An English Matron Ch. 02



After our second love-making session, it was not late but we agreed to go to bed. Elizabeth came out of the bathroom again in her huge white and shapeless nightie.

I protested, “I love your body and need to see it and touch it unfettered”.

Elizabeth turned out the light and undressed and we lay side by side facing each other and caressing. My hardness started returning. She wanted to talk lovey-dovey romantic stuff for a while which I was happy to indulge. She was very contented having orgasmed three times in a week after decades of abstinence (or so she said) but she was also trying to rationalise and explain the age gap. I said that there was nothing to explain. I had always liked older women, the more voluptuous the better. If we over analysed things then we would spoil it.

She started kissing me again. I think that she was just very grateful and perhaps a little bit in love rather than aroused per se. She told me how wonderful I was and what a difference I had made to her life. This was getting a little heavy for me and I guided the subject back to lovemaking in general, what she liked being done to her and what she liked doing. I judged that actually she was used to rather passive lovemaking and that she did not know or could not articulate what she liked to do.

Elizabeth then proved me wrong in her actions if not her words. She raised herself on one arm and started to kiss my mouth, my shoulder and my chest. She moved to my belly and abdomen taking some time. By this time I was very hard. As she turned to face down I brought my left hand up and started to stroke her backside and between her legs. She took my cock and started to kiss and suck it. I asked her to move down and over so that she straddled me and were in a full 69 position.

Her aged vulva was right in front of me and I started licking, kissing and probing with my fingers. I raised my head slightly and put my nose in side her spreading her juices all over my face. I could hear her indistinctly as her fleshy thighs were all around me soundproofing me to some extent. I found her button again and started playing with it with my tongue. It was getting quite hard to breathe so I was a bit relieved when she quivered again and started orgasming. I lapped her up and the warmth and smell overpowered me and I came as she jerked me off some of it coming in her mouth which I think may have been a novel experience for her.

We cleaned up and got back into bed and kissed and cuddled before drifting off to sleep exhausted, my balls aching slightly.

I met her the next evening at 6. The concert was at 8 and we had agreed to go for a meal afterwards.

“I’m still getting dressed,” she said leading me into the sitting room. Elizabeth was wearing a pleated grey/brown woolen skirt and a red loose woolen top covering her arms and neck and stockings (or were they tights again?). Smart but not very sexy I thought although I could see her full figure quite well.

I said, “You look fully dressed to me.”

“Can’t you guess what’s missing?” she asked coquettishly.

It could only be one thing. I got down on my knees, lifted up her skirt and saw only her stockings and suspender belt and her naked bush. I put my whole head and shoulders up, grasped her buttocks with my hands and started kissing her there. I thrust forward my tongue and could hear her squealing although the sound was muffled. I came out and looked up at her. Elizabeth was shocked and thrilled. She laughed out loud. I reached up and unbuttoned the skirt and she stepped out of it. She sat back on the sofa and I shuffled forwards on my knees and continued cunt lapping, paying some attention to her upper thighs but mostly on the holy of holies. Perhaps because of the lack of foreplay she took a while to come but then did so suddenly, grabbing my head and forcing it in to her, grinding her hot, wet snatch against my nose, lips and tongue. Not giving her time to pause, I whipped my dripping dick out and shoved it in her but it glided in smoothly. I charged away and came in less time it had taken her.

We collapsed in each other arms, laughing and kissing.

For the next couple of weeks we met regularly. Our lovemaking reached a new level as we explored each others bodies. We became more confident and adventurous and also less hurried. Her dress modified from the slightly dowdy style when I first met her to more modern and elegant while still quite conservative – no short skirts or push up bras. She never looked like mutton dressed as lamb. We dined out, went to the cinema and of course to our regular concerts. Then we went back to her place and fucked each others brains out.

Then something happened that took us in a slightly different direction. Perhaps it was always going to go that way. I went along with the way things were going. I was not entirely comfortable with it but it filled some needs I had and perhaps would not have admitted to. You’ll see what I mean.

I had arranged to go round Elizabeth’s on a Saturday Maltepe Escort evening. The part of the city that she lived was notorious for the difficulty of parking and I could not get a place. So I had to leave my car about a quarter of a mile away and walk. It had started to drizzle as I got out but the heavens opened before I had gone about a third of the way and I was caught in a torrential downpour. I legged it to her house as fast as I could but I was soaking by time she opened the door. It was mid November and chilly with it.

“Oh! Do come in!” she said and led me inside.

Despite my bedraggled state I noticed that she was wearing a simple white blouse and a floral print cotton skirt that swished quite a bit around her calves. I took off my shoes so as not to spoil her carpet. Fortunately her flat was very warm and dry. Elizabeth rushed off to get some towels and when she returned I was dripping all over her living room floor. She was a little impatient because she liked everything in her house to be spick and span.

“You’ll have to take off your wet things.”

I was in a bit of a quandary and under other circumstances the prospect of undressing would have been quite a turn on but I felt as if I was not in control here. Having to be naked and choosing to be so are two very different things. Elizabeth was insistent though and fussed over me firmly but good naturedly and I was soon swathed in towels but with nothing on underneath – even my briefs were damp.

“I’ll just pop these in the wash.”

“That will take too long, just dry them.”

“No, they’ve got mud on them and I’m not putting dirty clothes in my dryer!”

There were some small splashes of dirty water on my jeans as I had run to her house but the rest of my clothes were clean – I had only just put them on before driving over.

“I’ve run you a bath as well, we can’t have you getting a chill,” she said on her return

I protested that I’d just had a shower and that I would soon dry in her warm room.

“There’s no point in taking any risks and besides I’ve already run it.”

I gave in as it seemed absurd to dig my heels in but I think she liked being in charge a little. I wasn’t sure that this was not going to be some game in which she could come in and soap my back. In principle this would be OK but I would prefer to be in control not her.

Anyway I had my bath and she did not soap my back. She did look in to check I was alright and probably to see me naked. I’d used some of her less perfumey bubble bath and so the view was obscured.

“I’ve nothing suitable for you to wear while your clothes are in the wash so I’ve laid some fresh towels out on the bed when you used these,” indicating the bath towels.

So I relaxed in the bath a bit, washed and got out and dried most of the moisture off and went through to the bedroom. I was a little self-conscious now. My cock is average size and certainly big enough when aroused but after the bath it seemed to have shriveled up a bit and certainly would not have won any prizes. If she took advantage of the current situation then I would look rather pathetic.

Elizabeth had decided to take advantage because she came into the room almost straight away. She fussed over me patting my damp back with a large towel. The towel I wore around my waist fell off and she spotted my tiddler.

“Oh poor little thing,” she cooed

“Pop it in your mouth and watch it grow”

“None of that!” she said rather sternly toweling my chest. “Now kneel down and let me dry your hair”.

She sat on the edge of a low bedside chair. I submitted. She toweled me dry, reaching down to include my lower regions and making sure in particular that my bum was dry between my cheeks. Elizabeth was quite brisk and matronly and not overtly sexual but her actions belied her manner and I could see the outline of her bra underneath her thin cotton blouse. Unusually for her (and especially given the time of year) Elizabeth was not wearing a slip. The attention from the towel and the proximity of my face to her breasts caused me to harden and stiffen which she noticed but pretended to ignore. Having finished with the towel. She patted and arranged my damp hair, looked me up and down and smiled at me.

“There! That’s better!”

I put my face against her large breasts pressing against the white cotton.

“Oh, Baby, Baby!” she muttered.

I looked up and we kissed deeply and passionately and her hands came round and held my buttocks, one of her fingers deep between my cheeks. I moved my hands up and caressed her huge breasts feeling the nipples rise beneath the fabric of her bra and blouse. She brought round one hand and squeezed my balls and then my cock. The other she left on my buttock and ran her finger up and down the cleft almost but not quite touching my anus. All awhile we were hungrily gulping each other tongues. We stood up still embracing, her hand squeezing my balls again and my dick ramrod straight.

We moved Ümraniye Escort to the bed and lay side by side facing each other. I reached under her skirt to stroke her thighs. She raised herself up and leaned over me supporting herself with both hands placed either side of my shoulders. Our eyes were locked. My right hand was up her skirt stroking her thighs but I was conscious of her huge breasts hanging down and I started stroking them again with both hands. Taking both my hands she held them down and straddled me, her breasts grazing my chest and her face a few inches from mine. She looked at me intently. Elizabeth was enjoying this new game and the shift of power and control in her favour. She lowered her head and kissed me “My darling Baby,” she murmured again. A look of certainty flickered across her face.

She quickly got off me slipped of her knickers and then straddled me again pinning my wrists back with her hands. She kissed me again and letting my hands go, stroked my chest and tweaked my nipples not too gently. She knelt up slightly raising her skirt and I positioned my dick to enter her. She slowly impaled herself on me and rocked back and forth until she was completely comfortable. I squeezed her breasts which she allowed but the control impulse took hold of her again and she pinioned my hands again leaning forward so that I felt most of her bulk upon me. She kissed me again and I started thrusting inside her.

“Don’t move!” she commanded.

Keeping my hands pinned back she was able to move her legs so that she was lying rather than kneeling on top of me. Elizabeth ground away ecstatically. I remained hard but it was rather uncomfortable. She gasped, and cried out and moaned as she orgasmed. She relaxed a bit and lay on top of me. She released my hands and cradled my head in hers own hands.

“Oh, Baby, Baby that was wonderful!”

Elizabeth raised herself up and straddled me again; I was still fully engorged inside her. She rocked backwards and forwards and started to undo her blouse and then her bra. Her huge white breasts tumbled down. I arched my back forward to kiss them which she permitted for a while but then took control again. She leant forward pinning back my hands with hers in their usual position. I raised my knees and started thrusting slowly but vigorously. Her breasts spilled all over my chest and I could feel her cool skin against mine. As I thrust inside her she rocked forward so that her breasts swayed forward into my face. She cried out again as I gave a few final thrusts and then erupted into her womb. She was on top of me again kissing me and caressing my face and telling me how much she loved me. She rolled off and we lay in each other arms both quite drained.

A change came over Elizabeth after this session. She was now liberated, she realised what she wanted and that she could get it. She was more forward now initiating sex and taking the lead in our lovemaking. She was also more mothering, fussing over me, talking affectionately to me but also infantilising me. She called me “Baby” all the time and referred to herself in the third person” (“Would Baby like to kiss Elizabeth’s breasts?”). She mothered me. In fact with a nearly thirty year age gap she was nearly old enough to be my grandmother let alone my mother. Outside she was quite proper although her affection was obvious and I sometimes felt that I might as well be wearing a big badge saying “Toyboy” on it.

Sexually this was still a real turn on for me but emotionally it was getting to be a drag. I wasn’t in love with Elizabeth. I was fond of her, enjoyed her company, appreciated her affection and the sex was fantastic. However I didn’t see us as long term – how could when I she might be pushing up daises within a few years? I was a little embarrassed about the age difference and had not introduced her to any of my friends nor had she me to her friends and family. I was also embarrassed about the sexual dominance thing even though I enjoyed it. There was no BDSM, cruelty or anything like that and no overt humiliation although humiliation is what I felt in retrospect. It was very gentle femdom. I wasn’t sure that that’s what I wanted. I let it run for the time being but things were going to have to change longer term. However one of the themes of this story is that I am weak willed and easily led by my cock. I put off doing anything decisive.

One night I called round and when she let me in I saw she’d been shopping or been rummaging in her wardrobe. Elizabeth was dressed in a long red robe that revealed little but some white frilly stuff around her feet. She had a secret delighted smile on her face. When we got into the living room we kissed but not passionately and she went off to make me a drink. I sat at the table reading a newspaper. When she returned the robe was loose. She stood before me and shrugged it off. She was wearing along white negligee with various ruffles and frills on it. It was quite gauzy but I could see her large white pendulous breasts İstanbul Escort hanging down and I could not quite make out her muff but there were no panties visible so I guess she was completely naked underneath.

Elizabeth came to me and sat on my knee. She was quietly excited, a lewd smile on her old face. I was both excited and repelled.

“Do you like what you see?”

“I do. I’d like to see more.”

“You are a naughty boy.!You’ll have to ask me nicely.”

“Please let me see more!”

“Call me by my name!”

“Please, Elizabeth, may I see your breasts!”

There was a little tie near her throat which she pulled and the negligee opened so I could see her large breasts flattened by their weight and hanging down to her belly which itself spilled out on her lap. Elizabeth looked at me smiling her lewd smile and I moved my head to kiss her breasts.

“Aah aah aah!” she said in a negative tone putting her hand on my cheek and restraining me gently. “You have to ask. Would you like to kiss Elizabeth’s breasts?”

“Please Elizabeth, may I kiss your breasts?”

“Of course you can, my darling!” and she offered the left one to me.

I buried my face in it and breathed in. I kissed all around her aureole taking the nipple eventually in my lips and nibbling it very very gently with my teeth.

“Oh Baby, Baby! Kiss my breasts!”

I moved to the other one and filled my mouth with it. She ran her hands over the back of my neck and caressed my hair. I stroked her belly and the top of her thighs. She stood up and leant over me slightly so I could kiss both her breasts again. I brought my hands round to stroke her buttocks and then back to the front to attend to her belly, abdomen and groin touching but not penetrating her bush.

“Kiss me, darling!” she whispered.

I knew what she wanted and I kissed her belly pressing my face into it and then moving lower

“Kiss me, Baby!” she moaned again.

I knelt down and stated to kiss the top of her thighs, I moved through her bush with my tongue and then around again. My hands came up behind and firmly held her buttocks. She parted her legs slightly

“Kiss me, Baby, kiss me!” she whispered again but it was also a command.

I penetrated with my tongue ,getting her strong smell and sweeter taste. I inserted my finger and then my thumb ever so lightly on her clitoral button. She retreated two yards to the sofa where she lay down with one leg on it and one leg on the floor.

“Show Elizabeth you love her!”

Her hairy cunt was there for me to love and worship. I licked right along the slit, stopping near her button. I licked both sides, worrying them with my lips so that they started to swell. There was more wetness around than just came from my mouth and I rubbed my face over the whole area. I inserted my finger again and then moved it up to her button which was now visible when I spread her lips. I attacked again with my tongue until it became sore with the exercise. Elizabeth was crying now, “Oh Jesus, Baby, Jesus Baby!” she babbled.

My face inches away, I touched her again with my finger and watched the flesh quiver as she came and spasmed. I kissed her again all over as she subsided and I lapped up her juices. I stood up.

“Does my baby want to have some fun now?” she asked. “Let me!” she said as I started to undress.

She removed my shoes and socks, stood up to unbutton my shirt and then knelt to take of my trousers and my briefs. My cock sprang to attention and she put her mouth over it and started sucking. She did not take me all the way. She stood up still holding me by the balls.

“Let’s go to bed and I can give you your treat!”

Elizabeth led me off to the bedroom holding me by my cock. I lay on the bed and she climbed on top of me and leant forward kissing me, cradling my head in her hands and whispering affectionately how she loved me. I fondled her large saggy breasts.

“Would you like to kiss my breasts again?”

“Yes please let me kiss your breasts, Elizabeth,” I responded in form.

She leaned further forward so that they swayed over and slightly rested on my face and I sucked her nipples in turn greedily. I raised my knees so that my cock started to graze one of her thighs and she became aware of it immediately. She kissed me affectionately again staring lovingly into my eyes.

“Would you like to come inside me?”

“Yes please I want to be inside you, Elizabeth.”

She took my cock and inserted it inside her but then straightened her legs so that she was lying on top of me (as she had done the night I got soaked in the rain) rather than straddling me. This was a bit unfair as this was rather uncomfortable and meant that she was determined to have more fun herself. I started thrusting a little but she needed to remain in control.

“Don’t move, baby, Elizabeth needs to do this herself.”

Elizabeth ground herself against me for quite some time; my dick felt it was being twisted off. There was an intense look on her face as she concentrated on getting another orgasm. I assisted by stiffening my dick in time with her motions and caressing her breasts and tweaking her nipples. She gasped as she came again and lay on top of me to recover.

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