Anne , Paul’s Story Ch. 01



As the bedroom door closed behind them, Paul gave Anne’s elbow an affectionate squeeze; “Remember, this afternoon is all about pleasuring you!”

Paul and Anne had been friends for some time and spite of their age gap ~ he was in his early 60’s and she was half his age ~ a bond had grown between them that both regarded as special and precious. They were both married to other partners so discretion was essential. Paul had asked Anne to meet him at a quiet hotel where they could be together for the afternoon. In spite of her doubts Anne had agreed. This was their first time together and both felt nervous but at the same time excited.

They kicked off their shoes and lay side by side on the bed. Anne was wearing a wrap-round jumper and Paul reached over, gentle undid the knot, and opened the front to expose Anne’s breasts enclosed in a white lace bra. Anne closed her eyes as Paul’s hand began to fondle her left breast. She felt her nipples harden and a warmth start to grow between her legs as her right breast received the same treatment.

Anne sat up, reached behind her, and let the bra slip over her arms to fall by the bed. She lay back and Paul’s eye darkened with lust as he looked at her. “You breasts are gorgeous” he said as his hands closed over Anne’s nipples and he began to roll them between his fingers.

Anne gave an involuntarily gasp of pleasure as Paul bent over and his tongue closed over her engorged nipples. He began to slowly suck first on one breast then the other as a hungry child might. Anne felt an increasing sense of arousal as Paul paid devoted attention to her breasts.

Suddenly, Anne’s eyes widened in shock as Paul’s hand slid under her skirt and he gently ran his fingernails along the inside of her thigh; not quite touching her womanhood. Paul unzipped Anne’s skirt and pulled it off. Anne was wearing brief white panties that barely covered her pubic area. Paul gazed lovingly at her and shook his head in wonderment. “God, you‘re a hell of a woman” he breathed.

As Anne lay there not knowing what to expect next, Paul lent forward, closed his mouth over her right breast and moved his hand down to cup her pubic mound. He could feel the outer lips of her vagina as his fingers stroked her through the material of her panties. Paul continued to tease her with his fingers as Anne became increasingly aroused.

Anne’s breathing quickened as Paul slipped his hand down Maltepe Escort inside her panties, feeling first the texture of her pubic hair then the soft, warm wetness of her as he gently rubbed her outer lips. Anne moaned in delight as Paul inserted his middle finger into her vagina and began a slow circular motion.

“Let me see to you properly” Paul said with a grin and Anne obediently raised her buttocks to allow Paul to pull her panties down over her thighs and removed them.

Paul gazed lovingly at Anne’s revealed womanhood. She had a triangle of dark, almost black, tangle of pubic hair that topped a vagina that Paul knew he must explore thoroughly before the afternoon was over. He bent down and gentle kissed her belly. “You have a beautiful ‘cunt’” he breathed “I think its time I got to know its inner secrets!”

Paul moved back and closed his mouth over her left breast. Once more his hand moved slowly down to cover her vagina. Anne gave a moan of delight and instinctively bent her knees and opened her legs wider as Paul’s questing finger slipped inside her and began to move again in a slow circular motion.

Suddenly, Paul’s finger moved more urgently and deeper. Anne gave a gasp of pleasure and her fingers clenched the bed clothes. She could feel an increasing sense of desire as Paul found and gently massaged her clitoris. Paul increased the intensity of his sucking on Anne’s nipples as she began to writhe under his touch.

Paul’s middle finger moved back deep inside Anne’s vagina and then Paul looked up into Anne’s eyes as his index finger joined his middle finger inside her and began a slow, insistent movement in and out of her. Whilst deep inside her, Paul curled his fingers and found her ‘G Spot’. Anne cried out in pure pleasure.

Anne clung to Paul has his fingers moved faster and more vigorously inside her. He used his thumb to massage her clitoris. Anne could feel her climax building inside her. “Don‘t stop!” she demanded. Paul grinned at her and let his fingers continue their task. With a shuddering motion Anne climaxed and slowly relaxed as the feeling of warm contentment spread through her.

After a few minutes, she sighed in contentment and cuddled up to Paul. Paul held gently for a while then spoke: “That was just the ‘starters’” he teased; “The ‘main course’ is about to begin!!”

Paul got-up and moved Anne down the bed so that her İstanbul Escort bottom was on the side of the bed and her legs dangled over the edge. Paul slipped a pillow under Anne’s bottom then knelt in front of her and gently kissed and licked her navel. His tongue traced a path down her tummy and closed over her pubic mound.

Anne modestly tried to keep her legs closed when she felt his mouth close on her, but Paul firmly pulled them apart and began gently biting the inside of Anne’s thighs. Then he kissed the outer lips of Anne’s vagina and set to work.

He could feel the warmth and moistness from her earlier orgasm as his tongue slipped inside her. She tasted wonderful and he could smell a muskiness that delighted his senses.

Paul heard Anne moan as his tongue began its exploration of her womanhood. He looked up and saw that Anne was squeezing her breasts in pleasure.

The sight of Anne massaging her own breasts drove Paul to new heights of passion and his tongue found and started to play with her clitoris. Anne gave a gasp of pure lust and pulled Paul’s into her crushing his mouth into her vagina.

Paul freed himself and lifted Anne’s legs onto his shoulders. His tongue drove deep inside her and Paul increased the intensity of its motion. Anne felt her climax begin to build inside her and knew it would be deeper and more intense than she had ever experienced before.

Anne pressed Paul’s head against her pussy and lost herself in an ecstasy of lust. Vaguely, she heard someone moaning: “Don‘t stop. Eat me, Eat me” and realised it was her!

She felt her first climax shudder through her but Paul would not stop. As his tongue found her clitoris again and began to nibble on it, Anne reached a climax that shook her whole body with ecstasy. Paul gently continued to use his tongue on her as he felt Anne slowly relax, until he knew she was content.

He climbed back on the bed and gently pulled her to him until she was snuggled up to him. “Thank you Anne” he said “That was good for me”. Anne sighed, smiled and snuggled down in Paul‘s arms.

After a while Anne raised herself on one elbow and looked at Paul. She knew that following his prostate operation Paul had been unable to get an erection.

“Its about time ‘we’ did something about your problem” she said seriously. Paul gave a small laugh “If you think you can raise the dead” he replied Anadolu Yakası Escort “Then you’re very welcome to try!”

“I want to try” Anne said determinedly “So take off your clothes and let’s see what comes up!”

Paul quickly undressed and lay back on the bed. Anne leant over him and ran her fingers across his chest and delicately brushed them along his tummy feeling the prostatectomy scar that ran from his navel to his pubic bone.

Paul jumped slightly as Anne ran her hand between his legs and gently cupped his testicles. They felt firm and rounded and Anne looked up at Paul and laughed: “I love your ‘balls’ Paul, I think I may have to eat them!”. Anne knelt beside him and, still holding his testicles in her left hand, started to play with Paul’s limp penis with her other hand.

Paul gave a low moan of pleasure as Anne played with him. At first there appeared to be no response but after a minute or two Anne felt Paul’s penis start to grow under her hand; although it remained only semi-hard.

Quickly Anne lent over and softly took Paul’s penis in her warm wet mouth; flicking her tongue over the tip. She continued to use her mouth to stimulate Paul whilst at the same time gently fondling his testicles.

Paul started to moan with pure pleasure and Anne felt his penis grow stiff and hard in her mouth. She stopped momentarily to look at Paul and with delight grinned: ” See, I told you I could work miracles!!! I’ve never given a blow-job to a guy with a circumcised ‘dick’ before, I’m looking forward to the experience!”.

With that, Anne took Paul’s penis back in her mouth and slowly worked up and down on him; pausing occasionally to run her tongue over the tip and down the side of his penis.

Paul began to writhe with pleasure and Anne knew his climax was near. She started to play with his testicles and ran her tongue around his gland. She then took his penis deep inside her mouth sucking vigorously until Paul’s body juddered and then relaxed and she knew he was at last satisfied.

Anne lay down beside Paul and they laughed together with the pure pleasure of each other’s company. “That was great Anne, I’m very glad you can work miracles!!” Paul said and settled back with a long sigh.


Later that afternoon, as they were saying their goodbyes, Paul grinned mischievously at Anne: “Next time, I want to watch you pleasuring yourself. It’s a great turn-on”. Anne looked back at Paul: “Who said there would be a next time?” she said with a grin. “Anyway, if there is another time, I’ve a few fantasies of my own I want to try, so keep that wicked tongue of yours ready to serve me!”

——- Finis ——-

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