After Work


It’s the end of the day and I’m finally getting home from work. As I put the car into park and turn off the engine I look up to see you standing in the doorway waiting for me, a big smile on your face. When I walk up to you your arms are open wide and you pull me into an embrace, holding me tight against you as you give me a kiss. The kind of kiss that makes my heart and pulse race, and makes my head swim. Breaking the kiss you take my bag in one hand and my hand in the other, and lead me inside where the smell of something delicious cooking teases my nose. You put down my bag and head towards the kitchen, telling me to join you there when I’m ready.

I head to the bedroom to get out of my work clothes and see the flickering light of a lit candle burning on top of my dresser, and next to it a glass of my favorite red waiting for me. Taking a sip I smile and let it trickle down my throat savoring the taste. I shout out a thank you lover and let you know I’ll be there in a moment. Quickly undressing, I pull out a small box I’d hid under some clothes in the bottom drawer of my dresser. Slipping on my surprise, I take a moment to make sure everything fits the way it’s supposed to. When I’m sure it does, I throw on an old t-shirt, grab my wine and make my way towards the kitchen to join you.

Smiling to myself, thinking how I can’t wait to show you your surprise, I let out a loud gasp and almost dropped my wine. Your back is facing me as you stand in front of the stove, busily stirring something that smells divine. But now instead of the jeans and t-shirt you were wearing when you greeted me at the door, all I can see are the thin white strings of your apron tied around your waist. You, my gasp alerting you to my arrival, stop what you’re doing and turn to face me, your smile even bigger than it was when you meet me at the door. As hard as I try not to, I double over and start laughing, bringing tears to my eyes, and it isn’t long till the bass of your laughter joins mine.

Finally managing to calm myself, I put my wine glass down on the counter and walk into your waiting arms. I meet your lips in a long deep kiss, relaxing as you pull me tight against you. A small moan escapes my throat when I feel your hand slide under the hem of my t-shirt, giving my silk covered ass cheek a soft squeeze. Quickly your other hand joins in, grabbing the other cheek and squeezing it. Using both your hands you pull me closer, kneading and massaging my ass, while your lips move to my ear asking me where those came from. Before I can respond, my breath catches in my throat when I hear your deep groan and feel your cock become stiff against me. Quickly my fingers untie the strings to your apron, Porno letting it fall to the floor leaving you naked pressed against me.

Wasting no time I wrap a hand around your thick cock, your skin hot to my cool touch. Giving it a little squeeze I start to stroke your shaft, using the pad of my thumb to rub the precum oozing out the tip all over the head. My other hand carefully fondles and caresses your balls, feeling their weight in my palm as I gently bounce them. Feeling your body shake, your muscles tense from trying not to buck your hips, my hand starts to stroke you faster. When your head falls back to let out a moan, I take advantage and latch my lips around one of your nipples, swirling my tongue around your areola and licking at it with the flat of it. As my teeth lightly graze against the tip of your nipple and begin to bite, you let out a sharp hiss, snapping your head forward. Lifting my lips from your chest with one of your fingers under my chin, your lips crush against mine in a passionate kiss leaving me breathless.

Pulling back to let me catch my breath, I hear you say, your voice deepened by want, that you need to taste me. Grabbing my ass you lift me up, my legs wrapping themselves around your waist and place me on the edge of the kitchen table. Before you have a chance to pull off my shirt I let out a throaty chuckle and remind you you have something on the stove I’m sure you wouldn’t want to burn. Reluctantly nodding, I release you from between my thighs long enough for you to turn around and turn off the burner. When you turn back, my shirt is gone and you see me sitting there dressed only in black silk panties and a silky black bra speckled with silver stars.

You stare for a moment before settling back between my thighs, the length of your rock hard cock rubbing against my silk covered pussy drenched by my wetness. Dipping your head you kiss me, slowly and thoroughly, your tongue exploring every inch of my mouth, while your fingers start to tease and pluck at my nipples through the thin material of my bra. With skilled fingers, the hooks fastening my bra are undone, the flimsy material sliding down my arms to join the apron on the floor. Your fingers begin to caress the soft round sides of my breasts, squeezing and kneading the creamy mounds making me moan. When you brush your thumbs over the tips of my nipples I let out a soft coo as they instantly stiffen at your touch.

Lowering your head you eagerly take my right nipple between your lips, suckling and tugging on it while your fingers roll and twist the other, drawing out a long low moan from my throat. Running my fingers through your hair while I cradle your head against Altyazılı Porno my tits, I look down and see you looking back up at me, fire filling your eyes. I feel a shiver run down my spine knowing what that fire is and wanting to give it to you so much. Feeling your teeth grazing against my nipple distracts me from your eyes and from your fingers slipping into the waistband of my panties. As my head falls back crying out in pleasure when you bite and pull hard on my nipple I miss you slipping them down my legs and adding them to the rest of the discarded clothing.

Still lost in the haze of pleasure you’ve given me, I feel you gently pushing me back till I’m laying on the table, the cool air mixed with your saliva still on my nipples making them stiffen even more. As the first swipe of your tongue makes its way up my hot wet slit I let out a loud moan, my hips start rocking on their own accord. I feel you position yourself between my thighs, your arms wrapped around them holding me still no matter how much I try to wiggle. Feeling your tongue push its way between my wet folds, lapping at my hot juices and breathing in my scent makes my pussy quiver. When you lick small circles around my clit I scream and try to sit up, but your arms keep me still.

You relentlessly lick and lap at my pussy, using the tip of your tongue to push into my slick entrance. The wet walls of my pussy try to squeeze and milk your tongue, trying to pull it in as deep into me as it can go. Hearing my cries and moans pushes you to go faster, your tongue flying as it rubs my clit. I can feel my orgasm cuming, my breaths coming faster and sounding harsher. My fingers start tugging and pulling on my nipples, twisting and tugging them, the feeling pushing me faster to the edge. I glance down and meet your gaze, your eyes nothing but burning pools of need and desire, and can see how much it pleases you to pleasure me.

You hear me, my voice trembling from my need to cum, asking for one last little push. Please lover, will you slide a finger into me. I need to feel you in me, please. Without hesitation you slip two fingers into my spasming pussy, my muscles immediately clamping tight around you. With just a few caresses of your fingertips my body stiffens for just a second before my orgasm tears through me, my body shakes uncontrollably, as my hips try to frantically buck, but your grip remains firm. After a few moments the shaking stops and my breathing returns to normal. I feel you unwrap yourself from around my thighs and stand up between them.

My eyes closed and still laying on the table enjoying the aftershocks of my orgasm going through my body, I don’t feel Brazzers you rubbing the head of your cock along the length of my slit. Covering it completely with my juices, you rest it just at the entrance of my slick and swollen pussy. Seeing you start to lean forward for a kiss, I raise myself up and meet you halfway, tasting myself on your lips and tongue. Feeling you start to grin, I pull back my head and look at your handsome face, gently caressing your cheek with my thumb. Tilting my head to the side, I can’t help but ask what’s on your mind. Flashing me a mischievous grin and giving me a quick kiss, your beard covered cheek brushes against mine as you whisper to me, oh, just this.

Slowly thrusting your hips forward I feel your cock start pushing into me, stretching me tight around your thickness. You keep pushing forward only stopping when every throbbing inch of your cock has completely filled my pussy. Before you start to pull back out, I wrap my legs around your waist, allowing you to push forward just a little more. With our arms wrapped around each other tightly, we hold still for just a moment while kissing each other passionately, enjoying the sensations of my pussy walls fluttering around your cock as it tries to squeeze and pull on every inch.

Moving back slowly you pull your cock out of my pussy, causing it to clamp tight around you trying to keep you from leaving. You pull all the way out till once again just your head is pressed against my entrance. Kissing me you drive your cock back into me as far as you can go, my legs pulling you into me. Over and over, in and out, you pump your hips, each stroke building sweet friction. My arms around your chest, my face in your neck encouraging you on, begging you to go faster and not to stop. Your hands squeezing my ass, pulling my body against yours, the slaps getting louder the faster and more frantic we become. I feel so close once more and I can tell you’re as well by the way your muscles are tightening around me, squeezing my body against yours. Feeling your heart thumping against your chest as your breaths become short and raspy, and your eyes flash brightly, on the verge of tumbling off the cliff.

With one final thrust I start to cum, screaming your name as my body trembles, hot juices drenching your cock. A moment later your roar fills the room, your body convulsing as your cock fills me with your thick cum, kissing each other in between pants trying to catch our breaths. Carefully pulling me off the table, you hold me as you sink to the floor, bringing me with you, grabbing a chair cushion for a pillow. Stretching out on the floor you pull me close so I can rest my head on your chest, wrapping me in your arms to keep me warm. Looking up at the stove then back at you I ask if you’re hungry at all, which for some reason makes us both laugh. Unable to fight off sleep any longer, we cuddle into each other’s arms and drift off, right in the middle of the kitchen floor.

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