express what you want to say.

“Ok,” said Ron, “it’s now official. I have no idea what anyone is talking about.”

“It’s quite simple, sweetheart,” said Gwen dulcetly. “Tracy had a very bad sexual relationship with her old boyfriend. She feels she can’t move forward with her new boyfriend until she puts that behind her. To do this she needs to have some satisfying sex with a considerate lover. We thought that you’d be able to help out.”

We? What was with the we? This was all Gwen’s idea. My face was burning and my feet were itching to run. Ron, I noticed, was looking at me thoughtfully.

“It shouldn’t be too hard to find someone who’d be willing to help her out,” he said. “She’s a very lovely young woman. I know several young men who’d be delighted to teach her that sex can be fun.”

How sweet. Gwen’s implied suggestion had flown straight past him without stopping.

“She doesn’t know those several young men. She does know you,” Gwen pointed out.

That time it hit the target.

“Me? But, ah, um, that is. . .”

I was pleased to see that I wasn’t the only one lost for words.

“Yes, you. Have you some objection to helping poor Tracy?”

“Ah, well, no, I guess not, seeing you put it that way.”

“Good. Tracy, stand up and give me your hands.”

Puzzled I did so, leaning across the table. Gwen held onto my hands quite firmly.

“This is to help you relax and stop you panicking and running away,” she told me calmly. “Ron, if you’d pull down her panties?”

Ron, it seemed, wasn’t adverse to pulling down my panties. He lifted my dress out of the way and lowered my panties, all the way to my ankles, my eyes opening wider and my eyebrows rising as they went.

“Oh, but, Gwen,” I managed to get out but she interrupted me.

“No. Don’t say anything. You can thank me later. Right now try to relax.”

Relax? She had to be kidding. Ron, her husband, that Ron, had pulled down my panties and was going to fuck me and I should be relaxed?

I found myself even less relaxed when his hand closed over me and he started rubbing. Not hard, but reasonably firmly, his hand pressing against my vulva, stoking back and forth along it. He wasn’t trying to move my lips apart and press between them, just stroking me the way I would a cat. You know how cats like a nice firm back rub? That’s what was happening.

It was a good thing that Gwen had a hold of my hands as if she didn’t I’d have panicked and bolted as soon as his hand closed over me. As it was I had time to have second thoughts, thoughts that said, hey, he’s not hurting you.

So I stood there, having my pussy rubbed, but I was still trembling slightly, a complete bundle of nerves. As Ron continued to rub me I remembered I’d used to like this sort of touching before it had all been spoiled for me. I still like it, I found, when I could be confident that there wasn’t going to be any pain coming. I started to relax.

Ron took his time, rubbing and stroking. I held my breath when a finger slipped between my lips but all he was doing was extending the reach of his petting. I found I was breathing harder, feeling hot and a little restless. And Ron kept on touching and rubbing and teasing.

When Ron parted my lips and slipped a couple of fingers inside me I barely blinked, but it turned out he was being sneaky. At some stage he’d dropped his trousers and when his fingers came sliding out of me they paused for a moment, holding my lips apart. Ron took advantage of this by leaning his erection against my parted lips, withdrawing his hands and letting my lips close around his cock.

I froze, terrified of what was about to happen. Then I was shocked to find out that what was about to happen was nothing. Ron just left his cock where it was, barely engaged with me, not advancing or withdrawing. I slowly relaxed again, getting used to the feel of him pressing lightly against me.

My breathing was still a little hard but it was also a little ragged, my nerves all on edge. I barely registered the fact that his cock was actually pressing against me, not just lying there. When something presses against a space it tends to move into that space, even if it is only slowly. When I did register the fact that his cock was pushing down my passage it was already halfway in.

That was as far as it was going, my nerves stated, and I could feel my passage contracting, all my muscles there clamping down with a ‘you shall not pass’ determination. Ron simply relaxed and waited. No trying to force his way. No telling me to ease up and to get with it. Just a simple acceptance and a patient waiting.

My hands had clamped rather tightly onto Gwen’s. I looked at her and she was watching me, smiling gently. She gave me a wink as if to say, don’t worry, and I felt myself slowly relaxing again.

When I’d relaxed to a certain point I could feel Ron advancing once more. This time I was aware of it and it took a conscious effort not to try to stop him. I just held my breath, concentrating on the feel of him coming up my passage, moving easily.

Then he was all the way inside me and it felt good. I let out the breath I’d been holding, my nerves all a-tingle with excitement. I looked up at Gwen again and this time I was able to give a tentative smile to meet the one she had.

Ron’s hands were on my hips and I could feel him drawing slowly back, then he was pushing firmly back into me. Not hard, but firmly, knowing where he was going and just sliding into place. I was nicely aroused now, and that thrust set of little sparks inside me.

Again he did the same thing with one little difference. He was using the grip he had on my hips to encourage me to move towards him as he thrust in. A few more easy strokes like that and I found I was moving of my own accord, pushing back to meet him quite happily.

He set up a lovely rocking motion and I found I could take that and a whole lot more of it. Those little sparks were merging and little streaks of fire were running along my nerves, the heat pooling deep inside me. He kept on going and after a while a subtle change came over our coming together.

We were, I found, moving faster, Ron’s strokes coming in a lot harder, driving into me. When he’d phased from gentle seduction to driving need I wasn’t certain. For a while it had been one, now it was the other. The change had occurred without me noticing but I was responding to it.

Sex, I was finding, was absolutely marvellous when one didn’t have to worry about being hurt. I was able to just relax and go for it. Actually, I don’t suppose relaxed is the right description for what I was feeling. My nerves were all screwed tight and getting tighter, but in a nice way.

I could hear myself gasping and panting and making little sounds of approval and I didn’t care. All I wanted was for what Ron was doing to keep on happening. Everything else could wait. I bucked and squirmed and enjoyed the heat being generated, relishing the way it was spreading through me.

Then it was a case of, “Oh my god, of my god, oh my god,” as that spreading heat flared up, burning bright, sending me screaming into a shattering climax.

Ron had withdrawn and pulled his trousers up and someone had pulled my panties back up. I was feeling totally relaxed. There was, however, a nagging feeling that something wasn’t quite right.

I was sitting down and Gwen was giving me a cup of coffee.

“Feeling better about things now?” she asked.

I nodded. Maybe I could move my relationship with my boyfriend forward now. I was definitely feeling a lot happier sex-wise. Then the missing element clicked.

“Oh!” I said, looking at Ron. “You didn’t finish, did you. Ah, I’m sorry. I’m supposed to let you finish first, aren’t I?”

“Not necessarily,” he said, “and I took care not to finish. But don’t let it worry you. I’m sure that will be taken care of shortly.”

I heard a small sound from Gwen and glanced over at her. She was smirking. It suddenly registered on me just how Ron would arrange to finish and I blushed. Gwen and Ron were almost laughing at the look on my face.

I took my leave shortly after that. Nice people, Gwen and Ron. It’s not everyone who’d go out of their way to help a friend resolve a problem.

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