All in the Family Pt. 03




The following narrative is a continuation of the previously published All in the Family Pt. 2, which I recommend you read first. The good news is, this is the final chapter of the series.

As always, comments are welcome as long as they are constructive.


When Bill and I arrived at one of the over-sized chaise lounges we laid down together and began hugging and kissing. Walter and Rita did the same on a lounge next to us.

When I reached to fondle Bill’s cock, it along with his balls were shriveled up. A classic case of the George Costanza syndrome from being in the relatively cold pool water. But between my warm hand and some passionate kissing it didn’t take long for his dick to swell until fully erect. All while Bill’s hand found its way to my pussy, which he gently fingered.

“So what’s your pleasure Lacey?”

The reason I like Bill so much, he’s a lot like my husband. Both always seem more interested in pleasing Rita and I versus the opposite. Or them not being satisfied until we are. Rita nor I couldn’t be more blessed to have them…let alone spoiled.

“Since you asked Bill, not that you ever haven’t, I’d love you to lick my asshole before fucking it until we both cum.”

“Your desire is my command Lacey. Now why don’t you get in position so I can dine on your lovely brown jewel.”

Which I quickly did on my elbows and knees with Bill directly behind me. After I was I glanced over at Walter and Rita and it seemed she had the same urge for anal since she was also in a doggie position with Walter’s face already buried between her bum cheeks. It’s also when I first noticed John, Rodger, Teresa and Beverly nearby watching us.

When Beverly realized I saw them…”I hope you don’t mind if we watch. Being the voyeur I am I couldn’t resist. Teresa wanted to watch also…her sister Rita and Walter in particular. So you’ll know, we had to promise John and Rodger a blow job afterwards so they’d let us. Not that either of them didn’t want to watch too.”

Since I’m an exhibitionist at heart…”Not at all. Be my guest and I’m sure Bill, Walter and Rita don’t mind either. Especially Rita, since I know she’s as much an exhibitionist as I am. Enjoy the show.”

“Thank you, but I have one more request. Would you mind if John took some pictures with his iPhone as personal mementos of what has turned into a fabulous weekend? And I’ll be sure he doesn’t intrude on things.”

When Bill sensed my hesitation about answering, he answered for us…”I don’t see a problem with John taking pictures. I know he’ll be discreet and would never share them with anybody…or post them on the internet. If no one else objects, it’s perfectly fine with me.”

With Bill giving his blessing, and vouching for his brother, the rest of us didn’t object, which essentially gave John everyone’s approval. Once it was out of the way we got back to the business at hand before we were interrupted.

Since I was already in position, Bill proceeded to part my bum cheeks before I felt the tip of his tongue swirl over and around my anus. Barely touching it at first, then more forcefully and intently. As I’ve mentioned in previous narratives, Bill has an exceptionally long tongue and is the master when it comes to licking and probing your asshole with it. Something I love as much as anal intercourse…being a good rimming and tonguing of my asshole.

Eventually the tight circles were replaced with long stiff up & down tongue strokes. Not only my anus, but all along my anal valley. Which felt heavenly and had me meowing like a kitten and reaching for my clit. When I thought it couldn’t get any better I felt the tip of Bill’s tongue probing my anus. By now my sphincter muscles were so relaxed it easily entered my anal canal. Once it was Bill began to steadily tongue fuck it. It didn’t take long between Bill tonguing my asshole and me fingering my clit before I orgasmed. Not an intense one, but strong enough to cause my cunt to fart along with gush or two of pussy juice. Most of which ended up on Bill’s chin and neck.

“Damn Bill…when it comes to tonguing my asshole, nobody does it better. You’re the only one who consistently makes me orgasm from it. But now it’s time to fuck it so I can orgasm again.”

No sooner did I finish speaking I felt Bill’s cockhead pressing against my anus. While holding both hips firmly he plunged forward and his cockhead easily slipped in beyond my anal ring. After a short pause Bill slowly inserted all six inches of his hard dick in my ass until I felt his balls gently bump against my pussy. For many, the initial insertion of a stiff cock in your asshole can best be described as somewhat painful…although pleasantly so for some. Of which I definitely fall in the category of the latter. Due to the fact of how often I’ve been fucked anally, my anus puts up very little resistance. Especially since the majority of the time it’s by my husband Şerifali Escort Walter, who has an exceptionally large cockhead. As long as I’m primed it’s rare for a any cock not to penetrate it easily. No matter its size. And after it is, it’s pure bliss thereafter. Even more so than being fucked vaginally…at least for me.

Once again I glanced over at Rita who by now was getting a steady thumping from Walter. And pleasantly so as evident by the loud grunts and groans she was making each time he drove his long dick deep in her ass.

“Good grief Walter…I can’t tell you how heavenly your long dong feels sliding in & out of my asshole. I’d let you fuck it all day if we could.”

“Nothing I wouldn’t like better Rita. Other than Lacey, I couldn’t ask for a nicer asshole to lick and fuck. Not forgetting there isn’t anyone that enjoys being fucked anally as much as you and Lacey. Which makes it a whole lot more enjoyable for Bill and me.”

Then as if playing follow the leader, Bill began to steadily hump my ass. As he did it didn’t take long before I was humping him back. Plus like Rita, I would let out a loud grunt each time I did.

Slowly but surely Bill’s humping became more frantic and forceful. He was literally banging against my ass along with his balls slapping hard against my pussy at the end of every forward thrust. Not that I was complaining as I was bucking back just as hard as he was me.

“I hope you’re close to an orgasm Lacey, as I’m about ready to cum.”

“I’m ready whenever you are Bill.”

Which he did by letting out a loud groan before driving his cock deep in my ass as he could. Just as he did I felt it pulsate ever so slightly before the first of multiple cum streams shot in my ass. And with each one he would pull me hard against his groin.

The feel of his hot cum triggered my own orgasm. Which began in my abdomen and like rolling thunder didn’t stop until it exited my vagina in a series of loud cunt farts. So many and so fast it sounded like motor boat putt putting along. And each one was accompanied by a gush of vaginal fluids.

Bill’s cumloads are normally large, but this time he outdid himself. A good six to eight streams shot into my ass before he stopped. Which felt heavenly the way it filled me with his hot cum. Unlike with your vagina, the feel of a cock pulsating as each load of cum shoots into you is magnified ten fold in the tight confines of your rectum.

Once our orgasms subsided Bill slowly removed his now shrinking cock. After he did it left me with a small anal gape from which his cumload quickly followed in a steady rivulet. Out and down my pussy lips before dripping onto the cushion where it left a small puddle. As it was I could hear for the first time the distinctive sound an iPhone makes when someone takes pictures with it. No doubt John was getting some close-ups of Bill’s cumload oozing out my asshole. And of my asshole as it slowly contracted after it did.

When I glanced over at Walter and Rita again, surprisingly they were still going at it. But not for long as Rita suddenly let loose with a loud screech and yelled…”I’m cumming Walter, now please fill me with your hot load.”

Which he did after plunging his long cock balls deep first. After which Rita orgasmed a second time, and it was followed by a flood of vaginal fluids which squirted out her cunt all over Walter’s thighs. She literally showered him.

Suddenly she collapsed face down. As she did Walter’s still hard cock exited her asshole so fast it made a loud popping sound. He looked startled at first, but shouldn’t have. It wasn’t the first time she unexpectedly all but passed out after an anal orgasm. Plus it would be a while before she recovered.

After Bill cleaned up his cum puddle he asked John if he got the pictures he wanted.

“Sure did, and if you don’t mind me saying, when it comes to anal sex you four put on quite a show.”

“As Walter said earlier, with Lacey and Rita it’s hard not to. Both enjoy anal intercourse more than vaginal. While we’re on the subject of pictures, do you want me to take some with your iPhone of Beverly and Teresa giving you the blow jobs they promised you and Rodger?”

“Please do, I was hoping someone would.” John then looked at Beverly and Teresa…”Are you girls ready? I don’t know about Rodger, but after watching Bill and Walter ass-fucking Rita and Lacey I’m about to bust a nut.”

Beverly at first laughed…”I can appreciate that you are. After seeing how much Lacey and Rita enjoyed themselves I wouldn’t mind a good ass-fucking myself right about now. But a promise is a promise. And since we want Bill to get some good pictures, and if Teresa doesn’t mind, it would be best for us to sit on the edge of the chaise lounges while you and Rodger stand in front of us as we suck your cocks.”

Finally Teresa who had been quiet as a mouse spoke…”That’ll work for me, and when İstanbul Escort it comes time for you to cum John, I’d like you to do it on my tits. For some reason I’m feeling cum-slutty today. Plus it’ll make for some great pictures too.”

“Nothing I’d like better Teresa, than to shoot my load on those magnificent tits of yours.”

Based on the conversation us girls had earlier I wasn’t surprised about Teresa’s request for John to cum on her tits.

Beverly either…”Way to go Teresa. No better time than the present. But in your case Rodger, I’d rather you cum on my face, or in my mouth. Which ever tickles my fancy when the time comes.”

With that said, Beverly and Teresa sat on separate chaise lounges next to each other. John and Rodger both already had hard-ons from watching Rita and I getting ass-fucked, and the anticipation of a blow job. Albeit not throbbing ones. Once in position Beverly and Teresa grabbed their butts and took their cocks straight in their mouths. No licking or sucking of their cockheads first. And neither had any trouble taking their entire cocks in their mouths. Which was understandable since both John and Rodger have modest length dicks at six and five inches respectively. Of which I knew Teresa wouldn’t have a problem with John since I’ve seen her go down easily on Walter’s eight inch prick.

By now Rita had fully recovered from her orgasm…”Seems I regained my senses just in time. I hope I didn’t miss anything.”

Of which I assured her she hadn’t…”Let’s enjoy the show while we can since it might be a short one. With John for sure. He claimed to be near ready to ‘bust a nut’ earlier.”

Both Beverly and Teresa figuring it wouldn’t take long for either of them to cum went into full sucking mode while holding firmly onto their butt cheeks. Their heads bobbed back & forth like two motorized bobbleheads. All while making loud slurping sounds as saliva oozed out the corners of their mouths. And for both, their cheeks were all but imploding from sucking so intently. Plus it was quite a sight how John and Rodger’s cocks soaked in saliva shimmered in the bright sunlight.

Between the two, Teresa was the better cock sucker as she effortlessly took all of John’s six inch dick in her mouth. His cockhead seemed to easily enter her throat on every forward head plunge. Not even a hint of hesitation on Teresa’s part as she has amazing control of her gag reflexes. And from the way John was moaning and groaning she’d have him cumming in no time.

Beverly was no slouch either when it came to sucking cock. And big difference in her technique from the night before when she sucked Walter’s in the hot tub. At the time, she used her hand more than her mouth and did very little actual sucking. Now her mouth and head were doing all the work. And beautifully along with sucking like a Hoover. Between her and Teresa it was hard to tell who was enjoying themselves more. So much so it had me wishing I was sucking someone’s cock along with them.

In the meantime Bill was taking pictures like crazy while off to one side Walter was stroking his once again hard dick as he watched. Bill had a hard-on too, but there was not much he or anyone could do with it since he was busy with the iPhone. For a second I thought about offering to suck Walter’s cock before I remembered about the fantasy Teresa shared with us earlier and her cum-slutty remark. When I did I quietly told Walter about it and asked him to save his cumload for her.

After I did, Walter made it a point to get within Teresa’s field of view so she could see him beating his meat as he lustfully watched her. Which she immediately noticed, and in spite of having a mouthful of cock smiled when she first saw him.

Timing couldn’t have been more perfect as John’s moans and groans became more vocal. A sure sign he was about to cum. As soon as Teresa realized he was she stopped sucking his cock and took it in-hand. After which she began stroking it intently while pointing it down at her breasts.

“It’s time for you to cum on my tits John. As for you Walter, it looks like you’re about to cum too from the way you’re jerking off. Why don’t you ease up and as soon as John is done cumming on my tits I’ll be glad to suck you off. After which you can shoot your cumload on me too.”

Walter never said a word, but immediately did as she suggested.

As Teresa continued to frantically stroke John’s saliva soaked cock he suddenly let out a loud groan, followed by the first cum stream shooting out the tip of his dick. Then in rapid succession one cum stream after another shot onto their intended target. Six good size loads of very thick creamy white semen of which Teresa made sure each breast got three. Mainly on her areola and nipples, of which the latter were so swollen and red they looked like two raspberries embedded in whipped cream.

As soon as John stopped ejaculating, Walter moved closer to Teresa. Ümraniye Escort Teresa released John’s now semi-limp dick and grabbed Walter’s, which was about as engorged as I’ve ever seen it. She first stroked it gently with two hands before taking only the cockhead between her lips. After gently sucking it she slowly engulfed all but about two inches of his long eight inch dick. After which she proceeded to suck it intently while bobbing back & forth. Slowly at first, then more rapidly.

After only a minute or two of Teresa’s superb cock sucking skills, Walter announced he was going to cum. Which wasn’t surprising so fast from the way his cock was throbbing before she took it in her mouth. Teresa quickly released him, and as with John, took Walter’s cock in-hand and madly stroked it while pointing it at her face. Then the inevitable happened…Walter cummed. Not a big load after dumping one in Rita’s ass earlier, but four or five decent cum shots. All of which Teresa happily took on her face.

While all this was happening Bill was getting more than his fair share of pictures. Seeing he was, and how hard his dick was, Teresa asked him to hand the iPhone to me before saying…”If you don’t mind Bill, I could go for one more hot cumload. So let me suck your cock until you cum.”

Bill didn’t have to be asked twice before handing me the iPhone and was standing directly in front of Teresa. And in spite of her face being covered in cum, she took Bill’s cock straight in her mouth and began sucking it furiously. She was almost demonic the way her head bounced back & forth on it while holding him tightly by his ass. So tight, she left fingernail marks on his bum cheeks. Obviously by how she was acting there was no way was she going to be denied a third cumload from being deposited on her.

As Rita watched her sister, she couldn’t help but say how awestruck she was…”I’ve never seen Teresa take such control of things. Talk about leading the bull by the horns. Or should I say by the dick. She knows what she wants and she’s not going to be happy until she gets it. Good for her.”

Of which I had to agree.

Just then I heard Rodger telling Beverly he was going to cum. Upon hearing he was she pulled Rodger by his ass as deep in her mouth as she could. Which was a clear signal of where she wanted him to cum. Big mistake on her part. From my personal experience and observation, Rodger has the biggest cumloads between the four men present. And pretty damn big for someone his age.

With Beverly’s face buried against his groin, Rodger grabbed her head with both hands and held it firmly as he all but exploded deep in her mouth. And by the number of times he twitched and jerked he appeared to be unloading a huge load.

Beverly appeared to take the first few cum shots easily, but the last three or four got the best of her as she started gagging…then coughing. Simply put, Rodger’s cum loads shot out too hard and fast for her to swallow it all gracefully. When she started coughing, any cum she hadn’t swallowed flew out all over his cock. Of which probably not to her liking, I got some pictures.

But I had to give her credit. After her coughing fit subsided she took Rodger’s cum soaked dick back in her mouth and sucked it clean. In the end, and maybe not with the best form, she ended up swallowing most of Rodger’s cumload. All except for a few drops clinging to his pubic hair.

“I’m so sorry for gagging you with my cumload Beverly. I guess I shouldn’t have held your head so tightly against me.”

“No need to be sorry John. More my fault than yours. While I like a cock being forced deep into my mouth when it cums, I wasn’t expecting such a big cumload. And the way it shot out so rapidly. Caught me totally by surprise…and unprepared. It was more like when a twenty-year old ejaculates the first time he gets a blow job. You should be required to have a warning label tattooed on your dick to forewarn any unsuspecting middle-aged women.”

I laughed out loud…”That’s pretty funny Beverly. But not a bad idea.”

At that point I switched my attention back to Teresa, who was still going like a mad woman sucking Bill’s cock. And just in time as Bill let her know he was going to cum. When he did, Teresa released him and leaned back on her elbows before telling him to shoot his load on her.

Bill stroked his dick for ten seconds at most before moaning loudly as his first cum stream shot out and splattered dead center on Teresa’s navel. It was followed by three more which landed lower and lower down her abdomen with the last one landing on her cleanly shaved pubic mound. All of which I got some pictures. Come to find out later there were a couple of good stop-action shots as I captured two of Bill’s cum streams in mid air between his dick and Teresa.

As for Teresa, she made for quite the sight, and for some neat pictures, with a cum covered face, tits, abdomen and pubic mound. Unfortunately for Walter and I, it was long past time to call it a day to head home. But for me, seeing Teresa covered in cum as she fulfilled one of her fantasies, as well as Beverly fulfilling hers earlier, it made for a great ending to a most memorable weekend.

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