An Eye Full for my Peeping Tom Pt. 07

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I came to consciousness slowly, like floating up from deep under water. I could hear a woman’s voice singing softly. My eyes fluttered, still not awake enough to open fully, and I could make out a figure in the middle of the floor. I got the impression the figure was swaying or dancing. A little voice cooed and I finally forced myself completely awake. Theresa was in the middle of the floor, the soft light from the ceiling fan catching her golden hair as she rocked around in slow circles and cradling my daughter.

It was feeding time and I could tell by my complete lack of discomfort that I had not replenished my supply of milk from Theresa’s and my time together. I wiped the last of the sleep from my eyes and sat up.

“There is some bottled milk in the…” Theresa quietly shushed me as she turned around to look at me. She wasn’t just cradling my daughter, she was still completely nude and Marissa was lazily sucking from Theresa’s right breast. There was a quick pang of jealousy but it was quickly replaced with relief. I leaned back into the couch and just watched this amazingly beautiful woman feed my child. Right then I made a decision. I have no idea what else may come in my life, but I want to experience every bit of it with Theresa. This couldn’t just be a one off, I needed her like a flower needs the sun. Theresa looked up at me from my daughter and just gave me a simple smile. Marissa had fallen to sleep with the nipple still in her mouth.

Both of us had to keep from giggling like little girls as Theresa worked to get released by Marissa. She mouthed that she was going to put Marissa in her room and walked off slowly. I couldn’t tell what time it was and the last thing I wanted to do was turn the tv on. My stomach rumbled softly as Theresa came back in. At least I thought it was softly, but Theresa heard it and laughed lightly as she sat by me on the couch.

“You and your daughter are too much alike.” She said as she looked at me and reached out to start gently stroking her fingers through my hair. I closed my eyes, relishing the feeling of her playing with my hair while my body absorbed her warmth.

“How so?” I asked

“Here it is eight in the evening and the minute either of you wake up, the first thing you want to do is eat. It took me awhile to get out from under you and get to Marissa. She just wanted a bit of a snack before bed time, I guess. Dimitri eats a lot more.”

I felt a bit guilty at the mention of her baby boy. Here she was taking care of my daughter, surely she needed to get back to her son. “Do you need to leave and go take care of Dimitri?” I ask a little scared of the answer.

Shaking her head no she says, “I told my sister she would have to stay with him tonight. I knew I wouldn’t be coming home till late, if at all.”

“You were that confidant we’d end up together?”

Her hand slides from my hair to cup my face gently, “No, I thought we’d have a massive fight and I’d end up drunk with some stranger. I’m much happier with how things turned out. Besides, I wouldn’t be able to feed you too if I left now.” she said with a smirk.

“What are we going to have?” I asked eagerly.

“I made you and your daughter the same thing.” She says and pulls me in for a kiss. It is slow and deep, fully tasting each other, our tongues dancing in and out of each other’s mouth. Then she’s pulling me toward her and turning me around and our kiss is broken when she lays me down on her lap. I’m confused for a moment till she lifts her massive breast and holds it out for me, offering me the pink, thick, erect nipple already dripping. I hesitate at first, but remembering how good it felt when she did the same thing for me earlier pushes me to give in. I kiss the nipple gently before sucking the thick nub into my mouth.

“If you don’t suck harder than that this will take all night.” she jokes. I playfully nip her with my teeth, causing her to yelp. She swats my leg like you would a bad dog and I dutifully stop playing with my food. It tastes a bit like a weak horchata, but its still really good. Theresa’s eyes close and she just has this really serene look on her face as I suckle her.

I’m not sure how long we are there on my couch with me drinking my best friend, but eventually she takes it a step further. Her right hand is on my stomach, absent-mindedly drawing circles on my bronze skin. Then one of her fingers traces down one of my ghostly white stretch marks, starting slightly below my belly button and down to the mound of my pussy. There is some light petting, then I feel her hand slip over the curve and into my waiting and wet snatch.

I moan around the nipple in my mouth and writhe on her as she fingers me during my meal. My mind is awash in bliss as she guides me to a quick and gentle orgasm. Her hand dives in deep to rub my g-spot, then pulls out completely to toy with my clit, all while her other hand is stroking my midnight black hair and telling me how much she loves me spread out before her allowing her to play Onwin me like a piano. I glide from one orgasm to another, losing track of anything but the sheer pleasure she is giving my body.

My body is convulsing and I can’t recall my own name as it feels like there’s an explosion in my vagina every five seconds. Theresa keeps thrusting into me, then pulls out to massage my engorged clit with her fingers slick from my juice.

“I love you Contessa. I love the way your body reacts to my touch, how your cunt spasms as I probe it with my fingers and then gushes your juice. I want to see you squirt again. Can you squirt for me? I want to see that thick stream rocket from your core as you tremble in my arms. I want you to know I can give that to you. Can you do that for me?”

She’s playing with my clit the whole time and I can feel it building. Her hand dives in and stretches me gloriously. My mouth slips off her nipple as I writhe in her lap, her breast still dripping milk on my face. I reach down and pull her hand out of me and drag it up to my clit. I try to tell her what to do but it just comes out as incoherent moaning. She gets the idea though and is working the thick fleshy button. My legs go wide and my thighs are spasming, my pussy is singing in ecstasy as it finally erupts. Shot after shot of my cum launches from between my legs as I’m screaming wordlessly. Theresa is barely able to keep me from falling onto the floor. She’s telling me how amazing I am, how she loves watching me squirt, how she loves me.

As I finally start to come down from my euphoria, I can feel her heat. She’s ready to be fucked. I get a wicked thought in my head. “Call Ethan. Tell him to get to his window right now.”

There is a sexy twinkle in her eye as we both get off the couch. She runs over to her purse and sends off a quick text message. As soon as she pressed send I grab her wrist and pull her down the hall. I tell her to get into the recliner as I go and pull the curtains back on the window. He’s just in time, standing up in his room still completely dressed, holding his phone. He looks down at my completely nude body. I give him my best smile as I step aside so that he can see Theresa in my chair. She’s fully reclined, her legs hanging off the sides as both hands are spreading her pussy wide open, showing off her deep pink to him and me. She pulls her lips wide till she’s moaning and her tiny clit dances as she pulls more on the left, then more on the right.

I’m transfixed by the vision before me, this hot blonde milf moaning as she plays with herself. I slip a hand between my legs and find my own thick clit. Just seeing her their in my recliner, watching her as my Erik watched me, I lean back against the windowsill as another orgasm courses through me and my juice hitting the floor sounds like rain.

“You bitch, haven’t you cum enough?” Theresa asks with a smile.

“Never enough.” I manage to say as I come back to myself.

“Well this was your idea, what now? Do I masturbate for the two of you?” she slides her right hand lower and traces the rim of her gaping pussy with her forefinger.

I think about it for a moment. Part of me would just like to stand here and watch as I keep rubbing myself. I can feel another orgasm building, knowing that I’m being watched while watching her has me so hot I could probably cum all night long. Instead though I walk over to her and throw my right leg up onto her left armrest so I am completely spread over her.

“Spread that pussy as wide as you can.” I command, my voice turning deep and husky as I hope I can make the thought in my head a reality. I’ve got three fingers pistoning my hole and I’m dripping on my best friend as I start to crouch down so that our vaginas are just inches apart.

“What dirty thought have you got in that head of yours. You want my cunt spread like this? You see what a good slut I am? I’m so ready for you, I don’t know if I’m more wet from my arousal or from your sopping wet cunt splashing me. I love how you are just a one woman water park. I just wish you weren’t so damn selfish tonight, you haven’t got me off once and here you are so close again. I want to cum too Contessa. Can you please make my pussy cum?”

I’m groaning as I do my best to hold back my release, feeling the tension in my body like a bow string pulled completely taught. When she asks me to make her cum I lose it, just enough thought to press my pussy against hers as the strongest jet of my life shoots right into her gaping hole. She’s screaming as loud as I am as I fill her with my girlcum. Our clits rub against each other as I completely empty myself into my best friend.

Theresa reaches out and pulls me to her as we are both trembling. She’s cradling my face in her hands and kissing all over my face as she comes down from her own orgasm.

“You are such a dirty little slut. That hurt more than the biggest, hardest dick I’ve ever had but I would gladly do that a thousand times more. Feeling you fill Onwin Giriş me up was the hottest, dirtiest thing I’ve done. I can feel it pouring out of me. And you made Ethan cum too, he’s shot the biggest load I’ve seen on his window. And look, the naughty boy is still hard. That’s what you’ve done to him mamacita. What we’ve done. We are the two sexiest mothers in creation. We…ugh…are…goddesses!” she finishes as I feel her spasm in a second orgasm as her vagina expels the excess liquid I shot into her. I reach up and lightly pinch her nipples and kiss her as she rides her wave of pleasure.

As soon as she has come down from her high, I reach over and open the drawer on the side table. I pull out the dildo with a flourish. Theresa’s eyes widen as I hold it up for her to see, licking the tip of the lifelike plastic cock. Before she can say anything, I slide down her body so that I am eye level with her beautiful pussy. She makes this lovely moaning sound as I rub the toy around her outer lips, getting it good and wet with our combined juices. The whole time I make sure to keep my ass jutting in the air on full display for our audience.

“Grab your knees.” I order her and she complies, spreading herself completely. I spit on the head of the cock, adding an extra layer of lube, then shove the toy into Theresa’s ass.

She howls at the sudden intrusion, her eyes wide and her face turns a bright red, but the toy slides in up to my hand with relative ease. I lower my mouth to her pussy, digging with my tongue till I find her tiny clit, and just alternate licking and sucking till she relaxes.

“You kinky bitch! Fuck my ass! Suck my clit!” she shouts and her hands are in my hair, holding me to her. I start moving the toy slowly, all the way till only the tip is inside then back in till my fingers touch the rim of her asshole. Just long, slow, smooth strokes. I can hear her breath change, feel her pulse quicken through her clit, so I bring my left hand up and shove three fingers into her pussy. I move my fingers and dildo in and out at the same time. I lock my lips firmly around her clit and hood, then I start to hum.

Her breathing stops and her thighs tremble. Her fingers pull my hair, her nails drag painfully along my scalp but I don’t let up. Finally her whole body is convulsing and she throws me off her like a bull at a rodeo. She curls up into a ball and starts gasping for air as her whole body quakes with the intensity of her orgasm. I climb back onto the recliner and hold her as she shudders, stroking her arms and back. She tries to say something but the words don’t come out. Her whole body is drenched in sweat, her hair plastered to her face, neck and shoulders.

Looking up, Ethan is completely spent too. He’s leaning against his window, his dick now limp in his hand. I blow him a kiss and then curl up with Theresa and we both fall gently into sleep.

I wake up first this time, it’s so nice having someone next to me. To feel the warmth of another body again. There’s so many feelings coursing through me that I just start to cry quietly as I hold onto Theresa. We’ve been so much to each other, occasional lovers in college, best friends as adults, each other’s birthing coach, my life line when my husband died, now perhaps my love. At least that’s how I felt. A big part of me wants her to move in and never leave. We could raise our children together and love each other. But was this real or just the remainder of the lustful haze from last night?

Not wanting my crying to wake her, I slowly get up. She’s beautiful laying there. Her blonde hair is matted to her face and shoulders from her sweat, but the way it frames those high but soft cheek bones down the slope of her cheek to her lush red lips then down to the point of her small chin, she’s simply angelic. She stirs a bit, stretching out now that she has more room, giving me a full view of her wonderful body. Part of me wants to wake her up by just worshipping those amazing breasts, the soft swell of her belly, those full hips, those gloriously long legs. The light of the room makes her glow in light through my tears. With a supreme act of will I walk away and let her sleep.

There is definitely a part of me that wants to stay naked all day, to let my nude form be the first thing that Theresa sees when she walks into the kitchen, but I’ve tried cooking naked once before when Mario was alive. Boiling oil splatters and while hot oil can be fun, hot off the stove oil definitely isn’t. Going to my closet, I surprise myself with three thoughts at the same time. What would Mario like to see me in, what would Theresa like to see me in, what would my Erik like to see me in?

I lean against the cool wood frame of my closet and just let the tears come, gently sobbing as my mind whirls in confusion. I loved Mario, I love her, part of me wants to love my watcher. How do I tell someone that I love them, want to spend more time with them, but that I also have feelings for someone else. I’ve known Onwin Güncel Giriş since college that I can be a little bit bi, but I also want a committed relationship. I want to get back everything I lost when Mario died. God I wish he was here now, things would be so much simpler. I loved him so much, we would be a family, Theresa would be my best friend, and Ethan would just be that young man in the house behind mine.

I reach in and grab a white sun dress with tropical flowers printed on it, sliding it quickly over my nude form. My baby will be up any minute and I don’t want to waste time fighting with extra clothes. I wipe the tears from my eyes and head to the kitchen. I shove aside thoughts of the future as I go through the simple ritual of making biscuits, scrambled eggs and bacon. Everything finishes just in time for Marissa to start letting me know she’s awake and ready for her breakfast.

We sit down in the old fashioned wood rocking chair and with practiced ease I slip the spaghetti strap off my right shoulder, releasing my breast from its fabric confinement. My daughter lets out a cry somewhere between joy and starvation as I shush her and lift her up to the exposed nipple. She clutches on greedily and and bites down hard. It’s my turn to let out a small cry, the nipple is really tender from all the attention its received lately. She calms down as the milk finally starts to flow.

“We got some thinking to do, little one. You never got to meet your dad, he was a good man, made momma really happy and gave me you, but he’s gone now. Would you like another person here to help take care of you?” I ask looking down at my little angel. She’s looking up at me from around the swell of my breast, so much is in those big brown eyes. All that came before that made me, to then make her, and all the days to come, eternity past and present in those contented eyes as she just kept sucking the milk from me while I rocked gently.

“Did you like Aunt Theresa feeding you yesterday? She doesn’t taste quite the same as I do. Don’t say anything, I know you probably liked her’s better. She’s got so much more storage space and you are such a greedy little goblin!” I tickle her belly and she smiles and giggles around my nipple but doesn’t let go.

“How would you like to do that more often? Maybe even have a brother? Hmm? You don’t want to share food? Well that’s hardly a polite way to look at women. We have really got to do something about the way you objectify women. Any way, how would you feel if instead of Aunt Theresa she was Momma Theresa?”

“Well damn, I know we hadn’t been together for a while but I thought I did better with you than a nun!” Theresa’s voice came from the door and scared the hell out of me. I startled and I guess Marissa felt my moment of fear because she instantly began to cry and wail.

Theresa mouthed that she was sorry as she came fully into the room. She was wearing the same barely there clothing I had peeled her out of yesterday. She walked over to me and we both shooshed and made over Marissa till she had calmed and was feeding again. I looked up at my best friend and saw a look on her face and in her eyes that I hadn’t expected. A bit of arousal at my state of dress, sure, but also a bit of maternal instinct and maybe even a feeling deeper than friendship? Had she really been carrying a torch for me all these years?

“Would you really want me to be a mother to her?” she asked, her voice catching a bit. There was so much emotion there. Gone was the carefree spirit I was so used to seeing. She reached out a hand and ran it through my daughter’s thick, black curls, but her eyes were locked on mine.

“Part of me really does. I keep going over what you said yesterday. Have you really loved me since college? I had no idea.”

“Yeah. The sex with all the other guys and girls, it was fun playing the field, still is, but we were doing it together. I didn’t say anything back then because I was young and stupid, I thought you knew how I felt without me saying anything. You were always more than just experimentation.”

“And Ethan now?”

She shrugged, “He’s fun and a real nice guy for a college kid. I like that he has a thing for milfs. He didn’t know he did till he saw you. But we both know that it isn’t serious. I like dick and he’s got a nice one. But you say the word and I never see him again.”

I stayed quiet for a moment. Trying to get all my feelings in order. “It’s so complicated.” I finally said as tears formed in my eyes again.

Theresa reached up from my daughter and cupped my face in her hands, wiping the tears away. “Just talk. No decisions need to be made today. Just tell me what you want. Do you want me? Do you want Ethan? Do you want something else?” her voice was achingly tender.

I laughed a bit in spite of myself as I said, “Yes, yes, and breakfast.” she laughed to and bent over to give me a kiss. Not the passionate, sexually charged kiss from before. This one held more feeling and promise for the future. She pulled away and helped me out of the rocker. We walked down the hall to the dining room table. I sat down still nursing Marissa as she made both of us a plate. She didn’t say anything, just waited patiently for me to find the words.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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