Alexis’ First Time Ch. 03

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This will be the final chapter in this instalment for Alexis, before I move onto some new adventures. Still pure fantasy, but hopefully one day I’ll be able to delete that statement!

After our wonderful adventures last night, me and Keira showered, slipped into some comfortable nightwear and jumped into bed, both exhausted and still high on adrenaline. We stayed up and chatted for a while about what we could potentially get up to tomorrow, we soon had a plan. I was going to take a massive step as Alexis was going to make her first public appearance and we were going to hit some of the gay clubs and bars near Canal street. We were not both super excited and soon fell asleep.

Excited about tomorrow, I fell asleep feeling extremely horny once again and began dreaming about what naughtiness we could get up to while we were out tomorrow. The dreaming became very erotic, as I dreamt that I was having my cock sucked by some young guy who had picked me up in the bar and was using me for his pleasure. This dream became very realistic when I felt a finger probing my asshole before slowly sliding itself inside me.

This caused me to wake up, and it’s when I found out that I wasn’t dreaming at all. Opening my eyes, I could see Keira between my legs, she had my knickers pulled away to one side, my cock in her mouth and a finger in my ass. This was without doubt the best way to wake up. Eventually she realised I was awake and let my cock fall out of her mouth.

‘Morning sweetie, it’s nearly dinner time and I was trying to think of the best way to wake you up without disturbing your sleep to much… it’s cute how you moaned while you were sleeping.’

‘Holy shit, well if this is how you’re going to wake me up, I think you should move in with me,’ I replied, whilst trying not to moan as she was now working two fingers inside me.

‘Well it’s about to get even better… here put this under your butt’, Keira said handing me one of her pillows while she stepped off to the side of the bed.

I shuffled and got the pillow underneath me whilst Keira stripped out of her knickers and began lubing up her now rock-hard cock.

‘Don’t be getting used to this’ she said, ‘I’m not a top and had no plans too, but watching you getting fucked last night and seeing how much you enjoyed it, I needed a piece of that ass for myself.’

Keira climbed back onto the bed and got in between my legs, hooking her fingers into the sides of my knickers and whipping them off in one motion. She then leant in to kiss me as she pushed forward with her cock and inserted herself into me. The initial penetration causing me to break off from the kiss and let out a loud moan as she began to fuck me. Her hands started roaming all over my body, pinching and twisting my nipples.

‘What’s say we get you some fake tits babe? For tonight?’

There was no response from me other than to moan and scream in pleasure, I was being well and truly fucked and I loved it. Keira quickly got into a good rhythm and began to quicken the pace causing me to squirm underneath her, the pleasure causing my eyes to roll back into my head.

‘Oh yeah, that’s the look of someone who’s become cock possessed’, Keira said.

‘Oh fuck… yes… keep going… I’m a complete and total cock slut’. That statement was completely true, in a matter of weeks, I had gone from only dreaming about this to being fucked my 4 different people. And I have to say, out of the 4 of them, Keira was arguably the best person to fuck me.

Keira laughed as she withdrew her cock from me, causing me to let out a whimper, wanting it back inside me as quickly as possible. ‘Get on your hands and knees, I want to try something with you… I’m going to aim for your P spot.’

I looked at her with a confused look on my face, I’d heard of prostate orgasms, but never tried one myself and hadn’t seemed to have had one when I was getting fucked. I quickly turned over on to my hands and knees and asked Keira a question.

‘How will I knowwwwwww?’ Just as I was trying to finish my question, she plunged herself back into my hole with a more slow and steady rhythm.

‘Oh you’ll know, trust me! Now let me get to work, and I’ll know when I hit it as well.’

The slow and steady fuck continued with each thrust she would slightly change her angle or push me down, and then I felt a surge of pleasure rush through my body as her cock slowly made its way back into my ass causing me to let out a moan of pleasure which came out a lot more high pitched that I imagined.

‘There it is, looks like I’ve found it.’ Keira seemed very excited about this and I didn’t know what to expect.

Now that she’d found the perfect position which involved me having my face pressed into the bed sheets gripping onto them with my hands and moaning with every thrust, Keira quickened the pace and with each thrust she was hitting my prostate. Trying to explain how I it feels is strange, every time she touched my prostate, it was almost like I needed to go to the toilet, but I didn’t. I quickly looked down beneath me and I could see my cock was leaking pre cum like a tap.

‘Oh, fuck Keira, this feels beylikdüzü escort incredible, it feels like my whole body is having an orgasm’

‘Yeah, that’s good Alexis, just let it go, don’t try and hold anything in.’

I tried to relax myself and let the pleasure take over my body and it wasn’t long before it did. With Keira’s consistent fucking and the pressure on my body, I let out one final moan.

‘Argggghhhhhh fuckkkkkkk, I think I’m cummmminnnggggggg.’ I felt my full body go into a spasm and then felt my cock start to pulse underneath me before shooting load after load onto the bed beneath me. My body spasms caused my ass to clench down around Keira’s cock which was too much for her to handle before she exploded, flooding my hole with her cum before pulling out. We both collapsed next to each other before Keira got up and went to the bathroom to get sorted out, I on the other hand couldn’t move if I wanted too. I just laid there.

I’m not sure if I fell asleep, or passed out from the orgasm but the next thing I remember is Keira shouting me to tell me she’d be back soon and that I had to get ready to go out for when she got back as we had things to do. I managed to pull myself off the bed and struggled my way into the bathroom, my legs still felt like jelly and I had cum dripping down the insides of my legs, managed to get showered and got ready. I chose a pair of cheekies for today, as I was sure there was still some cum to come out of my ass. I was just finishing off putting my jeans and t-shirt on when Keira came back carrying a bag.

‘What’s in the bag?’, I asked.

‘Well don’t be mad, but I was researching online for shops in the area and I found one for crossdressers. I figured you might like these…’ She reached into the bag and pulled out a pair of fake breasts. They were probably only an A or B cup, but they were cute, perky and would give me a good amount of cleavage for my figure. Keira continued, ‘Only problem is, you’re going to need some bras, so come on, let’s go, we’re going to get you measured.’ And before I had chance to protest, Keira had grabbed my hand and was leading me out of the hotel room.

We grabbed some lunch and make our way around the city centre, before we came across Ann Summers. I was very apprehensive about going in, but Keira was very reassuring, so we made our way inside. I started browsing through the racks of lingerie while Keira went straight over to the sales assistant, I immediately recognised her as the girl who was working yesterday. As they were talking, I could see them glance over in my direction a few times before they came over.

‘Hi, my names Bethany, would you like to follow me, and we’ll get you all measured up?’ I was startled but expectant of what was to come, so I followed her to one of the dressing rooms. As we passed another sales assistant, she made a passing comment about keeping an eye on the front of the store while we were out the back.

Once the three of us were in the dressing room, Bethany asked me to remove my top so she could start measuring, in the meantime, Keira handed me the breasts she’d bought so I could hold them against my chest while she measured. She made some small talk with us whilst she measured my chest, she mentioned that she was originally from further up north and was only here for university, and she was heading back home for the summer soon. She mentioned that she recognised us from yesterday and how she knew that the stuff I was buying was for me… apparently after working in a lingerie shop for a few years, you can just tell. Anyway, she asked about our plans for the evening and we told her that we were going out tonight and heading for Canal Street.

‘Well if you’re going out tonight, you might get lucky’, Bethany said. ‘And for that, you’re going to need some matching lingerie to go with it. Why don’t you stay here? Get those jeans off while me and Keira go and pick some stuff out for you.’

Dumbfounded, I started to take my jeans off as they headed for the door, before they made it out the door, Bethany commented on my cute underwear and said they would be back soon. They were probably only gone for a couple of minutes, but it felt like a lifetime, and I was super anxious about anybody walking in. Anyway, they returned to the dressing room with about 4 different sets for me to try. Bethany approached me with the first bra, fastening it for me at the back so that I could let go of the fake breasts. Then while she was behind me, she whipped my knickers down and handed me the new pair, my hard cock now bouncing free. I tried on all the lingerie, there was 4 different types of knickers: thong, G-string, Brazilian and bikini brief. She nipped out the changing room once more and returned with two items. One was a lace bodysuit and the other was a pair of tights which had the crotch cut out of them.

‘I think these will go well with your outfit for tonight with what Keira was telling me, don’t forget to put knickers on though, don’t want to look like an eager slut’, she said laughing. ‘Right, let’s get these through the till, but before you go, can I leave you both bolu escort my number? I’d love to meet up sometime.’ This was more than okay with both of us.

We paid for all my new goodies before heading back to the hotel to get ready to go out. We walked past all the bars on the way back and picked out which ones we fancied going in. We picked out Via, G-A-Y, Cruz 101 and another bar which was apparently popular with students.

Once back at the hotel, we both showered and began to get ready. Once again, Keira did a fantastic job of doing my makeup as I reapplied my wig and tied the long blonde hair into a ponytail. Next, we applied some of the glue that came with the breasts to my chest before fixing them in place. It was good stuff, once they were on, they didn’t move and were very realistic, they even matched my skin tone so unless you really looked at them, then you couldn’t tell they were fake. I then slipped into my lingerie, going for a pink lace bra and G-string and then pulled the tights on that I’d got from Ann Summers, followed by the white lace bodysuit that went into a thong at the back and then a tight black mini skirt with some heels. I looked in the mirror and was amazed by my transformation, I didn’t recognise myself and I couldn’t wait to hit the town.

‘Do you think it’s bad that you can see the bra through my top?’ I asked Keira.

‘No, I think it looks hot, it’ll get the guys going while were out. Now come on let’s go’. Keira had gone with a simple black dress, could you call it a jumper dress? Well it was knitted anyway and short enough that if she bent over you could see everything. We both threw a couple of jackets on and headed out for a night of fun.

We checked into a few different bars while we were out and about but none of them seemed to really match what we’re looking for, not until we headed into the final bar around midnight, this was the one that was popular with students and also crossdressers. There wasn’t many in the bar but there were a lot of young guys who checked us out as we walked in. We found ourselves a little table before getting a couple of drinks, neither of us had drank much and weren’t planning on getting blackout drunk.

We danced for a while, and then two guys came in between us and began to dance with us. I think our inner sluts came out as we started grinding on them, bending over in front of them. I’m sure they’ll have seen everything. Eventually the dancing stopped, and we invited them over to our table for a drink. We chatted and got to know each other over drinks and it turned out they were a couple of friends who’d hooked up together in the past, they were both very attractive and both mine and Keira’s hands started roaming under the table, both finding rock hard cocks. The guy who was sitting next to me leaned over and whispered in my ear, ‘maybe we should go to the bathroom so you can show me how skilled you are with that mouth of yours.’ I didn’t respond with words, I just nodded my head as he took me by the hand and led me away to the toilets, I could hear Keira giggling in the background. We also got a few wolf whistles as we made our way through the crowds, clearly this type of thing was common.

We made it to the toilets, which were empty when we got in there apart from one of the cubicles and it almost sounded like there was a gagging noise but I just thought someone had a little to much to drink, still thinking innocently I didn’t think it was someone doing the same thing I was about to. Anyway, my new friend led me into one of the cubicles which I closed behind me, he put the seat down on the toilet and sat himself down and in seconds I was on my knees in front of him. I took a sneak peek underneath to the next stall and it was a mirror reflection of my current situation. Underneath I could see a young guys head bobbing away on what looked to be a decent sized dick. My attention was brought back to my friend when I heard the zipper go on his jeans and then seen his jeans and underwear down by his ankles and before me was nice hard cock which must have been around 7″, so not the biggest I’d had but a decent size never the less. I looked up at him as I reached out and took his cock into my hands, I tried to imagine what it must be like from his view which only turned me on more as I began to lick and suck on his balls as I slowly wanked his cock.

This must have given away what we were up to as he began to moan and groan. ‘Oh yeah, you suck cock so good baby, you keep doing that and your going to get a big mouthful later.’ I then worked my way up his shaft using my tongue until I finally reached the tip and then began to suck on the head, I felt more and more confident with every sexual encounter I had and this was no different. I went to work on his cock, my head bobbing up and down really quickly trying to get him off as quick as I could. His head was tilted back, and the moaning only got louder. Next door, we could hear the same amount of moaning and groaning which eventually reached its climax and it wasn’t quietly, ‘Oh yeahhhhhh, I’m cummminggggg, swallow that load you dirty slut, arghhhhhhh’, after that, it seemed to go very quiet bursa escort next door.

Back in our cubicle meanwhile, my friend was starting to really get into this and he looked like he was holding back, at one point he asked me to slow down so it would last longer but I didn’t listen, I could hear his breathing becoming more rapid and then his full body tensed up and I could feel his cock expand ever so slightly in my mouth before he shot multiple loads into my mouth which I swallowed before cleaning his cock. I got up and left the cubicle, at the same time the guys from the other cubicle emerged, the guy who had a bit of cum dribbling down his chin was very much your typical twink and he was followed by a muscle jock who gave me a firm slap on the arse as he left. Me and my friend returned to the table in the bar where Keira and her friend were sitting. It almost seemed like something strange was going on.

We sat back down and scooted round so that we were both together, and upon closer inspection I could see one of her hands was under the table and the guy wasn’t very responsive when we asked him a question, it was clear that she must have been wanking him off under the table. The next thing that came out of his mouth was two simple words, ‘I’m cumming’. At that point Keira’s head disappeared under the table and we saw the guys body stiffen up and then spasm. Shortly after Keira resurfaced licking her lips.

‘Wow, that was so hot.’ I said, ‘but you’ve kind of missed a spot babe’, pointing to her chin where she had a bit of cum. After that our friends didn’t stay long as the night was coming to a close. Just as we were about to give up and get a taxi back to our hotel, we bumped into two young lads, both looked like gym buffs and later revealed themselves to be both 19 and were studying the same course at Uni, and they asked if we wanted to go back to their dorm for a bit of fun. We eagerly agreed and left with them, they introduced themselves as Chris and James, said they were both bisexual and been wanting to hook up with a couple of girls all year at Uni but none took their fancy until they met us. They lived just a short walk away from the club and said that their roommates were out for the night so we wouldn’t be disturbed.

We shortly arrived back at their apartment, which was small but nice. It had 4 different bedrooms, a bathroom and then a living room and kitchen in the same part. I led James over to the couch while Keira did the same with Chris and we both sat on their laps, throwing our jackets off to the side. We began making out with the two studs who’d brought us home. Keira was only 21 so she was of a similar age and I never let on that I was nearly 28 but they didn’t need to know that. While we were kissing the boys, we were both grinding our assess into their cocks, and it didn’t take long before I felt a nice hard crotch poking into me. Next, we removed their t-shirts and began fumbling with their jeans until we had released both their cocks, which sprung into action as we removed their boxers. Both dicks must have been the biggest we’d had. I mean James’ was at least 9″ or 10″ and was as thick as my forearm and I dare say that Chris was even bigger. Me and Keira just looked at each other in shock.

‘There’s no way either of those are fitting inside of me’, I exclaimed. Chris and James both laughed.

‘Don’t worry babe, you’ll be fine. We’ve got plenty of lube and we’ll be gentle… at first.’ They both burst out into laughter again.

Me and Keira took one quick look at each other before diving head first into the crotch of Chris and James. Keira went straight for the tip of his cock and began to suck on his dick. I on the other hand stayed with my approach from the club. I started by taking one of his balls in my mouth while I worked his shaft with my hand. Moans filled the room. Keira was doing amazing, she’d managed to deepthroat the full cock, which was turning me on, I wasn’t even going to attempt that with James. Once I’d finished with his balls, I slowly licked my way up every inch of his shaft while my hand rotated round and round the head of his cock. This went on for about 10 minutes, just nonstop sucking, we both varied our pace, bringing them to the edge and then letting them rest before Chris spoke up.

‘I think we need to fuck these bitches before they make us cum.’

And with that they both stood up, leaving us on our knees and headed off into their separate bedrooms and quickly returned carrying lube, condoms and a cock ring.

‘Don’t worry girls, the cock ring is for us, we want this to last’, James said.

They made their way back over to us near the couch and picked us both up and began kissing us as they started to undress us. Keira was quick and easy to undress; her dress was lifted up over her head and she was quickly down to her underwear. With me, first James had to unzip my skirt and remove that leaving me in my bodysuit which he quickly unfastened leaving me with just my bright pink lingerie and tights. Both of them just took one look at us and mouthed the word ‘wow’ to each other. The boys then sat back down on the couch after putting on their cock rings and asked us to bend over the coffee table in front of them and as we did, they hooked their fingers into the side of our knickers and in one quick motion they were down by our ankles, both our hard cocks bounced out and immediately stood up straight.

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