Amanda’s Camera Ch. 1

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Maria wasn’t sure she had made the right decision now. If Owen’s tool was anything to go by she wasn’t sure she could cope with Bill’s as well. She watched him unzip his black jeans and reach inside to haul it out. It was already hard, his foreskin was pulled right back and the tip of it almost glowed with an eagerness to perform.

“Now that is big!” Exclaimed Amanda from behind the camera. “It’s a good job this is a facial shoot Maria, not a double penetration. Your tight little arse couldn’t take it.”

The thought of something as big as Owen’s cock in her anus made her feel nervous and the butterflies returned to her stomach.

Bill walked over and pulled down his boxer shorts to reveal a slightly shorter but much wider member.

“Right snuggle up you three. I want Maria stripped and on her knees between you with a cock in each hand. Hold them against up against your cheeks sweetheart.”

Maria had done magazine work before. Soft-core mostly, but a wide-open shoot she had done with Amanda earlier in the year had stimulated interest with a major European adult publisher and produced a big cheque. Hardcore had seemed the next logical step if she needed more money and Amanda, always on the look out for new talent, had persuaded her to handle some cock in a photoset.

It had been Owen in that shoot, he was a tall, lean handsome man with a gentle manner. She had simulated just about everything with his member only a few inches from her pussy, mouth and bottom and he’d made her laugh in the process. But this was different. This was her first real piece of hardcore. She was going to let these two men cum all over her face and Amanda was going to record it on film.

Maria felt nervous as she took off her robe. She had a slim body with unfeasibly large breasts that had marked her out since her early teens. Bycasino She knelt on a big grey cushion and the two men stood either side. She reached out and gently held their cocks, then drew them against her cheek as Amanda had instructed. Bill smiled at her. He was broader than Owen and much more muscular. She ran her hand along his shaft until she could feel the skin of his balls against her wrist.

Amanda clicked away.

“Know I want you to open your mouth and tongue them a little, them give each of them a good sucking in turn. We’ll deal with the wanking and cum later.”

Maria swallowed dryly and closed her eyes. Her tongue flickered out rubbing against the two swollen tips directly in front of her mouth. Bill held her long brown hair and thrust forward letting her lips run down his shaft, then forced her back to Owen who did the same. Maria grabbed them both more firmly and opened wide stuffing them both in her mouth.

“Great shot!” called Amanda.

Maria was on film now, so she might as well do it right. Not that she had ever sucked two cocks at once before, but her nerves had almost gone and she thought she might as well enjoy it and show a little enthusiasm. She was rubbing Owen’s meat against her forehead and stroking his balls, at the same time sucking Bill’s pipe further in to her mouth. Bill turned her to him and started to slide his tool in and out of her mouth as though he was fucking her pussy. She adjusted her head so he could get further in until she was deep-throating him as far as she could.

Only a few inches of Bill’s cock were visible to Amanda’s lens, and she couldn’t help being impressed at how Maria could swallow six inches of big girth cock flesh without gagging. Owen was pushing his tool along her cheek and chin, showing off his unreasonable length to the camera. Bycasino giriş Bill’s face was ecstatic as Maria audibly slurped away making the most of the chance to suck a premium dick. Owen then took over pushing his tool deep inside her, almost making her choke on it. Bill stood back and watched as Maria continued to stroke him close to her face and gobble down Owens length with mounting enthusiasm.

“Time to blow Owen!” Amanda instructed.

Owen pulled himself out and aimed at Maria. She was very surprised as a jet of thick white cum leapt out of Owen’s cock and caught her straight on the nose. She squealed and closed her eyes just in time to catch another salvo on her forehead. Then two more were aimed at her cheek as Owen held her bottom jaw and angled her head in to a better position for the camera. Then he pushed himself back against her mouth and squirted his last on to her lips.

Maria could feel his spunk running down her face on to her chin and she wiped it away with the back of her hand before opening her eyes.

“I thought cum was later?” she complained.

“Oh don’t worry. I like girls in cum shot sets to look surprised and believe me you looked surprised by that. Now its Bill’s turn. Now it’s the wank. Face and tits please Bill.”

Bill stood in front of Maria and smiled at her glistening face as she pushed her large breasts together. This was going to be the easiest wank of his career as he really fancied Maria. Besides he loved to see his own cum on bare female flesh, especially a nice pair of tits or a big arse. He was practically an addict and had badgered Amanda for tit shots over the last year, especially for those that involved plumper women or bigger breasts. He held his tool an inch away from her nose and started to tug away, letting his length slap against her Bycasino deneme bonusu face. Now he really was motoring stroking back and forth as fast as he could.

Maria was watching him fascinated and in a complete sexual frenzy. It was really turning her on and she was sure her pussy was sopping wet. She watched his fist first, then the massively swollen end of his cock for signs of ejaculation. She noticed a drop of clear pre cum appear and fly off on to her forehead. He groaned and the biggest load she had ever seen poured out. It hit her with such force it almost stung her cheek. She gasped as he forced it down emptying it all over her big pink nipples. Great wads of cum shot out all over her neck, shoulders and breasts. Then to her surprise Owen returned and started to cum again. Both men were grinning and pumping away soaking her hair. She started to lick the cum off her lips and scoop it in to her mouth with her slender fingers. In a few seconds it was over. Maria was covered in spunk.

“Oh fuck yes.” Gasped Amanda over the clicking camera. “I think I’m going to cum myself!”

A few minutes after the last drop had gone the men walked out towards the shower. It was then a newly enthusiastic Maria unleashed her secret weapon.

“Reload and watch this Amanda,” ordered Maria.

Amanda zoomed in as Maria pushed her breasts to her mouth and licked the big pools of cum off her own nipples. Amanda watched amazed. For her first time hardcore shoot Maria was getting in to it in a big way. Watching her tongue slide around on her own nipples lapping up Bill’s goo was just too much and Amanda’s own pussy had started to throb.

When Maria left to get showered Amada went in to the boys.

“I know it’s a big favour but I need cock lads. My pussy is buzzing after watching all that jism get splashed about.”

She pulled down her shorts to reveal a completely shaved pussy that was once as blonde as her hair and then turned around and bent over the vanity basin. She slipped her hand between her legs and started to fondle her pussy lips.

Bill and Owen were happy to oblige.

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