Another Seedy Bar

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I carefully peek into the dark smokey interior of the rather seedy bar You have directed me to. A rush of gratefulness tingles my skin as I see that You are sitting there. Impishly I slowly saunter up to Your table giving You and all the others ogling my lithe body in my sexy outfit a show. I smile seductively, coyly dropping my chin waiting for You to offer me a chair, but secretly pleased that You are taking Your time, letting Your discerning eye wander possessively over my skimpily clad body.

High heels, fish net nylons make my smooth silky legs look elegant and alluring beneath the hem of my very brief pleated black skirt. Demurely I remove the matching dress jacket exposing my sheer white blouse that accentuates more than covers my quarter shelf bra and my pert breasts with their budding nipples.

I make sure to thrust my chest out provocatively watching Your favourable reaction closely while ignoring the lewd and lascivious comments from the audience to our little passion play. Drawing a long shuddering breath I await Your pleasure deaf and ignorant to everything else as Your gleaming eyes feast on Your sissy whore.

With a nod You indicate that I can join You and I purr, “Thank you Mistress,” as I sink immodestly onto the available chair. Fluttering my eye lids at You I teasingly lick my lips accentuating their luscious glow before timidly but pointed hooking first one ankle then the other around a leg of the chair thus spreading my thighs giving you, and a few lucky others, a sensational view up my short skirt.

My thigh high nylon tops, my creamy white thighs and when I sit straight backed proper I smile as I watch Your eyes bore into the white lacy ruffled V of my pantied sissy-boi pussy. I sigh demurely drawing Your attention away from the promise of my exotic sexy knickers and lick my lips again seductively, alluringly, invitingly.

You smile and my heart races with a rush pleasure, leaning forward You beckon me towards You and when our faces are mere millimetres apart You whisper huskily, “Darling You look delightful.” I draw back slightly and flutter my eyes demurely in response to Your compliment smiling shyly, pleased.

With a settling breath I lean back towards You when I realise there is more. “Go to the toilets,” You murmur seductively, “last stall. Go now. You will understand what to do when you get there.” Startled by Your command I draw away and smiling mischievously I try to gleam some understanding from Your demeanour but You face is emotionless as wordlessly You mouth “GO!”

Untangling my feet I leap up chewing on my lower lip with excitement and with a saucy swish of my hips my pleated skirt flares out giving everyone and You a brief glimpse of my frilly lacy white pantied bottom. I sashay across the bar ignoring the leering stares erzurum escort and hungry eyes heading directly for the loo. Tingling with anticipation and excitement I surreptitiously slip into the toilets immediately crinkling my nose at the odour but so thrilled at the possibilities of what You have planned I clip, clip directly across the filthy tiled floor on my heels to the final stall and enter.

Looking closely about the tiny stall in the dim light I find an eye mask with a note. “Bitch! Sit.” the note instructs me, “Ankles crossed behind the toilet My whore. Wrists crossed behind your back My slut. Put the mask on for Me harlot and wait for your Mistress with your sissy mouth open and slutty lips waiting for My clit. Hurry slut. Now!”

Excited I don’t even bother to clean the seat before hurrying to comply with my Mistresses wishes. “Ooh!” I squeak as my bare skin makes contact with cold hard toilet seat. Struggling to get my feet behind the toilet I am forced to sit forward and spread my legs uncomfortably. Satisfied I have done the best I can I slip on the mask and enter a dark sightless world.

Shivering with anticipation and building desire I dutifully cross my wrists behind me to wait for my Mistress to come use me. My sissy clit stirs within the confines of my sexy ruffled panty as my mind plays over possibilities of what will soon be in store for me.

I catch my breath as I hear the door to the toilets open and close. Some one tip-toes discretely, quietly across the floor towards my stall. Outside they pause and I freeze momentarily nervous of the possibility that it might be some one else. The door squeaks as it slowly opens and I hold my breath to excited to scream before swooning gratefully as a waft of air brings the scent of my Mistress to me. Giggling nervously I lick my lips inviting Her to enter and make use of my mouth.

When She eventually does my Mistresses hard beautiful clit is already engorged and swaying before Her. It is everything I can do to make myself not release my wrists and grab hold of Her wonderfully stiff clit. I gasp with gurlie delight as She brushes the slick hot tip of Her juicy clit over my lips coating them with Her lovely delicious pre-cum. Greedily I try to press my mouth over her luscious clit but Her hands hold me at panting at bay. I groan like a wanton slut desperate to have Her hard pulsing clit in my mouth, in my throat.

Mistress takes her time teasing me. Toying with me. Feeding me a little then denying me more. I am so distracted by my craven need that I hadn’t noticed that at some point Mistress has clasped my wrists behind me. Before I can contemplate the consequences She allows me to suck the entire length of Her beautiful clit into my mouth. Mistress oohs and aahs as She allows me to make love bodrum escort to Her wonderfully hard clit. I perform every trick I know trying to please Her, throwing myself wantonly into the task of making Her cum.

When I feel Her body tense I open my mouth as wide as I can sticking my tongue out to caress the underside of Mistresses clit mewing salaciously as Her beautiful clit erupts spraying Her glorious orgasmic juice into my mouth. Mistress cries out in ecstasy as She floods my mouth with creamy gooey cum. It spills over my lips dribbling down my chin. “Oh fuck yesss,” Mistress howls pumping Her clit spraying more of Her hot savoury cum over my face. While I gurgle contentedly on Her wonderful juicy cum Mistress composes Herself and without a word departs.

I lap absentmindedly at Mistresses gooey cum trickling over my lips luxuriating in the knowledge that I am an exceptionally talented clit sucker and that my Mistress has just anointed Her sissy cum slut with Her hot gooey approval. While I hum contentedly in the dark swishing Mistresses delightful cum playfully about with my tongue I am seized by the feeling that something is amiss. I freeze. I realise that I am not alone. Sudden fear clutches my bowels as I release that it isn’t my Mistress that is with me.

I smell my new companion before I feel his hands firmly grip the sides of my head. My cry of no is snuffed out by a roughly thrust cock into my mouth. Shock stuns me as the man behind the nasty dirty cock begins fucking my face. Hard. He is slamming his cock into my mouth so fast and so furiously that Mistresses precious cum is spraying from between my lips and drooling from my chin. The smelly vile creature forces his greasy gnarly cock into my throat gagging me with the disgusting thing forcing my nose into the reeking nest of his wiry pubes. I struggle weakly, his strong callused hands holding my head viciously keeping me still and compliant. Without warning the monster was spewing his odious discharge deep in my throat, his hands gripping my head painfully as he growled his pleasure above me.

I feel like I am floating in a black void, I clasp my feet tightly behind the toilet to ground myself while the bastards harsh grip on my hair holds me suspended stopping me from toppling forward to the floor. With one hand reefing on my hair the repulsive prick uses his free hand to wipe the foul remnants his orgasm away on my face. He holds my head by the hair was I hang cum stunned before him and laughs savagely, “Fucking muppet,” the bastard sneers cruelly before snarling, “who’s next!” I mew quietly in distress still choking on the fuckers cum as my head is passed to another hand and a another noxious soiled cock is pressed to my cum slick lips.

This man holds my head so that the bulbous tip his rigid eskişehir escort malodorous prick is resting on my lips while my previous attackers spew drools from the corners of my mouth coating him. Suddenly he releases my hair and unbalanced I fall forward slowly impaling myself on his long hard erection. “Oh fuck that’s a girl,” he groans gently thrusting his hips forward pumping his turgid member into my abused throat with every gentle thrust.

As his excitement builds the tempo of his thrusting hips increases and my heads bobs along. His gasps of impending release fill the confines of the room and I can hear a multitude of others encouraging him on. I squeeze my thighs about the toilet whimpering with utter despair as the foul bastards hands grip me once more and his cock spurts a massive volume of cum into my submissive mouth.

Time meant nothing. Man after disgusting man used my mouth for their pleasure. Vile nasty cum overwhelmed my senses. Even within the black void of my masked world I could feel the wash of camera flashes over me as men took trophy pictures. At some point, either I had been used by them all or they got tired of fucking my mouth, rough hands dragged me from my toilet throne. I was paraded staggering around in the dark while nasty people explored my body, tore at my clothes.

Eventually I was let go to stumble painfully to the hard cold tiled floor. Kneeling I swayed until like a rag doll my face was pressed into the filthy grime while my hips were raised behind me. Unceremoniously my lovely lace panties were ripped violently away to expose my bottom and gurlie-boi pussy to the gathered mob. I sobbed quietly into the filthy smelly tiles while the mass of evil repulsive men grew quiet.

Ominously the silence grew as someone positioned themselves behind me. Meekly, feebly I attempted to rise. A large heavy booted foot on my neck ended my dismal effort to a round of nervous tittering about me. When I felt the large bulbous head of a cock pressing against the tight opening of my sissy cunt I squirmed pathetically beneath the pressure of the boot mewing with distress. Hard cruel fingers dug deeply into my creamy soft bottom as my assailant pressed relentlessly until his massive seeming erection slid deeply inside my sissy-slut twat while I howled crushed beneath the heavy boot. Over my howling outrage I heard, “Yeah fuck the bitch!” and a chorus of laughter and commentators joined in encouraging the man fucking me with cruel abandon.

Men rode me like animals. I was fucked into the floor. I was held up, suspended and fucked. I was spit roasted and fucked. I was fucked senseless. I was dragged to my feet and marched from the toilets into the bar to a chorus of cheers and laughter. With my cuffed wrists pulled from behind me I hung from a hook on the wall and left on display. As I hung from the hook, my knees to weak to hold me up, I wondered through my cum filled daze if You Mistress were still there. If You had witnessed my debasement. If You had enjoyed my afternoon of debauchery and abuse. If You would use me again.

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