Angela’s Way Ch. 01



Angela Roy lived the fairy tale life. She shared a large house on an enormous piece of property with her husband, Patrick. She drove a Jaguar XJS, enjoyed a membership to Whispering Pines which was the most exclusive country club in the area and she no longer had to work because Patrick had been so successful in his career. She wasn’t the “stay at home and do nothing” kind of wife. She volunteered her time to the Big Sister program and was very active with the United Way. She and her husband also financed Creative Playgrounds that were installed at three local elementary schools. She spent many hours on the tennis courts at “The Pines”, as it’s called by its members. She had everything she could want, except children. It was determined by five doctors that she had seen that she was incapable of becoming pregnant. She sometimes thought of it as penance for all of the good fortune that she and Patrick have enjoyed. This is why she donated so time and money to other children.

Patrick and Angela were married right out of college. Patrick got in on the ground floor of an area telecommunications company and Angela used her savings to open a small flower shop. Before the two were successful at their chosen career paths, they lived in a small apartment in a less desirable part of town. Patrick climbed the corporate ladder like a monkey on steroids and Angela’s floral business grew like, well, wildflowers. Ten years later Patrick was earning a very comfortable salary and Angela decided to sell the business. It had gotten to be bigger than she ever anticipated and she decided it was time to sell and retire. Now, twenty years after they were married, Patrick is Vice President of the company and they happily live an extremely comfortable life.

Over the past eight or nine months Angela’s total happiness began to wane. Patrick interest in their sex life died. Angela began to think it was her. For a forty two year old woman she was in fantastic shape. She played tennis regularly at The Pines and her yoga has helped her in numerous ways, mentally and physically. This problem with their sex life ate at her. She regularly thought back to the days when they lived in that shabby little apartment and had sex constantly. There were even some nights when they would be sitting on the fire escape smoking some grass and they could see into Rich and Becky’s neighboring apartment window and watch them go at it. She always secretly believed that Rich and Becky knew they were there. As close as the two of them were, she never admitted the voyeuristic episodes to Becky. Now and again, Angela wondered what happened to them.

One day, Angela decided that she was going to have to be the one to put the zing back in their sex life. After Patrick left for work, she went downtown and bought this sexy little undergarment ensemble to surprise him with. It was made of a sheer white lace and was extremely skimpy. The top was a strapless bra with cups that covered the undersides of her breasts up the bottoms of her areolas and only a lace fringe across the top to cover her nipples. The top most edges of her areolas were completely exposed. The bottom piece wouldn’t even qualify as a thong. The front was just wide enough to cover her pussy and sheer enough to let the dark hair surrounding it be seen. The string that rested between her buttocks was about as thick as dental floss and was totally invisible when she wore it. Her plan was to go down to her husband’s office on the pretense that she was joining him for lunch. They wouldn’t leave his office, of course. She planned on fucking him right there on his desk.

* * *

She stepped off the elevator into Patrick’s suite of offices and headed straight for his office saying hello to Patrick’s various partners and subordinates that she either met at company functions, dinner parties or at The Pines. Patrick’s secretary, Beth, wasn’t at her desk. Beth’s cute little “Out to Lunch” sign was perched at the edge of her desk. Angela decided she would just poke her head in the door. She checked her watch and saw it was 1:15. She knew Patrick took a brief nap each day on the couch in his office at about this time. He worked too damned hard. She expected to find him there and, with a sly grin, decided she would wake him with her warm mouth on his cock. She slowly and quietly opened the door just a bit and peered in. His leather couch was right inside the door but it was empty. Poking her head in a little further she craned her neck around the edge of the door to look to his desk. What she saw absolutely floored her.

Patrick’s secretary was bent over the front of his desk. Her skirt was hiked up around her waist and her shoes and panty hose were scattered on the floor. Patrick stood behind her, his pants around his ankles, thrusting his pelvis into her. The tail of his Oxford shirt covered his ass. The two of them were facing the windows of Patrick’s office and were not aware of Angela’s presence. In her shock, Angela just stepped back and closed the door. She stood at the door for a minute Kartal Escort to compose herself and absorb what she had just seen. She had to get out of there. Keeping her head down, she hurried to the elevator. The Good-Byes of Patrick’s coworkers trailed behind her and went unanswered. When the elevator door opened at the garage level she made a beeline for her car. Once she was in the driver’s seat with the door closed, the tears came. How could he do this? What did she do or didn’t she do that would drive him to cheat? She needed a drink. She squealed her tires driving out of the garage and pointed her car towards The Pines. The image of her husband fucking his secretary played itself over and over in her head.

Parked in her reserved spot at The Pines, she checked herself in the rear view mirror and fixed her make up. Her eyes were still a little puffy but she figured she would get by. She headed straight for the bar.

“What can I get for you Mrs. Roy?” asked the bartender as she slid onto the leather and mahogany bar stool dropping her purse on the bar.

“I’ll have a Bloody Mary, Charlie. Make it strong.”

“Are you OK Mrs. Roy? You look like your having a rough day.” said Charlie, noticing the puffiness in her eyes.

“Just my allergies. Charlie, get me that drink.” she said a bit impatiently.

“Yes, Ma’am.” responded Charlie and started pouring.

The questions kept coming into her head. Did Patrick still love her? Was he going to leave her for Beth? Why didn’t she just bust into the office and catch them red handed? Why didn’t Patrick ever say anything about being unhappy with their sex life? Why? Why? Why?

Angela took her drink out to the veranda and chose an empty table overlooking the golf course. She loved this place so much. The view was absolutely beautiful. She sat and thought about what to do next. She didn’t want to leave her husband. She loved him with every fiber of her being. She had to do something, though. She couldn’t let his affair with Beth continue. She definitely wasn’t going to keep quiet about it. While she thought, her eyes scanned the beautiful view before her and fell on the pool about forty yards to the left of the veranda. Women she recognized but didn’t actually know were lounging at the poolside and drinking cocktails. She noticed that they were all looking in the same direction. Following their lines of sight she came across what they were staring at.

A young man of about twenty-eight, Angela thought his name was Jason, was standing at poolside and cleaning the pool. He was handsome, tan and tone. He wore only shorts, a polo shirt and tennis shoes. The dark curly locks of his hair fell over his neck. A plan started formulating in Angela’s head as she watched this attractive young man who was apparently unaware that all the women in the vicinity were staring at him. When she decided exactly what to do, she felt the racing of her heart subside. Angela had a second drink and continued to watch Jason as he completed his chore and began to pack his equipment. It was time for Angela to act. She called out to Charlie to put her drinks on Patrick’s tab and she walked down to where Jason was loading his equipment into his van. As she approached him, a lump formed in her throat. She scanned the area and determined that no one of consequence was watching.

“Excuse me,” she called out as she approached him. “You’re Jason, right?”

“Yes, Ma’am, and you are…..?”

“Mrs. Angela Roy, Patrick’s Roy’s wife.”

“Pleased to meet you.” Jason said to the beautiful woman standing before him and not giving a shit whom Patrick Roy was.

“Jason, I was wondering if you take on outside customers or if you are exclusive to The Pines. You see, my regular pool man moved away with his family and I need to find somebody to replace him. I am impressed with the job you do here and I would like to hire you to take care of my pool.” said Angela, hoping Jason would take the bait. The truth of it was her pool man did leave town but it wasn’t with his family. Angela later learned that her old pool man had a bad gambling habit and owed the wrong people a lot of money. He had to disappear. Of course, it is still unknown where he went or who actually caused his disappearance.

“You couldn’t have come at a better time Mrs. Roy. I had to drop my Thursday customer for not paying me. Would it work for you to fill my Thursday slot?”

“Thursday would be perfect.” replied Angela. “We can discuss payment then, Ok?”

“I’ll see you at about ten, Thursday morning.” said Jason loading the last of his equipment into his van.

“Sounds perfect. Have a good day, Jason”

“You too, Ma’am.”

* * *

Angela woke at about 7:30 on Thursday morning. She went to the kitchen and had her usual breakfast of coffee, cantaloupe and an English muffin with butter and strawberry preserves. When finished, she washed her dishes and began going to work on the next part of her plan.

Down the hall from the kitchen Pendik Escort and on the right was Patrick’s study. The entry way doors were French doors with windows allowing for a full view of the room. It was a large room with burgundy colored carpet deep enough to swim in. Most of the walls were hung with artwork purchased from various dealers around the country. The left wall was lined with built in mahogany bookcases with under cabinets and an entertainment center in between. The bookshelves were completely full. On the wall across from the entryway were two large windows looking out over the patio and the pool just beyond. Between the windows directly opposite from the doorway was a small sofa upholstered in a tasteful beige and burgundy paisley pattern. To the right was Patrick’s large mahogany desk with a high back brown leather chair sitting behind it. In front of the desk were two leather and mahogany armchairs facing the desk itself with a small mahogany table between. On the wall behind Patrick’s desk was a large mirror in a mahogany frame. The room was very tastefully decorated and Patrick did it all himself.

Angela opened one of the cabinets underneath the bookcase and retrieved a blank video tape. She stepped down the hall to the closet which was adjacent to Patrick’s office and went in. In the middle of this little room stood a tripod with a video camera mounted on it. It was pointed at the back of the two way mirror that hung above Patrick’s desk. Patrick had installed this mirror and camera to record any business meetings he had at the house. In the corner of this little room stood a small table with a monitor on it that was wired to the camera. There was also the control panel for the four microphones which were strategically hidden around his study. “I’ve learned you can never be too careful.” Patrick told Angela when she asked why he was investing so much money in the equipment. Right now, she was glad he did. Angela popped the blank tape into the camera and checked the camera angle through the view finder. “Perfect,” she said aloud and went to shower. While she was in the shower completely shaved her pussy. She normally just kept herself neatly trimmed but she felt the occasion called for something different.

Her thoughts again went to Patrick and his infidelity. She still couldn’t understand it. Her body was firm except for that pesky bit of extra weight that her ass carried which she had been trying to get rid of for years. Her breasts weren’t quite what they were ten years ago but they were still full and attractive. More times than not the married men at the Pines would leer at her after they downed a drink or four. Besides all that, she knew she was a great lay.

After showering, she dressed in her white thong bikini, which she felt made a nice contrast to her tan skin, and wrapped herself in a red sarong patterned with blue and gold flowers. She poured her last cup of coffee and went to the chaise lounge on the patio near the pool to finish the trashy pornographic novel she had been reading on the sly. When she was on the last page and her coffee cup was drained she heard Jason’s van coming up the drive. The engine died and after she heard the van door open and close she called out to him, “I around back, Jason!”

Jason appeared from around the side of the house carrying some of his equipment. He was dressed in blue shorts, a tight white tank top that could be confused as a “wife-beater” and flip flops. She saw in his eyes that he appreciated what he saw. He stared at her for a moment before snapping out of it and greeted her with a “Good morning, Mrs. Roy.”

“Good morning, Jason. Before you get started I’m just going to quickly cool off.”

“That’s fine, Ma’am. I still need to get the rest of my equipment.” He turned to head back to the van. Angela watched him walk away and saw that he kept looking back at her over his shoulder. She stood, dropped the sarong to the patio and dove into the pool. She treaded water in the center of the pool until she saw him come around the corner of the house again and swam to the edge of the pool closest to him to pull herself from the water. His eyes went like saucers as she stood. Her black hair was slicked back on her head. Water ran off her body and created a puddle at her feet. Her nipples were hard and very visible through the wet white fabric of her bikini. She raised her arms to pull her wet hair back and allowed him the best possible view of her ample chest, then she turned and headed for the shower that was installed on the side of pool house used for rinsing the chlorine off of swimmers.

Jason went to work on the pool but kept an eye on Angela. As the water from the shower ran over her she was careful to always give him a view of her profile. Her hands glided over her body as water rushed down her. She started at her neck and ran her hands over her breasts, then her belly and turned her back to him and allowed her hand to migrate across her full, round and bare ass. She knew the thong was Göztepe Escort the right choice. Then, turning to face him, she quickly ran a hand between her legs and turned off the water. Jason couldn’t take his eyes off of her as she walked back towards the patio. She pulled the towel from the back of her chaise to dry herself off. Jason’s eyes were fixed on her and she acted as if she didn’t even notice his leering. It made her feel very sexy knowing that her body commanded his complete attention. When she was done drying she wrapped the towel around her waist, picked up her sarong and headed into the house.

In the master bath she stripped off her wet bikini, dried her hair and went to the bedroom to dress. She took her sexy new white lingerie from her top drawer and put it on, checking herself in the mirror on her closet door to make sure everything looked perfect. Donning her lavender satin, thigh length robe from it’s hanger, she went back downstairs to Patrick’s study and watched Jason from the window.

As he worked his way around the pool Angela took in every little detail of his body. His face was clean shaven and handsome. The tank top he wore hugged him to define the muscles in his chest. His arms were strong and his skin was tan from regular exposure to the sun. His shorts were tightly wrapped around his cute little ass and Angela thought she noticed the slightest bulge through the fabric of his shorts. His legs were lean and tone. He was a very, very sexy young man. When he was finished and starting to pack up his equipment she opened the window and called out to him, “Jason, when you’ve got your things put away come into Patrick’s study and we’ll arrange for payment. Come in through the kitchen and walk down the hall. The study will be the double French doors on your left.” He waved his acknowledgement and carried his equipment to the van.

When Angela saw Jason head for the kitchen door she quickly went to Patrick’s desk and pushed the button that started the camera and microphones recording. She moved to the sofa across from the study door and sat with her legs crossed and her hands folded over her knee, waiting for Jason to come in. She heard the kitchen door open and close and the sound of his flip flops became louder as Jason approached the room. A storm of butterflies started flying around in her stomach. Jason stepped through the double doors, saw her sitting on the sofa and stopped in his tracks.

After a brief silence Angela asked, “How much do I owe you?”

“Um,” Jason stammered, “All I did was vacuum the pool. I checked your pump and filters and they’re fine. $150.00 is all.”

“Well, Jason,” said Angela standing from the sofa, “I’d like to talk to you about your bonus.”

“My bonus, Ma’am?” asked Jason.

“Yes, Jason, you’re bonus.” she answered as opened her robe and approached him the center of the room. “You came out here on such short notice so I’d like to give you a little something extra.” Her hands went to his hips and she gave him her come fuck me look. He stood like a statue trying desperately not to throw his arms around her bronze toned body wrapped in the skimpy white lace.

“But Mrs. Roy, you’re married.”

“You don’t need to remind of that. You see, I have needs and Mr. Roy has been unwilling to satisfy those needs. I think that this would me mutually satisfying. Now, if you’re not comfortable with this,” she said as she rested her hand on his groin and felt his hard prick constricted by his shorts, “I’ll pay you and you can go but it appears to me that you and I want the same thing.”

Without saying a word Jason wrapped his arms around her, pulled her tight to him and kissed her deeply. As they kissed, her hand rubbed his stiff cock through the cotton fabric of his shorts. His hands went to her robe and pulled it from her body. He stepped back to view the beautiful site before him.

“Do you like what you see, Jason? Do you think I’m sexy for an older woman?” Angela inquired.

“No Ma’am, I think you’re a sexy woman, period.”

His answer made Angela hot. She took a hold of his shirt and pulled it off over his head. Taking one of his nipples between her teeth she went to work on the button of his shorts and dropped them to his ankles. Reaching into his boxers, she started stroking his balls. With his testicles cradled in her palm she kissed him again. Jason’s tongue slipped into her mouth and his hands went to her breasts. He gently caressed them and his fingers went to the clasp on the front of her bra and opened it with ease. Stepping back from her he admired her lovely breasts, kicked off his flip flops, stripped off his shirt, stepped out of his shorts and shed his boxers. Now he was completely naked before her. Angela assessed his body while rubbing her nipples.

The tight shirt Jason was wearing didn’t lie. His chest was tone and muscular with a small patch of dark hair. His prick was an average size, not as long as Patrick’s but definitely larger in girth. It curved slightly up and to the left. The skin of it from his balls to the head was pale and the head, which tapered out from the tip to a small ridge where it met the shaft was a light pink. The camera behind the mirror watched as Angela squatted in front of Jason and took the head of his cock in her mouth.

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