An Old Codger



As she sat down my girlfriend Sandy said, “That old codger is sure eyeballing you!”

“Who? Where?”

“Over there.” She nodded her head toward a table where three males and a female were sitting. As none of them were looking at us, I had a chance to study them. The three males seemed to be a grandfather, son and grandson because of their similar appearance, with the female being the son’s wife. “He’s been looking at us ever since you came in.”

If my girlfriends, Sandy and Susie, and I do not have dates, and quite often when we do, we usually meet on Friday and Saturday nights at the Corral, a country and western dance place. If we end up by ourselves at the end of the night, much more often than not, we adjourn to one of our apartments for a little girl-girl fun.

My ex-boyfriend had been transferred out of town by his job about two months prior to that particular night. Both Sandy and Susie had dates.

Sandy, five feet tall barefooted, is a voluptuous blonde. If I had her proportions, I would probably weigh over three hundred fifty pounds. Susie, a redhead, is six inches taller with similar curves. In my white boots I am over six feet, with thirty-eight inch hips, twenty-eight inch waist, and use a C cup when I wear a bra.

That night I had on a red mid-thigh length skirt which was snug at the hips with a flared bottom. My bikini panties were flesh colored so when my skirt billowed it would appear as if I was nude. My multi-colored blouse had an elastic draw string at the top, so it could be worn up, on top of my shoulders where it barely covered the bottoms of my braless breasts, or pulled down so my shoulders were bare and some cleavage could be exposed. Either way, my midriff was bare showing my belly-button. A hot outfit, I think.

Sandy continued, “He was still watching you when we were dancing.”

The old codger looked our way and as our eyes met, he smiled but did not look away. I smiled back. Susie returned to our table, talking, and I did not pay any attention to their table for a while.

Sandy and Susie were on the dance floor when I looked up to see Asshole Bob crossing the room toward me. I had gone out with Bob twice, the second time because I knew I must have been mistaken in my opinion of him the first time. I was not. He was even more obnoxious and pushy the second time, God’s gift to women, how could anyone refuse him.

At the same time the old codger was approaching my table with an empty pitcher in his hand, obviously going to the bar for a refill. Stopping him with a smile, I asked, “Would you like to dance this one with me?” Hopefully this would deflect Bob.

“Why certainly, lil’ lady.” the old codger replied. I was pleased as I stood and had to look up into his eyes. He had to be over six feet five inches in his boots, and lean in build.

On the dance floor he put his hand on my hip, removed it, placed it there again. Apologetically, “I’m sorry, but I can’t seem to miss your bare skin.”

Impudently I told him. “If I didn’t want my bare skin touched, I would have worn a different blouse.”

He laughed and we started dancing but he did not pull me tight against him. He maintained a polite distance between our bodies. Surprisingly, he did not move his hand to rub my bare skin or try to grope me. It was a very refreshing change from the usual dance partner. He also did not chat me up to try to impress me.

About midway through the dance he did a little intricate step. We both smiled as I followed him, and our steps for the rest of the dance were a little more complicated than a simple two-step. I was surprised when I heard myself say, “I enjoyed that!” when the dance was over. Why encourage him?

“It was my pleasure, lil’ lady.” he replied as we turned to leave the dance floor. Asshole Bob was still standing by my table, so I asked the old codger, “Would you like to dance the next one?”

“If it’s slow. I like to watch some of the new fancy dances, but my feet don’t always move right. I just do the two-steps and waltzes, maybe a little jitter-bug once in a while.” It was another slow dance.

He again did not pull me tight so I moved into him until my breasts were against his chest and our thighs would touch as we moved. As we danced our heads touched Anadolu Yakası Escort and remained together. He chuckled and spoke into my ear, “Even if Ann put you up to this, I’m enjoying it.”

I pulled back so I could look at him. “Ann?”

“My daughter-in-law. She’s always trying to fix me up, but normally not with someone as young and as pretty as you are. You could be my granddaughter.”

“I’m twenty four.”

“Well, I could still be your granddad. Yesterday was my grandson’s and my birthday. I’m sixty one and he’s twenty one, so we’re out tonight celebrating. Ron’s girl has the flu, so she couldn’t join us.”

“Your wife?”

“She died five years ago.”

“I’m sorry.”

“Don’t be. I’m about over it, but it’s been tough.”

“The reason I asked you to dance was to avoid Asshole Bob. He was on his way over, and I didn’t want the hassle. I shouldn’t have asked you, but I’m glad I did.” Why did I tell him that?

“Asshole Bob?”, came with a chuckle.

“Yeah. He’s a royal pain.” We both laughed. I looked at my table but Bob was gone. As the song ended the band segued into a fast number and the old codger and I left the floor.

“I’m glad you asked, too, and always glad to be of service to a pretty lil’ lady. Thanks.”

“I’d like to dance again.” I surprised myself again. I’m just full of surprises tonight. Normally, someone this old I would avoid like I try to avoid Asshole Bob.

I went over two other times during the night to dance with the old codger. Sandy and Susie really gave me a hard time. What’s the opposite of robbing the cradle?

I finally decided to leave, by myself, as Sandy and Susie were wrapped up in their dates. I didn’t notice until I got to my car, but Asshole Bob had followed me. He mashed me against my car twisting an arm painfully behind my back. Trying to kiss me, he squeezed and twisted a tit making me gasp in pain, then lifted my skirt and roughly grabbed my pussy so hard he drove a finger through my panties and into me. Trying to push him away, I screamed, “Let me go! Leave me alone!”

“You heard the lady!” The old codger was standing there. As Bob started to move away from me, the old codger kicked him in the butt, and I mean he kicked him in the ass. He kicked him so hard he knocked Bob onto the hood of my car where he slid to the ground.

As Bob started to get up, “You old fart… I’ll…”

The old codger pointed a finger. “If you get up I’ll kick you into tomorrow.”

Asshole Bob settled back down.

The old codger looked at me, “You o.k.?”


Looking back at Bob, “If you bother this lil’ lady again, EVER, I’ll stomp a mudhole in your Asshole Bob ass. Do you understand me?”

No response.



“Then get the hell out of here.”

As I started to say thanks, the old codger held a hand up in a hushing motion while watching Bob get in his truck and leave, spinning tires and throwing gravel on the parked vehicles. Turning to me, “Does he know where you live? Where do you live?”

“Where did you come from?”, I asked.

“I saw him follow you out the door. I thought it might be a good idea to follow him. I’m glad I did. Now, where do you live?”

I was not being evasive. I guess I was a little more shook than I thought. “But he might have fought you! You might have been hurt!”

“Nah. His type is only tough with women. He’s scared of a man. Besides, I had backup.” Ron was standing a few feet away and grinning at his grandfather.

“Look, he may try to follow you home, or he may lay in wait for you there. We humiliated him. He may try to get back at you. I want to follow you home, to make sure you get there all right.”

I shivered. “The Twin Peaks Apartments.”

“Good. That’s on the way. I’ll see you later, Ron.”

“O.K. Gramps. See ya Thursday.” Ron walked back toward the entrance.

“What’s with Thursday?”, I asked.

“I live eighty miles south of town. Thursday’s when I normally come in for groceries and supplies. Wait for me ’til I get my truck.”

As I parked in front of my apartment, the old codger stopped on the street. Stepping out of his truck with the lights on and the motor running, he looked around. Bostancı Escort Neither of us saw any sign of Asshole Bob. “Better safe than sorry! Go on, I’ll watch ’til you get inside.”

“Say, would you like a cup of coffee? If you’ve got to drive eighty miles, some caffeine might help. It won’t take me but a few minutes.” What was I saying? What was I doing. Why this old codger could be my grandfather. He definitely wasn’t my idea of a dreamboat! Grandson Ron was a lot closer to what normally turns me on.

But, he has been so nice, so polite, so, so gentlemanly, something I do not see very often. I do not know his name and here I am inviting him into my apartment at almost midnight. I realized I was a little moist between my thighs. I had a little tingle in my pussy. I was still surprising myself.

“Well, if it wouldn’t be too much trouble. I was going to stop down the road.”

“Park that thing and come on.”

He sat at the table as I busied myself. “I hope you like it stout. My coffee is too strong for most of my friends, but my Daddy taught me how to make it and drink it. The spoon’s got to stand up in it.”

“That’s just right, Honey.”

“Honey. I like that.” Am I flirting with him? “By the way, I’m Sylvia Martin, Syl for short.” I patted my six foot tall head as I normally do when saying that.

With a chuckle, “Sam Johnson, Syl for short.”

“I think I like Honey better,” I said with a giggle as I put the coffee and cups on the table. We began chatting, just getting acquainted. I felt completely comfortable with him.

I realized that if anything were to happen between us, I would have to be the aggressor. I also realized that I did want something to happen with this old codger. His wrinkled lined face was not movie star handsome, but the experience it showed was appealing. I giggled, thinking of what Sandy had first said.

“What’s so funny?”

I locked eyes with him. “Sandy told me that you were looking at me at the Corral. She called you an ‘old codger’. She sort of meant it as a put down, but I think I disagree. For an ‘old codger’, you’re pretty nice. Would you mind if I called you Old Codger?”

“Honey, you can call me anything you want. But, I should be hitting the road. It’s getting late and I have a ways to go.”

I stood and put my hand on his shoulder as he scooted his chair back and started to rise. I sat down on his lap and slipped an arm around his neck. I kissed him lightly, asking, “Do you have to go?” I felt his manhood stir where I was sitting on him.

“Honey, what do you want with an old codger like me. Your so pretty, so sexy… you could have any man you want! Why me?”

“Your nice. Your kind. Your gentle. You’ve treated me like a lady. You have turned me on. Feel.” I took his hand and placed it under my skirt against my panties so he could feel my wetness. “You don’t have to go if you don’t want to,” I giggled, “except to bed with me.”

“Honey, I’m too old for you.”

“I’m not asking you to marry me! Just spend some time with me. I think it would be quality time.” I kissed him again, with rising passion, and drove my tongue in his mouth, tasting, feeling. I could feel his fingers start to explore my pussy which was getting juicer and juicer. A finger slipped into the hole Asshole Bob had made and into me. It felt much better than Bob’s. As our kiss deepened desire was welling up inside me.

“You’re sure?”


“I don’t have any protection.”

“I haven’t been with a man in two months. I trust you. Besides, I like the mess.”

He stood, lifting me in his arms. “Where’s the bedroom?” I pointed and he carried me to the bed and stood me on my feet. I reached for my blouse to take it off. Stopping my hands, “Let me.”

He slowly, gently pulled my top down, exposing the tops of my breasts. As it moved downward, the elastic band hung on my rock hard nipples. With his lips he took the cloth and cleared each nipple, licking and suckling as it was uncovered. I moaned and pressed his head and mouth tightly against my breasts. He continued pulling downward until my blouse cleared my hips and dropped to puddle on the floor. Looking at my exposed breasts, he murmured, “So beautiful. So delicious.” Taking one in his mouth Erenköy Escort again, he lowered himself to his knees.

Leaning back, he unfastened the three buttons on my skirt. Kissing and licking my stomach, his mouth followed my skirt as he lowered it as slowly as he had lowered my blouse. As my panties were exposed, he kissed, licked and nibbled on my sex. A shiver ran throughout my body as he pressed my clit through the panties and dropped the skirt to the floor. He leaned back again, gazing hotly at my sex through my wet transparent panties. I go to a lot of trouble to keep my pubic area hairless, but the increased sensitivity is worth it.

With the same slowness, he lowered my panties, kissing, licking and sucking on my labia. I tried to spread my legs but was constricted by my panties at my boot tops. Holding my hips, he pushed me backwards until I sat on the bed. Removing my boots, socks and panties, he spread my legs and returned to his kissing, licking, and sucking, starting at my knees and moving upwards.

I shivered as he grasped my inner lips gently with his teeth, pulling, opening and stretching them. I could feel my juices being sucked out of my body. I fell backwards on the bed as mini-climaxes started running through me. My stomach, pubic area and thighs were quivering as he led me toward what I knew was going to be a major orgasm.

He slowly inserted one, then two, fingers inside me. Pumping and twisting his fingers in and out, he latched onto my clit with his mouth, sucking and lashing it with his tongue. I exploded.

I bucked, jumped, convulsed and went rigid, with my feet on the floor, only my head was touching the bed. I was gripping, squeezing my breasts until they hurt, a good hurt. His mouth rode me like a bucking bronco. As I collapsed, weak and still quivering, he did it to me again; it was as wild as the first time.

As I slowly relaxed, he crawled up and lay beside me. I do not know when he shed his clothes. He held me as I came down from the two most glorious successive orgasms I have ever had. The cuddling enhanced the aftermath. I must have lain there twitching and having minor contractions for fifteen minutes, basking in the glow, savoring the feeling, reveling in being held in his loving arms.

Finally an itch started developing inside me; I had to have him in me to make the night complete. “I want you in me,” I whispered. “Fill me. Ride me.” I tugged him on top of me and pulled him into me. Rocking back and forth, wetting his cock with my still flowing juices, he completely buried himself in me. “I feel stuffed, full.” I continued to whisper. “You feel wonderful.”

“No. Your the wonderful one, Honey. Here with you, in you, I haven’t felt like this since before my wife died. Thank you for this night.”

I grinned. “It ain’t over with yet.” Wiggling my ass, I locked my heels behind his thighs as he started the slow two-step dance of making love. We were in perfect harmony as we moved, slowly getting faster in our movements. I didn’t think I could, but suddenly, I felt another orgasm approaching. “You’re doing it again!”, I said loudly. “I’m going to cum again!”

My speaking triggered both of us. I felt him begin to spurt as I soared to the heavens again. He collapsed on me with my arms and legs wrapped tightly around him. His weight felt so good. He finally moved off to where we were lying on our sides with our whole bodies touching.

He kissed my nose. “Thank you, Asshole Bob.”

“Yes,” I replied with a laugh, “I never thought I’d say such a thing, but I’m glad he was there tonight.” Holding each other we drifted into sleep.

I awoke to a stirring in my loins. The night’s blackness was fading into gray as dawn approached. I looked down between my legs into the old codger’s smiling eyes. “I could take a bath and clean up,” I told him.

“Your fine. You taste just great.”

“Make it a gentle one. Then, hold me, make love to me, and cum in me again. Please.” The old codger complied.

After we showered together and dressed, the old codger in the clothes he had worn last night, I walked him to his truck. As he started it, I leaned in and gave him a toe curling kiss. “Will you stop by Thursday when you come back to town?”

“If you really want me to.”

“I do. I’ll cook you a steak to keep up your strength. I really want what we had last night. For an Old Codger, you’re o.k.”, I said with a grin. He still comes by each Thursday, and goes home Friday.

* * * * *

Should I tell of my visit to see him?

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