Another Love (Part 26)



I woke up to Jade lying on her side, her big eyes staring at me wide. Her beautiful aubaine hair cascaded all around on the pillow.“Morning beautiful, you OK?”“Yes, just nervous but excited.  This is it, I graduate today.  This is what I have been working towards these last few years.”“Why are you nervous, you know you have passed with honours and have even started work.  What is there to be nervous about?”Jade propped herself up on her elbow, one of her boobs becoming exposed from beneath the covers.“Well, what if I trip over or even worse fall over?  I know I have got my outfit sorted but is it the right thing to wear, loads of things are running through my head.”“So, you are just worried about embarrassing yourself in front of a large audience?  Honey, I would love to help you and advise you but you know I had the choice to go to Uni when I was eighteen but chose to join the Army. Sadly Amy can’t help with any advice as her graduation is not for another six months so she was telling me the other day on the phone. What I can tell you from the many parades I was in is head up, chest out, and own it, what will be will be.  Why worry you look gorgeous, you will look stunning no matter what you wear, and as for tripping.  Well, you have been walking since you were a one-year-old so you will be fine.”Jade leaned in and kissed me, I grabbed her and pulled her in close to me. I rolled her onto her back and breaking the kiss, looked down at her smiling. I was nestled between her legs, and my rapidly hardening cock was rubbing against her pussy.“Thanks,” she whispered, “as much as I would like to make love right now, we need to take a rain check as we need to get ready. I must be on campus for eleven to collect my gown and register us.”Looking disappointed I rolled off her, “I will hold you to that rain check.  I expect a passionate night.”Jade sat up, “Oh, don’t worry, don’t plan on getting any sleep tonight I want you to shag my brains out tonight.””That sounds like the perfect night, but changing the subject am I picking your parents up from the hotel this morning?”“I said you would.  If you drop me off at campus you can then go and pick them up.  I can collect my gown and register. We all must go into the arena together apparently.”“No problem, I still don’t know why your parents wouldn’t stop with us instead of booking a hotel.  It’s not like we don’t have the room, there are three guest rooms in this house.”“I know,” Jade said sounding exasperated, “I think they are still uncomfortable with us being together, whilst they have warmed to you a little, I think they don’t want to see us coming gaziantep ofise gelen escort out of the same bedroom.”“Warming to me a little, in twenty years then they might have got to room temperature.  Guess the hotel thing makes sense but I prefer to think that they are having a raunchy few days away, spice things up a little, you know.”“Ewwww, that’s my parents.  I don’t want to think about things like them having sex and things like that,” Jade pulled a face in disgust.I laughed, “they are not over the hill yet and as much as it pains me to say it, they are only a few years older than me and I am still having sex.”“Keep talking about my parents having sex and you won’t be getting any, Mr.”“Ok, ok, I am shutting up now. Come on then if we are not going to get down and dirty now, let’s get up and get clean.” >>>>>>  A few hours later I pulled into the hotel car park and rang Jade’s parents to let them know I was outside.A few minutes later Terry and Carole exited the hotel, I quickly got out of the car to say hello, giving Carole a quick kiss on the cheek and shaking Terry’s hand.  As per usual his grip was strong and firm almost as if he was trying to ensure that I recognised him as the stronger person.  Carole had on a knee-length pink pleated dress whilst Terry had gone for a dark blue three-piece suit without a tie.The drive to campus was awkward, we made small talk but quite often Carole was looking out of the window and Terry just replied to my questions with short replies.  They talked about Jade but were not interested in anything to do with my life and plans.  It was with some relief that we finally arrive at the car park. I gestured in the direction that we needed to walk to get to the University and as we walked I pulled my phone out and rang Jade.  She answered almost immediately.“Where are you?” I asked.“Just outside the Student Union, do you want to meet in the little coffee shop at the end of the building?  I can see it right now and amazingly it is not that busy.  I will go in and grab us all a table.”“Ok love, see you in a minute.”Ending the call, I steered Jade’s parents towards the coffee shop and once inside both became more animated congratulating Jade and admiring her as she showed off her gown and cap to them both.  I left them to it and went and ordered our drinks at the counter.Once Jade had caught up with her parents we finished our coffees and headed over to the Student Union.  Jade wanted to get her graduation photos done before we went into the hall.  Arriving at the student gaziantep öğrenci escort union building we joined the line of students and their families who were heading up to the second floor.On the second floor, we entered a large open room with several photographers dotted around it, who were quickly and very professionally taking shots of various students either on their own or in family groups.Once we made it to the front of the queue, we were directed towards photographer number five who was stationed at the back of the room.“Hello, can I just see your booking reference,” the photographer asked as soon as we arrived at his stand.Jade showed him her paperwork and he quickly typed the booking code into his laptop which was on a side table.“Excellent, ok you have gone for the family pack, I suggest we start with a couple of shots of the graduate on their own and then we will do three extra photos in whatever configuration you wish.Jade nodded and stepped forward and was shown a black and yellow taped cross on the floor.“So, if you would just like to stand on the cross and turn ever so slightly to the left, that’s it, raise your chin a bit, excellent, you have done this before haven’t you,” the guy gushed as he snapped three quick photos and then indicated to Jade that she should quickly come and look at the laptop screen.  I moved over to join her and the photographer brought each of the photos up in quick succession allowing us to choose the best one.“That’s great, you know you really are quite beautiful and have some striking features, if you are stopping in the area after this I really would like at some point to take some portrait photos at my studio, I can give you my card,”The photographer paused and looked at me, “are you, her father?”I saw Jade stifle a snigger and shake her head ever so slightly so I knew that she was in a mischievous mood.“No, her parents are over there shall I call them over so you can do a photo of Jade with them?”“Yes, yes why not.”I stood off to one side as once again Jade was directed to the black and yellow cross and her parents were instructed to stand on either side of her.  The same process was followed of the photographer snapping three or four exposures before we all looked at the screen and chose the best one.“Ok so what would you like as your next shot,” he asked Jade. “Ermm, I think I would like the next shot to be of me and Chris,” Jade said heading back to the cross on the floor. I walked over and stood next to her putting my arm around her back as she almost snuggled oğuzeli escort into me, we then turned to face the camera.“Hmm, oh, yes, right,” the photographer looked a bit flustered as he glanced first at me and then at Jade, “ok if you could just turn a bit more to face me, put your arm on his chest a bit and lean your top half back a bit please, that’s it.”To give the photographer his due he quickly dropped back into his professional mode and made a few adjustments to my stance, before again snapping away quickly.The final shot was all of us together, Jade announcing to the photographer very clearly that she wanted a group photo with those she loved the most.Photos done, we still had just under half an hour before the doors opened so we went back outside and took a couple of photos around the campus. Once the door opened, we went to the entrance and Jade showed her ticket which allow us all access to the centre.  We walked down a long corridor, at the end of which we were met by two members of security who directed Jade off to the right, and instructed us three to continue off to the left.Entering the auditorium we chose seats that we felt would give us a good view of the ceremony and its proceedings.  From our vantage point, we could see a raised platform with several empty seats at the front facing us.  On either side of these seats, there were two large screens which at that moment were extolling the virtues of attending the university and what the university had achieved along with achievements by passed students.  In front of all this, there was a walkway running the entire length of the front platform with a lectern halfway along.Down below us in the centre area of the auditorium, there was row upon row of seats laid out.  These seats were rapidly filling up with those students who were due to graduate today.  I scanned the rows and eventually saw Jade who was waving at us franticly to attract our attention.  I waved back and blew her a kiss which she returned.After approximately half an hour there was a blast of choral-type music and the ceremony started.  We were subjected to roughly 20 minutes of speeches before in groups students were directed to the stage, where they were presented one by one to the vice-chancellor, who then presented them with their degree certificates. Finally, Jade’s name was called out and she walked toward the Vice Chancellor, beaming from ear to ear.  Her parents and I clapped and cheered trying to make as much noise as possible.  As she walked back to her seat, she gave us a little wave.We watched the remaining students get their degrees and then with the last student walking back to their seat the ceremony was over and we all slowly shuffled outside.It took us ten minutes to locate Jade once we were outside, Jade almost screamed as she threw herself into my arms and gave me a big kiss before hugging her mother and father.“What happens now?” I asked.“There is a little post-celebration up there,” Jade replied pointing up some stairs.

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