Amanda Adams becomes My Queen Ch. 12

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Big Ass

I’m lapping up water from a bowl… I rest my weight on my hands that have been rendered completely dysfunctional by special locking mittens. Drinking in this way sends a primordial shock-wave from my stomach to my penis- it’s the sick, seductive feeling of losing something expensive.

My penis is growing hard again and my new piercing is becoming the primary focal point in my changing consciousness. It’s a pole that marks the new prime meridian of my body. This simple action of lapping up water that I’m performing now is humiliating enough even with nobody watching me. I’m very glad I’m alone for this.

Did I really just allow you to lock up my hands in mittens and lock me in a kennel like a dog? I feel the grip of the locked collar around my neck as a way of pinching myself.

Compared with the diverse menu of humiliations I’ve sampled today, being robbed of the use of my hands is easily the most unpalatable. This is a punishment I’ll desperately try to avoid in the future- of service to my Queen. I swallow my incredulity. I have a bad feeling that before the night is over I’ll be tasting from a whole new menu of humiliation. And how hungry am I?

Just what will you be doing tonight to rub this punishment in as deeply as you can? What should I expect? I should expect you to masturbate and vibrate yourself to several screaming orgasms while I’m forced to watch and listen. That much is imminent… You’re aware of what torment that would be to me. But then again, you might have something much less predictable in mind…

And what about food? My stomach grumbles again. My eyes reluctantly focus on the empty steel bowl. My stomach now twists with certainty; I’ll soon be eating out of that bowl- but what will you feed me?

This is also the first time since meeting you that I’m not wearing a buttplug, and for the first time- I wish I was. You’ve definitely implied that moving my bowels into this diaper could quite possibly be my only ticket out of this cage. I really can’t think of anything more humiliating than that. The dread of that inevitable moment builds inside me: you and I both smelling ‘it’…the smell doubling and tripling as you forcefully open the diaper…the disgusted look you’ll give me when you see the mess… your beautiful face contorted into a silent arrow of accusation as you use wipe after wipe to remove the stinky brown paint from my skin… This will easily be the worst thing you’ve subjected me to yet. And yet, you’re the one who chose to punish me in this way!? It seems like just as big a punishment for you! Even though you took great pains to explain them, you’re methods are still very confusing to me.

Minutes pass with no sounds for me to hear save my own grumbling stomach. Even through the queasiness of sheer humiliation, I’m feeling very hungry. I’ve already decided that I must eat- however you intend to feed me. Also, the piercing has really begun to speak to me. Prince Albert has a pounding headache, and the pain is confusingly arousing. My penis continues to betray me- remaining steadfast against the elastic edge of my diaper.

Taking further stock of my situation, I realize that I’m much more likely to have to pee before I have to…you know… which means that I could be sitting in a soaked diaper for quite some time- not a happy thought. Unfortunately the only happy thoughts I can muster are of how sexy you are. Every time I think of your face and who you remind me of… all I can think of is how you remind me of a young Cybil Shepherd- like she looked in ‘The Last Picture Show.’ You are: beauty, intelligence, and determination mixed into one very sexy package. Speaking of package: your pussy was so warm and perfect- squeezing away around me- inside you- inside you- when I was inside you. I’d give anything to be inside you again like that. It’s clearly not just a figure of speech; I’m already giving you just that.


The bedroom door opens and you emerge carrying a dish of something heartily fragrant. My stomach immediately calls out to have whatever it is.

“I hope you like fajitas, Buttercup, they’re coming your way. I cut everything into little bites for you.”

I swallow a big lump of pride. I know I’d better be on my best behavior now if you’re going to allow me to eat.

“I wish you had been down there enjoying this meal with me at the table- like a real person. I was feeling lonely and sad thinking about you up here all alone… At least it gave me some time to myself to think about you- and your future.”

You set the plate down on my cage and take a seat on the bed crossing your legs and cocking your head pensively at an angle. You stare at me considerately, making me feel more uncomfortable. But goddamnit are you hot when you look at me like that! I’m starving in both my stomach and my loins.

An awkward silence ensues. ‘ JUST GIVE ME THE PLATE!’ I think at you. But you just keep meditating toward me- not getting up. ‘WHAT DO YOU WANT ME TO DO- BEG?!’

The smell of the fajitas is torturing me with desire. istanbul escort Which one of us will break this silence? My instincts tell me it should be you. What finally breaks the silence is your cell phone’s ringtone. Your custom ringtone is the hook from the Pussy Cat Doll’s song ‘Buttons.’

“Hello, Ms. Debbie,” you answer- cutting off the song, “I really… didn’t expect you to call so soon… I hope everything is alright?”






“Sure tonight would be…actually, tonight would be absolutely fine… couldn’t be more perfect …”

“Ohh…You’ll find out why when you get here… Do you need directions or do you remember?”

“Alright that sounds great… I’ll see you when you get here… Don’t ring the doorbell, just text me when you arrive.”

You tap your finger against your screen closing the call.

“You’ll never guess who that was,” you smile cruelly, “I had meant for this punishment to be excruciating for you but… this is… going to be… Uhho man!”

You get excitedly up off your bed and pick up the plate, “Don’t want this to get any colder for you…”

You half-circle my cage around to the side with the bowls and unlatch a plate-sized hatch. You push the plate of fajitas through and I suppose that if I had a tail it would be wagging fiercely at this point. You roll your wrist and turn over the plate so the spicy food spills neatly off into the steel bowl- a few chunks fall to either side of the bowl. You withdraw the empty plate and latch the hatch.

“I wish Ms. Debbie could’ve made it here in time to watch you eat,” you frown comically, “She’ll see you soon enough I guess.”

Your teasing words ignite a pang of fear in my stomach as I crawl over to the bowl. I should have guessed you’d be adding as many embarrassing twists to this punishment as possible. It seems like your mercilessness is only gaining momentum tonight. It feels almost like you’re exacting some kind of revenge on me, but for what exactly?

I intend to make sure this food is gone by the time she gets here. Swallowing dryly, I lower my face to the food and awkwardly move my tongue and lips against the pile to find a first bite. I look askance at one mitten bitterly… still better than the handcuffs…I suppose. Chewing the savory meat barely helps me forget my humiliation for a second.

Your smile remains as you stand over me watching me struggle to eat using nothing but my face. I can feel my red cheeks getting messy with food. I hope I’ll be able to use my tongue to clean most of this mess off…So many new skills I’m learning.

Soon I’ve emptied the bowl and resign myself to lick it clean. You sway a little side to side and I look at your legs as I chew. I know you intend for Ms. Debbie to see me like this… But if I can help it, she will have to guess whether or not you made me eat a meal out of this bowl. I even eat the two chunks that fell to the mat for good measure- huhuh measure for measure…

“Oh Buttercup, you’re doing so well with this… I almost feel sorry for you… almost: operative word. You know I thought Ms. Debbie would be scared to have her little button violated… like I promised her… I thought she’d try to find a way to avoid coming over- put it off indefinitely… but… couldn’t even let one night go by…huhhuhuhhuhuhh… Ahhhhh sometimes the universe just keeps thinking it’s my birthday I guess.”

You pick up the empty plate and walk toward the door, “Gotta go do the dishes now; hang tight- I’ll be back in just a few.”

You turn off the switch by the door leaving me in almost total darkness.

There really is nothing I can do at this point to keep Ms. Debbie from seeing me like this- I know this. She will see me like this, and I’m sure it will become my profile picture in her head- how could it not? How exactly will she laugh at me? Will it turn her on as much as my punishment seems to turn you on?

Having dealt with the pain of hunger has heightened my sensitivities to my laundry list of other pains: pain in the dick, pain of confined hands, pain of humiliation and imminent embarrassment. How much of my existence have I spent saving face only to have you steal it off my head- over and over again- like a sexy- a wicked, sexy thief.


“Tellin you to loosen up my buttons, babe- anhuhh- but you keep frontin’ mae… say’n’ what you go’n’ do to mae, but I ain’t seein’ nuttin,” you’re stupid song from the ring-tone has gotten all stuck up in my guts through the silence.

I wonder how you’d look singing and dancing in one of those videos? You’d probably fit right in PCD. How did you come across all this money and time? I wonder- not for the first time. I have invented many possible explanations for your wealth in my head; and I have several reasons why I’m afraid to ask- chief among them- I’m really not sure I want to know. It could be something very stereotypical. You could be some horrible gold-digger- who reeled in a few big ones escort bayan then took those poor fish to the cleaners. As long as I don’t know for sure, it’s easier for me to remain in awe of you. If you wanted me to know, you’d tell me.

I sit and sit and sit with my back against the uncomfortable steel bars- digesting- slowly filling my intestines and bladder…with inevitability.

The next sound I actually hear is a rustling coming from your bathroom. I can see a light come on from under the door. You’re in there doing something- I certainly can’t guess what. I hear a faint trickle of water- then a moment later: a toilet flush. Now you’re running water into the sink longer than it takes to wash hands.

After a few more minutes of careful listening and waiting, your bathroom door opens and I see just your nude profile in silhouette like the opening credits of a James Bond movie.

You flip on the lights and say, “Taddah.”

You are naked… except for the strap on that grotesquely hides your pussy from view…you look incredibly yummy- and you know it… You’ve put your hair up- tied up and twisted the way I’d like to be- into a neat bun. There’s even something sexy about the way you’ve exposed your long neck and perfect ears… and so begins another torturous night of teasing.

“This is how I intend to greet our guest tonight.” You smile with a gleam in your eye.

I’m forced to picture Ms. Debbie’s pretty face as you open the door for her. Sadly, I’ll be up in here when that happens… The image is enough to send a volley of throbs through my painful erection.

“The first thing I’m going to have Ms. Debbie do when she arrives is reach through the bars of your cage into your diaper and turn your jewelry for you.”

“Mmmmmmmnnnnnhhh,” the involuntary little sound comes out through my nose.

“You don’t know how happy it makes me, Buttercup, that your little friend- that you flirted with today- is going to get to… see you like this.”

I already know this. My only aching question at this point is whether or not you’re going to let me watch you give her… what you’ve repeatedly promised her she has coming to her? or will you only allow me to listen? I dare not ask- for I know it will ruin my chance of watching if I do.

“I really can’t think of more poetic…justice…” your chin sticks out at me- a little- on the ‘j’ in ‘justice.’ My- but your chin is strong, I don’t think a woman could have a more perfect jaw-line than yours. Maybe it’s the first thing I ever noticed about you when I found your business card that day.

You’re holding your cell phone expectantly in your right hand as you sidle up to my cage. You graze your rubber erection across the bars in front of my eyes. You’re slowly swaying back and forth; the dick makes a thrumming sound against the bars in time with your motion. You’re swaying and clearly in a reverie. I love the fact that you’re close enough to smell.

How much time have I spent in here? How much more time- will I spend?

Suddenly there’s a new vibration from the cell phone in your hand. I already know Ms. Debbie has arrived and this is her text. In less than 5 minutes she’ll be standing in this very room.

“Excuse me for a minute, Buttercup, stay right where you are.”

“Hhhhhhhhh” I sigh helplessly under my breath.

You turn off the lights again and the last thing I see before you leave is your perfectly round ass- three converging lines- the outside lines are the tightened leather straps the middle line is where your maker split you- and where you recently ordered Ms. Debbie to split you.


I hear the faint mummers of your voices before the sounds of your steps ascending the stairs. I imagine I can hear the subtle cranks of the knob twisting with your hand just on the other side. You open the door and I see your two silhouettes, but you don’t turn on the light yet. You take Ms. Debbie’s hand in yours and pull her to yourself. Taking her silver hair in your hand you pull her in for a long-loud kiss. You make out with her for what feels like a whole minute as my heart pounds violently in my chest.

I watch your right hand move dramatically up toward the light switch. You turn Ms. Debbie’s body so she will be facing me when you throw on the lights.

You throw on the lights, but the kiss goes on. You slowly withdraw your tongue from her mouth but I see her eyes are still passionately closed as she catches her breath.

“Deborah,” you say sweetly, “Open your eyes…”

She smiles wide before opening her eyes.

Her pretty eyes immediately focus on me sitting in my cage of shame.

She tosses her hair and cocks her head smiling big enough to show off her perfectly sharp canines to me, “Buttercup!? You look different without make-up!”

You both laugh at her joke and also at me. You both laugh longer than I feel the joke even warranted.

“What did you do to deserve this?!” she asks somewhat rhetorically- gesturing toward my cage.

I look Pendik escort at you as if to ask: should I tell her? But you only smile and answer for me, “Buttercup was having a little attitude problem… On the way home from the store, she failed to show me the proper respect and she failed to notice that it really hurt my feelings… So she is being punished tonight, and I hope- for her sake- she can figure out a way to learn an important lesson.”

I notice you mentioned nothing about the parking lot… You just stand there with your arms crossed pushing up your perfect, naked tits teasingly- cock still jutting out obscenely.

“Ms. Debbie, before I forget, I need you to reach into Buttercup’s diaper and shift around her jewelry. Who better to do it than you? I’ll just open the cage long enough for you to do that so we can get on with our night.”

“Why are you wearing those pink gloves, Buttercup? Is it really that cold in here?” The way her nipples are sticking out through her halter top- I think it must be. Ms. Debbie crouches down to her hands and knees giving me a clear view up her short skirt- giving me a glimpse of her hairless pussy- no panties tonight either I guess. Does she own any?

Noticing my line of sight she explains, “I had to put my yoga pants in the wash. They were practically soaked by the time I got home… So really? What’s with the gloves?”

“Don’t be so dense, Ms. Debbie, you know the old saying…about ‘idle hands’…” You once again answer her question on my behalf.

“So I guess that would make you… the devil tonight then?!” She asks with a laugh and a nod toward you.

“Maybe… I’m sure that when my bone is buried in your ass… that’s when you’ll really start to believe I’m the devil. Hahahahahahaha.” You’re the only one who laughs at your joke. You pick up a ring of keys off your dresser and find the right one for the padlock on my cage door. You return across the room and kneel beside Ms. Debbie- so close are we now- I can smell your subtle perfume mix with her essential oil.

You remove the lock and throw it on your bed.

“Okay, Buttercup, do your best to get into position to make this easier for Ms. Debbie, but stay in your cage- of course.”

I awkwardly lie on my back and scoot my head toward the door; my feet rest against the steel bowls.

Ms. Debbie is on all fours over me with her hands astride me and her knees on the floor outside my cage My eyes are looking straight up at her toned, exposed midriff. She picks up one hand off the mat to trace a tantalizing circle around my naked belly button. With her palm flat against me, she presses into my lower abdomen to slide it under the waist band of my diaper. She teasingly slides it under. Her fingertips immediately find the tip of my erection.

“Diaper feels good…” She announces, “Not wet. But Prince Albert feels a little slimy.”

“It’s probably just a little precum,” you say, “She wasn’t bleeding the last time I checked.”

Stroking her fingers lightly upward along my shaft, Ms. Debbie finds the jewel and pinches it gently. I can feel her ever-so slowly begin to spin it inside the piercing.

“Good girl, Buttercup,” she says and I greedily inhale what I can of her scent knowing she wont be in here long. Breathing her in- as she touches me- makes me forget my pain completely.

“That’s quite enough for now- I think, Ms. Debbie,” You say sternly- looking over her shoulder. Ms. Debbie slowly removes her hand from my diaper- making a trail of glaze on my stomach away from my penis as if to lament: ‘I was only just getting started.’

She backs out of my cage and rises to her feet looking longingly at me the whole time. You close the door and re-install the pad lock with a metallic little crunch.

“Now where were we?” you ask sliding a confident hand around Ms. Debbie’s exposed waist. You’re just a little taller. You only look slightly down into her green eyes. Your two heads tilt opposite ways as you move in for another long kiss. Still kissing passionately you walk her backwards toward your bed- pushing and pressing against her supple body with your dildo. She loses her balance and falls backwards on the bed.

You tower over her now. Your knees resting against hers at the corner of the mattress. I focus on the soft hairs on the back of your neck that didn’t get pulled tight up into the bun. Your naked body looks so tantalizing from behind: your ears, your neck, your shoulder blades, your lumbar curve, your ass, the crease where your cheeks meet your legs your round calves, your thin ankles…

I know that soon that hair on your neck will be dewy with that sweet-smelling sweat of yours.

I carefully get back up to a seated position not wanting to miss a second of the magic I’m about to see. I move very quietly because I don’t want to draw your attention at all away from what you’re doing. For a moment I even forget that I’m being punished- even though my field of vision is slightly obscured by little steel bars. From my angle, I can’t see Ms. Debbie lying under you on the bed, I can only see your beautiful naked body-and if I strain- maybe the faintest hint of her lips and jawline pressed tightly against yours. Huge waves of emotion wash over me as I listen to the wet sounds of your kissing.

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