Aunt Joan



The New Year’s party was a family affair. Not on the Eve, of course, which was more for friends, but at this year’s gathering, Lori was bringing her new boyfriend josh to meet the family.

He was a tall, good-looking kid, a little on the thin side, with thick brown hair and blue eyes. Lori walked him around, doing the introductions, and he was polite but quiet, probably shy.

“This is Aunt Joan and Uncle Cal, Josh. You’re gonna love them. They’re so much fun!”

Cal stuck out his huge paw and it swallowed the young man’s hand as he gave it a hearty shake. “Nice to meet you, Josh,” he roared.

Joan followed, extending her manicured fingers for a light shake, their eyes meeting. “Hi, welcome,” she said in her husky, throaty voice. She held his hand for a second too long as her eyes searched his, then she released it and the young couple moved on.

“He seems like a nice young man,” Cal confided.

“Yes, they make a lovely couple, don’t they?” she replied, watching them move to the next introduction.

There were more than 30 people in attendance, so having much more than a perfunctory conversation was rare, but Josh sensed Aunt Joan watching him and when he glanced in her direction, she’d raise her glass to him and smile. She was attractive, he knew, and younger than Uncle Cal according to Lori. She also mentioned that they owned a beautiful lake house and Cal had done quite well in the stock market before retiring.

Goodbyes were brief but Joan caught his gaze again, mouthing “Bye” as they left.

The relationship grew and Josh proposed to Lori. The family was reunited for the engagement party, with Lori’s father picking up the tab at a fine restaurant.

At one point, Josh made his way to the bar, ordering a beer, when Aunt Joan appeared at his side. “Congratulations Honey, welcome to the family,” she almost whispered. He looked down at her, maybe 5’5″ with dark brown hair and blonde highlights, framing her green eyes. “I’m sure we’ll get to know each other better soon. Cal and I think the world of Lori and we’re happy to have you.”

Josh smiled and replied, “Thank you, she’s very special.”

Joan smiled widely. “Of course she is. We’ll have to have you two up at the lake house some time soon, to really get to know you and welcome you properly.” She winked at him seductively, then moved away, still maintaining eye contact.

Josh didn’t know why, but Joan made him uncomfortable. Was she flirting with him? Or was she innocently being nice to the newcomer? The tone of her voice said the former but he had to assume the latter since she was more than twenty years his senior and married.

He tried to erase her from his mind but there was something so sexy and seductive about Aunt Joan.

Summer came and Lori said, “Cal and Joan want us to go up to the lake with them. Isn’t that nice of them? It’s the week we’re both on vacation, so it will work out great.”

The last thing Josh wanted was to spend a week with his wife’s aunt and uncle. Cal was a big outdoorsman, while Josh grew up in the city, never venturing beyond Central Park in Manhattan. But, how could he tell Lori that Cal intimidated him and so did Joan? After a mild protest, it was decided: they were going.

The İstanbul Escort house was beautiful, with large windows looking out on the lake and mountains beyond it. Cal and Joan welcomed them at the door, with Cal grabbing their bags as Lori stopped to kiss Joan, who then turned to Josh with open arms. “Josh, thank you so much for coming. It’s so good to see you.”

Her arms went around his neck and pulled him down to kiss his cheek as Lori looked on, beaming, happy that Josh was so accepted. As Joan kissed his cheek, she whispered, “Hi, baby,” then released him. He felt the blood rush to his face, hoping no one saw the blush.

After the grand tour, they settled on the deck for cocktails as Cal went about barbequing the steaks. “It’s a man’s job to handle the grill. Let the little ladies manage the kitchen,” he boasted as the females smiled at him.

After dinner, Josh helped clean up and carry the dishes into the kitchen where Joan was rinsing and stacking in the dishwasher. “Oh, thanks, honey. You should be relaxing while us women do the cleaning.”

He laughed politely. “It’s the least I can do.”

She stood upright, all 5’5 of her, and jutted out her chest, which looked both firm and soft at the same time. “Yes it is, but we’ll talk more about that later.” She winked at him and smiled, looking him over, especially at his crotch.

I knew it, he thought, she’s flirting! What do I do? He awkwardly smiled back and returned to the deck.

“Josh, Uncle Cal just told me that some friends I made while vacationing up here as a teen are getting together tonight. I know you’re tired from the long drive, but would you mind if I went for a while? I’d really like to see them again.”

The look in her eyes said she wanted to go, and the way she said it meant she wanted to go alone. What could he say? At least Cal would still be home.

“If you’re sure you don’t mind? You can take the car, okay? There’s a ballgame on TV tonight.”

“Oh, good, so you’ll have something to do. I don’t need the car. Uncle Cal is going to the bar where my friends are meeting, so I can ride with him.”

Uncle Cal nodded. “You make yourself at home, Josh. We got a nice big TV room in the basement. Joanie!” he hollered, “Josh is gonna stay here with you, okay?”

Joan came out wiping her hands. “That’s fine, at least I’ll have company.” She turned to Lori and Josh. “Usually he just leaves me here all alone when he goes out drinking with his buddies. Josh, you and I will sit and have a nice chat.”

“The boy wants to watch baseball, Joanie. Don’t be distracting him now.”

She smiled sweetly. “It’ll be like he doesn’t know I’m here.”

I don’t see much of a chance of that, Josh thought.

A half hour later, Josh sat on the couch, holding the remote to a 60inch hi-definition TV, when Joan walked in with two beers. “I thought you’d like one,” she said, handing it over. “I promised Cal I wouldn’t bother you, but do you mind if I watch, too? I promise not to talk?”

Josh smiled. “Don’t be silly, it’s your house, you’re more than welcome to watch and talk as much as you like.” What else could he say?

She smiled like a little kid as she plopped next to him on Anadolu Yakası Escort the couch and quickly pecked his cheek. “I knew we’d hit it off from the moment we met! Let them go off and have a good time. We’ll have our own right here.”

Josh felt the sexual waves rising through him, alone with his fiancée’s aunt, a woman who reeks of sexuality. He had grown up with fantasies of older women and now he sat beside a woman who embodied every one of his dreams.

The game began and she was quiet but he felt her glances in his direction and little voices in his head shouted, “Don’t look, don’t look,” but he did, and she smiled dreamily at him.

When his team hit a home run, she jumped in the air, hugging his neck as she screamed, excitedly.

When the inning ended, he excused himself to use the restroom. When he opened the door to leave, Joan was there, leaning in the doorway.

“I thought maybe you could use a hand, Honey.”

“Um, no, I’m good,” he mumbled, trying to slide by her.

“Are you sure? Sometimes an extra hand can really be a boner… er, bonus! Ha-ha!”

She moved into the bathroom as he retreated. “Or maybe you can help me? After all, we are almost family.” She pressed her body against his as his back hit the wall.

“Aunt Joan…”

“Just Joan, Honey. Call me Joanie, okay?”

“Joanie, Lori and I…”

“I know that, baby. I just find you attractive and hope you feel the same about me. No harm, no foul. Just two people sharing a moment in time, with no blame or commitment.”

She rose on her toes so their faces were an inch apart. “Was I wrong when I thought you felt it, too?”

He couldn’t lie. “No, but what about …?”

“Shh!” she whispered, placing her finger on his lips. “Our time, our secret.” She replaced her finger with her moist lips and he felt electricity. “I’m sure you can keep a secret, right baby?” She kissed him again and he felt her tongue slide across his lips.

Don’t do it, don’t do it, his mind shouted but he felt his lips part and her tongue slide through, fencing with his as she pressed into him, wrapping her arms around his waist, squeezing his butt.

“That’s it, baby,” she sighed. “Just a kiss.” Her tongue was back in his mouth and she ground her hips against him as he felt himself growing, pressing against his jeans. She seemed to feel it, moving against him to stimulate him more.

The hands moved from the back to the front, where she began undoing his belt. Josh was amazed at her calm demeanor as she smiled up at him, unhooking the jeans and forcing them down.

His cock bobbed between them as she wrapped her hand around it. “Ooh, my niece did well for herself,” she giggled. “She’s a lucky girl and I’m a lucky aunt.”

They kissed again, then she pulled him over as she sat on the toilet lid, now directly in front of him, and she took him into her warm, wet mouth, humming as she did.

Looking down, Josh could not believe this was happening. Her brown hair with blonde streaks was bobbing back and forth, taking his cock like a pro. He felt her finger probe his butt hole as she continued sucking and slurping.

Josh tried to pull back from her, but she held firm. Knowing Kartal Escort if he didn’t slow the pace, he would lose it soon, he pried her fingers apart and she finally released him, looking up inquiringly.

He helped her up, and she came slowly, feeling as if she’d failed, but he held her cheeks and kissed her, letting one hand drop to her breast.

She realized it wasn’t over, only beginning. He wanted more, much more. She would give it to him. Lowering her own slacks and panties, she turned and bent over the vanity.

“Go ahead, Baby, give it to Joanie.” She raised her ass for him and he caught a whiff of her scent. She was glistening with juice and wanted it, now.

His cock throbbed at the moistness and he lid it up her crack, lubricating the head, teasing her a little as she shuddered and moaned, begging him to enter her.

He held his shaft, used the head to slightly dip in, then pressed forward, feeling the cock head burning from her heat. He soon was deep inside her, his entire seven inches engulfed by her warmth. He groaned with pleasure and remained still for a moment, then eased his way back, almost exiting, before slowly plunging again.

This fifty-something woman was the hottest piece he’d ever encountered. Again, he withdrew, then back in, faster this time. She was moving, squirming, stimulating him more than he ever experienced before. In and out, faster, then slow again, as she called out in excitement. “Yes, yes, YES!”

She pushed back against him, then slid around to face him, climbing back on the vanity and spreading again. “I want to see you fuck me,” she declared, and he re-entered her, their faces so close, kissing and whispering as they slapped together, their eyes locked in mutual ecstasy.

The pace quickened as she stared intently. Her eyes widened, and she swore, “I’m gonna cum, baby, make me cum!”

He pounded with earnest as she seemed to grow from a grumble to a scream, and her entire body shuddered, twitching and spasming. “Oh, Baby!”

With that, he let loose, shooting a thick stream into her as he kept pumping. Another, then another shot filled her as his breathing became short, then gasping for air as he slumped into her.

They held tight as she kissed his neck, whispering encouragement and appreciation. When he finally withdrew, he saw her looking between her legs at the trimmed triangle. She held the lips apart as his white cream oozed from her and she dabbed a finger in and tasted it, smiling. Then she offered the finger to him and he sucked on it greedily while she laughed.

After straightening themselves up, she got fresh beers and they sat in front of the TV in silence. After a bit, he turned to her.

“Joan, this is our secret, right?” he asked hopefully.

She gave him that sexy smile. “Honey, I have as much to lose as you do. This was fun, and you gave me a huge orgasm, the best in a long time. You and Lori are gonna be very happy, especially Lori.” She winked. “I’m going to go read my book now. They may be home soon.”

She kissed him gently, their tongues playing again before she pushed away. “Don’t get me started, baby. We have all week.”

Within five minutes of her leaving, Lori and Cal came home. When they settled into their room, Lori whispered that they couldn’t fool around because she didn’t want her aunt and uncle to think poorly of them before their marriage. “Sorry, baby,” she whispered, knowing he would be frustrated all week.

He smiled and nodded. “It’s okay. I’ll get by.”

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