Austin and Angela Ch. 03

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Note: This story takes place in an alternative reality in which all girls are futas. In this reality, futas are taller, stronger, and packing much more than the average male. In some cases, as we will see, they get MUCH BIGGER than the average male. All characters are over the age of eighteen.

I’m still new to writing and I welcome all constructive feedback.


Austin and Angela’s relationship grew after the party. Austin thought Angela was the sweetest, most beautiful girl ever. He saw how well she always protected him. Not to mention he loved Angela’s giant dick. Just thinking of taking Angela’s dick in his ass made his legs weak, and he was slowly working on deepthroating her massive package. After much more practice, he had finally managed to take 24 of her 28 inches. However, this didn’t satisfy Austin as he wanted to be able to take everything.

Angela also was super excited about their relationship. Austin was the first guy who really understood her personality and didn’t see her as a freak. She knew Austin liked her for her, something that has been a struggle as most guys were afraid of her. She also loved fucking her boy. Even though Austin was getting better at accommodating her cock, he still felt incredibly tight. Not to mention he really could handle much more than any boy before him without collapsing.

Before long, it was a few days for their one-month anniversary. One morning Austin walked-up to Angela, and said, “I have a special plan for our anniversary. I’m going to pick you up this Friday so we can go out!”

Angela replied, “Sweetie, that sounds amazing.”

Austin smiled, “Ok be ready at 7 and wear something cute.”

Angela stood in the mirror and looked at her outfit. She opted for a simple black plaid skirt with a white top. Next, she carefully did her makeup and hair. When she was done with her rituals, she looked in the mirror. She was happy with how she looked. Her top looked cute and her skirt did a good job of showing off her curves while disguising her cock.

Before long, the bell rang. She went downstairs to meet Austin. As she opened the door, she got a look at Austin. He looked adorable in his black button-down shirt with khaki pants. He even wore a cute plaid bowtie. She felt so lucky to have him. He was the sweetest guy she had ever met. She knew she was pretty attractive, but it was difficult to feel that way when she was so much larger than everyone else. However, when she looked at Austin, she could easily see his eyes were transfixed on her. She smiled as she noticed her boy clearly drooling over her.

The couple went to Austin’s car and drove to the restaurant. Austin drove until the couple reached a nice Italian restaurant in town. The couple entered and sat down. Before long, they were laughing and enjoying themselves.

Angela smirked, “Hey, want to see something funny?”

Austin gave a confused look, “Sure?”

Austin noticed Angela shifting a little in her seat and saw her reach under her skirt. Austin was confused, but Angela continued talking to him like nothing was happening.

After a few minutes, the waiter, a short mild-mannered boy, came back to check on the table. As he got to the table, Angela flipped up her skirt revealing her massive dick.

The waiter’s face instantly went white as he stared at her cock. He said, “Um…uh…is…is…everything ok?”

Angela smiled and said, “Honey, my eyes are up here”, as she pointed up.

The waiter’s face went completely red as she stared into Angela’s eyes, “I… I…I’m…s…s…sorry.”

Angela smiled, “I think we are ok. Are you ok?”

The waiter replied, “Y..yes.”

He quickly scurried away, and Angela put her cock back in her skirt. She laughed at the scene. Meanwhile Austin nearly fell out of his chair laughing. He said, “It’s a good thing you weren’t hard, or I think he might have passed out.”

Angela smiled, “Eh, he loved it. Bet you he’s going to tell all his friends about it back in the kitchen.”

As the evening progressed, Austin noticed that Angela was getting looks from the other waiters. Some of the guys looked terrified while others looked longingly at Angela. Austin spoke, “I think you are attracting a lot of attention.”

“Well, they just want me to fuck them up.”

“Um… they do?”

Angela gave a serious look, “Of course. I mean I could throw you on this table right now and fuck your ass up.”

Austin blushed, “C’mon Angela, there are a lot of people around.”

Angela smiled, “So? Do you think anyone could stop me?”

Austin gulped, “No.”

“Exactly! Plus, who would want to stop me? Plus, most of them would want me to fuck them up. Too bad most of them wouldn’t even be able to take half my cock.”

Austin looked at his truly terrifying girlfriend. She was right. Austin understood that she could fuck him on the table right now and there was nothing anyone could do to stop her. He also knew that she could probably fuck half the room without mardin escort breaking a sweat. The thought instantly aroused him.

Towards the end of the evening, Austin got a little more serious and asked, “How come I never met any of your friends?”

Angela replied, “Sweetie, I don’t have that many friends. A lot of kids made fun of me growing up because I was huge. Even as I got older, nothing changed because girls got jealous. They knew I had to have a giant dick, even though I never showed anyone, so they spread all those rumors about me being a freak who takes boys and breaks them. Even the nice girls who weren’t jealous didn’t want anything to do with me because they thought I was breaking boys for my pleasure. Forget being friends with boys when all of them think you just want to split them in half. Even when I do find a boy like you who likes me, they don’t stay long. Some boys don’t like all the rumors that come with being with me while others, well they can’t handle my cock.”

Austin thought about all Angela had just told him. He felt awful for this girl. Austin knew Angela usually walked around school alone, but he didn’t know it was this bad. He looked at the beautiful girl sitting across from him and said, “I’m so sorry about that. I never knew all that happened to you.”

Angela replied, “It’s ok. I don’t really like to talk about it.”

“Well, I think you’re amazing and I don’t care what other people think. When people ask me about you, I always explain how nicely you treat me. I’m trying to change your reputation at school.”

Angela’s heart warmed as Austin said this. She never had a boy that appreciated her like he did. She said, “Thank you so much.” Angela changed gears, “Well I do have two friends. They are both nice, but they can get a little crazy.”

Austin smiled and said, “I’d love to meet them.”

The couple finished dinner shortly after their discussion. They left the restaurant and got back into Austin’s car.

Angela said, “Thanks so much, I had a really nice time.”

Austin laughed and said, “Oh we’re not done yet. I got another little idea.”

Angela replied, “Oh, where are we going?”

“It’s a surprise!!”

“Ok I can’t wait.”

Austin drove to a park he’d often visited as a kid. He remembered it was a short walk to a large hill that had a beautiful overlook of the surrounding countryside. Also, Austin knew the spot wasn’t super well known so they would have plenty of privacy.

The couple arrived at the park and drove to the lot at the beginning to the little-known trail. The lot looked seldom used and Austin could see the entrance to the trail was a little overgrown.

Austin parked near the entrance, got a picknick blanket out of his car, and started walking towards the entrance of the trail with Angela.

Angela joked, “Are you leading me into the woods to do unspeakable things to me?”

Austin replied, “You got me, I’m actually a serial killer.”

Angela laughed, started at her boy, squeezed his shoulder uncomfortably tight, and said, “Well I hope you have a great plan because you’ve seen what I do to people who bother me.”

Austin gulped, “Yes ma’am.”

Angela laughed, “You’re too easy.”

Before long the couple arrived at the overlook. Austin started laying out the blanket while Angela took in the view. She said, “Sweetie, it’s beautiful, great idea.”

“I’m happy you liked it.”

The couple sat on the blanket and cuddled as they watched the last of the sunset. Angela tucked Austin’s body neatly into her much larger body. The two stayed there for a long time, not talking, but just enjoying the moment. As it started getting darker, Austin set out a little lantern.

Austin was happy about the romantic evening he had planned. He knew Angela loved every moment and he was proud he could make her so happy.

As the evening continued, the couple’s thoughts drifted away from their romance and more towards adult activities. Austin decided he would make the first move. He started putting his face down to her crotch, waiting for the go-ahead to lift her skirt. He said, “May I suck your beautiful, big cock.”

Angela replied, “Go ahead Sweetie.”

Austin started to move her skirt, looked her in the eye with a serious stare, and said, “Miss Angela, I want all 28 inches”

Angela was a little stunned at his words. He was getting better, but the whole thing was going to be a big ask. She bit her lip and thought for a second. Jumping to accommodate he final four inches of her cock was a lot, but Austin had proved he was a more willing cockslut than any other boy. She finally responded, “Sweetie, that’s a lot. I think you can do it, but you need to be careful or my cock will break you. Loosen everything and relax. Also tap my thighs if you want me to pull back.”

Austin said, “That won’t be necessary.”

Angela looked at her boy. She could see he understood what he was getting into and was confident. She wanted to reassert her dominance nevşehir escort a little over the boy before fucking his throat, “Sweetie, if you want this cock, you need to beg me.”

“Miss Angela, I love your cock!! Please give it to me. I want to take it all and give you the best blowjob I can.”

“But what about your dick?”

“Miss Angela, I don’t really have a cock. It’s too small and it won’t pleasure anyone. I want to pleasure your dick, the real dick.”

Angela smiled, “Go ahead.”

Austin moved her skirt out of the way quickly worked her cockhead into his mouth. Austin knew what to do and helped Angela work her cock to the back of his throat. Angela knew Austin needed help with the next part and she began to press her cock into his throat. After a few thrusts, she was able to begin moving down his throat.

Austin was used to this part and slowly began to help Angela move her giant dick down his throat. Austin was focused on staying loose for his girlfriend. As her dick moved deeper in his throat, Austin knew Angela would get excited and become rougher. Once he had taken half of her dick, he started feeling her more aggressively thrust her dick deeper and deeper into his throat.

Angela yelled, “Take my cock you little bitch. Gag on it!”

Angela continued feeding Austin more and more of her cock. By this time, she was sending precum deep down his throat. Before long, Austin reached the 24-inch mark, his previous record. Austin stopped sucking for a second, looked Angela in the eye, and nodded for more.

Angela understood her boy and started feeding the last of her beast into her boy. As she pushed, she could see Austin’s eyes begin to water as he continued sucking. She could also see that Austin’s little dick had gotten rock hard and said, “You love my big dick you little bitch.”

Austin was beginning to think it was too much for him, but he really wanted to please Angela. He knew she was being pleasured like he had never seen before. However, as her pleasure built, she lost focus and started getting rougher with Austin. For a second, Austin thought it couldn’t handle it and wanted to ask her to pull back, but he was determined to do it. Angela was getting more pleasure from her blowjob than she thought was possible. She moaned, “Ohh Sweetie, fuck you’re doing really well.”

Finally, Angela put the last of her cock into Austin. Tears were streaming down the boy’s face as he continued sucking. Angela knew she needed to offer encouragement, “Sweetie, you’re doing so great. Fuck you’re tight too.”

Austin heard Angela’s encouragement and became determined to keep going. As he sucked, his pride began to build as he was happy, he could accommodate his girl like no one else.

Angela began to get forceful again and Austin noticed he was getting smacked in chin with Angela’s giant balls. It was unexpected at first, but Austin quickly adjusted continued sucking.

Just as Austin thought he couldn’t keep it up much longer he heard Angela moan, “This is it! Get ready.” Angela started to pump his stomach full of cum.

Austin had been aroused as Angela was busy jamming her cock down his throat. The last few thrusts sent Austin over the edge and he shot his much smaller load onto the blanket he had laid out.

Angela was busy having the best orgasm she had gotten from a blowjob in her life. Before long, she had completely filled her boy’s insides with cum. As she kept sending load after load into her boy it ran out of his mouth and began soaking the picknick blanket below them.

Austin was struggling to swallow more cum than he ever had before. Even with cum escaping his mouth, he was beginning to think he couldn’t handle it all. He started to struggle and panic as he filled with cum.

Angela felt Austin begin to tap her thighs and start to struggle. Thankfully for Austin, Angela had the presence of mind to pull her bitch breaker out of his throat.

After pulling her cock out of Austin, she finished her orgasm by covering her boy in

Austin laid on the ground in front of Angela’s legs and cock, getting covered in Angela’s warm, gooey cum. Austin was starting to recover from his orgasm while trying to clear the ocean of cum that filled his throat and stomach.

Angela started to settle down and take stock of her boy, still laying limp, coughing, and soaked in cum. After a few minutes, Angela was cogent enough to say, “Sweetie, that was the best blowjob I’ve ever gotten.”

Austin smiled as he continued to try to get his body under control. Still not able to speak, he nodded.

Angela stroked Austin’s hair as the boy continued to struggle. As time passed, Austin regained equilibrium. He was finally able to weakly say, “I…I… d…id…d…id…it.”

Angela replied, “I’m very proud of you.”

Angela sat Austin up and folded the blanket. After she gathered the blanket, she put her boy on her hip and carried him back towards the car as Austin’s body stayed limp.

As niğde escort they reached the car, Austin became more responsive. She found a towel in the car, wiped the remaining cum off of his body and sat him the passenger seat. She spoke, “Sweetie, I had the best time tonight, everything was really special.”

Austin replied, “Thanks, I’m happy you liked it.”

“Damn you can give a blowjob.”

“Miss Angela, I’m so happy I was able to pleasure your dick. I’m really proud I finally got the whole thing. I love being your bitch.”

“Well, it was very nice. Also, I’m sorry for soaking your blanket. I seem to do that a lot.”

Austin laughed, “It’s ok. My mom is going to have questions when I put this thing in the wash. She knows I have a girlfriend, but um this thing looks like five girls jerked off on it.”

Angela replied, “Well just explain I’m five times the average girl.”

“Maybe I will.”

The couple drove to Angela’s house, Angela left, and Austin went home. Once home, Austin fielded some tough questions about the amount of cum on his blanket, and went to bed.

The next day in school, Angela met Austin and said, “Sweetie, I just wanted to thank you again last night.”

Austin replied, “I’m glad you liked it.”

Angela continued, “So you wanted to meet my friends.” Angela bit her lip and paused. Austin could not understand what he was getting into, “You’re sure?”

Austin nodded, “Sure why wouldn’t I. I’m sure if they are friends with you, they are super awesome girls too.”

Angela said, “Well they are a little like me. Sarah is a super sweet girl, but she just caught her boyfriend cheating on her so she’s a little upset right now. Jessica… well she’s a bit of a loose cannon.”

“Awe poor Sarah. Well, I hope she’s feels better. How wild could Jessica be? I mean I’ve been with you long enough to be ready for anything.”

Angela thought about giving Austin more of a warning about her friends, particularly Jessica, but decided he could figure it out. She said, “Great, this Friday you can meet them. My parents are out of town again and my friends want to have a sleepover. Would you like to come?”

Austin enthusiastically replied, “Yes, I’d love to be there.”

“Great. Head to my place for 7. Oh, and bring a bathing suit so we can use the hot-tub.”

When Friday arrived, Austin was nervously getting ready. He wanted to make a good impression with Angela’s friends. Austin decided on simple pair of jeans and a t-shirt to wear. He also packed some shorts and another in t-shirt in a draw string bag for sleeping, even though he knew he was likely sleeping naked. Finally, he threw in a simple change of clothes for the following morning and a bathing suit.

Austin drove to Angela’s house, parked, walked up to the door, and rung the bell.

Angela pleasantly greeted him at the door, “Hi Sweetie, Sarah and Jessica are just hanging out inside. Come in so you can meet them.”

Angela followed Austin down the hallway towards the living room. Just as Austin turned the corner, he ran into two bodies unexpectedly. He quickly looked up, and up and up at the two girls towering over him.

After a long pause Angela said, “Oops looks like you have met Sarah and Jessica.”

Austin was still standing there with a stunned look on his face. Between Angela’s massive body behind him and the two giant bodies ahead of him, he was easily overwhelmed. The girl on the left looked to be about 7ft 5inches tall. She had curly blond hair and beautiful brown eyes. Austin could see she was dressed relatively conservatively in a sweatshirt and jeans. Despite the clothes, Austin could still see girl had curves that almost approached Angela’s unbelievable body, but she clearly didn’t share Angela’s insanely strong physique. Next Austin looked at the girl to the right. She was about an inch shorter than the girl on the left, with vibrant, straight red hair and deep green eyes. In contrast to the girl on the left, the girl on the right was dressed to impress. She was wearing a crop top with high waisted yoga pants that displayed her very slender and toned body.

The girl on the left spoke up, “Hi, my name is Sarah.” She politely smiled and stuck out her hand for a handshake. Austin, still in shock, put his tiny, limp hand in Sarah’s much larger hand and shook.

The girl on the right, who Austin presumed to be Jessica spoke next, “I’m Jessica.” Austin blankly stared back at the girl. Jessica smiled, “Babe, you’re going to want to close that pretty little mouth of yours or I’m going to stick something in it.”

Austin instantly blushed. He hadn’t realized his mouth was open this entire time. He quickly moved to close it. He was just barely used to seeing Angela, but Angela plus two giant, beautiful girls was more than he could handle. After Jessica’s remark, Austin kept standing there unsure of what to do next.

Angela saw her boy was struggling and his hands were beginning to shake a little. She rested her arm on his shoulder to try to calm him down and said, “Sweetie, why don’t you introduce yourself.”

Austin started, “I…. I… I… am… Aus…Aust…Austin.”

Jessica looked down at Austin with her piercing green eyes and said, “Really? You don’t sound so sure.”

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