An Adventure Motorcycle Ride



I’m not one to kiss and tell but what happened last summer has to be shared. First off, I enjoy riding adventure sport motorcycles on long trips. My rule is not to take any interstate highways which means I mostly ride on little known back roads and trails. Last summer a few of my riding buddies planned on meeting up at Medicine, Wyoming then riding north along the Continental Divide. Being we live all over the United States and me being the closest to our ride, I had to set up for the trip… Meaning, I’d leave a few days earlier.

Crossing Nebraska is boring! Nothing but cornfields and small towns (some nearly ghost towns) for over 400 miles. As the sun was slowly sinking on the highway ahead of me, I noticed a small ticking noise which grew louder and louder with each mile. I pulled into the Ramble Rose Café in a town that probably had all of 100 people and miles from no where. As I rolled to a stop the rear wheel of my BMW 1200GS locked up, skidding the rear wheel to a full stop.

The weathered sign read “Gas, Food, Service” I had no idea what service they offered but I’d soon find out.

Shedding my helmet and riding jacket, I dismounted and started looking for the problem with the bike. The bike has a drive shaft instead of a chain and I suspected that something broke in the shaft housing… and it wasn’t going to be a quick fix. I decided to take advantage of the café to have a bite and to ponder my options. I was greeted at the door by this gorgeous woman who seemed out of place… in her 30’s with blonde curly hair, blue eyes and a tall very shapely body. Without doubt she could have been a model with her friendly smile and beautiful face. She asked if I’d like a seat and took me to one of the booths in the empty café. She handed me a menu and asked about my bike. I told her about the trip and what I suspected was wrong with the bike. I placed my order and when she returned to my booth I asked if they had a mechanic. She paused and told me that her and her Mom ran the place and while the sign still said service, they didn’t have a mechanic for the garage. I could see the trouble in here eyes and asked if she’s like to sit, being they didn’t have any other customers. Surprisingly, she did and proceeded to introduce herself as Kim and to tell me the plight of her family. Her Dad had died 10 years earlier and her Mom and her ran the place alone since then. They barely got by; they had enough money to pay a part-time cook and a man who changed oil and tires on the weekends. Amazingly she bounced right back from her gloom with a big smile with a sound of a bell and told me my dinner is ready. She returned with my food and left the café to attend to a person who had pulled up to the pump.

I finished dinner, just as a few other people came in. I paid the bill and left a big tip on the table, yeah I’m a sucker for a sob story. Returning to the bike I knew I’d have a difficult task ahead of me. After an hour of work, I was running out of light but revealed the problem and the broken part. An older woman came up to me, introducing herself as Rose the owner. Like her daughter, she was a stunning woman, tall with a knock out body with much bigger breasts than her daughter and not quite as slim. The other difference was her auburn hair and of course age… which wasn’t easy to judge but I suspected her to be in her late 50’s. The mother and daughter personalities were the same friendly and slightly flirty. She told me I could move the bike into the garage to work on it. I didn’t hesitate and accepted the offer immediately. Rose told me that I was welcome to use the tools and if I needed anything just to ask. I knew I was done for the day, I wouldn’t be able to get a part and the nearest BMW was in Omaha, six hours away. I told Rose I couldn’t do much more tonight and she invited me to have a beer with her. I cleaned up in the restroom and sat down with her in a corner booth. She had a cold long neck bottle of beer waiting. We talked at ease without customers and drank one beer after another. Rose was easy to talk to and I enjoyed her rather bawdy banter with a few beers in her. Being a gentleman, I told her I should get checked into a motel. As the words slipped my mouth it dawned on me that there might not be a hotel in the small town. My concern was quickly answered with her haughty laugh.

“Maybe a park bench?” I asked.

She said, from time to time she’ll let a room out in her house to someone broke down. With that said she beckoned me to the door as she turned out the lights and grabbed a six pack of beer from the cooler. I offered to pay for the beer and the bar tab but she wouldn’t hear it. Walking to her pick-up truck her hand firmly Anadolu Yakası Escort grabbed my ass and laughed at me as I jumped. It was friendly gesture and she was more than a little tipsy.

Her house was literally two minutes away and on the edge of town. I knew from talking in the café that her daughter lived with her along with her two kids. Rose led me into the house through the side door and into the kitchen. We talked a little more at the kitchen table and shared another beer. It was getting late and I could use a shower and a bed. Rose showed me my room and told me that her daughter and kids live up stairs. She then showed me the bathroom and where I could find towels. As she left, she told me that her bedroom was at the end of the hall if I needed anything. I skipped the proverbial cold shower and went straight to hot, allowing the water to soak the grime out and to relax the tired muscles. Exiting the shower I noticed my clothes were gone… I dried and wrapped a towel around my waist. Rose met me in the hall and told me she had taken my clothes to wash them. She invited me to sit with her while she waited to throw my clothes in the drier. What could I say after all she was doing me a favor. She led me to the couch and left the room returning with two more beers. She handed me a beer, turned the TV on and sat next to me. She was in a teasing mood and flipped through the channels with the remote pausing on a TVMA show on HBO. It was a show about making porn movies and the stars. The scene was pretty hot with a naked woman and two men fucking and sucking, though it didn’t blatantly show the details. It was enough to have my cock stirring and I suspected it was Rose’s intent. She changed the channel again and I drew a deep breath of relief in case I read Rose wrongly. When she stopped on a pay per view adult channel and clicked on her choice… I think the title was Gang Bang Sluts.

“My my Rose you are shameless.” I chided.

She smiled at me as she drank down the rest of her beer then whispered in my ear “I need to slip into something more comfortable… don’t go anywhere.”

The movie was the typical no plot fuck and suck movie that started with a group of naked guys and a trashy brunette woman telling the man behind the camera she needed to be fucked. Then one man went down on her while two men offered their cocks to her waiting mouth. I knew that my own cock was making a tent out of my towel.

Rose came back into the room wearing a thin white cotton nightshirt that said “Got Cream?”

Readily, I could tell Rose’s tits were large and her nipples well positioned in front and hard. As I watched her slip into the kitchen I could see she wasn’t wearing panties as here ass moved with every step. She stopped in front of the refrigerator parted her legs, opened the door and bent over at the waist which exposed her well rounded ass. She extracted two beers and returned to the couch. She held both cold bottles to each nipple, making them nice and hard and the cotton fabric translucent.

“I hope you didn’t start without me.” She commented while looking at my now ridged pole under the towel.

I was far from guessing her intentions now, as she handed me one beer and slugged down the other. We watched the movie in silence for a few moments, by this time the actress was in a reverse cowgirl position with a long thick cock in her cunt and a smaller cock fucking her mouth.

Rose then commented “Some girls have all the luck… look at that monster cock.”

Rose reached over, placing a firm grip around the towel over my cock. She hummed with delight “damn you are big!”

“And I bet you’re wet” I replied, turning sideways and sliding my hand between her thighs until I felt her hot wet muff.

My lips met hers and quickly we were engulfed with passion; our tongues probing deeper in each others mouth. As we kissed my fingers probed her deeply; parting her walls while my thumb strummed her clit. She moaned deeply and pulled my towel away revealing my hard cock. We parted lips I lifted her night shirt over her head and kissed my way down her neck until I reached one nipple; drawing it into my mouth, sucking it while I flicked my tongue over the hard tip. Her moans told me she was enjoying the sensation of my mouth sucking first one then the other while my hand working her pussy into a lather. She pushed me back to the sofa and kissed me deeply as she slid off the couch and knelt between my knees. She took hold of her tits and squeezed then around my cock. Slowly she worked my cock in her deep cleavage. The head of my cock oozed with precum which coated her valley: making it easier to slide my Pendik Escort cock up and down. Taking my cock from between her tits she rubbed the tip to each of her nipples, making them slick with precum. My finger moved through her thick auburn hair and pulled her head down to my cock. Taking the hint, she first licked the long shaft from the tip to my balls then sucked one ball in her mouth and then the other. Her hand deftly stroked my wet shaft, sending chills of excitement through me. Releasing my balls she licked her way up the shaft where her hand was… at the tip she pushed her tongue into the little slit then squeezed my cock at he base and moved her hand upward. The sensation was like a tube of toothpaste being squeezed out. She released her tongue and a slather of precum squirted out to my amazement. Now I felt like I needed to cum and she sensed it, taking my cock in her hot mouth. Gripping the base of my cock she worked her sucking mouth up and down my shaft. Her grip squeezed off the possibility of cumming until she wanted it to. As my orgasm grew, I found my hands pulling her down faster and farther to the back of her throat. As her grip loosened she pulled my cock out of her mouth allowing the first spurt to spray over her tits. Her grip tightened around the base again before the second wave and my hands guided her head back to my cock but before I got there she loosened her grip, letting the second and third load to coat her cheeks. Sensing my need, she swallowed my cock and sucked it deeply allowing me to cum and kept cumming as her grip released my cock and her other hand massaged my balls. I felt she was sucking my cum as if she were sucking a thick milkshake through a straw and savoring every drop until I was dry.

“Mmmmmmm that was good!” she moaned, licking the cum from her lips and smoothing the hot fluid over the skin on her cheeks. My hands kneaded the rest of the cum into tits and I knelt to kiss her lips.

Catching my breath I helped her up and onto the couch. The movie continued to play with the actress dipping her fingers into her clit and extracting a large amount of cum. She turned over in a dog position and a black man with an enormous cock brutally fucked her from behind.

“It’s my turn to do you” I announced; moving from the couch to standing before her so she could see my cock getting hard as I stroked it slowly.

My hand reached down and felt her wet muff… the tingle must have sent a chill through her. She moaned and said “Fuck me”… but I had a different plan.

I knelt before her wet gash and lowered my mouth to her pouting glistening lips. Kissing them lightly first then drawing them into my mouth where I sucked them deeply then lightly in an erotic rotation. I released her lips and blew cool air over her hot flesh. Her fingers reached down, parted them exposing her hard clit as I blew on it as well. I slowly licked up one side and down the other, finding one spot where I knew I could send her into a deep orgasm. Her moans indicated she wanted to cum but I had for more pleasure in store for her. My cock was rock hard again and the urge was there to fuck her. She must have sensed my hard-on and told me she needed to be rammed. I came up and posed my hard cock to her pussy, toying it to her clit then to her cunt… teasing her to a point of frenzy. I took a drink of my beer and dripped a little to her hot, wet muff. I moved the cool bottle to her nipples teasing them as my cock slid in but only the head. As she moaned ready for my hard cock, I slid back down her body dribbling a little more of the cool beer to her clit then licked it away. I slid the long smooth neck of the bottle along her clit, allowing the rim to rub her button.

Again, she begged me to fuck her and my reply was… “Oh, I will before the night is over.”

Now with a steady slow rhythm I licked along the side of her clit and the rim of the bottle. I knew it wouldn’t be long until she was screaming in passion. Taking the long neck bottle I slid it in her wet walls and held it… she moaned loudly and took a deep breath as I pulled it out quickly. The bottle made a popping sound as it came out as I closed my teeth over her clit, holding the tender button gently. I slide the bottle back in slowly while I licked her clit between my teeth. I slide the bottle back out and then quickly back in, this time just a little deeper. Her body started to thrust up and she pulled my head to her clit; grinding my mouth to her muff. I released my teeth and used my tongue while I sucked as much of her into my mouth. My hand was now fucking the bottle in and out of her, pushing it past the neck and parting her wider… taking the Kurtköy Escort whole circumference. That was it… no more teasing; she was cumming and cumming hard. Finding the tender spot on her clit, I flicked it faster with my tongue until she was screaming with passion. Her spasms pushed the bottle out her cunt only to find me pushing it back in.

My mouth was locked to her clit as she let another scream out “I’m Cummmmmming!” with another wave of passion.

The bottle now came out with a gush of hot sticky fluid. I slid two fingers in and found her g-spot… Rubbing it she came again. She tried to push my head from her now burning clit but the passion was too great. She drew me back to where she knew I’d make her cum again. The orgasms came one after another until she was spent and every muscle ached. Time seemed to have stood still; the movie was over as I moved up her body, kissing as I went.

Looking up, I caught a glance of movement to my left. Startled, I saw Kim sitting at the top of the stairs in the shadows. In that moment when our eyes met I realized she had had her hand in her panties and apparently enjoyed what she had witnessed. Rose still had her eyes closed and suspected that she didn’t know her daughter had been watching us. The hoped the secret was going to be safe.

Just about the time I figured that the passion might be over, Rose opened her eyes and said “I hope you are done.”

I still had a rock hard cock and Rose seemed to have her second wind. She stood shakily and took my hand leading me into the room she said I’d be staying earlier. Once in the room she had no hesitation to what she wanted and needed. Pushing me back to the bed she kissed me and shoved me back flat on the bed. While she was more than fifteen years older than me, she had the strength of a man and the moves of a cat. She climbed over me and started sucking on my cock with a renewed fever. I knew she was purely doing it for herself; she wanted my cock big and hard. It only took a few minutes to get the desired affect. She mounted my cock and dropped her full weight on me, sending my cock very deep and hard. Few women have ever been able to take it as deep so quickly. She lowered her torso so I could suck on her tits as she rode up and down on my shaft. Her moans again told me she liked what I was doing and my moans told her I liked her fucking me. I knew she was getting close to cumming so it was time for a position change. I slide my legs over the bed and moved her to the point where it was easy for her to dismount and remount in a reverse cowgirl like in the movie earlier. She rode my long shaft while my hand reached around and rubbed her clit. My thumb found the spot from earlier and I strummed it to the rhythm of my cock going in and out of her. Her orgasm started slow and almost undetectable until she stopped pumping my cock and slammed it home deep. Her body shuddered as my thumb continued to strum her clit.

All at once she moaned then screamed “Oh my God… I’m cummmmmming again!”

I started pumped my hips up as I felt her walls constrict around my cock and spasm relentlessly.

I was close but not ready to cum, so as soon as her orgasm passed I announced “It’s my turn”.

I could tell she would have rather roll over and sleep; I moved her body to a doggie position at the edge of the bed. She held her ass high that fit my 6’2″ frame perfectly; I stood behind her, next to the bed poised with my cock to her sloppy cunt. I slapped her ass to wake her from her after orgasm slumber. I guided my cock with my hand until it sunk deep. She was very wet, sloppy and loose. I wondered if women her age lose tightness after multiple orgasms.

The thought didn’t last long, she grabbed my balls and in a tired but guttural tone she said “FUCK me… deep and hard!”

That did the trick… I slammed her deep and hard so my balls slapped hard to her clit. Each thrust seemed to go a little deeper and her walls seemed to tighten… or it was my imagination. Never-the-less, my hands gripped her hips and fucked her hard and deep. My ball sack tightened and I rammed a hot load deep in her body. Her body shook for a moment as I continued to fuck her with several more deep thrusts sending more of my load deep. With my cock deep; I stopped and savored the feeling… Rose’s breath was deep and rapid, I wasn’t sure if she cam again or not. The warmth of her body felt good along my shaft sliding it in and out a few more times slowly; I knew I was spent for the night… It had been a long day.

Lying there, I couldn’t help but think about Kim at the top of the stairs and wondered, what would happen tomorrow. Would I be thrown out after the two women talked or would I be able to stay to make the repairs to my bike and perhaps… fuck this hot old lady a few more times. I fell quickly to sleep with Rose’s warm breasts to my back and her hand holding my cock.

More to follow in chapter two.

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