An Ingenue Returns Ch. 03

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“How you please me, my pet,” he said, his voice altogether soft and loving in comparison to the harsh tone he’d just used to extract my response. “Now stand up and show me what a proud little kitty-kat you are,” he said.

He began to stand and I was forced to find my feet. My butt-cheeks were in utter agony. I could hardly feel the rest of my body, the pain from hanging, prone, was so excruciating. But I stood, as my master wished, and straightened my back, balancing without his help. My stilettos, such a stylish choice of footwear so much earlier on, were now a challenge. I wobbled on my heels as I attempted to regain some composure. The lower part of my leotard hung limply now, its elastic severed, its length no longer stretched taut over my body. My freshly shaven pussy was completely on display, as was my swollen ass, which I was convinced hosted red welts, raised and ready to split open.

“Good girl,” he said, his hand stroking my hair, brushing it back over my shoulders and returning to stroke my face. I immediately felt elated, his simple acknowledgement told me that I had pleased him. Suddenly, his arms were around me and his lips were on mine. He pulled me against his body and drove his tongue deep into my mouth, and I surrendered to his passionate kiss, glad of his approval, even though I was still in pain. I almost lost myself in his kiss, but then he took his mouth away, stepped back and snapped the leash onto my choker again.

“Follow me,” he said, and once again we were on the move. I stepped carefully behind him, my senses now re-registering the sounds of the club; the music, the people, who still remained close and yet oddly distant; all the noises began to fade back in as we walked on by the disembodied voices. I felt my master turn and step downwards, and I carefully trod where I hoped he had stepped, immediately feeling the cold rush of the night air against my skin again. I took another ten steps behind my master, then stopped when he stopped. I heard the car door open again and felt his hand on my head, indicating that I should get in.

Inside the car was warm, and finally I began to feel a sense of safety return to me. I sat on the car seat, blindfold still on, albeit soaked from my tears, my hands still locked together in front of me, my nether regions painfully connecting with the leather of the seat. I felt my master step into the limousine and seat himself beside me. The car door shut, and I heard the engine start up and jerked slightly as the car lurched into motion. My master tugged sideways on the leash, drawing me to him.

“Your performance was outstanding little kitty-kat,” he said, planting another passionate kiss on my mouth. He released his grip on the leash and I heard him unbuckle his belt then unzip his trousers. He pushed me from my seat next to him and forced me to kneel on the floor of the car in front of him. I knew what was coming next and tried to lean back on my haunches, only to find my ass was too painful to take Pendik Öğrenci Escort the pressure. The pull on the leash at my neck increased as he drew my head forwards.

“Open your mouth,” he said, and I did as he asked. I expected to take his cock down my throat and was surprised by what he said next. “Poke out your tongue,” he said and again, I did as he asked. I felt the hot throbbing head of his cock rest on the tip of my tongue momentarily, then felt a gentle slapping motion as he began to work himself, slowly at first, then faster and faster into a frenzied hand job. My face increasingly felt wet and I realised he had flicked pre-cum all over my tongue, lips and cheeks. I wanted to close my mouth and swallow, yet I maintained my position, mouth open, tongue extended in anticipation of receiving his hot spunk.

My master’s breathing grew heavier and more rapid as he began to moan in pleasure. Suddenly he jerked on my leash, pulling my head forward, thrusting his cock into my mouth, ejaculating his seed directly down my throat. I felt his cock continue to throb against my tongue as his hand slid to the back of my head and urged me further forward. I obeyed his silent command, closing my lips around his burning shaft and sliding them all the way to the base. At last it seemed he was fully sated. His hand turned to stroking my hair and the pressure on my leash was released. I heard him slump back against the seat and exhale with satisfaction.

“You are a special one, kitty-kat,” he said, approval radiating in his voice. Still blindfolded, I felt him reach forward, collect me off the floor and then gather me into his arms on his lap. He cradled my head against his chest under his chin, and rocked me as if I was a child. I relaxed into his hold, and felt a surge of complete and utter love and devotion for him. I had never known such pain and such pleasure as my master had shown me. I was awestruck by every response I made to his demands. As he demanded more of me, I discovered how willing I was to go beyond the artificial boundaries I had previously set for myself. I loved that somehow he had taken me in hand and was showing me a part of myself I never knew had existed.

Seated on his lap, I became aware of his cock beneath me, previously spent, now growing hard again. He deftly turned me in his arms so that I was facing away from him. He drew my legs apart with his strong hands and began to lazily stroke the insides of my thighs. I leaned back against his chest and turned my face towards him, breathing his scent in. His lips immediately met my own and his tongue slid out, licking, dabbing, sucking my mouth in much the same way as he had previously administered pleasure to my cunt and clit.

My hands were still bound in front of me and I realised once again I was completely at his mercy. His hands slid further up my thighs and I gasped against his mouth as his inserted both of his index fingers inside my slit and deep within me. He rested both Pendik Çıtır Escort of his thumbs against my blood engorged clit, and gently rubbed as he plunged his fingers into me over and over. I broke from his kiss, allowing a deep moan of pleasure to escape from my lips. His cock was hard against my ass crack now, and I fully expected he would simply slide it up my butt. Instead, his hands moved from my cunt to my hips. He raised me slightly off his lap then thrust the full length of his penis deep within my dripping snatch.

“Oh you are a very wet little kitty-kat,” he said close to my ear, his breath hot and moist. “Whose slave are you, Kitty-Kat?” he said, withdrawing his cock to the very tip.

“I am your slave, Master,” I breathed and he plunged deep within me again.

“What do you want your Master to do to you, Kitty-Kat,” he said, his voice completely controlled as if he weren’t in the throes of a passionate act.

“I want you to fuck me, Master,” I said with complete conviction. He withdrew his penis again and held me so that its head rested ever so slightly against my pussy lips.

“Beg,” he said and I let out a desperate cry.

“Oh, Master, I beg you, please… fuck me!” And with that he drove into me again, with a force that I thought would split my heart and soul in two. My butt-cheeks screamed in pain more than ever now as he impaled my body on his hot hard cock, over and over again. His hands gripped my hips tightly as I struggled to maintain my balance. I cried out in ecstasy as each thrust virtually knocked the breath out of me. I realised my breath was coming short and sharp now as an electric orgasm began to build in my loins and emanate outwards down my legs, up my spine and into my head.

“That’s it my pet,” he said, his breathing jagged now too. “Come for me, Kitty-Kat. You have earned the pleasure.” He continue to thrust against me, deeper with each plunge, his pace quickening to a mad frenzy. I felt my orgasm building as climax came closer and closer. The pain in my ass was excruciating now and I was almost driven insane by my inability to differentiate between the pleasure and the pain I was feeling. My master drove against me, again and again and at last I released myself to my climax, shuddering uncontrollably with the effort, then slumping back against him as his injected his hot cum deep within my cunt. We were entirely covered in sweat; my breasts heaved up and down between my still bound hands as I struggled for air. I could feel a wave of pain and pleasure washing over me in wave after wave, and then all suddenly went black.

When I woke I found myself in my own bed. Daylight was streaming through the windows. I moved my legs and was surprised to find my stockings and stilettos had been removed. My hands were no longer tied, the wristbands were gone, as was the all but-shredded black stain leotard my master had provided me with the night before. The kitty-kat headband, however, was still positioned Pendik Elit Escort amongst my hair. I clawed it out from amongst my dark, wavy locks and placed it on my bedside table. I threw back the sheet and swung my legs to the side of the bed. My shift in position immediately placed pressure on my badly injured posterior and I sprang onto my feet to escape the pain. I began to head for the bathroom but stopped as I passed the lounge room door and caught a glimpse of something in the VCR player.

A tape was poised at its mouth with large handwriting emblazoned across the label. ‘PLAY ME’, it read. I pushed the tape into the machine and turned the TV on. As images sprang onto the screen I was utterly stunned by what I saw.

The taped showed a black limousine pulling up in a dark lane. A bouncer opened the door and my elegantly dressed master emerged, tugging on a leash with me stumbling behind him. The footage followed him into a door and momentarily left my posterior to provide a sweeping view of an interior – red walls and black floors with tables covered in white cloths. Suited men sat at each, masks covering their faces in a shroud of anonymity. On podiums around the walls stood beautiful girls in nothing more than stilettos and collars, chained to the walls, their bodies completely on display, writhing in slow motion to the pulsating music.

The camera returned to focus on me as my master bound me to a large wooden rack. He said something in my ear then stepped away, backing into the shadows, disappearing from view. What I saw next sent a chill down my spine and almost caused me to lose control of my bladder. A man dressed as a dungeon master stepped forward, a cat-of-nine tails swinging from his right hand. He twirled it once as if to test its measure, then proceeded to flog me relentlessly. Gentlemen in suits immediately began to gather around the rack, observing the proceedings with what seemed like indifference. As the flogging continued, I saw my body slump and strain against the bindings. It was then that I saw my master step forward out of the shadows and wave the dungeon master off. He loosened the bonds that held me upright and caught me as I fell away from the rack, just as I remembered. But when he stood me up he stepped away and beckoned to one of the men in suits standing nearby. It was the unknown man in the suit that gave me that passionate kiss, not my master! With that, the video went black.

I was completely paralyzed by what I had just seen. My eyes told me that I was the girl bound and trussed in that video, and my memories told me that was true, but I could not equate myself with the girl who was so clearly the toy of the man I regarded as my master. A pet to be played with, punished as he saw fit, and passed around to others for passion or pleasure or whatever pleased him at the time.

I felt a wave of nausea begin to rise from the bottom of my stomach, but before it could progress I was stopped by the most bizarre thought – I had actually liked what I had seen. The fact that it was me in that video and not some unknown other made me feel thrilled at how risqué I had suddenly become. My thoughts immediately turned to my master and I began to pine for him, looking forward to his next call, his next summons to serve.

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