Ashes to Ashes

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Slowly she sat down on the couch and placed her glass of wine on the coffee table before her. Kicking off her shoes was a no brainer at this point. How those poor feet of hers ached. She grabbed the small, thin but shiny package and began to slowly unwrap it like a much anticipated Christmas present. She had waited so long for it to arrive. Ever so slowly she tears off the tab allowing her access to the wonderful aroma of the contents inside. With the grace of ladies long since lost in the past, she reaches inside the shimmering pouch. Slowly she grabs one of the inhabitants of this pouch and pulls it out into the open. She runs it under her nose and inhales deeply, savoring the sweet scent as it wafts up her nostrils. With a crisp quaint snap of her fingers a slave appears with a freshly cleaned ashtray and a lighter. She sits for a few moments and admires her newest acquisition.

The temptation can almost be cut with a knife. So luxurious she muses to herself as she imagines using the item. Just the mere thought of something that long van escort fitting into her petite little mouth makes her giggle. It makes her feel like one of the boys, lol. One of the boys, if those boys were not indeed submissives of hers and could hold her attention for one iota of time. The time for fun was at hand so she took a deep breath…

Quickly she puts the smoking item in a long smoking holder apparatus and puts the end into her lightly pursed red satin lips. The slave offers a light and she slowly bends forward and lightly inhales. She turns to the slave and blows the smoke right into his face. As he coughs, she giggles like a young college girl. Her laughs have an immediate effect as could be told by the bulge in his panties.

He should be used to this by now, but for some reason it catches him off guard each time. Maybe he secretly wishes she would be nicer to him, who knows what’s in the mind of a chronic wanking smoke slave. He probably goes to sleep with his dick in his hand van escort bayan and his wonderful smoking goddess on his mind.

The lovely lady hangs her cigarette over the end of the couch outstretching her arm to the max. She takes careful aim to not burn her beloved couch. She flicks it lightly and ashes fall to the ground. The slave assumes his natural position at her feet and crawls over and licks the ashes off the rug. Savoring the taste, he feels his body betraying his panties once again but this time it is accompanied by a slight bit of moisture.

Peeking over her shoulder she flicks the cigarette once again and watches as he dutifully cleans the ashes off her carpet. Miss turns on the tv and snuggles into the corner of the couch with her cigarette and wine glass. The slave stays obediently at her feet. Miss bends over and looks at slave, she smiles and instructs him to lay beneath her feet. She lifts her legs slightly and he slides in underneath. She places her feet on him escort van and relaxes again. There isn’t anything like a nice slave footrest. Good furniture is indeed hard to find these days.

The lady inhales once more and the slave barely catches a glimpse of the red end of the cigarette light up. Smiling again she leans over and tells the slave to open his mouth. Slightly hesitating he does so. Miss flicks her ashes right into his mouth. He closes his mouth and swallows hard. One could wonder if this is a treat or real torture for him, as if one would truly care.

The sub struggles at this point to not cum in his frilly pink panties. Each time the lady takes a draw and accumulates more ashes she deposits them right into his filthy whore mouth. Soon she comes to the end of her enjoyable cigarette. She pushes the end of it into the ashtray on the coffee table and removes it from the holder.

Once again the slave is instructed to open his mouth and once again he does so. The pretty lady drops the cigarette butt into his mouth and once again he swallows hard. She smiles and dismisses him for his cleaning duties. Ah the life, a human ashtray is great to have she muses to herself as she settles back into the couch and watches tv. Perhaps later the lady thinks to her self, she my allow the sub to cum…But how generous does she really feel?

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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